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  1. La Luz candles online sale for Canadians - should I try? Any recommendations?

    Has anyone tried La Luz candles before? I see a sale on them, 20oz for $14 CAD which seems a good deal to me. That's bigger than Slatkin's 3 wick size. The sale has them cheaper than their...
  2. Thread: Travel sprays

    by onceling

    Re: Travel sprays

    I just feel like even $1 apiece is way too high. That is as cheap as accessoriesforfragrance gets but you can buy 4x 100ml bottles in a package at the dollar store (way too big for fragrance really...
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    Re: Sweetest fragrances you have ever smelled?

    No, Eau fruitee is the sweetest. The delices in EDP is the least sweet but still too much for most BNers I would guess.
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    Re: TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross

    Winners have recently had a huge wave (at least here in BC) of Eau de Shalimar, which was nice as I hadn't tried it.

    But aside from that, the pickings have been pretty slim. Almost all the box...
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    Re: Cheap Perfume Guilty Pleasures

    I wear lots of Bath and Body Works around the house, to bed and so on.

    I would consider Demeter frags my guilty pleasure, though. As I often choose to buy silly scents just to enjoy for an hour...
  6. Re: An Informal Observation: Fragrance Wearers In Decline in My Area

    I feel like fragrance is a habit. Once you are in the habit of applying and enjoying it, it becomes second nature to reach for a bottle. But with fragrance being banned in so many workplaces and a...
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    Re: Sephora is killing the NICHE market?

    I can't imagine that Sephora is causing a new problem such as dictating retail prices. HUGE department stores like Nordstrom and so on have been selling perfume for many, many more years and with...
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    Re: I am so worried

    In the post in DIY it clearly says:

    "After diluting, you need to let it sit for 4-6 weeks. Otherwise, all you will smell is alcohol if you're using that as the carrier agent"

    So 3 days is not...
  9. Re: Perfumes: Can you smell... is it a he or a she?

    I think the truth is that most cultures are obsessed with gender. Not just with regard to perfume, they try to say that a color, an action, a piece of clothing, a preference for trucks or dolls or...
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    Re: Glass-stoppered bottles or no? Bottle size?

    No matter what you provide the fume in, I will usually change it for daily use anyway. I need to keep the majority of the collection in air-tight and cool conditions but I keep small decants in my...
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    Re: Wardrobe Settings

    Soooooo happy to have this back, even in limited capacity.
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    Re: Just curious...?

    I can't bear to let most things go completely. I like to keep a little of everything for reference. But with everything coming in such huge bottles things get out of control easily. I would say 2...
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    Re: Do you buy handmade like Etsy stuff?

    What kind of scents do you like? As in - florals? Gourmand? etc. Do you want only body frags or soaps and such too?
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    Re: Do you buy handmade like Etsy stuff?

    I have bought from Etsy, my first purchase was from a recommended seller (recommended by a bunch of people on another forum). The quality was amazing and the scents remain some of my favorites....
  15. Re: Are there any additional member benefits for making an extremely high number of posts?

    There are a lot of people that act as if every thread on the boards is a question to them personally and they have to answer it. If they don't have any wish to enter a long discussion they make those...
  16. Re: Bath & Body Works- Coconut Lime Verbena and White Citrus- worth buying?

    White Citrus is going to stick around, as others have said. Some people find it a bit "lemon cleanerish" but it is a nice fresh choice with lots of fans.

    CLV though - it's "rename" is a...
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    Re: Soap/Body Wash

    Soaps never (ever) stick to my skin once I am out of the shower. So I am always a neutral slate in that regard. I use scented things in the shower just for fun since it is a short-lived endeavor. I...
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    Re: Help! eBay fake fragrance!

    There is no reason you should be losing any money, if the item was qualified for appropriate PayPal protection programs, you follow this process and demand a full refund:
  19. Re: is j'adore a good choice as a gift to my mom ?

    Absolutely, my mom and I fell in love with J'adore at the same time, but across the world from each other. I let her keep it as her signature frag because she smells wonderful with it and I get to...
  20. Re: I'm purging my collection and feel good about it

    I have been trying to buy much smaller bottles of just about everything. Trying to go with 10ml rollerballs for anything mainstream and available in that form, for example.

    Anything I own that...
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    Re: what deodorant...?

    Mitchum unscented stick has worked well for me.
  22. Re: Cologne and deodorant vs natural body odor & pheromones

    Wearing perfume has never conflicted with my ability to understand my body's natural cues with regard to odor. I know what I smell like.

    I also still smell people close to me because a...
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    Re: Help for a gift for a 23 year old girl!

    Sounds like me, I like Deep Red and Classique, too. Deep Red has some similarities with Oscar de la Renta Violet but unfortunately that is discontinued.

    Strangely, I might suggest Euphoria.
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    Re: Why the Perfume Industry Stinks

    This doesn't read as a very intuitive or well researched piece, I agree.

    The situation is no different to numerous other industries, including, ironically, journalism. There's plenty of cheap,...
  25. Re: Must have classics: what's would you recommend?

    I don't think most people would enjoy all the classics. I would sample them (and have done) but I would not buy probably any of them without falling in love with it first. I feel the list Off-Scenter...
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    Re: Suggestions for my stepdad's gift

    I would go with a bunch of samples, that way you can share the hobby with him. Samples are lots more fun than a FB sometimes! I also think Rive Gauche, and the other suggestions above are all great.
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    Re: girlfriend gift

    Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey from those 2.

    She's 19 and presumably not a huge perfume-nose. I think Chanel 19 is not going to fly as well.
  28. Thread: woody scent

    by onceling

    Re: woody scent

    TDH. He Wood is alright but I don't feel the complexity and enjoyment of TDH from He Wood.
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    Re: What does wood smell like?

    You can probably get a general idea by visiting the cut wood section of a hardware store. Woods usually refers to the smell of a general lumber, the wood-chippy mix of fresh cut wood. Sometimes woods...
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    Re: montale bottle query and suggestions

    Yes this is quite normal for Montale. It often feels quite empty even when perfectly new, and of course there's often a little space at the top anyway. I believe Montale bottles are quite a bit...
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    Re: Best Etsy Perfumers

    This seller has great products, not so many fragrance mists right now (although I have many from her) but you can get them custom made if you don't want them in soap...
  32. Re: Bath & Body Works New Signature Collection for Men

    I agree, and had totally forgotten about White Citrus since running out of their foaming soap last month. It's better than the 2 I mentioned, and one of their best releases in the last couple of...
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    Re: Bath & Body Works Home Fragrance Oil Prices

    These are $7.50 in Canada and I haven't seen them cheaper since the semi-annual sale. They only get cheaper if you buy a burner and those start at about $20 and I don't need one! I know these last a...
  34. Re: Thoughts on Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria fragrances?

    I have Pamplelune, I find it to be one of the only citrusy scents that will stay on my skin and has the fruity citrus in the drydown so I can continue to smell fresh instead of getting musky and...
  35. Re: Bath & Body Works New Signature Collection for Men

    I bought these for my b/f and he's enjoying them. I enjoyed Ocean and Citron on his skin. I think for the price these are quite sophisticated and I'd go back for more.

    I think that BBW does a...
  36. Re: Adidas...........they produce SOOOO many scents that I just do not bother checking them out

    I think you've described what a lot of people feel in your post. That is, some of their stuff is good/fine but it's not that memorable.

    I've seen a few ladies around the internet enjoying Fruity...
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    Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    I am not familiar with this fragrance but what a shame, I would recommend buying up some and storing it safely for the future in a cool, dark place. Then maybe use the advanced search in the BN...
  38. Re: When Your Laundry Detergent Wants To Be Your Fragrance

    There are so many scents being used in everything now, cleaning products especially. Unfortunately for me, because I have a lot of scent-association a lot of scents are getting "ruined" for me.

  39. Thread: Decanting?

    by onceling

    Re: Decanting?

    Until I tried it, I thought it was going to spray everywhere and lose lots of the juice, but with some care and steady hands you'll find spraying directly into another bottle (as long as it isn't...
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    Re: same cologne everyday?

    Usually the only person that gets used to a scent is us! Sometimes we get so used to it that we put too much on because we stop smelling it. However most people are not so close to us all day that...
  41. Re: now, you can smell like your fave video game character!

    The game only just came out so this is great timing, not too old at all even though Japan may have had this for a while.

    I like fun stuff like this, it's always a good opportunity to have nerds...
  42. Poll: Re: Do You Wear Cologne for Yourself, or for Others?

    I've always admired signature scents, because some perfumes remind me of certain people, like my mom.

    I want people to remember me too, so I think I mainly wear for other people. But, I love to...
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    Re: Help with adult acne

    The only success I have ever found has been Weleda Skin Food, in the green tube at Target in the US. I think its made in Germany though. I use it after every shower, where I clean my face with either...
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    Re: DKNY Delicious Candy Apple Juicy Berry 2010

    I got the red one, Ripe Raspberry for Valentine's day, but I smelled the Juicy Berry one on paper, too. I think the latter is more unusual for sure, more depth, maybe? Not sure, I'd have to try it...
  45. Re: Help me find a few more fragrances for my wife

    I have similar tastes.

    DKNY Red Delicious, Nina (the new one that looks like an apple), I second Coco Madamoiselle, Délices de Cartier, Lola Marc Jacobs, maybe Euphoria. I love Mango Manga from...
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    Re: Storing of Cologne

    I keep the 'good stuff' in the (finished) basement where it is cool and dark and consistent all year around. I take about 10ml a time of these favs in atomisers and keep in the bedroom. When I run...
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    Re: Cologne/ Personal Hygiene Products

    I do so, yes. In places where I would usually apply perfume, such as my arms and neck. I would not use any lotions I scented myself on my face or 'sensitive areas' lol, but I have specific products...
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    Re: Cologne/ Personal Hygiene Products

    I use Mitchum unscented deodorant, but have used several other unscented with good results too. I shower at night, not in the morning and the scents of the soap are definitely gone by the morning....
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    Re: Should you age out of certain scents?

    A ton of the reviews on the site will have you think that some scents belong to a certain age group. Lots of use of the words "childish", "only suits teenagers", "for kids", "little girl scent",...
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    Re: Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods

    I'm a fan of this one because for BBW it seems more complex than usual. I get good longevity with the roll ons of Twilight Woods. It reminds me of something I've smelled in the past but I can't put...
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    Re: Anyone familiar with scented body gels?

    Assuming you're sure its not shower gel, which is a bit more common, I have used a few body gels/glitters. I would say they are not as moisturizing as a lotion of course but they don't usually go...
  52. Thread: Hugo Deep Red

    by onceling

    Re: Hugo Deep Red

    I am a fan although I can't find a good deal to get a FB. I tried it because I found someone saying it was similar to Oscar DLR Violet (discontinued and one of my favs) and they're right, there are...
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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    Fruits and Passions at Metro is still open. It's down close-ish to the skytrain entrance on the upper floor, near Zara.

    They have quite affordable roll ons in purse size, as well as the larger...
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