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  1. Re: Frags you'd like to see removed from the market so no one could wear them

    Armani Code Sport
  2. Re: New splits for 2013! Armani/Prive | Clive C | Creed | HdP | Puredistance M | TDC | Tom Ford

    Hey Matt just checking that you didn't forget about me!

    Didn't want to fill up your inbox by messaging again

  3. Re: New splits for 2012! Armani/Prive | Clive C | Creed | Puredistance M | TDC | Tom Ford

    Thank you Matt! Received my order of Tobacco Vanille & Original Vetiver today.

    My only negative thing to say is damn you for including the free sample of Aventus! Now you're going to see more of...
  4. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    Big fan of Le Male here, even asked for another bottle of it for Christmas.

    I like it much more than Terrible
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    Re: Creed Aventus Is A Waste Of Money

    I like Joop Nightflight
  6. Re: New splits for 2012! Amouage | Armani/Prive | Clive C | Creed | N Goodsir | TDC | Tom Ford

    Hello folks, am new to the forums here but I have 15000 posts on redflagdeals forums and 100% feedback there as well as eBay..

    Located in Toronto area and trying to get in on an order of Tobacco...
  7. Re: I am tired of the WEAK. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

    I'm desperately trying to find this or buy it off somebody or even split..

    My recommendation is definitely Joop! Homme. Out of my 40+ bottles this is by far the most powerful and lasts well over...
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