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  1. Re: Can you Effectively Decant from a spray?......

    With just a modicum of care and a steady hand you'll find it's relatively easy. If you do find it a struggle you can make a little funnel from some silver foil and use that to help you.
  2. Re: Middle Eastern Perfume Oils, which ones?

    Thanks very much, i'll check out the names you gave me.
  3. Middle Eastern Perfume Oils, which ones?

    Dear Group, i am a relative newcomer to the world of fragrances, but a keen newcomer none the less.
    I have been swotting up on perfume oils and i can see masses of them on sites such as Ebay and...
  4. Re: Penhaligon's Sartorial - first wearing and review

    Oh, just in case it's of interest to anyone, i just visited Penhaligon's site and bought a 1.5ml sample for 30/- including postage.
  5. Re: Penhaligon's Sartorial - first wearing and review

    How odd, of the few fragrances i've aquired as a new boy to this fragrant world the one that lasts longest on me (and is my firm favourite) is Opus 1870.
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    Re: Better options than British Sterling

    And i suspect the reason for that is because he likes it. It's rather like buying a new pipe for a friend who has smoked the same one for 30 years. Always seems a good idea, but believe me, it's...
  7. Opus 1870 (A picture paints a thousand words)

    Dear Group, I'm very new to the whole cologne thing, in fact i don't think i've worn any since the 70's, so, aiming to correct that mistake, over the last couple of weeks i've been collecting some...
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    How many dabs = a spray

    Dear Group, as a new old boy to the fragrant world i now inhabit i have aquired several samples of various colognes. One or two of them have atomiser sprays but the majority just have a little...
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    Re: razor choices

    Sure, you could just but one of those 5 (or is it 10 now) blade razors and finish shaving in 30 seconds. Or, you could get an old Gillette. Maybe a 40's style Super Speed. You could buy a...
  10. Re: Old boy needs a little guidance please

    Thank you all very much for your suggestions, it's much appreciated. I'll see if i can find any to try next time i go into town.

    Thanks again
  11. Old boy needs a little guidance please

    Dear Group, believe it or not my only experiance of male colognes and fragrances was when Henry Cooper exhorted me to "Splash it all over" long time ago.

    Anyways, time has moved on and i fancy...
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