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    Re: How many 'users' do you have?

    I use it, or lose it. No point in retaining fragrances that I don't use. My friends have been the beneficiaries of "mistakes".
  2. Re: Clive christian 1872 vs Creed Imperial

    1872 better than Imperial? How unfortunate......
  3. Re: Creed Spice and Wood vs Malle French Lover

    Until this thread I never thought of the similarities between these two fragrances. I own and enjoy both.
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    Re: Smelling good or Standing out?

    First and foremost the scent has to appeal to me. After that, I want my fragrance selection not to be commonly worn by others. Not sure how that fits into your categories, but that is my selection...
  5. Re: What fragrance houses do you enjoy and collect bottles from?

    Creed, Tom Ford Private Line, Guerlain, Penhaligan's, Amouage, by Killian, Annick Goutal. I never intended to collect bottles from the aforementioned Houses, it just happened over time. I actively...
  6. Re: By Kilian Straight to Heaven is a masterpiece!

    I wore it last night and it is great. The combination of a boozy, cedar scent is great. 14 hours later it has become a skin scent on me.
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    Re: Are you keeping a secret?

    I don't know enough to keep fragrance secrets.
  8. Re: What is the best time of the year/occasion to wear the magnificent Clive Christian X for Men?

    As others have said, cooler weather with lower humidity.
  9. Re: is this creed green irish tweed fake? not opened sealed box yet...

    It seems everyone is missing the obvious. The bottom of the box says, "Imperial". Obviously, Creed does not use the Imperial box for GIT, but these counterfeiters are sloppy. What has happened to...
  10. Re: is this creed green irish tweed fake? not opened sealed box yet...

    If you paid with PayPal you should be fine. It may take a few weeks, but your money will be returned to you. I would contact the seller first, and they may just give you a refund. That's what...
  11. Re: is this creed green irish tweed fake? not opened sealed box yet...

    Buying Creed on ebay is a bad idea. Did you notice the writing on the bottom of the box said, "Imperial", not "Green Irish Tweed"? Go to a reputable retailer for Creed or spend your time dealing...
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    Re: Do you prefer buying or owning?

    I am finishing the "acquisition" phase and happily moving into the "enjoyment" phase. Very content for the foreseeable future.
  13. Re: Do you explain to people if you are wearing a "clone"?

    Why wouldn't you tell them what you're wearing?
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    Re: When is it enough?

    TLS, you've made fair points. No stress on my part, it's just how I process the world around me.
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    Re: When is it enough?

    While reading the responses to this thread, I had a thought. Is possessing the fragrance an end unto itself, or is it about wearing the fragrance? While I like many of my bottles, it's what's in...
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    Re: Very strange level of service

    With time and intense counseling your wife will one day be able to shop again. Remain strong for her.
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    Re: How much is your collection worth?

    North of $30,000. In the world of collections, nothing special.
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    Sticky: Re: How much do you earn?

    There's a question that most (including myself) will never answer.
  19. Re: Huge Collection of Everything OR Small Collection of Gems?

    No more than 50-100 gems. Need to put this in practice.
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    Re: Other addictions

    Wine, Cuban cigars, Wet shaving, and other nice stuff
  21. Re: My early Christmas present - WOO HOO !!

    Earlier this year I was filling the vintage hole in my collection and this was one of my purchases. Very nice fragrance, congrats.
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    Re: People Defending SAs

    OP, while I agree with the general premise of your post, you can find knowledgeable fragrance people to help you. I have several people that I deal with exclusively that know far more than me and...
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    Re: When is it enough?

    Pollux's post struck a chord. If I could start over with my fragrance acquisitions, I would be far more selective on the front end. I currently have at least 30 that were not my best decisions, and...
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    Re: When is it enough?

    Thanks to everyone that has responded. It's nice to know that others have had the same thought.
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    When is it enough?

    I've dramatically curtailed my acquisitions because I have more than enough. I attempted to do a rational review of my collection by types of frags, quantities, and space available. I am not...
  26. Re: Enjoying my collection more since moving it!

    I like looking at all of my fragrances at once. If nicely arranged, it is a pleasant way to start the day. I also find that having them out allows me to ponder what I'll wear since I...
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    Re: Most worn November 2014

    This thread is why I've slowed down on my fragrance acquisitions. I wear the same fragrance 2 or 3 times a year. Simply ridiculous. And I give away frags that are less than optimal to me.
  28. Poll: Re: Do you store your fragrances in a wine cooler/mini-fridge?

    Not a fridge, but it is a temperature and UV light controlled environment. And it's in my bathroom!
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    Re: Kilian coffins

    OP, I realize that you want it to be perfect, but after many years, I try to follow the 95% rule. If I get to 95% I am satisfied, since the last 5% is fraught with risk. I have 4 Killian coffrets,...
  30. Re: Legitimacy of different frags for different seasons

    Many factors impact my response to a fragrance. Temperature (season) is only one factor. In Houston, humidity plays a significant role in my fragrance selection. Then of course time of day and...
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    Re: You're Greatest Citrus Fragrance

    Atelier's Orange Sanguine. Beautiful soliflore and excellent longevity for a citrus.
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    Re: How is Black Afgano?

    I like a wide range of fragrances depending on my mood and the occasion. Great scent for a cold, wet winter day. By Killian's "Smoke for the Soul" has similar characteristics.
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    Re: Rate My "Lineup"

    The only one I would wear is Mona di Orio's Vanille. I differ from other respondents, in that what you like does not matter. You must wear what I like.
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    Poll: Re: Cheap or Expensive?

    I think I understand what you're asking. Is it, all things being equal, how would price influence your purchase? If that's the question, then I would buy the more expensive one. The marketers have...
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    Re: The $500 Challenge: 2015

    Talk about being off base. When I read the title to the thread I thought, let's see what frags will be recommended that are worth $500 a bottle.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Top 5 for cooler weather:

    Spice & Wood
    Enigma Extrait
    Apple & Brandy
  37. Re: Creed - Neiman Marcus "Refill" Event - November 22

    My pleasure. I hope the fragrance you want is available to you as part of this event.
  38. Re: Creed - Neiman Marcus "Refill" Event - November 22

    It is this Saturday at the Neiman's in Houston as well. Now I can justify a purchase of the Spice and Wood.
  39. Re: Creed - Neiman Marcus "Refill" Event - November 22

    Is there a re-fill event for Creed this year? If not, what is the point of reviving this thread?
  40. Poll: Re: Signature Scent vs. Signature Wardrobe

    In this crowd it will be skewed heavily towards a signature wardrobe. That's why many of us are here, to learn about the many uncommon, but worthwhile frags. Otherwise, you find a scent that you...
  41. Re: For the colder months.Would you buy: The classic or the modern one?

    I purchased Spicebomb and after two wearings gave it away. Go with Opium.
  42. Re: Do fake fragrances smell watered down?

    There is always batch variation and the way a fragrance ages. It sounds like you're being a bit paranoid. I have inadvertantly purchased a fake Creed on Ebay and it was obvious in my case.
  43. Re: Going to a big board meeting, what should I wear?

    Charitable or business board meeting? On the board, or head up the board? All of this matters since you either go low key or full bore.
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    Re: 1st world problem

    Why bother? The conditions you're in will make it difficult to enjoy any fragrance.
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    Re: Blind Buy Hits and Misses

    To name a few of my great blind purchases:

    Xerjoff 1861
    Xerjoff Nio
    Xerjoff Fiero
    Balmain Monsieur Balmain
    Roja Enigma Parfume Extrait
    Creed English Leather
    Creed Windsor
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    Re: How is Invasion Barbare?

    First wow fragrance for me. I bought IB blind and it is one of my favorite frags and I have many great fragrances.
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    Re: Back up Bottles.

    1 Lubin Idole EdT

    1 Dunhill 1934

    1 Balmain Monsieur Balmain

    1 LIDGE

    All back ups were either because they were discontinued or re-formulated.
  48. Re: curious... how much did you spend last month on frags?

    Nothing significant, and that's the way I like it.
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    Re: Your Collection.

    Whenever the conversation on this forum turns to size of one's collection I realize I should slow down. At approximately 150, I have more than enough to satisfy me for a very long time.
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    Re: To pee or not to pee?

    When I first read this thread I thought it was a joke, then I googled Peety. I understand they have another "unique" scent in the offing where you also need to add a "personal" touch..........
  51. Re: Making room in my collection for ONE more designer scent - Which one ?

    Balenciaga Pour Homme. Now discontinued, so you won't smell it on others.
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    Re: Fakes in Chanel Boutique!?

    It isn't that quick. It will easily take several years to extract the appropriate penalty for the emotional pain and suffering that the House of Channel has caused my beleaguered client. He is now...
  53. Re: Your thoughts on Penhaligons Sartorial?

    Very nice old school take on what a cologne should be. Discreet projection, perfect for professional wear.
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    Re: Thee Holy Grail!

    When I received my bottle of IB I actually thought I was done looking for "my scent". That lasted about a week. Now, I understand that I will always be looking for the next great fragrance.
  55. Re: Do you smell like people around you, like people on basenotes, or like no one in particular?

    Many in my business and social circle use very nice scents, but few have my extraordinary taste.
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    Re: Rape

    The only thing that offends me on Basenotes is the constant drumbeat about Aventus. An average frag at best......You see, Aventus is appropriate in any thread.
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    Re: Rape

    Most jokes are inappropriate, but many jokes are not funny. I can go either way with rape. I'm rape neutral.
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    Re: Murdock london black tea

    Live on the edge, go blind. I've bought many frags blind, and most have worked out great. Going blind for me only happens after reading the thoughtful reviews on BNs.
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    Re: In Box or Out of Box

    I like looking at the bottles. As long as they're in an environment that is temperature and UV light controlled you're fine.
  60. Re: What do you define as warm/cold weather?

    Below 70 F, time to break out the cooler weather scents. While I understand the argument that we live in a temperature controlled environment most of the time, that doesn't apply to Houston. ...
  61. Re: Do you ever get embarrassed about your cologne obsession?

    I'm old, I don't care what others think about my pursuits. Enjoy your collection and be confident in the knowledge that you actually care about your personal grooming.
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    Re: Best taking a dump scent?

    OP, you nailed it. Threads of late have been a bit inane, and I was going to start a pointless thread to make that point, but you beat me to it.
  63. Re: do you tell people what you are wearing?

    They don't have a right to know, but I like to share my good fortune and enlighten those that are interested.
  64. Re: do you tell people what you are wearing?

    My wallet attracts far more women than my fragrance selection.
  65. Re: do you tell people what you are wearing?

    Why wouldn't you tell them? Where is the harm?
  66. Re: A sloppily dressed person seeking compliments on his fragrance at the local buffet.

    Clearly, you don't know any doctors........
  67. Re: A sloppily dressed person seeking compliments on his fragrance at the local buffet.

    Time to upgrade where you eat so you won't have to deal with a pig running to and fro frantically waving his arms trying to get your attention.
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    Re: Buying an entire line.

    Many collectors have addictive personalities. That is not necessarily a problem, more a reality. If one can purchase a fragrance and it does not negatively impact their life (financially or...
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    Re: Buying an entire line.

    It's called OCD. It has little to do with how the fragrances smell and everything to do with the "need" to acquire. The question is better suited for a psych forum. Prominent notes, longevity,...
  70. Re: Your favourite Elevator scent...

    Very good point. It is very annoying when I miss the obvious.
  71. Re: Your favourite Elevator scent...

    OP, time to move. Lawyers and psychologist's typically don't reek of onion and cumin, stale sweat and body odor. Masking the smell is not the solution.
  72. Re: Fragrances that people around you hate

    Peau d'Espagne. While at lunch with a friend, she told me it smells like gasoline. I pointed out that it is very fine Italian gasoline. She gave up. The only time I consider others when choosing...
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    Re: What women really like

    I'm more concerned with your girlfriend's lack of memory. You wore the same fragrance at least three times and she doesn't remember the fragrance from your prior wearings. She either can't...
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    Re: Royal Scottish Lavender,

    You say that like it's a bad thing. I personally do not discriminate against the elderly.
  75. Re: What do you consider to be Niche?

    For christ's sake. Are you suggesting there is a third category, designer niche?
  76. Re: An honest question to all living in very hot climate.....

    I live in at least as inhospitable a climate as yours and I find plenty of opportunity to wear the heavier fragrances from November until March, especially in the evening. As long as the temp is...
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    Re: Perfume Snobbery!

    I don't judge fragrances (or anything else) exclusively by cost, but quality ingredients typically cost more. Also, uncommon fragrances are usually more expensive because they don't have broad...
  78. Re: Thinking about blind buying Bergamot 22 le labo

    Don't be the belt and suspenders guy--live on the edge with your hair on fire. Great fragrance with good longevity and a very pleasant personality. Think of it as a blind date set up by someone you...
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    Re: freezing fragrances

    That certainly answers the question.
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    Re: Only 2...

    Sounds like all of you are going to hell. I can bring as many fragrances as I want, including discontinued ones that I have been unable to find on earth. Yes, I'm going to Heaven!
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    Re: ebay selling

    OP, while you did nothing wrong I would heed the advice of experienced Ebay sellers on how to proceed.
  82. Re: Vetiver Geranium appreciation thread

    My favorite of the Aqua line. Excellent in hot weather with excellent longevity (in excess of 6 hours). After reading the comments about it being feminine I am now considering a sex change.
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    Re: Diaster struck

    Thanks for the kind words. I went from trying to decide if I like a fragrance upon receipt, to just being happy I didn't destroy it before getting a chance to apply it.
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    Re: Diaster struck

    My replacement Fiero arrived this morning. I unpacked it with utmost care and the bottle made it to my fragrance cabinet undamaged. Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that can make your day...
  85. Re: Thinking About Buying Invasion Barbare

    Many $200+ fragrances are good, but not great. This one is great. I'll leave it to others to explain the notes of this gem.
  86. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Going through the check-out at a local Bar-B-Q spot in Houston and the attractive young lady at the register said, "what are you wearing, you smell great!". La Labo Bergamot 22 was my answer and she...
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    Re: Stoptober

    I not only am buying this month, I am buying the same fragrance repeatedly. Hopefully, my next bottle of Fiero will last longer than 30 seconds in my possession, so it will be only 2 bottles of...
  88. Replies

    Re: Diaster struck

    On as positive a note as I can manage, the garbage can (outside) smells incredible. I've found that getting back on the horse is the best remedy, so I will be replacing my bottle of Fiero with...
  89. Replies

    Re: Diaster struck

    How could you say that? I see a little problem in the Middle East, a misunderstanding in the Ukraine, China is a bit confused where their sovereignty ends, and the US economy is a bit sluggish. Are...
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    Re: Anyone here buys from Ebay?

    I've bought many bottles on Ebay and had one problem to date. It was with a fake Creed. Vintage and niche brands have been fine. While the per bottle cost is high for many niche in general, crooks...
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    Re: Diaster struck

    I believe it is still in production. It was hard to find, but easy to lose. In the future I intend to go the bomb tech route when handling my bottles. I was too cavalier and I learned a very...
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    Diaster struck

    My world has been turned upside down. After reading many positive reviews for Xerjoff's Fiero I decided to secure a bottle. Several weeks of searching later I found a new bottle for sale. It...
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    Re: Best 'Eau de Cologne'?

    Penhaligan's Lords. Beautiful classic take on a men's cologne.
  94. Re: What is the GIT bottle made out of?

    My understanding is that Napoleon vacationed on this particular beech in Greece before he was exiled.
  95. Re: Which David Beckham Frags are worth getting?

    Why must you castigate our gay comrades?
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    Re: Selecting your SOTD/Es

    As others have said, Season, time of day, and occasion. Within that subset I choose one that has not been worn recently. As an aside, I had lunch with a friend today and she insisted that I sample...
  97. Re: How many options do you have per season?

    Hednic, with over 1,900 fragrances, how often is a favorite worn by you?
  98. Poll: Re: How Did the Non Authorized Retailers Obtain Their Creeds?

    OP, my intent is not to be difficult, but how can you have a poll on a fact? Clearly, there is a way that nonofficial Creed retailers acquire their stock, we just don't know it.
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    Re: When / How do you reapply?

    I re-apply only if I'm confident that the scent has run its' course. Re-apply in the same area, but use half the sprays of the original application. I'd rather be discreet as opposed to...
  100. Re: Oh, how this hobby is bad for my bank account!

    The beginning of the end is when you become price insensitive for new purchases......"$400 isn't that much for a 100 mils".......
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