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  1. Re: Would you go for patchouli or vetiver?

    They both make great partners in a fragrance IMO though I find patchouli to be the more versatile of the 2.
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    Re: What's the deal with attars?

    Agree with noggs' post. Amouage might have introduced attars to the Western world (and charging a fortune for them) but the Moslems have been wearing attars for centuries. It's often an integral part...
  3. Re: any suggestions for office/daily business fragrance

    Good call. Also try the more casual Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger.
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    Re: Cartier Les Heures de Parfum

    Amen to this.
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    Re: Best Designer "Leather" Scent?

    1776 by Elsha

    Not a true designer but any leather scent fan should give this cheapie a sniff. I don't miss Cuiron as much as I used to, not when I have this. :smiley:
  6. Re: Help me classify fragrances I don't like

    There's your classification, right there. :smiley:
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    Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    My personal favorites:-
    Incense Pure
    Jour Ensoleille
    Champaign de Bois
    Winter Woods
    Fireside Intense
    Ambre Noir
    Vintage Rose
    Sienna Musk
  8. Re: Question to UK Basenoters re: Royal Mail

    Royal Mail destroyed one of my shipments before with the seller laughing his way to the bank while I was left holding the short end. I'm still PO'd about it since I figured 'return to sender' remains...
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    Re: Next niche house to explore?

    Where Creed excels in bright & transparent fragrances, you should consider expanding your horizon by exploring the other end of the spectrum with the likes of Amouage attars or Serge Lutens'...
  10. Re: Help with something JC Ellena once said.

    Anyone with a basic understanding of physics can tell the 3-layer pyramid is way too simplistic. But I wouldn't underestimate the 'power of suggestion' employed by marketers. If you'd read that a...
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    Re: Notes vs Accords

    A leathery note or a leather accord? It seems both can be correct. :smiley:
  12. Re: Done with EBay it's infested with fakes..

    I don't blame them. There's money to be made off cheapskates who would never pay full retail for anything.
  13. Re: Comme Des Garcons - SERPENTINE - A New Fragrance

    Thought it's going to be a play on 'serpentine'. Green notes & London? Hope they don't end up too 'pedestrian'.
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    Re: Serge Lutens best florals for women

    Best to get your wife to sample them at least.
    My pick:

    Bas de Soie
    Sa Majeste la Rose
    A la Nuit
    Fleurs d'Orangeur
    Un Vox Noire
  15. Re: Amouage Memoir Man vs. CdG Monocle Scent One: Hinoki?

    Memoir Man by a mile. But if I'm in the mood for something simpler, I'd probably pick the CdG.
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    Re: Jicky EDP - First Wearing

    Glad to know they haven't screwed up this classic. Yet.
  17. Re: Do you guys feel strange when you don't put on any fragrance?

    Not at all. It's not like I'd forgotten to put on my underwear.
  18. Re: Gimme 3: Your most versatile scents that aren't boring [details inside]

    Designer: Terre d'Hermes
    Niche: Odori Cuoio
    Underrated: Ulrich Lang Nightscape
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    Re: Thoughts on Absolue pour le soir

    Worth a decant but not an FB for me ('cuz the decant will last a long time). Potent stuff; makes me self-conscious whenever I have it on.
  20. Re: What I finally realized about "boring" fragrances

    Well said, scentsitivity. There's nothing wrong with wearing an inoffensive workhorse of a fragrance. But if your worn fragrance seems more interesting than you are, then you have something to worry...
  21. Love the word 'scentusiast'!

    Love the word 'scentusiast'!
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    Re: the great youtube burnout

    Real life beckons, pulling heads out of fragranced clouds. Nothing I'd lament about. Anyway it's always good to take sabbaticals and explore new things. Doing the same thing day in day out is a...
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    Re: What are your next purchases going to be?

    So I've been told. We're still in contact but he's been busy with a new project so I'm not going to hold my breath. If I get a bottle, great. But if I don't there's always other wonderful fragrances...
  24. Re: Top two fragrances from Guerlain, Chanel, Dior and Hermes

    Guerlain - Mitsouko & Jicky
    Chanel - Cuir de Russie & 31 rue Cambon
    Dior - Fahrenheit & Granville
    Hermes - Vetiver Tonka & 24 Faubourg
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    Re: Barbershop scent: Worth paying $250?

    I happen to own all 3. 1725 lasts the longest while a Sartorial is the first to leave. I don't find them particularly barbershoppish, to be honest.
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    Re: What are your next purchases going to be?

    Cologne Reloaded from Bogue Profumo, if still available.
    Others under consideration incl the likes of HdP Olympia Music Hall, Xerjoff Fiero & Chanel No.22.
  27. Re: Designer Cult Favorites...Still In Production

    Dior Fahrenheit is still leading the line. Reformulated perhaps but still awesome.
    I'll add these to the list of cult designer favorites:-

    Loewe Esencia
    CK Obsession
    D&G Pour Homme
    JPG Le...
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    Re: Best cologne by Ralph Lauren

    Hands down, the original Polo is easily the one that puts RL on the fragrance map. For current formulation my vote goes to Double Black with Polo Explorer not far behind.
  29. Re: Anything similar to Zagorsk? Even better?

    Great purchase! I haven't found anything close to Zagorsk either. But I agree with Deadidol, SSS Incense Pure is a good one to try. Or if you're considering something less dry but no less refreshing,...
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    Re: Arpege Pour Homme !!!

    Iirc this was the first designer fragrance I bought after joining BN in 2009. Nice powdery sweet and a little peppery. Projects well, good lasting power, priced to sell. Thumbs up from me.
  31. Re: What's That One Mainstream Fragrance That You Love

    Fahrenheit, despite the reformulations. There are quite a few others, of course.
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    Re: What is your favorite Guerlain?

    Impossible to pick just one. I feel like a little boy in a candy shop! There are simply too many good stuff! But the all time favorite classic Guerlain for me will have to be Mitsouko (vintage...
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    Re: Pledge to stop buying

    Lol. That's like hanging around a buffet spread all day and telling yourself not to eat. :smiley:
  34. Re: Domenico Caraceni 1913 and Pure Malt Creation - WHERE to buy in the USA?

    I believe some old stock may still be found in small Italian stores but internationally, DC1913 is as good as discontinued. It's a gem for sure. I'm down to my last 30 ml...
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    Re: FCUK Him Flanker Thread

    Only if you happen to enjoy most of those fragrances or you're a die-hard FCUK fan. Otherwise that's $200 down the drain.
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    Re: D.S. and Durga

    Enjoying Bitter Rose Broken Spear (love the name!) even as I'm typing this. The flinty resinous facet (birch tar?) is indeed an interesting juxtaposition to the rose element. I've smelled many rose...
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    Re: Portrait of a Lady... thoughts?

    I wish the rose element lasts a little longer. Like many from the line, it's well put together but somehow I just can't find the love for it. Something seems to be missing. Like a soul...
  38. Re: BN Bros, Pick my Frag for Tonight's Festivities

    Cartier d'un Soir gets my vote.
  39. Re: Some ideas about how to buy perfume as a gift

    Great advice! If you are set on buying a fragrance gift, that is. But to share a personal observation, my wife is nowhere as crazy as I am about perfumes so perfume gifts generally don't impress her....
  40. Re: Fragrances to avoid using on a date in fear of smelling like her ex or previous guys.

    Nothing I'd worry about. Just remember to bring her grandma along to the next cage fight... :smiley:
  41. Re: Whats the best cheapest cologne you ever smelled?

    Grey Flannel. <$10 for 1 oz bottle.
  42. Re: A "mainstream" and "non-offensive" leather based fragrance?

    Not a fan of Fan di Fendi pour Homme, sorry. Other than the original John Varvatos, you should try Aigner Black. Or better yet, Elsha 1776. 4 oz bottle still available for $30 or less on eBay.
  43. Re: I tried Clive Christian X for men, and it smells delicious, but is too weak. Any similar perfume

    I think Burberry London for Men smells somewhat similar to X. Unfortunately it's even more ephemeral...
  44. Re: CORRECTING COMMERCIAL FRAGRANCES WITH HYRACEUM - temporary thread from Huddlr archive

    Thank you, purplebird for linking me up to this thread. Was wondering what happened to the project. While I am rather tied up with work, I'm keen to follow my fellow perfumistas' personal experience...
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    Re: Versace Eros thoughts and takes?

    Versace Eros has its fans, I'm sure. I'm just not one of them.
  46. Re: If you had to give one blind buy reccommendation what would it be?

    Burberry London
  47. Re: Lī Ombre dans lī eau ,the shadow in the water

    I'm a fan of L'Ombre dans L'Eau. It has presence but without the hefty baggage.
  48. Poll: Re: Kilian Straight To Heaven 1.7 oz for $235, worth it?

    If you like it well enough then it's worth it. It smells great on me.
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    Re: Pick 3 from Chanel

    Cuir de Russie
    31 rue Cambon
    Bois des Iles

    From your restricted list:
    Pour Monsieur
  50. Re: Ever smell familiar scents in a club/bar and think your a fragrance expert?

    I don't really notice. I guess I'm more interested in what fragrance the women are wearing...
  51. Re: Define Your Personal Financial Limit Regarding Single Purchases

    No absolute limits for me as I seldom stick to any of them anyway, lol. But I'm a sensible user; If I like a fragrance well enough, I'll try to get in on a split as I think full bottles don't fit...
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    Re: Bulgari Man.....Disappointing!

    My exact reaction when I first tried it on. I wanted to like it as the bottle looks good...but the juice is utterly forgettable .
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    Re: Minimalist Compositions

    Interesting discussions. It got me questioning if a minimalist fragrance composition is always perceived as minimalist (in terms of presentation) especially considering how complex or multi-faceted a...
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    Re: Invasion Barbare vs. Chypre Palatin

    If you don't enjoy Puredistance M, chances are you probably won't enjoy MDCI Chypre Palatin either as it shares a similar vibe (to my nose at least). Invasion Barbare is a great option and works well...
  55. Re: If you had 200-300 bucks to blow on a discontinued Fragrance, which would you buy?

    Cuiron by Helmut Lang
  56. Re: Which do you buy backup because you like it so much

    None. Not having backups make what little I have left even more precious. But it sure helps with the wardrobe rotation.
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    Re: What's your current stance on

    They are ok if used appropriately. Some of them actually smell pretty darn good, if you catch a fleeting whiff from a distance. But due to their poorer longevity, clueless users tend to over-spray in...
  58. Re: What are your favorite fragrances in each genre? (POLL)

    Too many genres & sub-genres, really. :smiley: But here's my 2 cents...

    Histoires de Parfums 1969
    La Via del Profumo Cafe Milano
    L'Artisan Parfumeurs Traversee du Bhospore

    Spicy ...
  59. Re: I can not stop buying fragrances so I am thinking about selling my collection!

    Unless you have another new burning interest, I wouldn't go cold turkey on this hobby. It will just spark another buying frenzy.

    I suspect you enjoy the buying aspect more than the actual act of...
  60. Re: Thoughts on black afgano by nassamato? (spelling)

    Ugh. Not for everyone. Certainly not for me. Probably best worn by an uruk-hai in LotR.
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    Re: Bottega veneta pour homme

    It's atypical of modern designer releases. Very discreet and rather sophisticated. I don't get the leathery vibe. Definitely not a love at 1st sniff type of scents. I'm still on the fence...
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    Re: What can I expect from Pure leather?

    Pure HYPERBOLE. That's what you can expect. :)
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    Re: Cartier Declaration: What a Fine Scent!

    It's a versatile workhorse fragrance - probably one of JC Ellena's finest work. The Essence and Bois Bleu flankers are equally good IMO.
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    Re: frags you couldn't live without!

    None, really. But if pushed for an answer:

    Loewe Esencia
  65. Re: Anyone else biased towards strong scents? (Kilian "Straight to Heaven")

    Straight to Heaven projects beautifully on skin even if it may seem a little strong at closer sniffing range. I have no biases towards stronger fragrances, only towards good ones even if they are...
  66. Re: If you had a 130 bucks, what Niche would you buy?

    Probably Cologne Reloaded from Bogue Profumo. Amazingly 'old school'.
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    Re: My core 6 frags

    Seems a little heavy on fresh 'day at the office' type of scents. But without knowing your lifestyle it's tricky to give more thoughtful input.

    If I were to stick to 6, I'd probably go nuts but...
  68. Re: what do u think of a flowery scent on men?

    Smells like a scoundrel who hasn't had time to shower after his latest 'conquest'.... Is that such a bad thing? :)
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    Re: rose cologne for men a do or dont.?

    Good suggestions all round. I'd give Diptyque's L'Ombre dans L'Eau a try too.
  70. Re: Do you REALLY like it...or are you forcing yourself to like it?

    Well, we do fall in and out of love with fragrances. That's why we have The Marketplace. I used to enjoy MFK Cologne Pour Le Soir and APOM Homme but lately I find them somewhat cloying and synthetic,...
  71. Re: whats a good scent to buy that smells aromatic and fresh?

    'Aromatic' and 'fresh' are probably two of the most vague adjectives to describe a fragrance. The 3 listed below qualify but have distinctly different prrsonalities/ profiles:-

    Sisley Eau de...
  72. Re: Anyone ever worry about possible adverse effects from fragrance on your skin over many years?

    The risk of getting into a car accident is a lot higher. Fragrance-related risk is insignificant by comparison. Some people believe IFRA is a tool for the rich aromachemical giants to push their...
  73. Re: Just blind bought Samourai? Your thoughts.

    AD Samourai is pretty ok if you're into mild transparent watery citrus-woods kind of fragrance. Not particularly memorable to me. There are definitely better options in the genre, for not much more....
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    Re: Sycomore by Chanel a Beast?

    Sycamore is indeed a fine beast. It lurks around a fair bit and shows up every now and then when I least expect it. One of Chanel Les Exclusif's finest. IMO.
  75. Re: Is there anything wrong with spraying cologne on your clothes?

    Whichever method works well for you is a perfectly acceptable method. Your hobby. Your rules.
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    Re: Is it me or base notes?

    Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, I'd read that earlier but no assurance was given then so I figured I shouldn't start assuming things. If these 'glitches' had been highlighted to us prior to the...
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    Re: Is it me or base notes?

    If I may hitch on OP's thread, I've lost 30+ reviews since the 'return'. My backup file failed so there's no other way for me to recover those reviews. I trust the technical team is on top of this...
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    Re: Room scent of the day November 2013

    Sandalwood from Pure Incense Connoisseur series. Potent stuff. I can scent a room even without lighting the stick!
  79. Poll: Re: Which Would You Go With and Why? A or B?

    TV is easier to like but its linearity is a drag. 1740 is far more interesting. I don't need full bottles of either but between the 2 I prefer the HdP.
  80. Re: i want to blind buy cdg do you rate avignon?

    Good job getting those samples!

    CdG Avignon is a quality straight forward lemony incense. I have a bottle from a trade though I actually prefer Zagorsk's greener and icier take. Amouage Memoir...
  81. Re: Fragrances you really like but just not for you

    1740 by Histoires de Parfums. I find it hard to wear, esp. in this climate.
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    Re: nasamatto hindu grass

    Nice fresh take on patchouli. Easy to wear. But somewhat pricey for what it does.
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    Re: Eau noire discontinued

    Starting such rumors is not a bad way to drum up flagging sales IMHO. Eau Noire is too much of an oddball for me; I respect it but I certainly won't miss it.
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    Re: What Is Your Most Wanted Fragrance?

    Vintage Fahrenheit
  85. Re: What makes a scent "challenging" for YOU?

    Whenever a fragrance strikes me as compelling yet not readily wearable. MFK Absolue Pour le Soir, HdP 1740 and Dior Leather Oud are a few that came to mind.
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    Re: Bad Fragrance, Beautiful Bottle

    Dirty English by Juicy Couture.
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    Re: Niche help here, I am on the hunt

    Hindu Kush by La Via del Profumo
    Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur
    Bosque by Humiecki & Graf
    Agar Musk by Ramon Monegal
    Invasion Barbare by MDCI
    Incense Oud By Kilian
    Cuoio by Odori
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    Re: Tired of no-long-lasting fragrances

    Lol @ Dior Homme smelling like an old university professor. If that's the case maybe you might dig something like Victoria's Secret Isle of Pink?

    But in all seriousness, if you enjoy John...
  89. Re: What are your most loved incense fragrances?

    By Kilian Incense Oud.
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    Re: Niche noob sampler pack

    Just some selection to gently dip a toe into niche waters:

    Serge Lutens - Chergui /Five O Clock Au Gingembre
    Diptyque - 34 Boulevard Paris St Germaine /L'Ombre dans L'Eau
    Histoires des Parfums...
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    Re: Ormond Yayne

    Nice enough as a lightly woodsy green masculine but for the price it's too transient to be FBW IMHO.
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    Re: New from MDCI - Cuir Garamante

    I see a new split on the horizon...
  93. Re: Armani Code has to be one of the most underrated fragrances.

    Before Dior Homme, there was Code. Iirc it has had its fair share of 'talk of the town' until 2009. Definitely NOT underrated.
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    Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    Your nose is fine. Just that your mental association with a particular note has been altered. The good thing is it can be reset. Try reading more positive reviews of Fat Electrician and revisit it in...
  95. Re: Armani Eau Pour Homme, when was it reformulated?

    Seems about right to me. I had 2 bottles from the early 1990s and another bought in 2011. The tops may be similar but the drydown has definitely changed, and not for the better imo.
  96. Re: Men, what's the worst FEMALE fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Versace Bright Crystal. Scratchy transparent woods, synthetic musks, mediocrity personified. But I was in no position to tell the woman what I really thought of her fragrance: not something to wear...
  97. Re: Best italian fragrance for men (resurrected)

    +1 on Xerjoff Fiero. Overpriced perhaps but what the only live once. :smiley:
  98. Re: If you end up in hell, which fragrance will the devil make you wear for all eternity as punishme

    Sex Panther. :wink:
  99. Re: My wife: "What is smells kind of girlie"

    She doesn't like to smell it on you. If I know women they are seldom straight talkers.
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    Re: D.S. and Durga

    They are pretty hard to come by. I like their $ and am waiting for a sample of their latest: Spent Musket Oil.
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