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  1. Re: Please suggest some decent black/pink pepper scents

    +1 Poivre Samarcande, it's the niche version of Bang. Pricey though, as it wears very close to the skin.

    Check out a lot of the work done by Mark Buxton (some CdG mentioned above) and Bertrand...
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    Re: Delicious lavender

    Agree with Caron pour homme, Gris Clair; I haven't smelled many of the other suggestions but...

    it's worth trying A Taste of Heaven. If you prefer designer vs. niche because of price, you can...
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    Re: bergamot: how does it smell like

    I agree with the suggestion of smelling some Earl Grey tea; it's all there. Also, I wonder if I'm the only one who made this association, but the smell of Fruity Pebbles cereal seems closely related...
  4. Poll: Re: Spinoff: 5 Vintage Fragrances or 5 Future Fragrances?

    Option A, without a question. There are so many logical reasons...

    One of them being what's in the past is lost and gone forever. At least for the future releases you have a chance of getting...
  5. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    From Trauerkraut

    HdP 1740 Marquis de Sade - I love this leather
    Borneo 1834 - dusty cacao
    Derby - soapy, clean saddles
    Eau de Campagne - my first love
    Knize 10 - amber and leather, luxurious
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    Re: Loving Ambre Sultan

    Also try A Taste of Heaven - By Kilian. This stuff is lavender, absinthe/wormwood notes on a wave of gorgeous amber.

    P.S. Chergui has similar characteristics, sort of like a tobacco and hay spin...
  7. Thread: Animalic Musk

    by runstile

    Re: Animalic Musk

    Not totally a musk scent, but it gives it structure, is Al Oudh by L'Artisan. Definitely spicy, dry, and woody, but there is also musk.
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    Re: Group decision time

    Yup, what he said. Grey Vetiver.
  9. Re: Ashy Fragrances, any recommendations for non inscense smoke?

    Patchouli 24 has a nice ashy smoky element to it, paired with vanilla.

    Also Serge Noire; I don't get incense, but red hot embers, yes.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 12th October, 2016

    Habit Rouge EdC
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    Re: Various Creed Questions -----> Go!

    Your favourite: Green Irish Tweed
    Your Least favourite: Original Santal
    Most Unique: Acier Aluminum
    Over-rated: Aventus
    Worst Performer: Zeste Madarine Pamplemousse
    Yet to try: Baies de...
  12. Re: Complimentary Fragrances in Luxury Hotel Suites?

    The Setai in South Beach, Miami had Roja Dove Neroli toiletries. I stocked up for sure! They also perfumed the common areas with it. I would've killed for the vat of parfum d'ambience they were...
  13. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Have you tried Lubin - Le Vetiver? It's a little soapy but very dry, with notes of frankincense.

    I received my Tauerville samples - Rose Flash, Amber Flash, and Incense Flash. The rose is so rich...
  14. Re: Which fragrance garners the most COMPLAINTS when you wear it?

    Black Aoud - just by it's sheer volume I'm sure, the stuff is nuclear. Granted I've only gotten 1 actual complaint.
    3eme homme - on a sweltering summer day
    Ambre Sultan - again, it's a beast in...
  15. Re: Experiences with matching shower gels/soaps?

    Cacio, the bath oil to me smells exactly like the lotion, so you are correct on this one. Get the shower gel, or at least get some samples and give it a try. Interesting you got neroli out of it...
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    Re: Spraying on Clothes P&C

    This. I just read probably the most concise way of saying this, from a recent LT review (of Antonion Gardoni's perfumes) of one he deemed worthy of his skin: "[spray on skin] to get the full effect,...
  17. Re: Which Fragrances Do You Most Look Forward to Wearing Once the Weather Turns Really Cold?

    Basically all of my Serge Lutens -
    Ambre Sultan,
    Bois de Violette (more specifically this one because I just bought it),
    Daim Blonde,
    Five O'Clock,
    Serge Noire

    L'Artisan -...
  18. Re: Experiences with matching shower gels/soaps?

    Our pals eBay and almost make their markup reasonable with discounts. Check them for gift sets and prices!
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    Re: Spraying on Clothes P&C

    Agree with hednic and hedonist.

    Where do you spray? Have you tried spraying on other areas of your body where the skin might be less sensitive, such as inner elbow, or wrists? Have you tried...
  20. Re: Experiences with matching shower gels/soaps?

    Sisley Eau de Campagne bath gel is perhaps the most transcendental experience I've ever had in the shower. It's more lush and green and less citrus. Simply amazing. The lotion is ok but it's a little...
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    Re: Recomdtions: Leather,Boozy,Gourmand,

    All great suggestions, have you tried Body Kouros? It might fit the bill. Also, outside of your price range but Patchouli 24 is quite nice, sort of a burnt vanilla with leather.
  22. Thread: Serge Noire

    by runstile

    Re: Serge Noire

    It's not really that bad. If you're sensitive to camphoraceous notes, I'd steer away. The opening can be harsh at times. Honestly, I don't get much incense (read: frankincense) like in other incense...
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    Re: Any good anti aging face cream

    Skinceuticals vitamin C serums, Phloretin CF for combo/oily or CE ferulic for normal/dry skin. Actually, makes the EXACT same products at over 70% off.

    Daily broad...
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    Re: Citrus/incense/wood cologne

    Out of those you've listed I've tried CDC 2man and GPHI; they are great. But I agree with Cacio here; neither are heavy on citrus.

    Give Lubin - Le Vetiver a try. I get frankincense and a lovely...
  25. Re: NEW: Au Coeur du Desert by Tauer Perfumes AND Tuberose Flash by Tauerville

    I was thinking the same thing; and this correlates with the naming conventions. L'air, which floats freely, and coeur (body) which is more dense and grounded.
  26. Re: Animalic / dirty / challenging - suggestions?

    Agree on Oud 27, Aoud Cuir D'Arabie and also suggest Tobacco Oud with its barnyard note.
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    Re: Today I bought September 2016

    Vintage used Serge Lutens Bois de Violette (old label, export bottle) on the sale forum. Thanks Zephyr1973! Been waiting to add this one to my collection for a while now.
  28. Re: Classic Colognes That You Think Still Hold Up

    SHHHH! Don't ruin it; if it suddenly gets reformulated I'm blaming you!

    Totally agree.

    Also (even though vintage is preferred),
    Acqua di Parma Colonia
    Eau Sauvage
    Habit Rouge
    Chanel Pour...
  29. Re: Notes you Look For Compared to Notes you Avoid


    Orange blossom
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    Re: TDH ETF vs Dior Homme Cologne

    Dior Homme Cologne has no relation to the other scents in the series; actually I sort of have an issue with the marketing/packaging being in the same line (I'm sure it was done to bolster sales as...
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    Re: Your favorite patchouli?

    L'Artisan Patchouli Patch - lightened by osmanthus and a touch of transparent musk in the style of Passage d'Enfer, this one isn't musty or heavy. Very versatile.

    I saw a couple of these on the...
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    Poll: Re: Which Lutens for a blind buy

    By order of the likelihood you'll like them...

    Chergui > Daim Blond > Fille en Aguilles > Feminite du Bois
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    Re: recommend WHITE floral fragrances for men!

    Agree with JPG Fleur de Male
    Nuit de Tubereuse
    SL Fleurs D'Oranger
    Bond no. 9 Fire Island
  34. Re: What fragrance(s) are you holding onto even though you don't like it?

    I blind bought L'Artisan Vanille Absoluement; it's just ok. Probably wear it once a year. I also keep a few classics in my wardrobe that I don't really wear in public. They are more "case studies"....
  35. Re: Any good fragrances with a strong mastic note?

    Yes, this was the first one to come to mind. It's centered around mastic, not just as a supporting note (from the PR). I have not tested this one, however. Perhaps someone can chime in who has?
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    Re: Greens without vetiver

    I agree with the already mentioned:

    Sisley Eau de Campagne (my all time favorite fresh scent)
    Diptyque - Phylosykos (and therefore Premier Figuier, both by Giacobetti)

    I'll add:
    Heeley Menthe...
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    Re: Zen Peacefulness

    Dzongkha for me. Cool iris and incense. Sometimes I'm driven to amber accords as well, such as Caron pour un Homme, L'eau D'Ambre, or if I'm also in need of indulging, Ambre Sultan
  38. Re: Does anyone else get "powderiness" from Timbuktu?

    I was going to say it's probably the patchouli as well; it's subtle but it's in there.
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    Re: Project Renegades: Bertrand Duchaufour

    I believe it's in the family of "woody-ambers". Luca Turin mentions their aromas as smelling of very concentrated "rubbing alcohol". There was a recent Ponk Club (Mumsy sends out unlabled raw...
  40. Re: Leather, Tobbaco, woods, pepper,spicy?frag suggestions?

    Al Oudh - L'Artisan Parfumeur
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    Re: Louis Vuitton parfume. September 2016

  42. Re: What are your work horses? Most used work scents/dumb grabs

    Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale
    Mugler Cologne
    Eau De Campagne
    Neroli Sauvage
    Green Irish Tweed
    Rive Gauche
    Encre Noire
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    Re: LV & Dior article

    My thoughts as well (actually they were "that's BS").
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    Re: Paradigm Shift

    I haven't tried the Tauer, but what about Lyric Man?
  45. Re: Your 3 favorite from Le Labo? And 3 you dislike?

    Rose 31
    Patchouli 24
    Oud 27

    Fleur D'Oranger 27
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    Re: Best Raspberry or Blackberry Cologne for Men

    I second this one.

    Mure et Musc - Starts almost with a green/tomato leaf top, then straightforward blackberry, and dries into a cuddly musk. Not a showstopper but it's casual.
  47. Roja Dove Neroli Extrait - Anything similar?

    Last year I stayed at the Setai in Miami and this was the hotel's signature scent - it was piped in their lobby and common areas, and the toiletries were all ROJA parfums as well. I stocked up on...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, August 1, 2016

    AdP Colonia Assoluta - I don't know why I only wear this a few times a year; it's as steady as a Swiss watch and has the longevity of a fougere with cologne freshness.
  49. Re: New L'Artisan bottles, packing and sub-line...

    I totally agree. I respected the minimal changes they incorporated in the past. Too many cooks in the management kitchen, I believe.
  50. Re: Vegas Shopping: Kiton, Lalique White, Allure Ed. Blanche, other?

    Don't waste your money buying designer scents @ retail prices. Shop niche while you can! Vegas has great shops already mentioned above (Forum Shops, Barneys, etc.)
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    Re: Auphorie review

    Lovely reviews! Especially the backseat Camaro offspring and the authentic oakmoss holigram. I've got to try these.
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    Re: Best cedar wood/orange combo

    Neroli Sauvage has a citrus and cedar-like blast. Try it out.
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    Re: Delicious burnt brown sugar scent?

    Also Eau Noire. my favorite from these three.
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    Re: Ultra-fruity masculine scent

    Agree with Pulp, it's potent and jammy

    Citrus - Orange Sanguine, Grand Neroli, and the entire rest of the Atelier Cologne line for that matter
    Melon - Millesime Imperial, Wall Street
    Fig -...
  55. Re: What fragrances come to mind when you think of 'anger' or 'melancholy'?

    This would be particularly dry, inky, or cold smelling scents for me.

    Norne/Jeke (whichever one smells like the forest floor, I forget)
    Serge Noire
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    Re: Tuberose and white floral for man

    Give the L'Artisan a try, I don't get a tropical vibe.

    +1 on Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger, I own it.

    Bond No. 9 - Fire Island
    JPG - Fleur de Male, if you don't mind the heavy vanilla/musk base that...
  57. Re: Recommend me a JCE floral for spring

    Also might want to try Paprika Brasil; it's spicy like fresh peppers, giving it an almost green characteristic.
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    Re: Masculine Tuberose

    +1 L'Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse

    The lush, oily tuberose is countered by spices and incense.
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    Re: Breakup perfume !?

    I just had a breakup last fall, and honestly, I would not want ANY new associations with a perfume that were negative, especially one as traumatic as a breakup. I would buy her something from her...
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    Re: Best fragrance for rainy days.

    I see a lot of vetiver in the scents posted, and I agree on that with Encre Noire. I think the vetiver is a nice "dry" note that counters with the wet, humid air.

    I also enjoy Grey Flannel if it's...
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    Re: New Dior Prive La Colle Noire for 2016

    Wasn't Eau Noire also inspired by this same house? I know this will be a totally different fragrance but... I hate they are reusing the same idea.
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    Re: Are you a Perfumer Groupie?

    I don't judge a book by it's cover, or a perfume by it's perfumer, really until I smell it. It's all in the juice. You never know who was involved in making the perfume (esp. if it was for a big...
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    Re: I am starting a new blog

    Wonderful news! Bookmarked for sure. Your writing is the highlight of my day.
  64. Re: New L'Artisan bottles, packing and sub-line...

  65. Re: New L'Artisan bottles, packing and sub-line...

    Apparently the design change encompasses the entire brand, including the storefronts. A friend of mine snapped these in Paris (I believe in the Marais) I get a luxe apothecary vibe from it.
  66. Re: Your Top 5 Wet Shaving Creams or Soaps. Gentlemen...

    Jack Black Beard Lube

    Used this stuff for years; the menthol slightly numbs and soothes, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Convenient for shower shaving.
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    Re: Today I bought March 2016

    Dior - Eau Noire

    Bought from DerangedGoose (thank you!) in the forums. I've been holding out on getting this one for...
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    Re: which perfume does these notes best?

    Citrus - Lime, Basil and Mandarin (mostly for longetivity) / Eau De Guerlain
    Green - Eau de Campagne
    White floral/Chypre - Roja Neroli extrait
    Oud - TF Oud Wood / M7 (not experienced in Oud; need...
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    Re: Next Creed to try?

    Give Neroli Sauvage a try if you like citrus.
  70. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Satuday, April 11 - Lalique Encre Noire

    What a great vetiver. I love it's minimalistic approach, just a touch of smoke and woods, no top notes to speak of. Lovely, discrete, and masculine.
  71. Re: Seeing a strange difference between Creed and Designers

    It's all relative.. haha.

    I find most Creeds to be a lot more subdued/understated in "sillage" compared to designer offerings. It also depends on what "designer" scents you're comparing to. If you...
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    Re: What is your strongest chastity belt scent?

    The only one I totally agree with is Grey Flannel. That stuff is androgenous. Reminds me of what the angels on Dogma would spray themselves with, haha. (Dis)honorable mention goes to Le 3eme Homme;...
  73. Replies

    Re: Warm/Dark Scents in Spring/Summer

    I second Tauer - L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Also Timbuktu and Dzonghka

    It seems incense and vetiver are good notes for warm and cold seasons.
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    Re: Room Scent Of The Day - April 2015

    I've joined the hednic fan club with my new-found obsession for Astier de Villatte. This spring will most likely be Commune de Paris until I buy another one! Curious of what you all think of this one?
  75. Re: If money was not object - how to get perfect skin?

    I have a weakness for high end skincare.

    Favorite lines: Sisley Paris, ReVive, Skinceuticals

    Sisley - Global anti-age, restorative facial cream, express flower gel, eye contour mask, tropical...
  76. Replies

    Re: Need hair product recommendations for son.

    Try Bumble and Bumble and Oribe stuff.

    Bumble and Bumble - Styling Creme (as a base, the more you use the more it holds).
    Bumble and Bumble - Sumotech; a great paste that is gonna do just about...
  77. Replies

    Re: Mystery Creed bottle - what have I bought?

    Do you have access to a (well stocked) Creed counter? Take it with you and figure it out, they might have testers of the old stuff laying around. Either way you could at least eliminate a few from...
  78. Re: What scent or cologne would you like to be remembered by?

    At work - Rive Gauche

    Leisure time - Eau de Campagne/Ambre Sultan (SS/FW)
  79. Replies

    Re: A Springtime Sillage Monster?

    You can probably find some of the Bvlgari Tea line (au The Vert and Blanc) online for around that price, the smaller bottles anyway.

    +1 Mugler Cologne
  80. Re: Scent choice when you can't smell while having a cold....

    Afrin Nasal Spray!

    Seriously, this stuff will open up your nostrils temporarily. You aren't supposed to use it for more than 7 consecutive days though; but it will allow you to smell and taste...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, October 7, 2014

    Five O'Clock au Gingembre - Serge Lutens

    This one is sweeter than I remember... Hello fall weather!
  82. Re: According to Roja Dove: Five scents to drive women wild

    So funny, I was thinking the exact same thing about Rive Gauche PH!
  83. Replies

    Re: A smoother mellow patchouli ? Suggestions?

    Have you tried Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan? It doesn't have any of the gourmand notes you listed, but it does have a pillow soft white musk accord that is super smooth. I find it to be a delicate,...
  84. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Habit Rouge EdC
  85. Re: Looking for something smokey for the cooler weather

    Le Labo sells samples... don't pass up the Patchouli 24!
  86. Re: From these niche brands: Best suited for office/work?

    It is in the same vain as Cool Water, but much more smooth and natural. It could indeed be called the "niche" Cool Water by some. I love LDDM, but it sort of requires you to love and appreciate...
  87. Re: What's the most uncommon large fragrance bottle you've ever owned or heard of?

    A good friend of mine has a ~liter (same size) of Eau D'Orange Vert. It looks badass on his bathroom shelf.
  88. Re: From these niche brands: Best suited for office/work?

    +1 on GIT. My favorite Swiss Army Knife from your list of houses.

    Carner Barcelona - never tried any
    Heeley - only tried Sel Marin and Menthe Fraiche, like both, but these are warm weather ones...
  89. Re: Who else keeps a spreadsheet of their fragrance collection?

    Hednic, I would love to add in some usage statistics and run a bunch of pivot tables off of your data! It would have lots of pretty colors.
  90. Re: Style Arabia - Beauty Guide - Luca turin reviews Tom Ford Velvet Orchid & Givenchy Dahlia Divin

    Darn! I really enjoyed seeing you there. We are patiently awaiting the new book...
  91. Replies

    Re: Anyone Tried Qualitas Candles?

    I'm also curious if anyone has tried them... I almost blind bought but they are still sitting in my cart. Haha. Apparently they make candles exclusively for Gilt Group?
  92. Replies

    Re: Designer candles

    I really enjoy Astier de Villate, their candles have this sheer throw throughout the house, a really wonderful line (My faves are Aoyama? and Rue St Honore).

    Diptyque is my gold standard. Never...
  93. Replies

    Re: Room Scent Of The Day - September 2014

    Enjoying my candle of "Tuscan Leather" by Tom Ford. A great find while shopping at outlets!
  94. Re: Are there any great scents that smell like fresh linens?

    Surprised that no one is mentioning Mugler Cologne or Original Vetiver! I always get a clean laundry vibe from them.
  95. Re: Good resources on the web for cosmetic reviews has reviews. It's obviously designed for female users, but their reviews section is really good and pretty easy to search.
  96. Re: what is the best product for matte look, no shine& soft to touch?

    Oribe Rough Luxury

    I prefer the original black canister, but the "soft" version is nice too
  97. Replies

    Re: Yor most worn scent, ever....

    I've went through 4 bottles of Eau de Campagne so, that one I guess.

    Honorable mention/second place goes to Rive Gauche
  98. Re: Help identifying Chanel Antaeus batch/production date

    It's definitely real. I'm familiar with the scent. I think it is just an old bottle.
  99. Help identifying Chanel Antaeus batch/production date

    I have a supposedly vintage bottle of Antaeus but I have no clue when it was made. My partner said it was his father's from the 80's, but I don't know how accurate that is. I will try and attach some...
  100. Re: Are Colognes Really Weaker or Is Olfactory Fatigue Worse than We Realize?

    This is a valuable post on the subject. The fragrance palate is a crucial component in the opinions regarding preference, longevity, etc. I used to think Prada Amber pH was smooth as butter, but...
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