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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Probably not a popular response, but my silver-Sharpy bottle of Sana is something I'll always treasure. It was way
    out of character with the rest of his releases at the time, but sure smells...
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    Re: NEW Twilly d'Hermes

    Had a *very* quick sniff of this at Nordstroms just a few days ago. It seemed pretty nice to me.
  3. Re: Trying first of 10 from Claire Vukcevic male designer list

    Black is apparently discontinued now, and no longer appears on their website.
  4. Re: Serge Lutens Discontinuing up to 10 Fragrances?

    Yep, I pretty much feel the same. From a practical standpoint the 50ml bottles were large enough for me, and I liked the idea that one could find them at a reasonable price. This whole "let's price...
  5. Re: "Powdery" Like what powder? Johnson's Baby Powder? Which seems to have been reformulated.

    While I agree with all of these conceptualizations, are't things like face powder and baby powder (which is now mostly cornstarch I think) scented with some sort of added fragrance ?

    Talcum powder...
  6. "Powdery" Like what powder? Johnson's Baby Powder? Which seems to have been reformulated.

    I suspect we all know what "powdery" means, but it was only recently that I stopped to wonder how the heck it was that I knew what "powdery" smelled like in the first place.

    My experience with...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    The original version of Grev was something alright. I think I wrote a review somewhere where I said that I thought it was what the bad guys in the Mad Max movies might wear when they wanted to get...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Oh brother, those original samples from when Josh first got started !! Some of them were a little scary alright. I've still got them somewhere, but I suspect they would seem more like an archeology...
  9. Fragrance seen through the eyes of Autism.

    I thought this was a particularly interesting article :

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    Re: Your most esoteric, artisanal fragrance?

    Josh sent me a complimentary silver-sharpy bottle of "Sana" right when he was first starting out. It's truly wonderful stuff, but a one-off, and only came in those little square bottles I think ?
  11. Re: Imaginary Authors Short Story Collection ( Sampling Breakdown )

    That's a great looking sample set alright, but I could not help noticing that they've not included Bull's Blood.

    Probably for good reasons, as I have a big decant of it, and…well… it probably...
  12. Re: NEW: L'Artisan Parfumeur - Un Air de Bretagne!

    I haven't been paying proper attention recently, but am I right in thinking that this is their first new thing since being sold to Puig about a year ago ?
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    Re: How is Malle's Carnal Flowers?

    This is one of the few frags that makes me go "Yikes!" when I first spray it on, plus it's relentlessly floral.

    Great stuff, but the folks above who recommend testing first are not kidding.
  14. Re: Interesting article from the Guardian "Is There Such a Thing as a Masculine Scent?"

    ".. 66,000 participants were asked to rate hundreds of perfumes…"

    That's a pretty damn big study.

    I wonder how it came about, and who funded it ?
  15. Re: Serge Lutens Now in 100ml Sizes (Non-Eau Series)

    "Special" = Particularly expensive.

    It's an equation I'm getting tired of quickly.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell unique

    Isle Ryder. from the Hylands Series by DS and Durga
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    Re: Glass or Plastic decants, does it matter

    Just my two cents of course, but I tend to believe that evaporation frequently stems from issues within the spray mechanism itself. I've had glass decants that I felt were perfectly well sealed, as...
  18. Re: Anyone hear of Scent of Wealth by Platine DaVinci?

    Here's a tasteful short video I found, that was produced for this perfume's release :

    Just my...
  19. Re: Anyone hear of Scent of Wealth by Platine DaVinci?

    Interesting, and it will be interesting to see if it smells good too.

    The idea of a limited edition, where if they sold out at list price, they made 25 million dollars….I can see why it has the...
  20. Re: Victoria's Secret Bombshell - a (somewhat) effective insect repellent

    One does wonder how many sprays it would take to protect one's whole body, if 100% skin coverage is required, which is the case with most bug sprays ?

    Ten or even quite a few more, I would think.
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    Re: sophistication....?

    Personally, I feel that my knowledge of perfume qualifies as sophisticated, but as to what I like to actually wear, I would generally say that I prefer to wear things that are challenging or fun.
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    Re: Fragrance research project. Help Needed

    Here in the US, there are people who might not wear fragrance in public, as in some modern circles it's considered intrusive. So it might be interesting to see if people feel degrees of unease at...
  23. Re: Serge Lutens Discontinuing up to 10 Fragrances?

    Just read through this thread, and it certainly seems as though none of these decisions are being made by people who actually like fragrances.

    Which rarely results in a reassuring feeling for me....
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    Re: landscape perfume

    DS and Durga's 'Isle Ryder" does a good job of evoking a scrubby Celtic landscape for me.

    Not that I've ever been on a scrubby Celtic landscape, but hey.

    Quite distinctive stuff and I like...
  25. Re: NEW: L'Artisan Parfumeur - Histoire d'Orangers !

    I'm on the lookout for a good orange blossom fragrance, and perhaps this will be it ! :)
  26. Re: Will the 70s, 80s style of perfume application make a comeback?

    Trust me : Someone will come out with some set of information on the negative health effects of viewing other people's loudly-colored clothing, and then we'll be considered selfish and rude for...
  27. Poll: Re: Which is the best Zoologist Perfume in terms of Scent & performance?

    I've not tried the newest ones, but of the sample pack that they were selling when the line began, I found myself enjoying Beaver the most.

    Bat is "interesting" and gets point for that, but I was...
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    Re: The Weirder the Better 2017

    Room 237 is Breath of God Lite. I kind of like them both, but to my nose they are both closely related, smell wise.
  29. Re: How much does a fragrance enhance a person's "appeal?"

    I live in a very trendy town, where fragrance is apparently a no-no. So when I pass someone who's wearing it, I get a vibe that they have their own sense of themselves, and aren't particularly...
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    Re: William Fraysse is new Caron nose!

    To be fair, he may have been brought onboard to handle the IFRA reformulations. Not an enviable job for anyone I suspect.
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    Re: Getting into niche fragrances.

    These are two that I would suggest too.
  32. Re: Most people don't like perfume and/or cologne

    Everyone is all so "pure and natural" in the town I live in, that I suspect most people view the idea of wearing perfume as horrifying. One can go for weeks here and never smell anything on anyone....
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    Re: zoologist, anyone smelled this house?

    Bat does smell like wet limestone at some point. Interesting, but I'm not sure I'm in love with it.

    Rhinoceros is their heaviest fragrance. I need to haul out my sample and give it another try,...
  34. Re: If you had to wear only 1 perfume house for the rest of your life...

    These are the ones I was going to say too.
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    Re: Rose oil in Marrakech?

    Yeah Fez. That's the place alright.
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    Re: Rose oil in Marrakech?

    It's been a while since I was in Morocco, but the other big thing they had going there, along with rose oil, was a distillation of orange blossoms.

    So that's one other thing you might keep a look...
  37. Re: Is it possible that there is a fragrance industry "Bubble"?

    It's difficult for me to imagine that we're not in the midst of a bubble.

    When the folks here can't even begin to keep up with all of the new lines that are coming out, let alone the items...
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    Re: LVMH to purchase Maison Francis Kurkdjian?

    I just can't understand why people mistrust corporatization. It's been great for the world so far.
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    Re: For yourself or others?

    For myself, and at home a lot too.

    I live in a town where everyone is all "pure and natural" and where scents would generally not be welcome.

    Because of that, I do wear them out sometimes...
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    Re: Meet Andy Tauer

    My sister has a reservation to be there. :smiley:
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    Re: Creed for Kids?!?

    They'll be coming out with something for my goldfish soon, I hope.
  42. Re: Rubbing vs dabbing/marking How much "damage" to the scent?

    My sense is that rubbing just makes the alcohol evaporate faster, so the top notes pass by faster than they might otherwise.

    For myself, I just spray, and then "spread" , rather than actually...
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    Re: Fall is for Amber.

    I love Ambre Sultan, but 114 is the real straight-ahead stuff as far as I'm concerned.
  44. Re: New Study : Over one-third of Americans report health problems from fragranced products.

    "According to this theory, a two-step process occurs: (1) an initial salient exposure event(s) (for example, a one-time, intermittent, or continuous exposure to pesticides, solvents, or air...
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    Re: Amouage Suggestions

    You'll have to see what you think of Ciel. It's their summer thing, but I didn't think it was all that distinctive.

    Interlude is their beast - at least in the original formulation. Good stuff,...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Niche Fragrance House? (Poll)

    Oh heck : When I step back and look at my actual collection, I gotta say Serge Lutens.
  47. Thread: T K Maxx

    by Birdboy48

    Re: T K Maxx

    Here in the US, you know that L' Artisan is having to clear their shelves of the old bottles too.

    But rather than showing up at TJ Maxx (our version of TK Maxx) they seem to be ending up on the...
  48. Re: Basenotes mentioned in NY Times article about animalic perfumes

    Although all the buzz was about Bat, in the sample set I got from Zoology, I felt that Beaver 2016 was the most interesting of the group.
  49. Re: New Study : Over one-third of Americans report health problems from fragranced products.

    Oh come now. How many published research studies require tens of thousands of subjects in order to be considered legitimate? Most researchers who conduct studies would kill to get a thousand. I...
  50. New Study : Over one-third of Americans report health problems from fragranced products.

    "Over 12% of the population experience health problems from the scent of laundry products vented outdoors, over 19% from being in a room cleaned with scented products, and over 23% from being near...
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    Re: Bedtime Scent

    I must admit : Often bedtime turns out to be the only time I wear scent during the day.

    Safran Troublant - That pretty much does it for me when it comes to sleep time.
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    Re: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille - thoughts?

    Gosh, how the mighty have fallen !

    I'm sure I'm not alone in remembering what a "darling" it was here on BN when it first came out.
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    Re: DS & Durga NYC Sample Sale this Saturday

    Whew, it sounds like they are cleaning out the cupboards alright ! I too liked their original bottles, and a number of things from their line.

    I imagine they got a lot of attendance,...
  54. Re: A round-up of the fragrances at Pitti Fragrance 2016

    Great to hear that you had a good time there. And as far as "brief first impressions" go, I often pay more attention to those than I do when people spend hours working on their reviews. :-)
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    Re: NEW : Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu

    I'd hate to think their best days are past too. :sad:

    To be honest, when buying SL's, I've always made a point of going to E-bay and shopping for used "old-label" bottles out of fear for the...
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    Re: Amber Recommendation

    Ambre 114 is about as straight ahead as it gets.

    I love Kalemat too.

    Ambre Sultan is one of those "amber n' more" types of things and very hard to go wrong with.
  57. Re: NEW : Natura Fabularis - Six New Scents by L'Artisan Parfumeur!

    I've always been well-inclined to this line, so I really hope these turn out to be worthy.

    Since they sold out a while ago to one of the big mega frag outfit's, I have my worries though I must...
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    Re: Beloved Man!!!

    I've been going though a bunch of Amouage samples over the last week, and Beloved is certainly different than others from the line, so it confused me for a bit I'll admit.

    Once I reflected back on...
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    Re: New Amouage - Myths

    A friend of mine in a distant city works at a stand-alone perfume shop that's been selling Amouage forever. I got the chance to visit her recently, and she filled me up with factory samples of all...
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    Re: Beast Mode (Projection + Longevity)

    Same here - Not a lot of projection for me either, when compared with some of the other Lutens things. I've always wondered if I had a dud bottle, so it's good to hear that it's not a beast for...
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    Re: Beast Mode (Projection + Longevity)

    I once had a small sample of Montale Blue Amber that pretty much frightened me in this regard. It was early on in my frag-sniffing journey, and something I'll never forget.
  62. Re: I just bought the new Tom Ford Bois - Cant say im happy about it

    At 260 bottles, one is tempted to think that it may indeed be the old stuff that they found a stash of in their warehouse ? Somehow I can't picture a big outfit like this having some mad little...
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    Re: Arabian Oud Open on Broadway

    How about that ! I had to order Kalemat Amber from overseas last Christmas. I wonder if they'll be shipping orders from the US now ?

    Hopefully they'll have some success, despite their...
  64. Re: Recommend a Patchouli similar to Borneo 1834 !!

    Too bad that in all these years Serge has not seen fit to export it again. I picked up a partial bottle on E-bay several years ago, and continue to thank my stars that I did, as it essentially never...
  65. Re: The Self-Destruction Of My Collection - Montale Bottle Question...

    From the look of it, the aluminum bottle may have been chrome-plated to give it that shine. So some kind of interaction between the two metals ? I've seen chrome bubble like this on old cars and...
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    Re: Gimmicky/Bizarre Fragrances

    'Bull's Blood' by Imaginary Authors is kind of inexcusable.
  67. Re: Looking to buy Amouage: Reflection vs Interlude

    I just sampled Interlude a few days ago, and at least as far as the factory sample I got, this stuff is as close to a "Perma-frag" as anything I've come across. Nice the first day with two sprays on...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Many bottles of Black Orchid at my local Costco for 49.95. I was a bit surprised to see them there.
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    Re: Which scent screams "don't f@&k with me"

    Some of the very earliest iterations of the Sumberhouse things. I have a very early sample of Grev, that a person could not wear unless they were outdoors and the temperature was well below...
  70. Re: NEW: Au Coeur du Desert by Tauer Perfumes AND Tuberose Flash by Tauerville

    Andy mentions on his blog that it may not be until after Nov 1st that these two new things will be available in the US.
  71. Re: any of these 90's perfumes still worthy to this day?

    My sense is that they are listing ones which were quite popular and iconic back then, rather than going for the ones which were actually the best. And which are still available .

    It would be...
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    Re: New Slumberhouse: "New Sibet"

    It really is exciting to hear that Josh is releasing something new ! What a difference from other outfits which now seem to feel it's mandatory to have several a year. He's all very retro in that...
  73. Thread: Amber vs Oud

    by Birdboy48

    Poll: Re: Amber vs Oud

    Amber, for that comforting thing it can have.
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    Re: All eyes on niche

    When big outfits buy up niche lines, I suspect they feel that they are mostly purchasing the aura that surrounds that line. As they move forward, if the new products don't keep up with the aura,...
  75. Re: New Canadian perfume house "Zoologist Perfumes"

    I went with buying the sample set too, a few weeks ago, and am really pleased that I did. I also appreciate the fact that at least for now, the house has a reasonable number of introductions, so...
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    Re: Reference fragrances?

    "Amber" is a pretty bottom-line note, and many sorts of fragrances are built on it.

    Ambre 114 by HdD has always been my reference point when it comes to assessing the various other ambers, and...
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    Re: Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

    So you think they figure that people being able to sample would discourage blind-buying ? Or that if people do sample, they want to make sure that SA's are there overseeing the process ?

  78. Replies

    Re: Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

    Yes, it does seem like one of those situations where a business is putting one thing ahead of another.

    Not exactly sure what either of those "one things" are in this situation though , or how...
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    Re: Favorite night time/ sleeping fragrances

    Safran Troublant. That wonderfully comforting opening only lasts a while, which can be a bummer, but provokes no disappointment when one's heading to Slumberland.
  80. Re: Has Ambre Sulton Been Reformulated In The Last Six Years?

    Given the broad nature of the IFRA restrictions, it's difficult to imagine that there are any fragrances which have not required some degree of reformulation. I'd be surprised if there were any, to...
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    Re: Nausea and Headaches from Cologne

    Every time I read a post like this, I can feel another round of IFRA regs coming on. :tongue:
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    Re: Ambers! This junkie needs advise.

    There's straght-ahead Ambers, and then there's "Amber 'n More"s.

    For the real baseline stuff, Ambre 114 is hard to beat. I got one of those 14 ml travel sprays, and then ended up buying a full...
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    Re: Full bottle or samples

    I feel like a dope when I end up with full bottles of things that I'm not absolutely in love with, so I tend to stick with samples and splits. 1ml samples are just too small, but it's amazing how...
  84. Re: So Many Fragrances out there I don't where to start!!!!!

    As others have said, sometimes it's hard for the appreciating part to keep pace with the acquiring part, when it seems like there are so many "must smell" gems out there to get to know. In the end,...
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    Poll: Re: How do you feel about Ambre 114?

    After I found myself wearing the sample I got for 5 days in a row, something I rarely find myself doing with anything I own, I sprung for a FB of this stuff. Not a year-round kind of thing, but...
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    Re: NEW: Byredo Unnamed

    Oh great : Even they can't tell what it's supposed to smell like ?

    Now there's a novel marketing strategy.
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    Re: Received a brand new bottle missing juice

    Someone brought this same thing up with Andy Tauer, and he mentioned that since all of his bottles were individually hand-made ( you can see a great video of their production online) that they...
  88. Re: 45 minute phone call with Frédéric Malle sales rep

    I'm going to join with the others who are saying it's a reformulation issue. Which is really not their fault, as IFRA has forced them, and everyone else into the same position. Multiple times in...
  89. Re: How often does your taste in fragrance change?

    I find it encouraging that my tastes change. There are a number of things that I liked to begin with that I've put behind me now. The downfall of many "Basenotes Darlings" seems to indicate that...
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    Re: Ambre Sultan and Arabie

    I own both, and Arabie is definitely a step further up the ladder on the heavy and syrupy scale. AS is probably safe for most people, but Arabie is nothing I'd buy blind.
  91. 15% off Neil Morris Perfumes, until Aug 7th.

    15% off of all orders over $70. Discount code : summer
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    Re: Are There Any Good Fragrance Commercials?

    I guess if "good" means truly laughable pretension, then there are plenty of great ones out there !

    I'll admit to an affection for some of the Old Spice ads which have poked fun at that end of...
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    Re: Vintage Polo(green)

    Whew, "Feeling Man" is some kind of juice alright ! It certainly will put a person in mind of a different era. From a historical perspective, I don't think you'll be sorry you got it.
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    Re: 2,100 Year Old Agate Perfume Bottle

    Boy, speaking as someone with experience in the lapidary field, the amount of time it must have taken to make that thing, with the tools they had at the time...
  95. Re: Zoologist Beaver and Beaver 2016 - any difference?

    Those who have been out on the river, and pulled over in the vicinity of these roundish mud-pats that beavers make to mark their territory will certainly find that same smell here, even in the new...
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    Re: Severe evaporation driving me crazy!

    I wonder if this is more a case of "unintended pumping", rather than "evaporation" from a poorly sealed bottle ?

    What I mean is….if you have a bunch of air in a bottle fluctuations in temperature...
  97. Re: Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Reformulating Again?

    Was there a deadline date for when all frags had to conform to the most recent IFRA regs ?

    My sense is that a lot of outfits took the opportunity to change their bottles when they took steps to...
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    Poll: Re: Amouage Lyric or Reflection

    As others have said, perhaps Lyric is a bit too floral for some, but boy is it a great perfume.
  99. Re: My thoughts on 25 mostly niche samples I just received

    Some of these will smell a lot more appealing once cold weather comes, so that's something to keep in mind too !
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    Re: Lutens fanboy thread

    One is at the normal Lutens price, and the other in the $600 range.

    Interesting that they seem to be releasing the two side by side.
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