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  1. Thread: Opium

    by wallflower

    Re: Opium

    I've smelled real opium before, and it was nice. It smelled similar to the artificial grape flavoring that I recall from the 1970s. Sort of like grape Nehi soda. I'm not sure why, but that's the...
  2. Re: Petitgrain, the natural that ruins everything

    Did you try adding benzoin? I like your description- those big wet woody stomping feet! Hahaha. Try grounding it with the benzoin, then warming it with a bit of nutmeg. Something floral & citrus...
  3. Re: Looking for a masculine vanilla scent....suggestions?

    Hi! I think that Royalle Muske is a good choice. Also, I think that Pinaud Classic Vanilla is good, although it is a bit sharp, and I recommend cutting it with benzoin oil to soften it and bring out...
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    Re: Vetiver Oud combo

    This sounds like a beautiful concoction! I like the way you think. Can I ask where you obtained your ambergris?
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    Poll: Re: Best Amber Fragrance for Men

    Hednic--- please help me to find some pure amber resin of the finest quality. I know you, of all members of basenotes, would be able to direct me. Thank you & best regards.
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    Poll: Re: Best Amber Fragrance for Men

    Dear all>> I used to have some amber resin, and it was truly the most amazing stuff. I know it is available online, but I am not sure which one this was. I saw a post on Fragrantica, written by Adam...
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    Re: Hoyt's Cologne

    I'm from Memphis, TN, and I did not know about Hoyt's. This is super interesting. I am going to find were they make it, and I will report back. Stay tuned.
  8. Re: What would Mad Men`s Don Draper wear?

    Nice-- jarrodrocks- maybe the old school original, Fougère Royale. The bottle would not look out of place on the bathroom shelf in his fancy New York apt. Actually, dang, I think you are spot on......
  9. Re: What would Mad Men`s Don Draper wear?

    Old Spice seems most reasonable to me- just something simple and classic, you know, like English Leather, maybe Pinaud's Clubman. But later, as he gets more wealthy, maybe Aqua di Parma, Aramis, or...
  10. Re: What's currently your personal favorite male perfume and why ?

    I will have to say it is Royall Muske, by the Royall Lyme Bermuda company. I think the reason it is my favorite is because I just ran out and miss it terribly. It's just a happy, uplifting,...
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