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    Re: Armani Code spray broken

    You can buy syringes that will extract liquid from a bottle. Daiso used to sell them very cheap in their retail stores, but I don't think they sell them anymore. If you search ebay for syringes in...
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    Re: Weird discounts

    Thank you for that response, and for anticipating and answering the obvious follow-up question. :)
  3. Re: How Much Does Customer Service Matter In Regards To Purchases For You?

    I buy everything online and only stop at retail outlets when Christmas shopping. My observation is that "customer service" consists primarily of young women agreeing with anything you say and making...
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    Re: Rate of evaporation?

    I once picked up a bunch of samples of Baldessarini at a great price, but they had experienced obvious evaporation. I would have complained about it, but they made for a superb concentrated version...
  5. Re: Niche fragrance that smells close to Aramis Devin

    This is like a reverse dupe thread. What can I buy that smells like what I like except that it will cost me 5X as much as I need to pay?

    Invest 75 cents in a plastic 10ml pocket atomizer, and...
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    Re: Best fragrance for a 22 hour train ride

    Nautica Voyage. Two just below the Adam's apple - enough to keep you company, but not enough to impose on others.

    If your regular hygiene routine can't keep you inoffensive for 22 hours, you are...
  7. Thread: Booze

    by ascotnot

    Re: Booze

    Jean Louis Vermeil Pour Homme. Evidently discontinued and pricier but not yet prohibitively expensive. Bottle and sprayer are unimpressive but it's a great one for the boozy tobacco thing.
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    Re: Weird discounts

    Can one shop Notino domestically from the USA? I bought a bunch of stuff from them as Beautyspin, but the took the site down and have been promising the retail notino site ever since, and that's been...
  9. Re: Best fragrances for parfum named after actresses, actors, singers, etc?

    Most celebrity fragrances have some appeal to me, or at least don't offend me, and some are quite good. I've yet to try one that I would consider bad refuse to wear other than Kiss Him (Gene...
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    Re: Inexpensive gems that perform

    A few have already been mentioned above:

    Guy Laroche Horizon
    Yacht Man Red
    Bogart One Man Show
    Avon Mesmerize
    Lomani Pour Homme
    Nautica Voyage
    Jeanne Arthes Supercharged
  11. Thread: Date advice

    by ascotnot

    Re: Date advice

    And a 50% divorce rate surprises people. Go figure.
  12. Thread: Date advice

    by ascotnot

    Re: Date advice

    True but true. Fragrance will never make the difference. Ever. Even if it did, is that really the girl you are looking for?
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    Re: Fix for a bottle that doesn't spray well?

    Daiso sell low priced household items (most items are $1.50) and can be found in malls and independent locations primarily out west but they do have stores in Texas and New York too.

    Here's the...
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    Re: Fix for a bottle that doesn't spray well?

    Daiso sell this syringe that can be used to draw fragrance from a bottle. I used it once on a bottle that had a sprayer that did the same thing just to decant a little bit of it. The bottle sprayer...
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    Re: Feminine Side...

    Gieffeffe by Gianfranco Ferre. Astonishingly inexpensive, absolutely beautiful fragrance and probably exactly what you seek.

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    Re: Worst Bottle Design?

    That's Patsy Stone from "Absolutely Fabulous."
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    Re: How Old is to Old?

    This was the first of so many myths about fragrances that I identified as complete jive. It didn't make any sense. If it were that big of a deal or any kind of a deal, 1) why do 95+% of all...
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    Re: Seeking opinion about Tom Ford.

    I just bought a bottle of that (2018) as well. I had been looking at trying to find a strong leather scent and was about to pull the trigger on either Shumoukh Al Ghutra or Attar Al Ghutra, both...
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    Re: Axe....seriously??!?!?

    I've never tried any Axe fragrances but have used bath and shower products. Never met one i didn't like quite a bit.

    Axe as a product line reminds me of celebrity fragrances generally. Zero ego...
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    Re: Favorite from your collection?

    What's your favorite and what's your "desert island" option are two entirely different questions.

    As I mentioned before, it's impossible to have a single favorite for the simple reason that, to...
  21. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Three empty Varvatos bottles. Varvatos 125s are sometimes available for under $20 as testers; that's how I think I got all of mine. They never or almost never come with caps though. I just picked up...
  22. Re: Your current favorite warm comforting fragrances?

    Roger & Gallet Open
    Bogart Pour Homme
    Guy Laroche Horizon
    Yacht Man Red

    Closest I have to a name-dropper scent in this group would be Montana Graphite Oud.
  23. Re: Question for 1-3 Sprays Fellas That Can Smell Their Fragrance All Work Day (6-8 hours)

    Sung Homme and Aventus are two easily, easily overdone fragrances. One of Aventus just below the adam's apple or a little lower for the Sung so it's partially covered by shirt, and I'll get whiffs...
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    Re: What is your vacation fragrance?

    Travel day fragrance is Nautica Voyage. Always.

    Travel is always to desert-type destinations so with one exception, I don't bring anything too gooey.

    Two Travalos that contain Bogart PH and...
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    Re: Clone scents database?

    That is an utterly perfect description of that feature of the other site; sometimes helpful but nowhere near definitive. I chuckle when you look at the array of nominees and there's nothing there but...
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    Poll: Re: How many sprays?

    EDP: One to the jugular is fine for open shirt, a little higher if I'm collared up with a tie. Keeps me company all day. That's the beauty of this stuff. 50ml could last a year of daily use at...
  27. Re: The Bogart Joint: Officially Un-Official House of Jacques Bogart Thread

    It takes a while but they usually make landfall in the US eventually. I got my OMS Oud from India four years ago for $32; maybe a year later it started showing up in the US; pricing is all over the...
  28. Re: Which Fragrance Product Names Do You Think Are Great?

    Typhoon by Jeanne Arthes. If there ever were a fragrance I would buy just for the packaging, this would be the one (and it would have to be for the packaging and name because I can't find any info on...
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    Re: Best (and Worst) Looking Bottles

    Yeah, uh, aaah...ugh. Closest I have to that by any analysis is this one, which I will never laugh at again, I guess:


    I will warn you that the corners of this bottle, and there are what...
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    Re: After a day at the beach

    Bond No. 9 Wall Street has that vibe. Head over to the reviews on the other website if you want an amusing take on the dark side of beach scents.
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    Poll: Re: What's your favourite conventional fougere?

    I just got a bottle of this at a great price. I have Rive Gauche, Lomani Pour Homme and several in between. This seems to combine the best elements of all of them. I am delighted to own this one. ...
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    Re: Yasser Arafat (RIP) scent

    That's probably because most responses to nearly all subjects in these forums are less about building a body of knowledge and more of an opportunity to meet some overriding need for validation in the...
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    Re: Wear what you like in ANY occasion

    Bogart Citytower on a warm summer night.
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    Re: Fragrance before bed

    That's the testing ground, and there's little more pleasant to contemplate in the last place in the world at the last time in the world where you'd want the worries of the day infiltrating your mind.
  35. Re: Cost for a house to create 100ml of fragrance

    While one way to calculate manufacturer cost is to simply assign some wholesale value to each ingredient in the 100 ml of product in the bottle, it's not very realistic for any kind of analysis. The...
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    Re: Outdated fragrances?

    The one and only test that matters.
  37. Re: What fragrance(s) are you looking forward to trying?

    Shumoukh Al Ghutra and the Attar Al Ghutra, leather bombs from Swiss Arabian. One of them I could buy right now at Amazon, but I have a contact in Las Vegas where I will be visiting next month and...
  38. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Bond No. 9 Wall Street. Reviews for this for some reason tend toward hilarious, especially on the other fragrance site. I didn't get any "wet dog" or "rotting shellfish" or any of that. My...
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    Re: Your favorite fresh scent

    If I had to just grab one without giving myself the usual 20-90+ minutes needed to decide, Nautica Regatta comes to mind.
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    Re: I hate splash bottles!

    Splash seems wasteful and a method that makes it difficult to get it just right or gain consistent results. However, there's something about Clubman where it just wouldn't be right to apply any other...
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    Re: How many chances do you give a fragrance?

    The rotation is so deep that my tastes may have changed by time I get to it again. Recollections fade, a note you like might get you into a fragrance that shares a note with the one you tried and...
  42. Re: What fragrance(s) did you never think you would like, but for whatever reason, you do?!

    Exactly. I can't reach for a bottle without my hand passing a couple in this category.

    Curiously, I cannot think of a single instance where I "unliked" a fragrance. Once I find they appeal to me,...
  43. Re: Baldessarini by Hugo Boss Vs Baldessarini by Baldessarini

    I have and been using both for a while. I don't detect any meaningful difference. If I had to pick one that is better, I'd say I like the later version more.

    I take them as they are anyway....
  44. Re: Avon Mesmerize for Men: 1992 vintage vs 2015 modern

    Seazone is definitely early as aquatics go - it still seems to give a nod to the 80s powerhouses that preceded it - in fact, having worn it a couple times recently, I think it actually more of Spring...
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    Re: Quality fragrances In hotel rooms

    I've occasionally considered booking Trump International in Las Vegas. The price is at the very upper end of what I'm willing to pay for an hotel there and I always end up with a deal that better...
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    Re: Quality fragrances In hotel rooms

    The "suites" at Golden Gate in Las Vegas stock the L'Occitan Verveine in the 50 ml bottles.

    They're not actually suites, but they are very nice rooms you can sometimes get at very reasonable...
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    Re: Versace Eros Bad Performance

    I bought one from FNet a while back. I'm not sure I even tried it but for what it's worth, although it looks like a regular Versace Eros bottle in which you'd expect EDC or EDT, the label on the...
  48. Poll: Re: Which Fragrance Family Are You Wearing to Easter or Passover Services?

    That really sums up why I have Nautica around - it's just a lot of fun to grab one and give it a spin once in a while.

    I swear, those original Nautica bottles - you could grab six at random and...
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    Re: Fragrance as aphrodisiac?

    Aphrodesiac? I can barely accept the idea that compliments are anything more than 1) a convenient vehicle for gratuitous praise from someone who wants something from you or 2) a polite/passive...
  50. Poll: Re: Which Fragrance Family Are You Wearing to Easter or Passover Services?

    Light and sandalwoody seems appropriate for Easter.

    An occasion that calls out for original Nautica - that's a new one.

    Somewhere I have a bottle of something called Nautica Supercologne - a...
  51. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Just finished one of those "kicks" myself! I just got a bottle of the Hommage Voyageur. I was very impressed with the Hommage, another recent purchase, as a pleasant, well-behaved oud.

    I'm not...
  52. Re: Can a vintage Polo spray bottle be manipulated?

    Now that's something that I would be suspicious about. Try an image search on google and compare the array of images and I think you will see what I mean. I can't rule it out, but I also cannot...
  53. Re: Liquid color of Caesar Man Legendary Cologne Spray.

    And speaking of greenness, behold, the 1000ml family size!


    It's a shame there's nothing there that visually demonstrates its relative size. The description indicates that the bottle is...
  54. Re: Can a vintage Polo spray bottle be manipulated?

    That's really it. Stay informed, be observant, if it sounds too good, etc.

    On ebay, a good price is just a little under the prevailing price where sales appear to stop happening - not a lot...
  55. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?


    Finally got my price. Can't wait to see where it fits into my growing army of aromatic fougeres.
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    Re: How Many Fragrances is "Too Many"?!

    It's not necessary to consume a bottle of cologne in its entirety to recover value for money spent. Acquisition and ownership alone have value. The ability to take a closer look at the packaging and...
  57. Re: Can a vintage Polo spray bottle be manipulated?

    If the design on the bottle is raised as it appears to be, I would conclude that at least the bottle is authentic. I would expect on a counterfeit bottle it would be flat silkscreen type of...
  58. Re: Can a vintage Polo spray bottle be manipulated?

    Obviously I'm not an authentication expert but I doubt I have ever bought a counterfeit fragrance from anyone online. I'm sure it happens, but not as often as I think people claim. I have seen some...
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    Re: Best Automobile Brand Masculine Fragrances

    Agreed. I forget whether it's Mustang or Mustang Sport that has a strong Nautica Voyage vibe that caught my attention.

    I think it's the same thing as with celebrity fragrances - you won't find...
  60. Re: Avon Mesmerize for Men: 1992 vintage vs 2015 modern

    I got raked across the coals in another forum for comparing this to Nautica Latitude Longitude. While I think a lot of that vitriol was uncontrolled ego of an offended "expert," and the stuff still...
  61. Re: Liquid color of Caesar Man Legendary Cologne Spray.

    The bottle I have in use pictured below is Park Place (Dist Las Vegas, not Los Angeles). I bought this new on eBay maybe in 2016. For what the comparison is worth, here is a bottle of Nobile Royalty...
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    Re: Check out this youtubers insane collection!

    That's what I thought. It's great to have passions or interests that occupy your mind and keep you out of trouble, but there is a difference between hobby and pathology.
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    Re: Your all time favorite!!

    Favorite? You mean now or when you asked me?

    On a given day, this might be my response.

    For every day, all occasions, these two, which are quite similar:
    100818 100819

    For (serious) dress...
  64. Nautica Mens Blue Ambition - Another Flanker Already?

    I saw this for the first time today on eBay. It's been what, just over a year since Blue Sail?

    I like Blue - it got me started in fragrances. I like Blue Sail as well, basically because I still...
  65. Re: Has a new Emperor been crowned? Caesars Man Cologne is back, or is it?

    I've seen that one, "Caesar's Man Palace." The bottle looks cool. Not $230 cool, but cool. It fetches a high price.

    There's also one called "Emperor," clear juice in a clear bottle. I saw one...
  66. Re: Has a new Emperor been crowned? Caesars Man Cologne is back, or is it?

    I saw that one. Don't buy the fakes others are selling, buy mine. That's obviously hyperbole, but it does seem incongruous to use it as a pitch to sell the regenerated product out of China.
  67. Re: Has a new Emperor been crowned? Caesars Man Cologne is back, or is it?

    I have been trying to look into this; information is scant and you sort of have to compile and interpret the data points yourself. The new inventory is made in China; that's evident from the box...
  68. Re: So what's the deal with Alexander da Costa Nobile Royalty?

    I see that you're flipping them on eBay right now. What's the difference between the two? One looks gold in color and the other green, though the labels seem to indicate the same product.
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    Re: Bath and Body Works Cologne

    I haven't purchased any of the BBW colognes - they seem a little pricey for what I consider to be a "mall" brand. Based on the observations here, it sounds like I'm not missing anything. I do use...
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    Re: Nautica Life??? Anyone test it?

    Someone recently sold a couple of bottles of it on eBay and I got one of them. The bottle is kind of neat, but the rope thing looks better in the image posted in this thread. A close up look shows...
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