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  1. Poll: Re: Which vanilla do you prefer: Guerlain - Spirtueuse Double Vanille or Serge Lutens - Un Bois Vani

    Must go for Serge Lutens as I get a distinct mint smell in sdv.....weird.....but my nose does not like mint in fragrance that I have on my body......strangely I do not see mint listed in sdv, but...
  2. Re: Something along the line of Serges Luthens Datura Noir

    Thank all of you for your suggestions.....:2vrolijk_08: I have written them down and will start the hunt to sniff!! Thanks again.
  3. Re: Something along the line of Serges Luthens Datura Noir

    UH...OH......I really do not know!!! I am so new at this and at this point I only know if I like a particular fragrance or not, mosty not. But by your comment, creamy white floral, almonds sounds...
  4. Something along the line of Serges Luthens Datura Noir

    I have been swapping frag samples for some months and finally found one out of over 150 that I actually love. Datura Noir....but....It does not last at all and I never get a whiff:sad: I either need...
  5. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Sakuralin

    Is a reputable place to purchase fragrances? has $20.00 off on Serges Luthens which they have already discounted by 20 dollars....that is a great deal.....but.....are they reputable?
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    So many aouds....what are some of the best?

    Just overwhelming! There is a lot of talk about them it seems that some may be better than others. I do not like the smell of roses...which seems to be mixed in...too sickly sweet. But I do like...
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