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    Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Hi all - I've set up a (somewhat niche, admittedly) blog to review designer deodorants here - - so far I've reviewed Kouros, the deodorant stick of...
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    Re: Never Smelled Drakkar Noir Until Yesterday...

    I too smelled this for the first time today!

    I was in Boots (a drugstore in the UK - sorry, English people), and there it was a sample, with a bottle for 19.99 (cheap). I braced myself, pulled a...
  3. Re: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - anybody sniffed much of this line?

    I have a small sample of 'Cathedral' - beautiful, sacred.
  4. Re: Need help fellow basenoters on a new purchase!

    Azzaro Pour Homme, great scent, great price, what's not to love?
  5. Re: Young Men (20's to Early 30's), What Are Your Top 3 Fragrances?

    I'm 30. Woop dee doo.

    But my showbiz age is 27.

    1) Azzaro Pour Homme

    2) Ormonde Man

    3) Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia
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    Re: Colognes Friends Tease about

    I was so excited to get my sample of Timbuktu - my wife took one sniff and replied, witheringly, "Ugh, smells like Musk candy" (

    My wife is...
  7. Re: Do dads tell their growing boys about fragrance?

    Ha ha, yeah I think this would be the experience of many father/sons, thankfully times have changed. My boys (4 yr old twins and a 3 yr old) are already well-versed in my fragrance obsessions, and...
  8. Re: new wardrobe feature - sotd/twitter type thang

    Fantastic feature, thanks Grant!

    My only ask is if you could make it put a space between the colon after SOTD: when you post to Twitter. At the moment, it just goes like SOTD:Mitsouko which kinda...
  9. Re: Gucci Pour Homme Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

    Yes, I think this must be a thing about antiperspirant sticks. I bought a Givenchy Pour Homme deodorant stick, as I had been really impressed with their Irrestible stick, which smelled beautiful and...
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