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  1. Thread: Osmanthus

    by nemenator

    Re: Osmanthus

    As Osmanthus absolute is now not too expensive -at least in the UK & France courtesy of HermitageOils and Proxisante- perhaps a look at extending it would be useful? Here are 3 ways I have found- two...
  2. Re: Proxisante is going to get some interesting things

    With a new website Proxisante seem to be delivering internationally.

    Mimosa absolute olesscense (low temperature extraction) from Robertet is new, as is Pacific seaweed.

    Interestingly to me...
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    Re: Honeysuckle absolute from Haven Essence

    A lot of people have been waiting for Anya's tests of various Honeysuckle abs and it looks as if Naturals are possible...

    They were all synths, or a compound made of a melange of absolutes, EOs,...
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    Re: Natural vs synthetic

    The Natural Perfumery group on Yahoo seems to be losing members to the Perfumery group. I blame this on the militant No Fermenting rule. However its intentions are good and inspirational.

    I hope...
  5. Re: Proxisante is going to get some interesting things

    I don't see Adam as hijacking this thread. He and Philippe both offer similar products except Adam's cost about 30% more. But Adam is exceptionally good at costly customer service and I expect...
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    Re: Honeysuckle absolute from Haven Essence

    I have tried cheap Honeysuckle from reputable sources and have learnt to avoid it- until recently. There are thousands of tons of Honeysuckle grown in East China mainly for herbal medicine (but watch...
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    Re: Perfume and personality - is there a link?

    A lot of blokes here like me have confessed to be INTJ which means arrogant and introverted yet with no particular perfume preference.
    But what about blood groups? The japanese like tying them to...
  8. Re: Proxisante is going to get some interesting things

    Proxisante could soon be the best place for small quantities of naturals including natural aromachemicals and isolates at this rate. Even without Robertet they are well placed just reselling from...
  9. Talk: Scent in Interactive Experience- Brighton England November 21st

    There will be a talk this Thursday by Kate McLean (Creator of Smell Maps of Paris, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York’s Smelliest Block, Newport (RI) and Milan, Simon Niedenthal (scent...
  10. Re: Proxisante is going to get some interesting things

    Good find, thanks.
    Manufacturing partners are (in english)-

    Postage to the...
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    Re: Working with Labdanum ABS

    I would agree with Benzyl Benzoate. But I am sure Adam will help if not be along here in a moment.
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    Re: volatile coffee EO

    Good find! Though coffee grounds infused in a carrier oil works for me.
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    Re: Cassis/Blackcurrant synth or accord

    I infuse the freeze dried fruit, and leaf for extra tomcat note. I see Firmenich use Boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens) for the latter. Wormwood may be helpful as it somehow aids raspberry growth and is...
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    Re: The Rather Useful Simple Accord Thread

    The Mango accord is useful thanks. I use oils and had a mango infusion that needed some more sparkle. So this worked for me: 15% mango infusion, 5% blackcurrant infusion (can't afford the absolute,...
  15. Re: furze / gorse flower aromachemical or essential oil ?

    Caldey Island off Pembroke in Wales makes a nice gorse perfume apparently created by Henry Kobus who Arctander mentions and is worth looking up. This inspired me to make a gorse infusion which is a...
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