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    Re: Dollar Tree imitations

    Having extra pennies around I bought every one of the male fragrances of Jean Phillippe Out of the 15 or so, three are OK. IN order of 'bestness' (and I"m not judging the colognes, just the scent...
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    Re: Fragrance for High School Boy

    With the strong reaction you are getting you might want to investigate the possibility of an allergic reaction. Do some research on the fragrance directory and see if there is a common ingredient to...
  3. Poll: Re: How many fragrances should a man have in their collection to NOT get sick of any of them?

    Get a few more bottles for different occasions. Blue Jeans and DG Light Blue are pretty similar so you're only left with the one Rochas. I've never sampled Rochas but from reading the description...
  4. Re: what kind of fragrance do older women like? (aged 30-45)

    Taken at face value... First things first. You need to head over to and start listening to the Tom Leykis recordings. This is absolutely essential.

    Second. To answer your...
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