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  1. Re: Do you find Borneo 1834 unwearable? Then try Mechant Loup.

    That hasn't been my experience. I don't find them particularly similar or in one genre and prefer Borneo. Only problem is it doesn't have the level of projection and longevity I wish it did on my...
  2. Re: Men's Fragrance - Traditional Alcohol fragrance VS perfume oil

    Welcome to Basenotes and good luck with your project!

    This could depend on your formula but personally, I prefer the alcohol based. I do realize there are many excellent fragrances that are oil...
  3. Re: Looking For A Classic Men's Fragrance

    I would also recommend Dior Eau Sauvage.
    Hermes Equipage
    Armani Eau Pour Homme--has been around long enough to be considered a classic and it is in the classic style of men's...
  4. Re: Frangrances similar to Guerlain Bois D Armenie

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    I would recommend trying Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain.
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    Re: CK One Shock For Him

    I like this (for a CK fragrance, it's a shock even to me...pardon the pun). I enjoy the specific tobacco note here combined with amber and patchouli. I think it's worthwhile at the current price...
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    Re: Help me choose 1 in 6 ...

    Egoiste (original)
  7. Re: is my paco rabanne 1 million fake (gift from dubai) i have enclosed pictures of box (sealed)

    Not fake, it's a 2014 limited edition called "1 Million $".
    According to Fragrantica it's the same composition as the original but reviews vary.
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    Re: Citrus with very good projection?

    YSL Pour Homme
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    Re: Encre Noir

    To the OP:
    That's just a reference to its darkness and an inspiration from the Lalique inkwell it's copied from.
    However, if interested in an ink note, Comme des Garçons 2 and Byredo M/Mink both...
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    Re: Finally sniffed Eau Sauvage... wow!!

    The fuss is about the original version. IMHO none of the flankers are as beautiful as the original.
    Both vintage and current juice are great to me. If one is concerned about smelling dated, then...
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    Re: Buying my Dad Some New Cologne

    Dior Eau Sauvage
  12. Re: Paco Rabanne - Invictus (Underrated, loved by ladies)

    Invictus seems to be turning out to be quite a controversial fragrance--at least for this community. Two currently active threads on the boards and look at the discussion it's created.
    I wasn't...
  13. Re: returning fragrances to grey market sites

    You're stating it smells great to you. Why would you return it because of what you're reading? You're trusting other people's opinion over what your own nose tells you? You'll most probably regret...
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    Re: Such a newbie

    Welcome and enjoy!
    You smell great!
  15. Re: Paco Rabanne - Invictus (Underrated, loved by ladies)

    I've smelled this and to me it's not like 1 Million at all. This is a fruity aquatic a completely different genre. Like any other reasonably well-made aquatic it's going to garner compliments and...
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    Re: Can a man wear female fragrances?

    Yes, and yes in particular for Coco EDP.
  17. Re: Your favorite cologne/or want to buy, from the house of Hermes?

    Warmer weather especially summer afternoons and nostalgic mood
    I never receive compliments on my fragrances
  18. Re: Pumped Up for OXYMUSC by A Lab on Fire!

    Thanks for the review and your impressions. This did sound intriguing at first.
    Just wondered if you're not getting comments from others in case it's fatigue or ISO E type of an effect?
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    Re: From Armani ?

    Yes, as others have mentioned too.
  20. Thread: father

    by Renaissance_Man

    Re: father

    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    Boucheron Pour Homme
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    Re: From Armani ?

    I also recommend the classic Armani Eau Pour Homme.
  22. Re: What do you guys think about my designer cologne collection?

    I can't see your wardrobe. Did you set it up?
    Edit: I see it now. Very nice collection. You have a good range. Enjoy!
  23. Re: Is there anything similar to Midnight Poison?

    Looks like reviews on the Internet overwhelmingly suggest that YSL Elle is very, very similar. This because of the clear rose, patchouli and amber combination. Also perhaps the new Idylle Duet...
  24. Re: does anyone know the name of this perfume?

    Hello all,

    Great job LCG! and welcome to the boards!

    This thread sounded so familiar to me and I knew I had read it someplace else.

    I'm not sure how it was duplicated or revived but the OP...
  25. Re: CSP's Amour de Cacao is DHI-ish & LIDGE-ish

    Only problem is lack of longevity with CSP scents.
  26. Re: Questions about Vero onda extrait concentration

    That refers to the concentration of the alcohol content itself only--not the percentage of oil vs alcohol.
    For example, isopropyl alcohol = 91%, the rest being water.
  27. Re: hi im new and looking for an alternative to an expensive scent

    Perry Ellis 360 Red
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    Re: Bois d'Arménie question

    You're right. I smelled it recently at the boutique too and wondered why I remembered something so differently. No smoke, no incense. I couldn't sell the idea to a friend of mine who was with me...
  29. Re: Fat Electrician vs Eau Sauvage Parfum

    There is no oud in it
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    Re: Backing out of split deals

    Just as a note, USAFammo9 has a sale thread right now in the Market Place.
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    Re: I like Citrus and Musk.

    Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette by Penhaligons
    GFT Cologne by Geo. F. Trumper
  32. Re: LE FEU D'ISSEEY official carded sample spray (CONUS)

  33. Re: Calling All Nivea Fans - NIVEA NOSTALGIA

    Thanks David for this post. The blue tin cans...summers at the beach...unforgettable to me too.
    I've seen the men's shower gels but they didn't rally appeal to me. I'll be looking for this new one...
  34. Re: Suggestions for warm, sweet fragrances?

    Welcome and enjoy your visits here!
    These seem to fit the description and perhaps you've tried them but here's my suggestions:
    Prada Candy (either version)
    La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme (or a less...
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    Re: Bvlgari of Cartier for a date?

    Cartier IMO
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    Vetiver by Guerlain
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Question

    ES isn't exactly cheap even on ebay anyway; and vintage isn't reaching crazy prices yet. It's worth it.
  38. Re: Does Thierry Mugler pure malt/ havane suit for high school guys?

    Yes fine but the original A*Men would be even better IMO.
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    Re: Newbie alert

    Welcome to Basenotes! Enjoy!
  40. Re: Recommend me a cheap blind buy! Details inside.

    For that price range I would also recommend Nautica Voyage, Zirh Ikon, and any of the Thalium series.
  41. Re: Everyday Signature Cologne for Highschooler

    Boss Bottled #6
    Any of the Perry Ellis 360 or Cuba. These are inexpensive and will provide good variety too.
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    Re: Hi, I'm Maya!

    Welcome to Basenotes! Enjoy your fragrant adventures...
  43. Re: Do you apply lotion before putting on fragrance?

    Sometimes but not for that specific purpose.
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Jacomo Fragrance For Men?

    How about Jacomo for Men (aka Silver, 2007).
    I really enjoy that one. An excellent scent and a great value like most others from this house.
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, May 13, 2014

    Guerlain Vetiver
    The most recent version
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    Re: Anyone here use just one spray?

  47. Congratulations Marlen! It's good to see you...

    Congratulations Marlen! It's good to see you around again!
  48. Poll: Re: On a scale from 1-5, how important are compliments to you?

    1 only
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

    Leonard Pour Homme
  50. LE FEU D'ISSEEY official carded sample spray (CONUS)

    I have the following available for sale:

    Le Feu D'Issey EDT by Issey Miyake official carded sample spray $14 shipped. Discontinued and rare.
    1.2 ml/0.04 oz. I have one left.
  51. Re: Very interesting wiki on Mr. Kurkdjian

    Also not mentioned is Zen for Men by Shiseido, co-signed with Francoise Caron.
  52. Re: I am wearing Troisieme Man often. What should i try next?

    I absolutely agree with the CdG 2 recommendation.
    I'd also like to recommend MPG's Iris Bleu Gris.
  53. Re: does anyone know the name of this perfume?

    This match was just amazing! Bravo L'Eulita!
    I hope the item can still be found out there.
  54. Thread: Hi All

    by Renaissance_Man

    Re: Hi All

    Welcome and enjoy!
  55. Re: Should I blind buy White Patchouli of Tom Ford

    If these gender categories matter to you, IMO yes it is on the feminine side because of the florals in it. I think it's a very interesting patchouli but I couldn't pull it off.
  56. Re: "It bothers me that fragrance has an effect on other people"

    Society today is so much more tolerant when it comes to other things like drugs a d alcohol abuse; it really surprises me that some people are "offended" by "fruit salad gone wrong." I'm more...
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    Re: Norma Kamali Incense

    Is this a 100 ml. or 200 ml. bottle? Is there a label under the bottle?
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    Re: Sunrise men by franck Olivier

    Mont Blanc Legend
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    Re: 500 Posts!

    Congratulations guys! Hope it's been fun so far...
  60. Re: Other frags like Jaipur Homme Boucheron...

    I would recommend these various spicy, woody, and gourmand types:

    Guerlain Bois D'Armenie
    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin
    Chanel Egoiste
    Montale Red Aoud
    People of the Labyrinths Luctor et Emergo...
  61. Re: Lacoste - Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Noir

    I agree with this completely. But I have to admit it's an interesting list of notes.
  62. Re: Parfum d'habit by MPG, i love it, whats next

    I also enjoy Parfum D'Habit and would strongly recommend:

    Route du Vetiver
    Eau des Iles
    Iris Bleu Gris

    If you like indolic notes, I would also recommend Jardin du Nil. Very dirty floral.
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    Re: Decant Combo Suggestions

    Since you state you are very new to the world of fragrances, I'd recommend 1-2 ml. vials too. With that budget you can get familiarized with numerous fragrances. This way, you'll know your own taste...
  64. Re: After a long time away from Basenotes......

    Welcome back!
  65. Re: Gems from the past: Oscar de la Renta "Pour Lui" (1980)

    Thank you Andre. Great post!
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    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    LOL yes. By the way, the myrrh is quite evident here to me.
    I can smell the one spray through my shirt sleeve (long, buttoned). It's snuffed my SOTD Aramis 900.
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    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    I feel lucky indeed, thank you Alex! I'm totally into fragrance bottles and packaging and I've been mostly playing with the bottle it's so pleasant to the touch and the graphics are dreamy. But about...
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    Re: looking for a frag

  69. Re: What made you go for a 200ml or 400ml bottle?

    For summer selection of EDC type formulations. I splash them on liberally and go through them in one season (sometimes in a matter of weeks). For example, R&G Jean Marie Farina or Hermes Eau D'Orange...
  70. Re: Longest Lasting Summer/Spring Citrus Frag?

    YSL Pour Homme either formulation.
  71. Re: I did not realize that PUREPROTEIN had purchased

    Good stuff that Pureprotein
  72. Re: A simple FAST, CHEAP, and EFFECTIVE way to protect your precious old perfumes (pictures)

    Great info! Thank you.
  73. Re: would you wear a night time fragrance during the day?

  74. Re: What is cheaper alternative to Eau Sauvage

    ES isn't really cheap in the States either and I don't see how the Rochas or the other recommendations are cheaper either. Perhaps Monseiur Balmain? It is cheaper but maybe a little warmer.
  75. Re: Old Spice Hawkridge - Anyone Try This?

    I also love Champion and like, very much, Denali (body washes only). Don't care for Sport or Aqua scent types. I don't use any of the other products as I like to go unscented for deo or AP. I'm also...
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    Re: Fragrance as art?

    Absolutely. I've always seen all scents as art. Juice, bottle, packaging; all with emotional, physical and visual influences on me.
  77. Replies

    Re: Raphael of Paris

    How interesting and how sad. Thanks for sharing.
  78. Re: Old Spice Hawkridge - Anyone Try This?

    Only tried the body wash and it smells amazing. I wish I knew what the notes are.
  79. Poll: Re: Returns -- Which way does your moral compass point?

    It used to be like that in the States too. Just like CD's, fragrances could not be returned. Nowadays competition and bad economy have made retailers deperate. I avoid blind buys and what I buy is...
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    Re: I think I oversprayed today

    Yaaaay enjoy!
  81. Re: Interesting read. Thought I'd share.

    Thanks for the link. A wonderful read.
  82. Re: Before the Christian Era: Perfumes in Mediterranean antiquity

    Interesting. Thank you for sharing.
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    Re: The Last

    Ambro de Jacomo but won't re-purchase. It's discontinued and hard to find.
  84. Re: I don't know what to do. Shall i display my waters?

    I have them all in their boxes and then inside a larger box in a closet. I feel the same way as you do. I love the packaging and the bottles and take them out to look at them from time to time. I'm...
  85. Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him - thoughts on a blind buy?

    You're welcome! I just happened to remember who it was and went around finding it from the sales thread LOL.
    The search function is very temperamental and hard to use for me too.
  86. Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him - thoughts on a blind buy?
  87. Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him - thoughts on a blind buy?

    I absolutely love it and think it was one of very few quality designer scents of the recent years.

    However, in another similar thread, we discussed this with a member at length; he bought it and...
  88. Replies

    Re: Nothing really...

    I know some other members have expressed that too. It's natural. Don't force yourself to find the next one. Just leave it alone. A discussion, a mood, a revirew, etc., may give you the inspiration...
  89. Replies

    Re: New to Basenotes

    Welcome and enjoy!
  90. Re: Plum Crazy! (the search for plum notes)

    Jacomo for Men (aka Silver). Rich, sweet, ripe plum note with pineapple, coffee and amber. An excellent value too.
  91. Re: Need some advice with some potential purchases?

    They all seem like good deals but you're saying they're out of stock? Not likely that they will have them again so beware of switch and bait. Otherwise, if you like those selections go for it. IMO...
  92. Re: I received compliments when wearing Armani Attitude, but it's going out of sale in my country.

    Why not buy some back up bottles if this one seems to work for you. You could also try Polo Double Black or Jacomo for Men (aka Silver). These have the dark coffee note but the Jacomo is sweeter and...
  93. Re: Xerjoff Richwood... is it worth the 670$ ?

    To the OP,
    Like any other fragrance at any price, only when you sample and are sure you like it enough and can truly afford it why not.
    Better yet if you can afford it AND can spare some to also...
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    Re: Suggestions on what to try next

    Boucheron and Jaipur by Boucheron
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    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    That's it! Cybercucina is the one and they said no California! Ugh!
  96. Re: Is There a Fragrance That Epitomises 70's Disco ?

    What reminds me of the 70s (disco or otherwise generally) and is still wearable to me is Aramis 900. I love this one!
    I agree with Paco Rabanne and thought of it too except I don't wear it anymore.
  97. Replies

    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    Is anyone in California able to order this other than from eBay and Basenotes? It hardly eeeeever comes up in those places. The regular seller says L'Elbolario cannot be shipped to California?!?!
  98. Replies

    Re: L'artisan due to axe half it's frags

    L'artisan might have been great when they first started. To the credit of La Porte, this was a novel, high quality, truly "niche" house. But things are different now both because of a decline in...
  99. Re: Easy, cheap Summer scent for high school student

    Alain Delon Shogun
  100. Re: Do you wear pure oud oil to work in the office?

    I had a very good quality Borneo (from Oriscent) that I wore everywhere. It was mostly floral and woody on me. I got no reactions either way.
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