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    Re: problems

    email address?
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    Re: Best place to buy Cedre Blanc?

    I thought you were recommending buying at Essenza Nobile? Do the prices at First in Fragrance compare to those at EN?
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    Re: Best place to buy Cedre Blanc?

    Can anyone inform me why an order from Essenza Nobile of around 495 euros is supposed to convert to around $665.00 (according to Google), but when I try to pay, the total PayPal amount shows that one...
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    Re: Best place to buy Cedre Blanc?

    FYI.....the website is saying they are not available until July 31st.
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    Re: problems

    I wonder how this case was resolved? I was considering Essenza Nobile for purchasing, but this thread made me think twice.
  6. Re: Dior Homme Intense Vs L'occitane Eau des Baux + Some Other Questions

    Choose whichever one is your favorite from sampling.
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    Re: Change of mind about new Creed line.

    I have received my 4 samples (didn't bother with Iris Tubereuse since it's reportedly a female scent only), and I share in the overall disappointment. Acqua line? say the least! These...
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    Re: Kobe - Is Xerjoff Fooling Us?

    I only like a few Xerjoffs, but the ones I like, I REALLY like.....including Uden, Kobe, 40 Knots (although it's very much like Uden), and Mefisto. Uden is the type of versatile, all-around...
  9. Re: Best sandalwood-based scent available at a department store?

    Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche.

    But sample everything before buying.
  10. Re: Penhaligon's Juniper Sling - Fragrance Review

    I love the scent, especially the late dry down. If they could bottle that up into a linear scent, they would have a sure winner.

    I have found that there's a fine line between spraying too...
  11. Re: Creed Selection Verte Green Bottle vs. Clear Bottle

    Unfortunately, I have not tried the vintage SV, but from what I have been told, the vintage (green) Selection Verte has a noticeably greener herbal depth than the current version of SV.

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    Re: Best Italian scent ?

    Three year old thread by a banned OP.
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    Re: Are the Cheapies Really Worth It?

    I think the answer to your question really comes down to one much money someone is wiling (or able) to spend on fragrances.

    My only criteria for deciding if a cologne is full bottle...
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    Re: Don't compliments from males matter?

    I enjoy compliments from anyone, and I will give compliments to anyone if I really like their fragrance.
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    Re: Apple-scented Fragrances?

    Whenever I think "apple," I think of the green apple scent of Cereus #4. Not too sweet and a very fresh and nice warmer weather fragrance.

    You can find Cereus fragrances for sale in tester...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    With all this talk of how stingy they are, I'm surprised they are allowing Fragrancenet to sell their fragrances.

    I tend to talk with my wallet, too, but there are exceptions. Those...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    I have gotten all my Bond samples (not that many....maybe 6 or 7) from eBay sellers who had good feedback and I never had a problem.

    If I find something I like, I buy from others here on...
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    Re: What cologne would James Bond wear?

    Patou Pour Homme, Derby, Gianfranco Ferre for Man
  19. Re: New (no vintage) Modern Masculine scents - Anything out there to talk about ?

    Just go buy you a good sized 4.2 oz bottle of Gianfranco Ferre for Man for about $25 on Fragrancenet and get a fantastic masculine cologne that rivals Patou Pour Homme.

    No, I'm not kidding. ...
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    Re: similar to terre d' Hermes?

    Agree, especially the dry down. TdH is better, but Cereus colognes can be found on eBay now for $25! They are reportedly Barney's testers.

    So if you're wanting a fairly nice TdH-type scent but...
  21. Re: Need some violet/violet leaf recommendations

    Chez Bond by Bond No. 9 is a GIT clone that seems to have even MORE of the violet to my nose.

    Also, Cereus #7 has a strong amount of that note and it dries down great.

    Gucci Pour Homme II,...
  22. Re: I'm a woman & don't like "feminine" scents!

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I don't enjoy most women's scents, either. I would much rather smell some of my unisex fragrances on my wife than something overly feminine. It really only makes sense that...
  23. Re: Thanks to Basenotes, I discovered _____________ ( fragrance ).

    Definitely this!
  24. Re: What does everything think of Bond Bleecker st?

    I enjoy Bleecker Street a lot. It's one of the few Bonds I thought was bottle worthy.

    I get good longevity from it and it's quite versatile. Definitely great this time of year.

    And as an...
  25. Re: Reformulation that is equal or better than the original????

    I like the new Guerlain Derby more than the vintage.
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    Re: Is M7 worth a blind buy

    M7 is exactly the reason you should NEVER blind buy.
  27. Re: BN members....What's your take on Parfums de Nicolai ? Good stuff or not so good ?

    I have several PdN's, as I tend to favor fragrances which aren't overly strong and aren't too controversial by the masses. Nicolai gives you a lot of bang for the buck, as the quality of the...
  28. Re: What's your favorite Penhaligon Scent for Summer ?

    I like Juniper Sling and get average longevity from it, but many complain mightily about it. It has always been one of my favorite Penhaligon's, but you need to like pepper.

    Great dry down. I...
  29. Re: RareCREEDs(Vet'48/A.Encens/S.Verte/C.Bigarrade)GryVetiver/Uden/Spicebomb/HeeleyOrange&Lemon/Batu

  30. Re: Check my wardrobe - need to sell 2-3 bottles to get money for new scents....Which ones should go

    If it's essentially "all about the money" for buying new colognes, I think you should only pick from your "expensive fragrances" category. That's the purpose of what you're get a decent...
  31. Re: A more complete notes list for popular Creeds

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  32. Re: What is the absolute FRESHEST & CLEANEST fragrance you have ever smelt?

    I agree. There are many great fresh/clean fragrances, but PWC's my fav.
  33. Re: Nose/ear hair trimming- is there a better way?

    LOL....that waxing scene from "40-year Old Virgin" comes to mind! Ouch!!
  34. Re: Creed recommendations for my new boyfriend

    That's fine if you have both smelled it, but I wouldn't recommend doing that at all if you're buying it blindly. It would be a very expensive mistake if he (or you) don't like it.

    Aventus is...
  35. Re: Nose/ear hair trimming- is there a better way?

    I'm not sure if this was a real recommendation or if it was really just meant to be humorous. But in actuality, it is dangerous to pull out nose hair so this might need to be deleted.

    Do a...
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    Re: Fragrances you swore you'd never wear?

    I never swore I wouldn't wear or buy certain colognes, but I certainly have spent what I never thought I'd spend....many times.

    As far as wearing a cologne that I never really thought about, it...
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    Re: Your most expensive blind buy

    I bought a 3.0 oz spray bottle of Patou Pour Homme Prive blindly, which was pushing the limits for me. I generally don't buy ANYTHING without testing, but I made an exception for PPH Prive and I...
  38. Re: Understanding Gucci's Envy for Men and GPH1

    I wouldn't make too much out of the nuances of various fragrances. You can strive to do that but you don't have to.

    Some of us have extremely fine-tuned noses and some of us don't, but it still...
  39. Re: Leathers have always eluded me. Some suggestions?

    The best "softer" leather by far that I like is Baladin by Parfums de Nicolai. It's a classy leather scent that even women like because it's not the typical overbearing leather. And it accomplishes...
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    Re: Creed Sprayers

    Never had a problem with a Creed bottle or atomizer.
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    Re: 'by Creed' on

    You might try Beauty Encounter.
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    Re: 'by Creed' on


    Creed doesn't sell on Amazon.

    However, If it's being sold by (and it will say in the ad), you can feel fairly safe in buying it. I would recommend comparing the price to...
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    Re: Looking for fresh summer orange scent

    Yep, if you want orange, this is the one.
  44. Thread: Gym scent

    by RedRaider430

    Re: Gym scent

    I don't go to a gym, and if I did, I likely wouldn't wear anything. However, I do use cologne when I'm by myself out jogging/walking. It's no different enjoying my scent in that situation than...
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    Re: Creed Windsor, I tried

    I understand how you feel, too, as I felt the same when I first tried Windsor. In fact, I thought there must have surely been some mistake after I got my sample. "THIS is the great Windsor," I...
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    Re: A Men Pure Havane - Blind buy?

    Sample it and then you'll know. Never blind buy anything.
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    Re: what's your refresher of choice?

    I'll take a Bud Light Lime first, and then some Pure White Cologne or maybe some Orange Sanguine.
  48. Re: I'm shocked at how close Mugler Cologne resembles Creed's Original Vetiver

    They are certainly close, but I wouldn't say "exactly" alike. OV seems to have more oomph to my nose.

    Neroli Portofino resembles OV? Hmm.....not even close, to me. Two completely different...
  49. Re: "Vintage" Colognes: does sitting on a shelf unused make a fragrance stale or old?

    All I can say is that I have never found any of my fragrances to go bad, nor have any of the used fragrances I've purchased from others ever changed significantly. As long as they are adequately...
  50. Re: i hate amen, will i like pure malt/pure havane?

    I never advise blind buying anything, so I don't think you should do that.

    From reading the reviews of the A*Men line, it is fairly common for someone not to like the initial A*Men, but to...
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    Re: The best summer scent in my opinion

    I like 40 Knots, too. Smells quite a bit like Uden, to me.
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    Re: Is Creed Royal Water underrated?

    One of the few Creeds I returned. Not only did it not smell good to me, it was too feminine for my liking.
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    Re: Precious Woods by April Aromatics

    Is PW smoky at all?

    I love the woods, but to me, Norne was ruined by the overly smoky campfire/incense notes.
  54. Re: niche fragrances made for women but can easily by worn by men

    Creed Angelique Encens
  55. Re: Heard at the Saks counter: New Creed 'Acqua' Line

    Thanks for the report! Nice to know most are unisex.

    Any idea if they might be getting any samples?
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    Re: Fathers Day Surprise

    Yep, Fragrancenet sells many Bonds now. I haven't checked at any other online discounters, but I would think the Fragrancenet price would be pretty hard to beat with their wide array of discounts.
  57. Re: Interested in trying Mysore Sandalwood oil as a fragrance, what to expect?

    Welcome, Rowannicus, and thanks for your interesting information.

    I'd be interested to hear your opinion on two Mysore sandalwoods that are very respected here on Basenotes.

    One is Creed...
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    Re: Fathers Day Surprise

    I think they made a great choice, as I like it a lot myself. It's very versatile and pretty much universally liked.
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    Re: Recommend me a LEATHER scent

    PdN's Baladin is a great, inoffensive leather.
  60. Re: New guy looking for a masculine, woody scent.

    Anytime I see the phrase "looking for a masculine, woody scent," I automatically think of Gucci Pour Homme in the gray checkerboard box.

    Of course, it's no longer produced, but you can still...
  61. Re: Finally smelled the new Creed Acqua Originale line

    Thanks for your report. I'm not too surprised by your report, as I have heard that most of the new 5 were very feminine. However, I also heard that only one of the new 5 was considered feminine,...
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    Re: First post intro.

    I would not personally recommend Sycomore if you already have Encre Noire, as the fragrances are so similar. The Sycomore is more smoky and it is significantly more expensive than the Encre Noire.
  63. Re: Found some Angel Pure coffee/Opinion's?

    For anyone interested in Pure Coffee and you don't want to mess with eBay.....I recently added this to my sales pages in the link(s) below
  64. Re: 26 and falling in love with a Powerhouse.....

    Keep in mind that the Polo Green of today has been reformulated from what it used to be. I have not smelled the new Polo Green, so I can't relate to the scent you were wearing.

    However, a...
  65. Re: Does Fragrancenet always send out older stock for orders?

    I would say it's rarely older stock because they get so much business and replenish their supply with regularity.

    The less busy places are just as likely to have older bottles, which only makes...
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    Sticky: Re: Creed box--authentic v/s fake


    I don't know where you're looking, but generally, the best/cheapest/easiest way to buy genuine bottles of Creed is through Fragrancenet. You don't have to worry about the authenticity...
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    Re: Is there a More Feminine SMW?

    Bond No. 9 makes a SMW clone called Hamptons, and I think it's a little bit softer (and appealing) than the Creed, as it doesn't seem to have the metallic note that so many report as irritating.
  68. Re: Indian Sandalwood By Crabtree & Evelyn

    I recently bought the classic C&E Mysore Sandalwood, but I would like to smell the Indian Sandalwood as well. I have heard there's not much comparison to the classic, but it's still a nice...
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    Re: Spicebomb vs A* Men


    Spicebomb is the better, classier and more versatile scent, IMO.
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    Re: Head's up, Royal Service is for sale

    It will be interesting to see if, in typical Creed fashion, they won't have any samples of their new creations when they do come up for sale.

    If they fail to do this again, someone needs to be...
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    Re: Head's up, Royal Service is for sale

    Most people couldn't tell Royal Service and Pure White Cologne apart, IMO. If someone enjoys the fragrance, they might as well buy a flacon of PWC and save the $1,100.00.
  72. Re: GIT - Full bottle worthy or just "ho-hum"....Im on the fence with having this one in my collecti

    I don't think I've ever had a Creed in cellophane from Fragrancenet, but I have from FragranceX.....which is also quite reputable.

    I would imagine most all of the online discounters get their...
  73. Re: Recently blind brought Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb - My Thoughts

    A very enjoyable fragrance for me.
  74. Re: GIT - Full bottle worthy or just "ho-hum"....Im on the fence with having this one in my collecti

    I do think Chez Bond is very nice smelling and very much "GIT"-like (maybe even better in the opening), but the dry down is not comparable. GIT does seem to have the great dry down that is hard to...
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    Re: Spraying on clothes?

    I have found that some light fragrances can absolutely benefit from being sprayed on clothing (typically the shirt). Eau de Colognes are a good example. Obviously, for stronger EdT's and EdP's,...
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    Re: Looking for a summer fragrance?

    Great for summer (* = not all that expensive)

    Creed Pure White Cologne
    Creed Selection Verte
    Creed Green Valley
    Creed Millesime Imperial
    Creed Green Irish Tweed
    Creed Virgin Island Water...
  77. Re: Sandalwood comparison: Creed Bois de Santal & Crabtree & Evelyn's Extract of Mysore Sandalwood

    Thanks, Mike. That would be interesting!

    I don't believe I've seen any negative comments about the C&E. It must be some cologne! I could definitely appreciate a great sandalwood with a little...
  78. Re: For those who refrigerate their materials...

    According to what I've read on the subject, you would be correct. The key is COOL and dark.....not COLD and dark. Somewhere in the low to mid 60's (F) is usually what I see recommended.

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    Re: The one that got away?

    Creed Windsor 2009 would likely be number 1 on my list now, but I wasn't into fragrances at the time of the release, so it couldn't be helped.

    To think what it was originally available for when...
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    Re: The one that got away?

    I believe I know where you might still be able to get a flacon of it. Let me know, if interested.
  81. Re: What is the best versitile summer/spring By Kilian scent for men?

    Prelude to Love
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    Re: You want vintage?

    I hope it doesn't contain oakmoss!

    Instead of recreating it, they might decide to destroy it because of its inherent evilness.
  83. Re: Reflecting back on my fragrance hobby after 10 years of being a Basenotes member

    Congrats to you.

    You are to be commended for holding the number of fragrances down. I don't know how you can frequent Basenotes and make such a thing possible.
  84. Sandalwood comparison: Creed Bois de Santal & Crabtree & Evelyn's Extract of Mysore Sandalwood

    I would love to get the opinion of anyone who has smelled Creed Bois de Santal and Crabtree & Evelyn's vintage Extract of Mysore Sandalwood.

    Similarities/differences? Would you say it's the...
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    Re: Seeking projection!

    Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain projects greatly, especially in the heat. Would not recommend many sprays. Less is more with this cologne.

    Others include M7, Dior Homme Intense and Xerjoff...
  86. Re: Do you buy testers from sites like fragrancenet etc.?

    I have purchased many testers (both high and lower end fragrances) and have never had a problem.

    It's a great way to save some money, and sometimes, it's the only way to get exactly what I want.
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    Re: Looking for summer scent suggestions


    I would say the best thing is to do a search for your question. Loads of info will come up....more than you want to know, actually.
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    Re: Gengis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

    I might be tempted to buy it from the website, but I don't read French and I saw no option for English.
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    Re: Gengis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

    This question is for hednic or anyone else who knows the history of this cologne....

    There is a 100 ml aftershave lotion version of Gengis Khan being advertised on eBay that says it is very rare. ...
  90. Re: Best female fresh scent for the summer

    Chanel Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne
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    Re: Spearmint/Citrus EDT for summer?

    Creed Selection Verte sounds like something you are looking for, but it's more of a peppermint smell than spearmint. Great mint and citrus cologne that I prefer much better than Heeley's mint...
  92. Re: Need some apple recommendations, please.

    Cereus #4 is my favorite fragrance with apple. The best part is that it used to be $125.00 per bottle, but you can now find it very cheaply on eBay. Don't know why....
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    Re: Which Bond no 9 for summer?

    Bleecker Street
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    Re: Best designer lemon for summer days

    I agree with you. Fortunately, I sampled before buying, because I would not have been at all happy with Acqua Viva if I had bought it blindly for it's supposed "lemon-only" scent.

    I'm baffled...
  95. Thread: Sel Marin

    by RedRaider430

    Re: Sel Marin

    No fish for me.
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    Re: Tropical summer scent

    +1 L'Artisan Batucada

    Also, check out Lili Bermuda South Water
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    Re: Creed Pure White Cologne

    One of my favorite Creeds. An outstanding citrus fragrance with excellent longevity and projection is very rare. But that's exactly what PWC is for me. Classy and versatile as it gets.
  98. Re: The Current Weather Outlook on Tommy Bahama

    VIW and Set Sail St. Barts are two completely different fragrances to my nose. Not similar in least, to me. St. Barts smells like a fresh lime, tequila and salty drink, while VIW is a tropical...
  99. Poll: Re: Is Creed's Original Vetiver a good representation of a vetiver fragrance?

    There are strong/earthy vetivers.....and there are light/clean vetivers.

    OV is simply in the second category. It all depends on what you're looking for.....damp/earthy vetivers which can...
  100. Re: Too Close to Call...Equally Matched Fragrance Pairs

    Not necessarily "equally" matched, but still very similar.....with very significant price differences

    Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions Botanical Cologne of the Missions and Guerlain...
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