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  1. CUSTO BARCELONA Blue Wind: Has anyone tried it?

    Any similarity...? Something to say about it...?

    I love the original Custo for Men... IMO, its a better Fleur du Male...

    Thanks a lot.-
  2. Something very similar to classic CAROLINA HERRERA but "fresher" ?

    Have you found anything similar to the classic CAROLINA HERRERA but "fresher" ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Something similar to Rochas' Byzantine?

    Since Byzantine was discontinued, Im looking for a replacement for my mother...
    Is there anything similar?
    Thanks in advance,
  4. Fahrenheit "fresh" alternative: Dunhill Fresh or Paul Smith Men?

    Which one do you recommend?

    Are they indeed so similar to Fahrenheit?

    Thanks in advance,

  5. Any mainstream fragrance similar to Ignition by Lomani?

    Can you please recommend something (mainstream) similar to Ignition by Lomani?
    I once had it and I was delighted with it, but now its impossible to get it in my country.

    Thanks in advance!
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