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    Re: i need a nice juniper scent

    Try L'Ame d'un Heros.
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    Re: My personal opinion on Guerlain

    It's a business - they certainly have the 'mass market' commercial division - the ones you mention.

    That said, even over the last few years, since Wasser came on board, Guerlain has released some...
  3. Re: How Much Is Your Fragrance Collection Worth?

    If you have to ask . . .
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    Re: New Bogue Profumo: MAAI

    Got a bottle. Like it :)
  5. Re: Scents that can be used in the high heat that are not citrus based.

    Granville (Dior) is great (piney garrigue).
    Yohji Homme (licorice, slightly nutty).
    Brin de Reglisse (Hermes) (lavender, licorice).
    Violette Fumee (Mona di Orio) very cooling (lavender, violet, a...
  6. Re: What is the best Vetiver based fragrance that you have smelled?

    Vetiver Pour Elle (Guerlain) is my personal favorite. Great in summer - like a vetiver version of the original AdP Colonia. I grabbed a few bottles before it vanished forever.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum... REFORMULATED!

    Sounds like an improvement to me - will have a look and a sniff next time I'm passing - thanks!
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    Re: what have you hoarded the most?

    Update: Cuir d'Oranger, Granville, Yohji Homme, Dries van Noten, L'Eau d'Hiver, Une Fleur de Cassie . . .
  9. Re: Guerlain Santal Royal - Harrods Exclusive + other news

    Missed opportunity.

    If you were to take 'Santal' out of the name I suppose it would qualify as a non-offensive, reasonably multi faceted masculine with an interesting floral and uplifting opening...
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    Re: Santa Maria novella

    Good line - there is an original aesthetic running thru most of them that is sort of 'earhty, artisanal, outdoorsy' or whatever - in a good way.

    Peu d'Espagne
    Pot Pourri
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    Re: Which fragrance blogs do you read?

    Grain de Musc
    The Non Blonde
    Olfactoria's Travels
    Sorcery of Scent
    Nero Profumo
    A few others . . .
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    Re: Your "biggest regret" purchase?

    Straight to Heaven & Ormonde Jayne Man.

    The screechy woods thing in both - just wrong.
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    Poll: Re: Best Perfumes Of 2014 - A Poll

    Maai for me, too.

    Both the Dior & Hermes 'Cuirs' are good, IMO.

    Terracotta is actually a good 'un, it sort of slips in amongst Lys Soleil and the first L'Abeille crowd.

    Yet to try...
  14. Re: Mysore sandalwood oil (from the Year 2000)

    Congrats, Mike.

    Couldn't have happened to a better person :)
  15. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes...Without The Sweet Or Powder

    Have discovered Jeke since this Thread started and can happily add it as a terrific one to try.

    I have Back to Black and it's a nice crowd-pleaser kind of thing but I seldom wear it.

  16. Re: How much of your wardrobe do you currently use?

    Interesting question. Probably close to 10% in regular use - 30 or so. I went thru a period of wondering WTF have I done ("this is not my beautiful wife, this is not my beautiful house") but when I...
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    Re: Roja Dove appreciation thread

    Well, then. As best I understand it Mr. Dove worked at Guerlain for many years, but more on the training side - clearly his knowledge of the fragrances, their provenance etc. enabled him to both...
  18. Re: Jean-Paul Guerlain's racist remarks and the aftermath

    Shall we just skip it? Been there, done that :)

    Happy New Year.
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    Re: Help my wardrobe with your favorites!

    Great read - like your assessments of various things.

    Also worth a shot, maybe:

    Granville from the Dior Privé line. Pine, herbs, garrigue with oakmoss in there. It's cool and, apparently, being...
  20. Re: Lubin House - Your Favs? L'eau Neuve?

    Idole EDT is great, and I have just about finished my bottle of L'Eau Neuve (2010), which is not good news because I think they've pulled it (?). I can't see how it can survive in the EU compliant...
  21. Re: Vtg Mitsouko extrait: is older always better?

    I have some 80's stuff - if it has been stored well (no light, no heat etc.) then should be fine.

    Even if the top has gone (like a 'corked' wine) after a few minutes you should be okay.
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    Re: Favorite Perfumer?

    Jacques Guerlain.
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    Re: Is it worth chasing more sandalwood?

    Sandalwood (Santalum Album) from La Via del Profumo (Dominique Dubrana)
    The original Amouage Sandalwood Attar.
    Bois des Iles Extrait.
    IUNX L'Arbre EDC by Olivia Giacobetti (only available from...
  24. Re: Is Straight to Heaven worth a blind buy?


    There's a cheap 'woods' aroma chemical in there that crops up in quite a few 'masculines' that ruins STH for me - shame, as it starts out well. Of course maybe I'm am just sensitive to that...
  25. Re: Best use of Turkish Delight in a fragrance besides Creed Royal delight???

    +1 Traverse a la Bosphore.

    I was wary of this when I read the pre-release but it's not as sweet as I thought it might be - well worth a shot.
  26. Re: Two Guerlains Arrived: One an A+ and the other my first Guerlain disappointment


    Check out Eau de Guerlain, too, if you haven't already.
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    Re: Best Eau De Cologne

    Eau de Cologne d'Imperiale
    Eau de Cologne du Coq
    Eau de Guerlain
    Cologne du Parfumeur

    Acqua di Parma Colonia

    Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia
  28. Re: Guerlain Santal Royal - Harrods Exclusive + other news

    Okaydokey :) thx for the thought.
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    Re: Repurposing Your Fragrances

    Room spray is good.
  30. Re: cartier declaration very similar to terre d hermes...

    Bigarade Concentree is almost a bridge between the two. The cumin in Declaration can be a bit overwhelming on the wrong day, but JCE balances it in a way that is quite brilliant, nonetheless. If you...
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    Re: Buying an entire line.

    No compulsion for me own a whole line - I'm not a collector in that sense.
  32. Re: Guerlain Santal Royal - Harrods Exclusive + other news

    Groovy. I'm onto tracking some down now because I'm just plain KEEN but would be nice if it gets out to the other stores . . .
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    Poll: Re: Sahara Noir or Avignon?

    Avignon. It's an original. It's good. It is priced reasonably.

    The Tom Ford stuff is just another example of overpriced, 'borrowed interest' stuff for guys who think they are ready to make the...
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    Re: Shalimar edt or edp for men?

    Thanks, we are here to help :)

    Of the three Odes I would suggest No.2, Sur la Route de Madagascar. It's a little darker, smokier than the other two. All good - my personal fave probably the first...
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    Re: Shalimar edt or edp for men?


    there seems to be a misunderstanding amongst a lot of people that if you are going to wear what is commonly perceived as a 'femme' fragrance that as a guy you should shoot for the 'lighter'...
  36. Poll: Re: If you could only have fragranes from 1 house, which would it be?

    The chart on who has voted for what is a very revealing insight into the prevailing 'tone' of, I suppose, relatively active member of this place. I always knew that Tom Ford was the 'new Creed' for a...
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    Re: Whats The Big deal With Guerlain...

    Just stay away - stick to Creed :)
  38. Re: Guerlain Santal Royal - Harrods Exclusive + other news

    Will blind buy. Shame it doesn't come in larger bottles.
  39. Re: Have people stopped buying Guerlain after the racist remarks?

    I haven't.

    And I really don't give f*** one way or the other if other people have or haven't.

    Does anyone, actually?
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    Re: Nostalgia

  41. Poll: Re: Christian Dior La Collection Privée Thread

    I'm onto my third or fourth bottle of Granville . . . also like the Vetiver, and altho I think Leather Oud is terrific I don't need a bottle - they gave me a few small sample bottles and that'll do...
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    Poll: Re: Hermes Vetivers

    Vetiver Tonka is an original take on a 'classic' note that leans towards the Guerlain approach - J.C. Ellena has taken vetiver and made it a comfort scent. I wear this every time I travel - it's a...
  43. Poll: Re: --------->Guys, do you follow gender classification with fragrances?

    I have reached a point in my evolution as a human being where I am able to discern whether I want to wear a manufactured fragrance on my skin by smelling it, rather than reading what it says on the...
  44. Re: What's your favourite oriental in the heat and humidity?

    Tiffany for Men & New York (chyprientals, really)
    Songe d'un Bois d'Ete (woody oriental)

    Opus VI, maybe - worked great in Kuala Lumpur, which is about as humid as it gets.
  45. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes...Without The Sweet

    Try Czech & Speake Cuba.
  46. Re: A good, every day, year around niche scent (no Bond or Creed)

    Try Chypre Palatin - also a nice all rounder.
  47. Re: New times for Guerlain: better start looking after something new?

    Guerlain still suits me fine - stuff like Les Deserts Trio and the Shalimar Ode Trio as well as some of the classics still in production - good luck to them with the pop stuff (LPRN and L'Homme Ideal...
  48. Re: $4000 to spare on colognes! What would you buy?

    Some Guerlains, Vero Kerns & maybe couple of Roja Doves,
  49. Re: Which Mitsouko formulation should I get?

    The more recent Extrait is good - since mid to late last year. I bought 3N01 (the '3' = 2013). I have also been trying the EDTs, which are on display at most Guerlain counters, and altho the word is...
  50. Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Indian Sandalwood 2014

    Thanks for this, Jack - missed it first time around. Will look it up!
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    Re: Thoughts on Vero Profumo's Kiki

    There are nuanced differences in the structure, particularly with the EDP versions where there is a tart passionfruit note employed up front amongst other things. I don't consider the EDP to be...
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    Re: Thoughts on Vero Profumo's Kiki

    Count me in as a big fan of Kiki - I haven't tried the new VdE but both EdP and Extrait are on my 'to buy' list a little later in the year, along with Onda EdP and probably the VdE. I consider Vero...
  53. Re: Your favorite new releases of far

    The new Dior strikes me as worth a second look, Cuir Cannage - quite liked that one.

    I haven't come across anything else at all - mind you I haven't got around to the Nornes and Maais and...
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    Re: Orange Blossom Fragrances

    Plenty of good suggestions from a few years ago - the one I would add is Seville a l'Aube from L'Artisan, 2013.

    Villoresi's Acqua di Colonia is still a personal favourite for me, too.
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    Re: Comparable to Chergui, but better?

    Might as well try SMN Fieno and Gouta's Duel while you're at it but Chergui is really a standalone thing, verging on iconic . . . I think it's great as is, adding or subtracting or whatever seems a...
  56. Re: Which Amouage for women is most suitable for men?

    I own and wear Epic, Lyric, Jub 25 & Ubar.

    Everyone is different - just try as many as you can . . .

    Epic is hard to describe but for me quite a herbal, almost medicinal "robust' quality.
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    Re: Best Serge Lutens on a man

    Personal favourites:

    Cuir Mauresque
    Daim Blond
    Filles en Aiguilles
    Arabie (around Christmas)
    Serge Noire (an acquired taste - I hated it then it clicked for me).
    Gris Clair
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    Re: Guerlain's 500ml bee-bottle

    I have various 125, 250 & 500ml bees and never had a problem - the tops seal just fine. My Eau de Guerlain 250ml is a few years old, half empty and still great.

    I have a few small Guerlain...
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    Re: Bvlgari Black To Be Discontinued.

    Wouldn't surprise me - fortunately I have a couple of bottles. Thanks for the heads up.
  60. Re: Johji Yamamoto Mens/ Womens - 1996 Release v/s 2013 Release ?

    I tried it briefly in Tokyo, there are actually five (?) for women, you can see them on the Yohji website, and one is a re-issue, I think. I did grab a sample of the other masculine to bring home but...
  61. Re: Johji Yamamoto Mens/ Womens - 1996 Release v/s 2013 Release ?

    I own both versions of Yohji Homme. I wore the original a lot when it came out (kept a small bottle that is still wonderful) and I have nearly finished a 100ml bottle of the new one.

    Very happy...
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    Re: Best Amouage for Men

    It comes down to personal taste.

    I own quite a few and I honestly could happily live without Jub XXV and Dia Man, both of which strike me as a waste of time. These are two of the most popular.
  63. Re: Top 5 fav. current fragrances in rotation

    Eau de Tarocco
    Eau de Guerlain
    Sous le Vent
    Mito EDP
    Yohji Homme
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    Re: Creamy Sandalwood Fragrance ?

    I was about to jump in because sandalwood is a favorite note of mine and I have a number of bottles of stuff but I'm afraid this excludes anything from me - if you are looking for more budget stuff...
  65. Re: Fragrances of the World vs Fragrances of Basenotes


    In just about any given category there is a wide range of examples from cheap 'n cheerful to exclusive, limited edition items. Not only is it difficult to find people who have experienced...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    Both. I tried every one stocked here (a couple of dozen or more) before the line was dropped and they struck me as cheap and derivative . . . charmless in the extreme. Imstill have a box of bonbon...
  67. Re: Luca Turin reviews La Petite Robe Noire Couture, Karl Lagerfeld

    A 4.5 :)

    Interesting take on it, actually - a nice reminder to consider the overall development rather than 'instant appeal'.
  68. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    Okay - been revisiting some decants from friends and I would definitely spring for some of Grosmith's Hasu No Hana . . . . and also some O'Driu Lalfeorosa if our friend decided to make some more of...
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    Re: An Inspiring Vetiver?

    Adding to above: Vetiver Tonka (Hermessences) is a terrific 'comfort' vetiver, but more as an extra to have along with whatever you go with as your 'standard' from above.

    Another new one is the...
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    Re: What Are The BEST Shower gels Around?

    We do what we must :)
  71. Re: How does Bergamote 22 compare to Bigarade Concentree?

    IBC is a more sophisticated composition, of course, but B22 has a really nice, quite 'hard edged' woodsy citrus kick to it. I first discovered it as a shower gel a few years ago at Park Hyatt Ningbo,...
  72. Replies

    Re: What Are The BEST Shower gels Around?

    I haven't tried any others but they have been doing Bergamote 22 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Gel for a couple of the Park Hyatt Hotels over here for 2 or 3 years. I shamelessly pilfer as...
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    Re: What Are The BEST Shower gels Around?

    Cool weather: Eau de Baux & Tam Dao

    Hot weather: L'Occitane Citrus Verbena & Le Labo Bergamote 22

    Shalimar and Habit Rouge are both excellent, too.
  74. Re: Have Reformulations ruined fragrances? : Dior Homme, Chergui, Timbuktu?

    I enjoy some of the perfume blogs and articles and have chatted with a few perfumers and creative directors over the last few years and it's a major blow to the industry and the art of perfume - to...
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    Re: Vol de Nuit- AMAZING!

    I have some vintage EDC and it's superb. I recently bought 30ml Extrait (2013) and it's pretty nice, 'considering'. I'm thinking of going for a 250ml Bee.
  76. Replies

    Re: Is Amouage watering down ?

    Ouch, Mimi :)

    These days it's hit and miss . . . with any stuff on the counter I tend to check (as best I can) whether the tester (or samples if they have them) and the stock are from the same...
  77. Re: Have Reformulations ruined fragrances? : Dior Homme, Chergui, Timbuktu?

    Maybe you should broaden your reading habits a bit.
  78. Replies

    Poll: Re: POLL: Best Blu Mediterraneo

    Me too.
  79. Re: Have Reformulations ruined fragrances? : Dior Homme, Chergui, Timbuktu?

    Not sure but I imagine you will need to find a Yohji flagship, or at least a Yohji (fashion line) stockist with a significant profile. I got some from a friend in London (Yohji flagship store) and...
  80. Re: Have Reformulations ruined fragrances? : Dior Homme, Chergui, Timbuktu?

    Fair enough but I think you're confusing two issues here - reformulations and your own personal taste.

    I personally haven't found a reformulated scent that is an improvement over the original -...
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    Re: Dior Cuir Cannage (2014)

    I've done a couple of drivebys, just a spritz, and I enjoyed it actually - enough to go back and maybe grab one. Dior don't have samples which doesn't help, but it's the only relatively new thing...
  82. Re: What are your top 3 Cartier Fragrances still in production

    L'Heure Fougueuse IV - one of the most unique and beguiling things to turn up in the last few years, in my top ten.

    Declaration - a classic and 'the source DNA' for a thread that runs thru JCE's...
  83. Re: What's the most annoying, screechy, metallic(?), synthetic smelling frag you know of?

    The Miyake 'house note' of calone and whatever else goes into creating that metallic, aquatic 'sheen' . . .
  84. Re: I think I've find it! A lifelong leather-partnership.

    Will give it a shot. I'm not enamoured with the Colonia flankers but this one sounds interesting. Miller Harris Cuir d'Oranger is my personal citrus / leather favourite - I managed to get a couple of...
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    Re: Question about La Via del Profumo

    I love Mecca Balsam but save it for special occasions - there are certainly other compositions and also more 'single minded' offerings with a focus on one main ingredient which are 'lighter' or less...
  86. Re: Are fragrances slowly being removed from society?


    And thanks for clarifying the difference between an allergy and a reaction, Nukapai - I know this Thread is primarily about the workplace - over-sprayers and over sensitive souls etc. but with...
  87. Re: Are fragrances slowly being removed from society?

    Being trapped in a confined, poorly ventilated work space with someone who (a) wears too much of any fragrance, (b) has body odour or bad breath, (c) is transporting groceries that contain 'ripe'...
  88. Re: L'Artisan vs Penhaligon's vs Comme des Garçons

    My thoughts, exactly :)
  89. Re: New releases: L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Yuzu and Sport Mint

    I tried the Yuzu at Narita a few weeks ago and it's a shocker - struck me as cheap and nasty with a few minutes of 'okayish' opening and then just a shrill woodsy aromachemical that goes beyond...
  90. Re: Terre d' Hermes - Changes for the better?

    I've tried the 'current' one a couple of times in the last year after reading posts here and I get the feeling that everything has been dialled down, it just seems to have less 'personality'.

    I am...
  91. Re: How long do you wait after a shower until you apply your fragrance?

    You drown the little molecules? Ohhh, noes.
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    Re: Jean Paul Guerlain Article

    Merci beaucoup :)
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    Re: Are the Cheapies Really Worth It?

    Amen to that - and it works both ways . . .
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    Re: After the Oud fad dies out, then what?

    I think sandalwood is due for a (very welcome) comeback now that santalum album is commercially available again. Unless the twits in Brussels hear about it, of course.
  95. Re: Are fragrances slowly being removed from society?

    From what I read North American and Northern European countries seem to be more likely to have these 'anti fragrance' lobbies, it's not something I have encountered here in Hong Kong (or other parts...
  96. Re: Does Shalimar have something to do with Habit Rouge?

    I've heard it said that Habit Rouge is 'Shalimar for Men' and there's some truth to that, I think, inasmuch as both have a decent whack of bergamot up front and then relax into what might be termed a...
  97. Re: Balsamic, Aromatic, Sweet, Vanilla fragrances similar to...

    I was with you until 'inexpensive'.

    Guerlain have a few that might work for you - Boid d'Armenie, Tonka Imperiale. These would qualify as 'good' to me, but not mainstream pricing.
  98. Re: Are fragrances slowly being removed from society?

    Define "society" :)
  99. Re: Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...pathetic generic trash.

    I predict a mild to enthused resurgence of positive sentiment in winter, followed by a resurrection of this Thread with a page or two of earnest 'I have done a 180 on this one' posts Spring of 2015....
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    Re: Your winter 2014 purchase list

    Definitely another bottle of Dries van Noten (or two).

    I'm also seriously thinking about a 250ml Bee of Vol de Nuit Extrait :)
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