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  1. Re: Question about poorly stored perfume ...alchemy?

    What may have changed is you, if you are a female and you go through menopause, or have had a child. Certain medications effect the way you are chemically and can effect the way you interpret...
  2. Re: Does a nice lilac scent exist? or lily-of-the-valley that isn't sickly?

    L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani has alot of lily of the valley in it. Jessica Mc Clintock is a wonderful lily of the valley. I think Crabtree an Evelyn has Lily of the Valley and Lilac fragrances. I would...
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    Re: stinky toiletries / cosmetics

    I smell floor cleaner before I buy it! I cant buy anything stinky (I dont care how fab it is).
    Already mentioned Covergirl clean makeup, I hate the smell of Phisoderm cleanser, my grandma bought it...
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    Re: What's your fav mascara?

    I swear by L'oreal's Lashout, I get complimented on my fake eyelashes. The stuff stays in place, you don't have to use alot of it, and it's like 8 bucks. If they ever stop making it I don't know what...
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    Re: Let's make love - Which candles?

    I LOVE sensuality jasmine and vanilla from Bath and Body Works.
  6. Re: Teen-Scent Wasteland: Marketing to the 13-24 Year Set

    They are marketing to young people with wealthy parents who give them hefty allowances or will buy them whatever they ask for for their birthday or christmas.The young people see it, want it, and bug...
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    Re: Men's Cologne for Women

    I am a girl who sometimes wears mens cologne. Here are the ones I like in no particular order
    Angel for men
    Pi Givency
    Fleur De Male Jean Paul Gaultier
    Blue Jeans Versace
    Rochas Man
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    Re: Product perfume and body spray faves?

    I loved the smell of the original finesse shampoos. I also love using oil of olay lotions (third generation user).
    My boyfriend LOVES the smell of the fruity body sprays like black raspberry...
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    Re: Have I Broken the Sprayer?

    Possibly, most spray a mist. Some like Rochas for men or Jewel by Alfred Sung have a resovoir that causes it to spray more in a stream like which you described. It may just be the way that sprayer...
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    Re: Valentino V cologne for men

    I really like it. I work in a perfume store, I show it quite a bit, I sell it quite a bit too. Not alot of people come in asking for it, but when I show it, they like it most of the time.
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