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    Re: What's the best CREED Fragrance?

    if you are new to the house... GIT and MI and Virgin island water are safe bets. Winter: Original Santal The Best smelling for me is Bois De Portugal is The houses' sleeper. from the bottle it...
  2. Re: 2 New Fragrances by Profumum - Battito d'ali and Arso

    I have just picked this up, I have had compliments through the roof from women, asking what am i wearing, I love that it is an underground house still, and that their names are difficult to...
  3. Re: Bond No. 9 - I love New York for All - Marriage Equality

    I Teach Scent Courses and have a great pulse on whats hot, and what's not. I have to say Out of the Grouping of Bond #9 this and for all, are the least Young-ish because of the notes are a little...
  4. Re: Bond No. 9 - I love New York for All - Marriage Equality

    Just purchased this today. Love it Bond #9 is not on top of my list of houses. but once in a while they drop an amazing one. This one will have a hard time selling because of the title and of...
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    Re: Best summer daytime fragrance?

    Edition Blanche Allure, Virgin Island Water, and Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna inexpensive: Nautica Voyage
  6. Re: Help - new fragrance wanted with longevity & projection, my current one is Love Chloe.

    Victor and Rolf's spice bomb will do the trick.
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    Re: Bond No.9 Sag Harbor

    Sag Harbor from Bond # 9 Is an amazing Scent, great projection and stays put for at least 6-7 hours. I some times mix it with cooper square just to confuse people. but by its self it is majestic...
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    Re: i need help with CREED fragrances!

    I love purchasing them brand new from the store because the batch is new. and in the Case of Creed they use a lot of natural ingredients that do go bad, and anything with Alcohol will change with...
  9. Re: How do you store or organize your fragrances?

    Store the expensive ones in a small college refrigerator, the others are on the coldest side of the room feel the wall in the winter, thats the one! and They are separated, by the House of Cologne...
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