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  1. Poll: Re: Pick 1 out of 5 Designer Frags for Me (Perplexed!)

    wow you guys are terrible, listing names that OP doesn't even mention lol. I went with Versace because GV obviously needs more money. and I like it.
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    Poll: Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    even tho i like Le male gotta say angel men more memorable, more unique, slightly dirty and good
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    Re: Is there a wide consensus on Acqua Di Parma?

    ADP COlonia--The Classic
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    i think its a great story noirdrakkar but how did the scent stay on you for 2 days. And why didn't you tell the female cop you were wearing Sung Pour Homme also? lol. I think its fine to tell people...
  5. Poll: Re: MY LAST 2 Fragrance PURCHASE FOR THE YEAR! (Your PICK)

    i don't think you'll be able to keep that promise lol
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    Re: Which Aquatic is Better?

    this is what i was thinking
    Also Try Polo Blue, its a very sophisticated aquatic imo
  7. Re: this has been bugging me since this afternoon!!! Is that too much?

    tell her, "I know, its beyond my control" or something like that
  8. Poll: Re: Looking for a New Woody Scent: Bvlgari PH vs Pal Zileri

    not a fan of Kenzo fragrances but I'll give it a try

    - - - Updated - - -

    btw, has anyone tried Pal Zileri Sartoriale? I see only a few reviews in the directory...
  9. Poll: Looking for a New Woody Scent: Bvlgari PH vs Pal Zileri

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a fresh woody, earthy, and dry scent

    I've tried Bvlgari PH but I have never tried Pal Zileri Sartoriale, but I've heard/read it smells like Gucci Rush and sandalwood....
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    Re: Need a fragrance that smells like this

    wow thanks for the feedback guys.
    ive smelled some on that list, but never on my skin. Sun Java piqued my interest wit its fragrantica description and packaging. but it seems lesser known and hard...
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    Need a fragrance that smells like this

    hey guys, i've smelled a lot of juice but i don't know if i've smelled anything quite like this yet but I know I want it

    it opens like floral bergamont and ozonic like Versace Pour Homme
  12. Re: First Post: Looking for a Men's Cologne for work

    thanks for the welcome dollars&scents good suggestions
    i'm liking rive gauche and gucci ph ii at this point, and might try the latter just from what i've read about it. I remember Gucci PH I...
  13. Re: First Post: Looking for a Men's Cologne for work

    I really appreciate the range of suggestions guys. I'm trying to narrow these down by ones that are wearable pretty much all year round, aren't notably sweet while maintaining that hint of...
  14. First Post: Looking for a Men's Cologne for work

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a men's cologne that I can wear mainly to work. I'm a young professional so I meet with different people in different settings, indoors and outdoors in formal/semi-formal...
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