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  1. Re: CHANEL: Vintage Antaeus 'After Shave'

    How long would you day you vintage antaeus aftershave lasts and gives out decent sillage?
  2. Re: CHANEL: Vintage Antaeus 'After Shave'

    Hi tot. I've got vintage EDT and aftershave on the way now, I've got and old aftershave from late 80's but only a drop left so don't use it. My question would be how long do they last compared to...
  3. Re: Vintage Antaeus : genuine or fake ?

    Hi there. Wondering if I could get your expert opinion on a bottle of Antaeus I've just picked up. I'm thinking pre 90 because if the box but unsure about vol on front. Any help greatly appreciated....
  4. Re: Dating what I believe to be a very old bottle of Chanel Antaeus

    Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone can help date this bottle I just picked up. Appears to me to be before 90 due to the box but any102885102885102886102886102887102887 help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Re: Is this a Vintage Chanel Antaeus?

    Cheers, appreciate that.
  6. Re: Is this a Vintage Chanel Antaeus?

    Hi Bavard, I believe you're a fountain of knowledge on all things Antaeus! I'm wondering if you could help with these images of two bottles. Do they appear genuine vintage or fake. Any help would be...
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