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  1. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    My look's changed a little, so time for an update.

  2. Re: I'm Looking for a so-called 'Dumb Reach'...

    I've had my fair share over the years, but MFK Aqua Universalis has become mine as of late.
  3. Re: Returning fragrances to a retailor--thoughts?

    Returned fragrances are pretty common, especially after the holidays. You would be surprised at how many people blind-buy fragrance as a gift that the recipient then hates. (That's why you give gift...
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    Re: Gucci Guilty Absolute- smells wonderful!

    Glad to see that I'm not the only one that thinks it smells like Band-Aids and continues the tradition of this line being bad (but in a different way).

    My close friend that also loves fragrance...
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    Re: The new Mugler A*Men for 2017: KRYPTOMINT

    Kryptomint is finally hitting retail shelves in the US - I saw a tester and bottles at Von Maur today. So it should be hitting your local Mugler counter within days if it hasn't already.

    I lost my...
  6. Re: Jimmy Choo Man Ice. If you love Dior Homme Cologne!

    Just arrived at Von Maur in the US. The OP's description is spot on - and as the local store doesn't sell Dior, the SAs now have something to sell the Dior Homme Cologne fan.

    Sent from my iPhone...
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    Re: Montale Fougres Marine...WOW!!

    Ordered a bottle of this last night as a gift to myself for my Mad Man promotion. (It's also a kinda-sorta blind buy, as I tried this in Vancouver in 2008 and was impressed.)

    Since Montale was a...
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    Re: Rykiel Homme EdP

    My boss at the ad agency gave me a bottle of the EdT a while back. Back in the day, he was a huge fan of this - even his MySpace username was RykielHomme.

    Haven't worn it.
  9. Re: "The one cologne to rule them all!" Which one is yours?

    From August 2008 until yesterday, I would have said Straight to Heaven. But now, I have to say Straight to Heaven Extreme.

    Yet no matter which one I pick, the result is still one of the most...
  10. Re: Expensive scents that smell absolutely horrible - your list.

    Add Little Italy from the same house to the list.

    I may be in a minority, but I think that Royal Mayfair smells like something my grandmother would have worn - an old lady rose floral.

  11. Re: Thoughts on John Varvatos and John Varvatos Artisan?

    In general, John Varvatos makes some of the best mainstream designer house fragrances. Both the original and Artisan are some of my favorite mainstream choices. Aside from Star USA that is sold at...
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    Re: GAME: Fragrance Houses Theme Songs

    Maybe there should be songs about our hobby as well.

    Any prematurely discontinued fragrance: Panic! At The Disco - "Far Too Young To Die"
    Any discontinued fragrance that isn't good: Queen -...
  13. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    Well, I guess this explains why Von Maur here hasn't gotten the line in yet - they're waiting for the bottle size adjustment before the first shipment comes in.

    I wonder if some Aventus or GIT...
  14. A&F Fierce: More potent than one thinks (a story)

    I was at the Fashion Mall in Indianapolis today. In addition to Saks to test the new Straight to Heaven Extreme (which has gone on my to-buy list), I stopped at the Apple Store. Although it's easy to...
  15. Re: I tried Straight to Heaven Extreme (deserves its own thread)

    I tried this at the Indianapolis Saks today. And I'm happy to say that this passed the sniff test with flying colors. (My wallet is a different story.)

    This is still instantly recognizable as...
  16. Re: I tried Straight to Heaven Extreme (deserves its own thread)

    As I'm taking a day trip to Indianapolis with The Fashion Mall as a stop in the near future, I'll end up getting a sample of this if Saks has any samples in.

    But a word of warning: The bar has...
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    Re: Your thoughts on market exclusivity

    An update to the OP: Apparently, Macy's and their Bluemercury subsidiary recently cut a deal with Von Maur and The Estée Lauder Companies that nullifies Von Maur's exclusivity to Bobbi Brown and...
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    Re: LVMH purchases Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Don't forget, which has many lines that the stores don't sell.

    The Sephora question is interesting. In American markets where there is no Neiman Marcus (and even some markets like LA),...
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    Re: Do Notino not take debit cards?! (UK)

    In the US, I used a Visa gift card (basically an American version of a prepaid Visa Electron) on Notino with no issues.

    Maybe their policy varies by country.
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    Re: Your St. Patty's day scent?

    Naturally, Guerlain Vetiver in a green-juice formulation.
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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    Yesterday, I got back from a much-needed vacation to Orlando. I didn't go to Disney (just Universal and SeaWorld), so you can rule out the smells of the Guerlain Epcot boutique.

    However, I smelled...
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    Re: Fake Chanel purchased at Macy's

    I can relate from the retail world. One of my jobs is at a well-known discount store in the electronics department. We have to cross-check serial numbers between the box and product of incoming...
  23. Re: Whatever happened to Comptoir Sud Pacifique?

    When I was looking at potential offerings for the store that I was going to start (side note: I can now reveal that the opportunity that delayed it was an increase in roles at my existing advertising...
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    Re: Is It True That Shiseido Bought Lutens?

    It seems like Shiseido has been boosting their presence in the fragrance market as of late. Lutens is one element, but it's nothing compared to the transfer of the Dolce & Gabbana license to their...
  25. Poll: Re: Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to a fragrance?

    Just one, to ELDO's Rien. Made me cough like crazy and had to scrub it off.

    Too bad, because it was a great fragrance.

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  26. Re: Do you consider Guerlain Vetiver as one of the best classic men's fragrance of all-time?

    One of the true classics for sure.

    But real proof of it standing the test of time is that much like another scent of the era, Eau Sauvage, the people of today can wear Guerlain Vetiver with zero...
  27. Re: Good news - Straight To Heaven EXTREME by Kilian!

    It's now on the By Kilian website, along with a Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme. They talk about an "overdose of rum and vanilla". Same perfumer as the original, Sidonie Lancesseur.

    This has gone on my...
  28. Re: Von Maur drops Hanae Mori because of e-competition

    You'd be surprised at the wages and benefits packages of UPS, FedEx Express, and US Postal Service delivery drivers here in the US. They're actually some of the more desirable service sector jobs,...
  29. Re: Von Maur drops Hanae Mori because of e-competition

    For designers, it doesn't matter to me whether I buy retail or online because it's the same juice with a moderate price tag. And if the price is less online, I'll buy it there.

    With niche, I...
  30. Von Maur drops Hanae Mori because of e-competition

    Today, I went over to the local Von Maur. The SA told me that Hanae Mori was going to no longer be sold there. However, there were no layoffs as part of this decision, and International Cosmetics &...
  31. Re: Sean John Unforgivable - anything similar?

    Perfumania Holdings now has the rights to Sean John fragrances. The local Perfumania here sells fresh Unforgivable and I Am King.

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    Poll: Re: Skinny jeans. Yes or no?

    Absolutely not. My waist isn't thick, but my thighs are, necessitating wider leg openings.

    And I've only found three kinds of jeans that fit me and come in an inseam long enough... my favorite is...
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    Re: Perfume and grief

    Immediately after my grandmother died, I wore L'Humaniste regularly for a few days.

    I didn't wear any fragrance to her funeral a month later because I didn't want to bring up emotions.
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    Re: How to introduce Creed to a new market

    This reminds me of an old saying among Toyota dealers in the USA: "You don't sell Toyotas, Toyotas sell themselves!". And to be honest, both Aventus and a Corolla are excellent, well-made starter...
  35. Re: Good news - Straight To Heaven EXTREME by Kilian!

    My all-time favorite scent getting an "Extreme" version?

    Color me intrigued. This will be a must-sample.
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    How to introduce Creed to a new market

    Here in Fort Wayne, Von Maur will start selling Creed fragrances next month. This is the first appearance of the brand in the market. Von Maur's been upping their cosmetics game locally as of late,...
  37. Re: Your Swiss Army knife niche (besides Aventus).

    Bamboo Harmony.

    Works in any weather, any situation, any time.

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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    Around here, it's Acqua di Gio, Le Male, Sauvage, and 1 Million that dominate the air.

    The only niche that I smell with any regularity is Aventus.
  39. Re: Associate a fragrance with a painting/music album/or movie poster


    Encre Noire, of course.
  40. Re: What is the "cheapest" scent that you really enjoy?

    Based on price: My SOTD, Encre Noire. Clobbers other fragrances costing ten times as much.

    Based on the scent idea: Kilian's Flower of Immortality. Look at the notes and you think "ho hum, another...
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    Re: Any release news on Creed Viking?

    Creed will be switching to a 50 ml/100 ml bottle size for their masculine (and unisex scents like SMW and VIW) fragrances at the same time Viking is released. This bottle size change is rumored to...
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    Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him (2007)

    Yes. It doesn't have the same problem, but is a completely different beast - it's like Terre d'Hermes but with musk. Great stuff, though, and I'm considering a bottle.
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    Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him (2007)

    Good scent, but also the only fragrance ever where I was anosmic to the drydown.
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    Re: Mugler Cologne discontinued

    Working as a Mad Man, if they updated the packaging to the new Mugler logo like they did with the Angel/Alien/A*Men trifecta, that's a sure sign that Mugler Cologne is here to stay. And being a...
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    Re: Mugler Cologne discontinued

    I will add that Groupe GM, a French hotel toiletries manufacturer, produces a Mugler Cologne hotel line under license from Clarins Fragrance Group.

    But while on the subject of Mugler Cologne:...
  46. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Aqua Celestia (2017)

    As a fan of Aqua Universalis and a fan of mint that has been debating whether to get Aqua Celestia, would the latter be redundant if I already have the former? And would Aqua Celestia be a safe blind...
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    Re: Your thoughts on market exclusivity

    There are a few states without Macy's stores - Iowa is one. I could only imagine wanting to sample Dior Homme Eau back then. And when 1 Million was launched in the US, there wasn't a Sephora (which...
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    Your thoughts on market exclusivity

    Recently, the Macy's here was going to add a Bluemercury section. But before the construction work was to start this week, Macy's corporate found out a big thing: Von Maur had a local exclusive on...
  49. Re: Real niche/designer perfumery vs the gimmicks...


    Expensive isn't always good and good isn't always expensive. And there are some niche houses, Nicolai being one, that charge designer prices for their juice.

    While I have a few...
  50. Re: The scent that awoke your interest in perfumery: Story and self made photo of the bottle

    This one's simple: Acqua di Gio. (No photo, but finding one - or a bottle - is a cinch.)

    I had gotten some bottles in my childhood, but wasn't a fan of any of them. (C'mon, does one really expect...
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    Poll: Re: The battle of the Vetivers

    Although only Guerlain Vetiver is in my collection out of the three, I like Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver almost as much.

    The Guerlain is an absolute classic like the Bic Cristal pen, another...
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    Re: Nuwa. Chinese wood note.

    Personally, I think that Chinese plant and wood notes are itching to be used in perfumery, largely because the Chinese market itself is becoming a big one for fragrances. And I think that eventually,...
  53. Re: What is the Next Fragrance You Want to Purchase?

    The new MFK - Aqua Celestia.

    Sounds right up my alley.
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    Re: Bluemercury. Thoughts?

    One does have to keep in mind that L'Artisan changed owners and distribution several years ago. A lot of stores in the US, chain and independent, dropped them then.
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    Bluemercury. Thoughts?

    Not too many people here on Basenotes have talked about Bluemercury.

    But they've been quietly growing for the past three years, and the forthcoming growth of this Macy's-owned beauty retailer...
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    Re: In 2017, I expect to finish...

    I don't have much of either Back to Black or Musk Oud left. I plan to finish the former before the winter is over and the latter during the fall. And I expect to finish a bottle of Bamboo Harmony...
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    Re: Beauty Encounter?

    FYI, this company was known as PerfumeBay before eBay sued the crap out of them for the name.

    I've purchased products from them both before and after the name change with no problems.
  58. Re: Anyone ever enjoyed the scent of the cologne, but your allergies/sinuses don't?

    It happened to me with ELDO Rien, a fragrance created after IFRA and EU restrictions.

    I was coughing and my sinuses started acting up moments after I put it on. I had to scrub it off after I got...
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    Re: Curious what others do?

    The only "our impression of" imitation of a popular scent that I've ever owned - and I only bought it to see what they were like - was an A*Men impostor from Dollar Tree.

    It smelled close to...
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    Re: NEW: Mont Blanc Legend Night

    In the US, the Legend line is huge, so I expect it to be on American store shelves promptly. In fact, to Americans, the Legend line is Mont Blanc fragrances - Emblem was a massive failure here.

  61. Re: Bluemercury/Macy's/Bloomingdale's and Creed: There Goes The Neighborhood?

    I know of at least one Macy's store that will get a Bluemercury ministore that does not have a high-end department store rival in the same mall. In fact, the only Sephora in this mall is inside...
  62. Bluemercury/Macy's/Bloomingdale's and Creed: There Goes The Neighborhood?

    A few years ago, some Bloomingdale's stores started selling Creed. More recently, Macy's Inc. (the parent company) also bought Bluemercury, a company dealing mostly in makeup and skincare, but...
  63. Re: If you could only keep 4 frags from your collection what would you keep?

    -Straight to Heaven
    -Leather Oud
    -Aqua Universalis
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    Re: Ally Bank doing car-inspired fragrances

    Yes, it was actually made. I remember a Basenotes article about it as well. And the notes sound amazing. But I think Mark Buxton would probably launch it under his own niche brand, much like what...
  65. Replies

    Re: Ally Bank doing car-inspired fragrances

    I doubt it. And I say this because perfumes that can haven't been sold to the public have happened before.

    Remember L'Air du Panache, done by Marc Buxton and used to promote the movie The Grand...
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    Ally Bank doing car-inspired fragrances

    For those of you not in the US, Ally Bank is one of the largest automobile lenders in the United States. They also do no-branch direct checking and mortgage banking, much like European firms of its...
  67. Re: Absolutely besotted and obsessed with _____, after (re)discovering....

    1) My Chemical Romance

    2) Aventus

    The former was one of the few good bands of the naughties, producing classics like "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Mama", and "Helena". The latter came out...
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    Re: Where to go in Minneapolis???

    The last department store in downtown Minneapolis, the Macy's on Nicollet Mall, is having store closing sales. You might be able to snatch some designers at a discount.

    And another vote for the...
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    Re: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

    Good news: It's a very accessible fragrance that's super-easy to sample, as are all the fragrances from the brand. Although Elizabeth & James fragrances are exclusive to Sephora, you can find this at...
  70. Re: Am I crazy for buying L'Aventure when I already have Aventus?

    Heck, I'd say more conservative... I've never had more than 30 bottles in my collection. I always go by quality, not quantity when choosing fragrances.
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    Re: Best frags from the house of Dua

    As has been said here before, these are designer impostor oils with a little bit of some other oil thrown in, then diluted in perfumer's alcohol and sold at a high markup.

    I'd buy a can of Axe...
  72. Re: What fragrance or kind of fragrance to interview with?

    When I had an interview at a small ad agency in 2015, I wore Frapin's L'Humaniste. I got a small role that's kept growing ever since - and is about to grow again.

    Speaking of which, that bottle...
  73. Am I crazy for buying L'Aventure when I already have Aventus?

    Although I'm on my second bottle of Aventus, all this talk about Aventus clones made me curious. So I ordered a bottle of L'Aventure from Notino today. It's my first order from the etailer -...
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    Re: Today I bought January 2017

    Bought Vetiver out of those four. FragranceNet's 35% off special on an already reasonably priced bottle was way too good to pass up.
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    Re: Most Disappointing Fragrances?

    This one's simple: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

    The hype train said that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. All I got was a Spicebomb clone, but worse.
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    Re: Fragrances you got for the holidays

    My boss at the ad agency where I work for one of my jobs gifted me a 4 oz Aventus (as a way of saying thanks for an amazing job helping land and develop strategy for a client that has been nothing...
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    Re: Christmas Fragrance: Two Questions

    In the end, I got sick on Tuesday and didn't really feel back to somewhat normal performance until today. It stinks (pun intended) when you can't put on your new scents.

    Because I wanted to keep...
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    Re: New Fragrances: Royal Crown

    When I saw the name, I thought of the cola equivalent to thin single-ply toilet paper as well. As a Mad Man, I can see because of name only why this line is not sold in the United States, though...
  79. Re: NEW: Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense & Olympea Intense!

    The real questions are is if this will be a Sauvage meets Invictus scent and if they'll stick with Kanye's "POWER" for the ad music.

    My bet: yes on both.
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    Re: Did anyone else treat themselves this Xmas?

    Never say never.

    My hunch is that there's a Luckyscent gift card under the tree this year from my uncle in SoCal. If my hunch proves correct, it may be a repeat of my college graduation all over...
  81. Re: MACY'S Fragrances: Do They Really All Smell The Same?

    Even though I've become a niche kind of guy over time, I still go to places like Macy's, Sephora, and Ulta to keep track of the designer fragrance market. Sometimes I find interesting stuff, too,...
  82. Replies

    Re: What was it like before Aventus?

    As others have said, before Aventus, Acqua di Gio and Le Male were the "female magnet" fragrances of choice for many years.

    And before that, they were Cool Water, Curve, and Fahrenheit. I was in...
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    Re: Holiday 2016 Gift Thread

    Well, the first of the gifts came via my Mad Man boss today.

    The first one was a 4 oz bottle of Aventus, batch 16F01. It's great to have this scent back in my collection. True to its reputation on...
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    Re: Christmas Fragrance: Two Questions

    1) In all likelihood, Straight to Heaven. The name fits perfectly, as does the scent itself.
    2) A replacement supply of Aventus. I ran out last year and miss that smoky pineapple.
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    Re: Buys for 2017? What are you gonna get?

    I'm not worrying about 2017 until I know the last about what I'm getting in 2016.

    It's like planning for a 7 PM dinner when it's 9 AM and you haven't even had breakfast.
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    Re: Versace Dylan Blue

    This one is being advertised all over in my neck of the woods. The ad has this line regarding what women think of men: "can't live with them, can't live without them". Uh... I thought that about...
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    Re: Which Creed would you wear for Christmas?


    It has that smoky vibe that I love at the fireplace.
  88. Re: looking for (cheaper) alternatives to Straight To Heaven (by Kilian)

    And I was just at Sephora last night, where I passed it over thinking it was a feminine floral.

    Onto my to-test list for my next mall visit. Maybe I'll combine it with a new pair of kicks because...
  89. Re: Fragrance Making or Design Your Own Fragrance Tours

    Annie Oakley in Ligonier, Indiana (near Fort Wayne) gives perfumery and factory tours. They used to do bespoke perfumes as well, but quit a while back.
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    Re: Holiday 2016 Gift Thread

    Remember, "Aventus" is "success" in Latin.

    It's a fittingly-named fragrance for what turned out to be a very successful year for our agency. But I see the name as a bonus - it's the juice that...
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    Holiday 2016 Gift Thread

    I'm sure many of us here on Basenotes are expecting perfume for the holidays.

    Personally, I'm getting one bottle and expecting more. The only one that I know for sure is coming from my Mad Man...
  92. Re: Christian Dior Fahrenheit - Leather Drenched In Gasoline?

  93. Replies

    Re: TF Tobacco I the only one?

    Agree 100%. If I wanted to smell like this, I'd buy Spicebomb.

    And neither is to my liking.
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    Re: Sadly reformulated Niche perfumes

    Agree. Part of the Frederic Malle deal with Estée Lauder is that any reformulations have to be personally approved by Frederic Malle himself. And let's not forget that The Estée Lauder Companies has...
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    Re: Most complimented By Kilian Fragrance?

    It's basically tied between Bamboo Harmony and Straight to Heaven for me.
  96. Replies

    Re: Xscentrik: On Hold

    Today, I talked further with my to-be partner regarding Xscentrik. He authorized me to find a different partner in the fragrance industry for the idea, as he will be busy for the next three years...
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    Re: Your worst blind buy ever !!

    Asprey Purple Water. Smelled like a liquid Dum-Dum, and no longevity.

    The good parts were that I bought it at Marshalls dirt cheap and could easily unload it here on Basenotes.
  98. Re: How many mls of your favourite fragrance do you have in stock?

    I have zero backup bottles.

    But my most-worn scent is easily By Kilian's Bamboo Harmony, which is my summer go-to more than any other - period. I have about 25 ml left from a 50 ml bottle acquired...
  99. Re: Do More Negative Over Positive Cologne Reviews Influence You When It Comes To A Potential Purcha

    Most of the time, I don't let negative reviews influence me to try a fragrance - it's about the same as positive or neutral reviews.

    There is one exception to the rule, though: Leather Oud. The...
  100. Re: The Frederic Malle @ Nordstrom/Bloomingdale's/Von Maur Thread

    Doesn't help those of us that don't have an AMEX. I'm a Chase Visa loyalist myself, largely because I can get help with both my Freedom Visa and my checking account in person with the same great...
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