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  1. Re: Getting a scent for my sister, looking for ide

    I'm not one to gift people with fragrance unless I know it's what they want -- exactly what they want -- or if they give me carte blanche.

    But just for the fun of it, I would suggest Anais Anais...
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    Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    My experiences with the succulent Sacrebleu rarely mesh with the reviews of it that I read.
    First of all, when I first apply it, it is a bright, almost effervescent blast that reminds me much of the...
  3. Re: What fragrances remind you of Shalimar? I love

    Definitely Misuki and Fragonard's Reve Indien, only I find Misuki has a more sparkling 'character', the Reve Indien a smoother, less smoky smell.
  4. Re: What scent has given you most compliments?

    The men I've come across seem to really like Le Baiser du Dragon and Hypnotic Poison. I have gotten many compliments on those.
    Women, on the other hand, seem to love Addict, Pink Sugar, Boudoir, and...
  5. Re: Femme Frags you think are totally *OVER-RATED*

    Aw, {{{{{Shycat}}}}}}.
    I always enjoy reading your posts and your opinions. I think you are nice, AND amusing. :)
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