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  1. Re: Which formulation componants tend to enhance longevity in a perfume ?

    Well from what I have gathered on this site, it seems "civet" is an ingredient that lasts a long time but then people complain that it smell like cat piss but others don't smell the cat piss. So I...
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    Re: how to enhance hazel eyes

    Purple will enhance green eyes. I went to MAC and the makeup artist suggest Haux which is a very light purple color. she said it would enhance my eyes so you see them and not the color of my...
  3. Re: What Bond fragrance comes in a black bottle

    Aventus is Creed not Bond No 9
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    Re: 4ml Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla

    @smell good for you. how many ml is your decant of TV?
  5. Re: What Bond fragrance comes in a black bottle

    Oh it looks like it WAS the I love NY for all. thanks eveyrone.
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    Re: 4ml Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla

    Here is the link.
    It doesn't have a black screw off lid but looks like a god screw off lid.
  7. What Bond fragrance comes in a black bottle

    I saw a bond fragrance in a black bottle and tried it on. The sales person said it had chocolate in it and it may have been something else since I don't know that sales people really know what they...
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    4ml Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla

    I just saw on Amazon a 4ml Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla roll on. it says "100 percent authentic" but could that be real? Is there such a thing? Maybe it is just a decant. I am not sure.
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    Spicebomb: Is it unisex?

    I have read so many good things about Spicebomb. Have any of you ladies tried it? Would you consider it unisex. I do wear men's fragrances but there are some that are way too manly such as Polo. ...
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    Re: Ever wear men's scents?

    Yes I wear men's scents. I forget which ones are men's scents and which are unisex. I have Givenchy Pi, Lolita Lempinsky pour Homme and Hanae Mori pour Homme, 212 Sexy Men. NO I never get any...
  11. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    Interesting what Hoffeur said about the SA layering Royal Oud and Prada Candy. I will try Black Aoud and Prada Candy. Also I have tried Bulgari Black and Pink Sugar. I really liked it. Mostly I...
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    Re: Which scent gets the most compliments??

    In the men's forum I read that a bunch of them like Flowerbomb on a woman although I don't own it. I have gotten the most compliments on Prada Candy and (not a perfume) Lush body massage bar..the...
  13. Re: Name your "comfort scent" & most "sexy scent" that you reach for the most*

    Comfort. Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar
    Sexy Prada Candy because when I wore it I got too comments in the same day. One guy said "something around here smells like a girl" and another guy...
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    Re: Scents that smell of chocolate?

    I was thinking Montale Chocolate Greedy also. I actually don't like it because it smells exactly like chocolate and i don't really want to smell like I sprayed a chocolate bar on myself. I like more...
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    Re: Spicebomb.....really?!?!?!? Smells more like Flowerbomb with spice added.....

    Wow if this is sweet with tabacco scent then I am all over it. Yum.
  16. Re: Ladies - What do you all think of Kouros?

    I was scared to try it as I had read so many polarizing opinions. Well I finally smelled it on paper it just smelled like a normal nice cologne. I didn't smell any cat piss or urinal cakes.
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    Re: Fragrance for a 'Sweaty Betty'

    She should try Lush's "Dirty". It is hyped to be used when you haven't had time to shower. Even if you showered but still sweat a lot, I think it would be good.
  18. Do you ever help people in store pick out a fragrance?

    So I was shopping in duty free and a woman was asking the sales guy about a fresh manly fragrance. The sales guy started showing her some perfumes but she found fault with all of them. I remembered...
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    Re: Spicy Vanilla?

    Oh vanilla spice sounds good. there is a fragrance that was sold by Sephora called Vanilla Spice and it smelled really good but didn-t last long.
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    Re: Why I like The Perfumed Court

    @1dita I don-t think you can adequately clean out those samples vial and reuse them.
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    Re: Choose my next scent

    You must spend a lot of time reading Basenotes as all those things on your list of things to buy are also on mine after reading tons and tons of stuff on this blog.
  22. Is there any way to determine how long ago a perfume was discontinued?

    Today I bought Nu and I was wondering how old the perfume must be. Is there some way to determine when it was discontinued?
  23. Re: Strangest and rudeest question ever: any of the Basenotes ladies got complimented by other ladie

    Yes I agree that women of a certain age do experience a certain dryness when it comes to attention.If only I had know this in college I would have taken more advantage of my opportunities.
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    Sticky: Re: Do different colognes attract girls of different ages?

    Buy the colognes you find attractive and that will attract the women of your age. It's funny how nature works like that.
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    Sticky: Re: Do different colognes attract girls of different ages?

    Have you read those reviews on Amazon for that $435,000 bottle of perfume.? ?They are hysterical.
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    Re: AAAA! What is this?

    You are not high for smelling clean in Black Aoud. I also think it smells clean just not soapy. If you like the sample that much, mail it to an experienced Basenoter and maybe they can identify it.
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    Re: Hey hello... New Man here...

    Please fasten your seat belt. Put your tray in an upright position.
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    Re: Is reliable?

    I think you mean not Yes they are reliable.
  29. Re: How Many Fragrances Should a Normal Man Have?

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    Re: Montale black aloud - I had no idea

    I never thought of it as clean smelling but I just went and sprayed it on and yes it is clean. Maybe clean in a medicinal way.
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    Re: Montale black aloud - I had no idea

    I also like it but mostly because of it's sillage and how interesting of a fragrance it it. I orderd some samples from The Posh Peasant and the sample vials all came in individual plastic bags in a...
  32. Does Black Cashmere smell like Kashmir Spice by Ava Luxe?

    I love Black Cahmere and just got a 30ml bottle in the mail today. I wouldn't mind finding something else that is similar to it and based on the name Kashmir Spice and the description, it seems like...
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    Re: Essence of Tresor question

    It says it is a "replication" not a "dupe". So does that mean that they are using the actual formula to make the perfume? How can they do that when the formulas are very secret?
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    Re: Am I underspraying?

    Seems like lots of folks on here put three sprays on themselves bu I would put at least 6 sprays of most stuff.
  35. Re: Strangest and rudeest question ever: any of the Basenotes ladies got complimented by other ladie

    My perfume is rarely complimented by men or women. I am way more likely to get a compliment on how I look or maybe a pair of earrings than I am on my perfume. Sad as I would much prefer a compliment...
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    Re: Sweat - what works for workouts?

    Dirty Body Spray by Lush. It is made specifically to cover up the scent of sweat. It advertises as portable deodorizing.
  37. Re: Montale Black Aoud -- Why does it vanish on my skin so quickly?

    I can't spray this anywhere my nose as I can feel it burning my nostrils with every breath for the first half hour. I think it is okay but I wear it especially for its projection and longevity. ...
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    Re: What to add to my collection

    ARmani Black Code was a good choice.
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    Re: Do you think my collection is ok?

    Looks like a good collection. For a really masculine cologne,what about Polo. Have you tried it? Do you like it?
  40. Re: If I like unique scents...which should I buy blind

    Secretions Magnifique
  41. Re: The worst smelling fragrance you have ever tried

    Breath of God by Lush.
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    Re: Why do I like so few scents??? :-(

    yep I am with you too. I like few fragrances marketed to women. I like the ones marketed to men better. Maybe because I don't like flower scents. In any event after I read tons of reviews on this...
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    Re: Last frag that WOW'ed you ?

    Donna Karan Black Cashmere, SDV and Tobacco.
  44. Re: I have $150 and I am going shopping tomorrow, any suggestions?

    No. YSL La Nuit is not just a night time scent. It is good for day. It is sweeter than the L'Homme fragrance. I agree with the post above suggesting you try the Lush fragrances but I don't like the...
  45. Re: What fragrance holds your favorite Tobacco note ?

    Tobacco Vanille
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    Re: Anyone else really tired of spices?

    I am just starting to get into spices.
  47. Re: Could a man wearing a Floral be attractive to women?

    Sure. I really don't life rose scent much but I do like it in Black Oud. It doesn't smell feminine to me.
  48. Re: My first perfumes, what should I get? *samples*

    Congrats on trying to modernize yourself. Fragrance is a great way to do it.
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    Re: Looking for a sillage monster!

    Black Aoud. I ordered this along with a bunch of samples and I received them enclosed in a velvet bag. All the plastic baggies that were holding the samples all smelled like Black Aoud.
  50. Re: Looking for an oriental fragrance with strong vanilla/tonka bean base notes

    Kenzo Amour is fairly easy to find. Tobacco Vanille isn't as easy to find but it is heavenly.
  51. Re: Inherited a collection - would like help IDing/dating them! :)

    Those are nice looking bottles. I used to wear a bunch of those fragrances in the 80's.
  52. Re: looking to buy my girfriend a new perfume?!?

    Oh and let me clarify that Flowerbomb is not flowery despite the name. It is sweet. Also Black XS for women is sweet and not powdery.
  53. Re: looking to buy my girfriend a new perfume?!?

    Yep Aquolina Pink Sugar, Flowerbomb or Prada Candy. I like your idea about Angel. It is a very special gift but maybe more difficult to wear than the other ones.
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    Re: Chocolate colognes

    Profumi di Firenze Vaniglia del Madagascar. Vanilla is in the name but it smells like chocolate. I was wearing it today and could smell it on myself so I think projection is decent.
  55. Re: How much would you be willing to pay for your favourite scent(s)?

    Maybe 300 dollars.
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    Re: which rose scent ...

    Black Aoud by Montale.
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    The smell of Disney

    Today someone mentioned that Disneyland has smell on some of its rides. I just looked on the internet and apparently the Haunted House and other rides pumps scents into the ride. Have you ever...
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    Re: Favorite BBW scents

    Thanks for asking. I adore Warm Vanilla Sugar.
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    Re: Looking for this scent

    I am sure the person would have been flattered if you had asked them what it was.
  60. Re: I want a perfume that doesn't smell like perfume ...

    one day looking for perfumes is nothing. I spent a couple of years looking for a fragrance I liked. After joining Basenotes I have found too many that I like.
  61. Re: Why do I smell like the bottom of a rabbits cage with most perfume ????

    Hmm. Do you literally smell like the bottom of a rabbit cage because when I read that I immediately thought of ISO E super. It is some molecule in perfumes that some describe as smelling of the...
  62. Re: Why do I smell like the bottom of a rabbits cage with most perfume ????

    Wow I am sorry you have this issue. I now feel lucky I can wear perfume. The only time something similar happened to me is when I wore Pink Sugar. I would spray it on and it would turn and wouldn't...
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    Is Ozone a real note...

    or is it made up like the red bull accord in Bang?
  64. Re: A question for those who own MANY colognes/fragrances/perfumes ...

    For me it is about possession. I might wear several different ones in a day.
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    Re: Celery notes

    No BO doesn't smell like celery.I like the smell of celery. It is refreshing. I got a sample of some perfume and it smells like celery and it is labeled as New Haarlem but no one else smells celery...
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    Re: New Harlem equals celery?

    Oh how wierd. It was a sample from The Posh Peasant. Now I guess I will have to find a bottle of New Haarlem and smell it to see if it is the same as my sample.
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    New Harlem equals celery?

    I hear such rave reviews of New Harlem but on me it just smells strongly of celery with a weak smell of coffee in the background. Am I the only one that gets this huge dose of celery. I mean I like...
  68. Re: Sillage: Should we focus more on sillage than smelling upclose?

    I saw small chambers like that in a movie theatre once.
  69. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur Mandarine Limited Edition for Spring

    @firehorse 35 sprays!! wow I guess I should do that with some perfumes too. I have never been brave enough.
  70. Are there any fragrances with a mimeograph fluid note

    When I was in school in the 70-s they made copies with ditto machines. The print was sort of bluish and smelled great when it came right off the machine. We used to sit with the paper pressed up to...
  71. Re: Cree Bois du Portugal or Parfums Nicolai New York?

    Bois du Portugal.... don't know what it smells like but just wanted to jump on the bandwagon.
  72. Re: King of the categories?(Ie:Gourmand, Aquatic). Losers?

    Winners gourmand, oriental and whatever type that has aoud in it.
    loser floral
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    Does this ever happen to you....?

    I was wondering who smelled so good and then realized it was me. I was wearing Blue Agave and the dry down is soo much better than the initial notes. It smells so lovely when it dries down. It...
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    Re: What fragrances do 90% of women like?

    Number 1 and 2 of your fragrances.
  75. Re: L'Artisan Parfumer Vanilia - Underrated...?

    Yes I tried it but it is nothing special IMO.
  76. Re: vanilla fragrances (to replace l'artisan vanilia)?

    What about Pi. it is a man's fragrance but has no particular "man" smell to it. Hypnotic Poison is very vanlla smelling but is not straight vanilla. Also Kenzo Amour.
    Serge Lutens Un Bois...
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    Re: Anise / Star Anise / Aniseed

    Blue Sugar has a licorice note.
  78. Re: Another top 3: The fragrances you can't stand.

    Giorgio (women's)
    White Shoulders
  79. Any fragrances stores besides Lush in Santiago Chile?

    I will be heading to Santiago Chile and would like to know of places that sell niche or high end perfumes. I saw that Lush has a store in Santiago. any others?
  80. Re: What scented products do you wish they'd release as perfumes?

    Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion.
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    Lush stick fragrance.

    Where can I buy these stick fragrances in the US.
    ARe there any other perfumes that come in a stick. sticks are so handy.
  82. Re: Hanae Mori HM - a gourmand hater's gourmand

    I also find it beautiful. The EDP sure is strong.
  83. Re: Please recommend a gourmand for a 14 year old

    Yep. What about Pink Sugar? Oh and the Blue Sugar is for men but not manly smelling at all. It smells so great. Smells of licorice. Or Harajuku Lovers. They come with a cute doll on top. most are...
  84. Re: Help me buying a christmas gift for my wife!

    Lots of men like the scent of Flowerbomb on a woman. Boucheron Trouble is cheaper, though.
  85. Re: Why doesn't Hawaiiian Tropic make their scent into a perfume

    Okay gus thanks for your input. I will have to try those out.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    That's a good questions. Demeter should make one with the smell of money.
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    Re: Sometimes is more sprays better?

    I put about 10 sprays of Pink Sugar on today and the guy on the bus asked me if he could open the window. be the judge. But generally I have to put that many sprays on my body...
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    Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    I can't even commit to one scent a day. I may wear four in one day. I just keep changing my mind all day and spray new ones on.
  89. Re: Gah! Whats Wrong with My Skin! Longevity Silage Issues

    Yeah my skin really eats fragrances too. Some like Polo Double Black only last on my skin for 5 minutes I have to wear things like Black Aoud to getting any longevity from my fragrances.
  90. Re: Looking for a fragrance for no more than $80

    Based on your wardrobe I see you like sweet fragrances. What about Pi, or Bulgari Black (Black if you like rubber...and who doesn't).
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    Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    Yep in a futuristic society we will all be assigned one scent an we will be able to be identifiied by that scent. I call Pure Malt.
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    Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Oh and Black XS
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    Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Ralph Lauren Wild, Montale Mukhalat and Fragonard Just un Baiser all have wild strawberry notes. You can get samples of all three on
  94. Re: What's your most "old lady" scent? (Or, what are you afraid of?)

    I used to wear strong perfume that I would wear now such as Cinnabar, Fendi, Paloma Picasso, Coco Chanel, Chloe, Maige (sp?) Noir. NOw I wonder how I wore such strong things when I was in my early...
  95. Re: What's your most "old lady" scent? (Or, what are you afraid of?)

    Old lady is anything my mom wore when I was young although she wasn't as old then as I am now. Windsong, Shalimar. Also anything powdery like White Shoulders or anything with gardenia. My mom also...
  96. Re: MuglerStoreUSA selling limited amount of Pure Coffee

    But they don't ship internationally. Boo hoo.
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    Re: One scent theory (not what you think...)

    that author is assuming that people like you and want to associate a scent with you. Do others have a right to expect us to wear only one scent so they can associate it with us anymore than we have...
  98. Re: what are your favorite fresh and soapy vetivers?

    I don't like soapy smelling fragrances. Is it just vetiver that gives it a soapy smell? I tried Jo Malone's blue agave and in the opening it smells soapy and I don't like that. As it dries it loses...
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    Re: New: Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

    I liked it at first sniff but then it dried down to something really synthetic and cheap smelling.
  100. Re: Help please!! - needing a summery fruity fragrance

    Black XS and Ralph Lauren Ralph Rocks.
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