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    Re: Benchmark scents or.. the classics

    For citrus notes: quite likely the Acqua di Parma/Farina Gegenüber/Muehlens etc. formulation, while Eau Sauvage, Eau de Rochas could be taken into consideration as slightly more experimental but...
  2. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Apart from the house of L'Erbolario as an entity, almost irrespective of the scent chosen, also the house of Jacques Bogart in its entirety.
  3. Re: great fragrances with horrible topnote that you just have to wait through to get to the good par

    Maybe, at least in part, mileage might vary due to only having used, tested and owned so far the 1992 vintage EDT and, while having not detected any even faint spoilage of the top notes, the dizzying...
  4. Re: How Has Your Fashion Changed Through the Years?

    Actually, an evolution quite less predictable/expectable and rather counterintuitive:

    teens to early-mid 20s, though having a sizable casual wardrobe to choose from, far more inspired by...
  5. Re: great fragrances with horrible topnote that you just have to wait through to get to the good par

    While by no means even remotely horrible and allowing to at least partly guess the quality and the complexity of the further scent development, always perceived the opening of Heritage as an almost...
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    Re: Camp: notes on fashion

    Perhaps, to certain extents, TF as an entire fragrance house (perhaps less of their niche/exclusiveness line, not so much because of their pricing nor the elitist marketing, as much as having somehow...
  7. Re: Suggestions To Add to a Beginner's "Collection"?

    Also adding Lalique Homme EDP, D&G Intenso, Bogart pour Homme, Rochas Man, Azzaro pour Homme l'Eau and/or Azzaro Visit, TDH Eau Tres Fraiche
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    Re: What would you wear to the Cricket?

    From the current wardrobe, probably Blenheim Bouquet, La Martina Hombre, Royal Mayfair, Caron pour un Homme or Floris Elite.

    From the "tested" section of the wardrobe, vintage RL Polo Green, any...
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    Re: Let´s play a game: naming a parfum.

    Loving the idea of a British sounding fragrance name, possible conjuring memories of some double barrel named aristocratic family with a long and rich history and/or, at the very least, Old World...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 18th June, 2019

    Avon Black Suede
  11. Re: Using a Fragrance For Things Other Than Spraying on Yourself?

    Thank for the reply, as another bit of "Mike and Molly" trivia, also noticed that English Leather is incidentally - though never explicitly mentioned, still quite easily visible - is Mike's to go...
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    Re: Modern Masculine Lavender Fragrance

    Seconding especially Caron pour un Homme and l'Occitan, other than these, also adding two Penhaligon's fragrances: Endymion EDC as romantic, moderate projection, nearly gourmand modern lavender,...
  13. Re: What would you wear to a fragrance awards ceremony!?

    On the more daring, statement making, borderline provocative side, Creed BDP, among safer, generally classic dry, gentlemanly citrus choices, either something like Armani Eau pour Homme or with a...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 17th June, 2019

    Umbro Elite X Skill
  15. Re: Using a Fragrance For Things Other Than Spraying on Yourself?

    Would never use other than very affordable, inexpensive fragrances for purposes other than just scenting (like an absent character from ''Mike & Molly", only mentioned in the recollections of other...
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    Re: Watermelon fruity fragrance for summer?

    Possibly also, on the pricier side of the fragrance spectrum, Creed Royal Water combines translucent citrus and other fresh notes with a certain hint of watermelon
  17. Re: 6 Months on Basenotes and living a fragrant life. 10 bullet points of things I have learned so f

    Great post, thank you for sharing.

    Admiring the many considerate insights, especially the ones about fragrance taste subjectiveness/changes skin chemistry, reformulations, fragrance as art form,...
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    Re: Notes breakdown for Hommage a L'Homme

    Personally relating especially to the Fragrantica notes description, due to getting indeed citrus-floral notes during the opening and mid phase, while also a quite strong woody-leathery base
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    Re: If you could 'swap' houses...

    That certain discontinued scents did love but are now difficult to find (Davidoff Relax, Spazio Krizia, Joint by Roccobarocco, Ungaro II, Gucci Nobile etc.) would be taken over by any house (or their...
  20. Re: Lacoste L'Homme or Dolce and Gabbana The One

    Either of these due to liking both, though minimally more likely The One-simply due to getting, even in its EDT version, both good performance and pleasant actual scent notes from this
  21. Re: If you could choose 1 or 2 notes to pair with REAL AMBERGRIS what would they be?

    Either vetiver or other leathery notes (other than amber and/or ambergris animalics) or both
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 16th June, 2019

    Boucheron pour Homme EDP
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    Re: Modern (designer) chypres?

    Also adding YSL Rive Gauche (even if not in the tin can and therefore increasingly pricey and/or collectible version), Eau Sauvage Parfum, Lalique Homme EDP.
    While these fragrances may not contain...
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    Re: Do any scents motivate you?

    As elusive and almost borderline disrespectful, unusable, impractical, unimaginative, random, off-topic and/or vague this answer may sound:

    most if not all of the personal fragrance wardrobe, not...
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    Re: Fragrance related vanity license plate

    For some reason, one of the few fragrances (if not only the only one) would ever consider for a vanity plate would most likely be Armani Eau pour Homme (or whatever abbreviation would best...
  26. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    About 14, though minimal dabs from a splash bottle of Grey Flannel
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 15th June, 2019

    Grey Flannel
  28. Re: Best fragrances for parfum named after actresses, actors, singers, etc?

    Quite likely indeed, having liked both the film and the fragrance possibly named after this, regretting to not having purchased this one even earlier and therefore having passed up, at least...
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    Re: Naming notes

    Guessing and also partly estimating that this may be 50%/50% situation.

    In some cases, fragrances can be so complex they can sway someone away and at the same time pretty much ramp up all...
  30. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    So far, tested this one enough to remain with a pleasant experience after each sampling, though just below that elusive and often rather difficultly definable threshold to purchase, own and regularly...
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    Re: Aqua Velva Musk cologne?

    Seconded, while also having to admit to have tested scents even similar to this, for some reason so far got very good results in terms of performance achieved with Aqua Velva Musk already, rather...
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    Re: Vintage POAL Worth Seeking Out?

    Based on strictly personal, subjective and individual experience, the current version is still very decent in terms of both performance and actual scent and while admitting to not be familiar at all...
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    Re: Hugo boss elements aqua

    To answer the question at least partly (due to/because of not yet finding a trustworthy enough source to find an even slightly reputable source for buying this fragrance at an affordable and/or good...
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    Re: Iris Question

    If you also like both venturing into the unisex fragrances (conventionally/officially defined as male, in practice far more technically suiting any gender with little or no effort) and also not...
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    Re: Your Most Film Noir Fragrances

    While still owning this one some time ago: Salvador Dali pour Homme (in past wardrobe from an increasingly distant past).

    In the current wardrobe, happening to perceive especially the...
  36. Re: Niche fragrance that smells close to Aramis Devin

    Among others, also adding the ones that contain a more or less developed and noticeable rose element in them: Hammam Bouquet by Penhaligon's, Floris No. 89 while among designer exclusives with nearly...
  37. Re: Best fragrances for parfum named after actresses, actors, singers, etc?

    Among others, happening to like Cascaya by Gabriela Sabatini, Indian Summer by Priscilla Presley (these two quite unisex, especially the first one), Julio Iglesias Only for Men Iquitos and Samourai...
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    Re: Rate of evaporation?

    With an unopened screw top or even stopper bottle, the evaporation is in many cases luckily not only minimal but also with minimal or even no impact on the quality and performance of the fragrance...
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    Re: Aftershave balms

    In addition to the many good aforementioned suggestions, also adding another good quality nearly unscented (or discreetly scented) aftershave balm that provides great return/value quite...
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    Re: Recommendation for my wife

    Also adding TF Velvet Orchid, Feminite du Bois by Lutens, Coco Noir by Chanel, both Hypnotic Poison (along with other both flankers and regular releases from the Poison fragrance series) but also...
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    Re: Soap battle

    Either of the two, while slightly preferring ADP Essenza and also adding Mugler Cologne to a list of ultimate soapy choices
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    Re: Best fragrance for a 22 hour train ride

    From this list seconding Mugler Cologne among all previously mentioned suggestions
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 14th June, 2019

    Eau Sauvage EDT
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 13th June, 2019

    Zara Norrland
  45. Re: Mugler Cologne: any similar fragrance with better longevity?

    Seconding Creed OV even more and also adding, to a certain extent, Adolfo Dominguez Vetiver Hombre
  46. Re: Found a new gem: Aqua Essence Pour Homme EDT

    Thank you for the recommendation, its list of notes does surely seem diversely fascinating
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    Re: Guerlain - HERITAGE - Eau de Toilette ?

    Have not tested its reformulation yet, happening to own only vintage 1992 bottles of it, but might consider (even if slightly off topic) to get its EDP version even blind and even reformulated-almost...
  48. Re: Feedback on Narciso Rodriguez for Him EdT & EdP

    Have tested both and also having owned (at least in sample vial, if not also larger bottles size) the EDP-must say to enjoy, prefer and recommend the EDP version easily over the EDT, having obtained...
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    Re: Iris Question

    If considering some (re) testing of affordable yet also good value iris fragrances might be an option (do not personally define the following admittedly as the ultimate, the most groundbreaking iris...
  50. Re: Which Tom Ford private blends are potent in 2019?

    During a recent testing happened to perceive very strong, thus very good performing results from Tobacco Vanille, the oud named and based private blends, plus also the ones from the Neroli Portofino...
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Among few or even many others (re) worn during these days, particularly Open by R&G, incidentally a recent SOTD seems to cover a quite amazingly wide range of powerhouse, classic style complexities...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 12th June, 2019

    Open by Roger & Gallet
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    Re: Masculine MINT AND ORANGE ????

    Among the niche ones, perhaps also Royal Mayfair to certain extents
  54. Re: How Much Does Customer Service Matter In Regards To Purchases For You?

    Having in a certain way a 50-50, "mix and match" attitude about it.

    Happening to like both the niche tier (not just in terms of pricing but also to being smaller, more independent, more...
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    Re: Niche alternative to JV Artisan Blu?

    Maybe also (not just because of the naming, far more due to a certain summery fresh, clean, light main theme) Hugh Parsons Blue.
    With more than decent and more than 4 hours performance as well...
  56. Re: Similar to Caron the Third man for hot seasons

    Seconding especially this one among the many great suggestions on the current thread, same house, reasonable price and highly suitable for summer
  57. Re: Take Me In Two Directions (What to Try)

    Perhaps in the first direction (though the oud is minimal in these) - Habit Rouge EDP and/or Songe d'un Bois d'Ete, both by Guerlain

    In the second direction, maybe also Luxor Oud
  58. Re: Chalk & Cheese....Smells good on them but like pee on you?

    Had a similar problem with another famous YSL fragrance (in a situation perhaps not very different from the one in the thread starting post), namely Kouros-never managed to so far get beyond its...
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    Re: Name Your Favorite Flanker of a Flanker!

    Among others, perhaps YSL La Nuit de l'Homme Le Parfum
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    Re: Random ! TdH edt or Eau Savauge 2017

    Though it would be an almost impossible decision, liking both almost equally and both very much while also considering both very appropriate for family presents, 2017 Eau Sauvage EDT would most...
  61. Re: Fragrant jigsaws aka lazy noses hopping on the rickshaw

    Not familiar as to how Fahrenheit can relate to and/or be rated like this (apart from a few Fahrenheit flankers that might be closer to this characterization and not all of these).
    Did however...
  62. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Around 8 sprays of One Man Show this evening
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 11th June, 2019

    One Man Show
  64. Re: If Fragrance Was Priced For Everyone - A Hypothetical

    Personally would still enjoy buying and wearing a fragrance irrespective of the price.
    Perhaps even more so, if a good quality fragrance was priced more inexpensively, mainly the enjoyment of the...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 10th June, 2019

    Ambre Noir
  66. Re: Declaration Essence - which presentation came first?

    Seconding and also remembering the red one (s) as the most recent boxes of this
  67. Re: Terre D'Hermès parfum: four seasons or not.


    Personally also considering this fragrance as among of the ones appropriate for all year/entire year wear.
  68. Re: Simone Andreoli - Malibu. Sacrifice more virgins on the island by waterboarding them, now!

    Thank you for the recommendation-considering to also join the ranks of the ones testing this, if and as soon as one (or more) sampling option (s) do surface
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    Re: Help my next blind buy..!

    Congrats for the Equus decision if so, if not (or not yet/so far) taking the liberty to additionally recommend this fragrance and to also second the Zino recommendation, as a second/next best/next...
  70. Re: Bleu de chanel EDP, it's chypre , fougère or another family ?

    From a personal viewpoint alone, perceiving this akin to (although not 100% consistent with) a fresh, almost aquatic fresh, resinous and yet oddly or not, non smoky incense
  71. Re: Cheap alternatives to John Varvatos Artisan Blu or Bvlgari Aqva?

    Possibly also Carlo Colucci Uomo Mare, Aqua di Roma, Baldessarini del Mar, Nautica Blue, Aqua Quorum, Agua Brava Sea Power and a few more along the lines of these.

    If all of these and/or more...
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    Re: Rank My Fragrances

    Based on your current favorites, also adding for some (re) testing especially:
    Eau Sauvage Parfum, Dior Homme Intense and/or Parfum, D&G Intenso, TDH Parfum, Coach Leatherware, Zara Norrland,...
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    Re: A new summer freshie

    From your list, Declaration l'Eau and, quite likely also Mugler Cologne (personally perceiving this as not overly unisex, but always admitting to be subjective and thus likelier inaccurate about it)....
  74. Re: Recc Me An Unconventional Summer Fragrance!

    Also taking the liberty to add Satorial by Penhaligon's, Lalique Homme EDP, Best of Chevignon, TDH Eau Tres Fraiche and/or Voyage d'Hermes Parfum, Creed OV, Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche to a possible...
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    Re: it a cultural thing?

    Though having limited experience with compliments (especially offline rather than just on BN and/or within similar sites/communities), so far-perhaps counter intuitively, contradictory even...
  76. Re: Current versions of fragrances in your collection

    Most of the current collection owned is also current formulation, about roughly 10-20% percent may be vintage and/or discontinued and only a fraction of this was even bought and sought for as vintage...
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    Re: A Short Guide to Coniferous Fragrances:

    Duplicate post
  78. Replies

    Re: A Short Guide to Coniferous Fragrances:

    Thank you for sharing this very detailed, extensive and throughly well documented list - enjoyed reading this so much to the point of considering a few, including blind, future purchases.

    A few...
  79. Re: Would you like some vetiver or patchouli with your Coca-Cola?

    Thank your for the news and the link.

    While having heard in the past not just about several plans or attempts, but also actual business ideas and real companies garnering certain successes...
  80. Re: Question about wearing “summer” fragrance

    Living in a moderate climate where summers tend to fluctuate between scorching hot and rather damp, rainy and cool weather, tending to wear and to prefer either going season-independent when summer...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 9th June, 2019

    Zara Ambre Noble
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    Re: Niche Fragrance for an older mother

    Perhaps Feminite du Bois-irrespective if the Lutens or the vintage Shiseido version/formulation, a Guerlain exclusive that is technically niche tier in quality even if more affordable, like for...
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    Re: Let´s play a game: naming a parfum.

    Possibly a few Italian or French sounding feminine and masculine given names, nothing too fancy otherwise but perhaps still credible enough to suggest a certain Mediterranean/Latin joie de vivre and...
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    Re: Your favorite 3 cheapies below €/$ 25,=

    Among others, based on the prices currently applicable where I live, otherwise in no particular order:

    Lalique Homme EDP, Caron pour un Homme (although these two may be in a higher price...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 8th June, 2019

    SOTE: Zara Night pour Homme II
  86. Re: Sampling suggestions from Amouage, CdG, other niche houses

    In addition to so many great aforementioned suggestions, also adding a few comparatively affordable, though still niche offerings:

    Penhaligon's Opus 1870 and/or Blenheim Bouquet for two...
  87. Re: Another - Just starting out - my humble collection so far - what next thread!

    Congratulations, fully seconding all opinions/ratings acknowledging your collection as tasteful, diverse, balanced and inspired.

    Would perhaps suggest some (re) testing, not necessarily followed...
  88. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Exceeded 20, neared 24 dabs from a splash bottle of Suave by Floid today, albeit just in mere aftershave strength
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 8th June, 2019

    Floid Suave
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    Re: Layerer's Lounge

    Not a serial as much as occasionally a layerer, mainly motivated by curiosity and especially by having this curiosity stirred y scents perceived as at least marginally similar (for instance Dior...
  91. Re: Fragrances with a dominant 'dried fruits' note

    Possibly also Idole by Lubin, along with more EDP concentration scents from the same house, for a dried fruit feel if these fruits were preserved, soaked in a pricey and non-spirity type of alcoholic...
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    Re: Lets Talk Watches

    My belated congratulations, liking both the watch brand, along with its mechanisms and history very much, as well/as much as the quite daring combination between the color of the dial and of the strap
  93. Re: Givenchy Gentleman: current formulation defense.

    In all fairness, at least the EDP version improves the fresh, inoffensive notes of the current formulation through increased performance
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    Re: Fragrance That Turned You Stalker

    None so far, although must admit to have had a few close calls, but stopped during that decisive last moments, for very different reasons:

    remembering at least one regarding a male scent, worn by...
  95. Thread: Booze

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: Booze

    In addition to so many of the great names already mentioned, Idole de Lubin EDP (along with almost any male/unisex Lubin EDP), Pure Malt Creation, also-if taking into consideration just minimal booze...
  96. Re: One that I don't see much talk on, Missoni Parfum Pour Homme

    Tested this one a few times and happened to have liked it so far on any testing occasion-might have to test it again, while having liked to this point its quite finely balanced combination between...
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    Re: What's Your Summer Rotation Looking Like?

    Most if not nearly all of the lineup, with little or no distinction towards the heavier, more powerhouse, leathery, gourmand etc. scents, however if there may be a slight preference for summer/warm...
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    Re: fruty exotic

    Also adding:

    - both Aventus and Elixir of Poseidon by Dua,

    - also an 80s powerhouse predecessor to the smoky pineapple theme of Aventus, namely Lapidus pour Homme,

    - plus One Man Show Gold...
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    Re: Best of Crabtree & Evelyn?

    So far, enjoyed the most, as well as owning and regularly wearing Sienna and Sandalwood (the early 2000s formulation, although even earlier vintages of this one enjoy an even higher esteem here on BN)
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 7th June, 2019

    Cypres Pamplemousse
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