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    Re: Truth or Dare by Madonna

    It's not bad. Smelled a lot like Fracas with a sort of caramelized base. Lasted a long time. I may buy a bottle when it hits the discounters.
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    Re: Bargain, Thrift, Vintage, TJMaxx May Finds!

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a bunch of Cartiers at a TJ Maxx in Duluth, GA (Atlanta suburbs). They had 100 ml bottles of Must, Must for Men, Declaration, Eau de Cartier, Declaration Essence. The...
  3. Re: Help please! Looking for a gorgeous "Southern" white floral (magnolia/gardenia/sweet olive?)

    I like Lauder's Tuberose Gardenia, and Songes. I recently saw on Bourbon French's facebook page that they offer a coffret of Southern floral scents. They're reasonably priced, too. I think Tea Olive...
  4. Re: What should the FiFi Awards mean me, the consumer ?

    I think they're a lot like the Academy Awards or the Grammies -- insider fluff and rewarding market share mostly, but they get a few things right. Bottega Veneta, this year, for example.
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    Cartiers at TJ Maxx

    Visited a TJ Maxx in Duluth, Georgia (Atlanta suburb) yesterday and was surprised to find a bunch of Cartier scents -- at prices pretty high for a Maxx. Included Eau de Cartier at $100 for 100 mills,...
  6. Re: Scent of Apple - MacBook Pro Fragrance Created

    I'd rather not think too much about the provenance of my Apple products.
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    Re: What's up at The Perfumed Court?

    Agree. In the last couple of years their prices have just gotten unreasonably high.
  8. Re: Best most influential work of perfume art of the 21st century

    I guess I'd have to say that ISM and the Elenas were influential, but not with the mass market -- after ISM, there were all sorts of dry iris niche fragrances, and the perfumista crowd tried them...
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    Re: Fragrance Value

    I love comparison shopping, getting a deal, and almost never pay retail for anything. I did pay retail for Amouage Lyric for Women and ELDO Tuberose Gardenia. But not for anything else in my...
  10. Re: Best most influential work of perfume art of the 21st century

    Probably Iris Silver Mist. The opposite of "perfume." Smells like dirt, roots and vodka. Or the Ellena fragrances -- Jardin Sur le Nil, Mediteranee, Kelly Caleche -- he owned the early part of the...
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    Re: Place where you do not wear fragrance

    Doctors offices. Stuffy waiting rooms and who knows who's allergic. Hospitals. I do, however, wear a little citrus-based cologne to the gym, in self-defense!
  12. Re: What fragrance in the last five years has made you think - 'that's pretty good for a dept store

    Is Bottega Veneta available in department stores? That's the best stuff I've smelled this year that isn't from a niche house. It's a real chypre -- don't know how they managed it with all the...
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    Re: Women who know rose scents please tell me...

    Many great suggestions here! I'm partial to Rosine's Rose de Homme, a spicy patchouli rose that I think is really unisex and sounds like what you're looking for. Hey, if you can handle Rose Poivre,...
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    Re: Unsung Treasures

    I found a small bottle of this Musk for Men, the Houbignant version, at an estate sale for a couple of bucks. As a masculine, it's right up there with other classics like Guerlain's Vetiver, imho....
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    Poll: Re: Chanel Or Guerlain?

    I like the vintage Guerlains, but what they've done to the modern ones (Dior especially) is a crime. The Chanels seem less "gutted" somehow, so my vote would have to go to Chanel.
  16. Re: Aromamaterials question about Troisieme Homme...

    I think it's dihydromercanol. It's that "limey-woody" thing that seems to be in every mass-market men's scent. I admit I haven't smelled Troisieme Homme, though.
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    Re: Caron at Luckyscent

    I dunno. I got a sample of En Avion the other day and it is clearly a reformulation. I wish I could've smelled the old one.
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    Re: The Best Vanilla Colognes

    The new Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or, Vanille. Smoky, almost peppery, garners compliments everywhere.
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    Re: IFRA article in Wired magazine

    Not much new, but the robots are just plain creepy.
  20. Re: If you could give one piece of advice to a new fragrance collector, what would it be?

    Marry up.
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    Re: High-end vs. low-end fragrance ingredients

    Having begun doing some mixing, it's obvious to me why the synthetics: they're so much cheaper! Even on my tiny scale, a ml of natural jasmine absolute is over $25 while 1/4 oz. of "jasmine key...
  22. Re: Perfume: The Alchemy of Scent by Jean-Claude Ellena

    Will this be in French, or an English translation?
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    Re: 50ml or 100ml? How good is 100ml good?

    Since I've now amassed enough perfume to last me the rest of my life, I'm doing splits. I have a few 100 ml bottles that are two years + old now and I haven't even used half.

    The one exception...
  24. C'mon. This was making some sense to me until...


    This was making some sense to me until I read the part about reduced olfactory acuity that comes with age. Do I need to point to the great (and grey-haired) perfumers?

    It may be that...
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    Re: What do you guys think of Guerlain Vetiver?

    I wear it all the time in summer, on hot days. I got my bottle at TJ Maax about 8 months ago -- for $20. Enough to last forever. I think you really have to like vetiver, though, to wear this or any...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Lubin Black Jade

    I have a sample of this on order. Sounds like a new fave, but one never knows until one smells, does one.
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    Re: The Perfect Rose

    Rosine's Poussiere de Rose (sweet, plum) and Rose d'Homme (dark, tobacco-y, patchouli rose -- never mind that it's a "masculine." L'Arte di Gucci and La Nuit (vintage Paco Rabanne) -- two of the...
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    Re: Most worn in July?

    Hot, hot, hot weather!

    Eau de Pierlot by Claudie Pierlot
    Guerlain Vetiver
    EA Green Tea (with Green Tea essential oil)
    O de Lancome
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    Re: Perfume - how to improve longevity?

    This is a vexing issue for me, too. I have tried many (many) artisanal perfumes and all-natural perfumes and found that all -- ALL -- of them are beautiful to start with and then gone in minutes. (To...
  30. Well I guess it can't be much worse than P & G...

    Well I guess it can't be much worse than P & G but I'm skeptical whenever I hear the phrase "original formula." That has to be somebody who 1.) has no idea what they're talking about, or 2.) assumes...
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    Re: Alternative to Scent Strips?

    Re use of art paper: A huge piece of really good paper, like Arches, (22" x 30") is not terribly expensive, especially by perfume standards -- maybe $5 or $6 at a discounting art store -- and will...
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    Re: Scented fans? What do you think?

    I love fans and have started a collection. Can't think of a better way to enjoy the sillage of a favorite scent -- if some perfumeophobe complains, just put the fan away for a minute!
  33. Re: Difference between French, American, Italian, British, Arabian... fragrances

    Oh, I forgot the Arabian! Rose, oud, resins, spices. I love the idea of a highly perfumed culture. Amouage Lyric for Women is one of my all time favorites.
  34. Re: Difference between French, American, Italian, British, Arabian... fragrances

    Not much to add except that, based on fragrances I've tried, the Italian ones seem to be the most in-your-face, in a good way, not afraid to be perfume. The French make so many things that it's hard...
  35. Re: What is the most haunting, bewitching and DARK fragrance?

    I think Montale's Black Aoud might be just what you're looking for - bold, dark, dense, almost austere but elegant rose and oud that lasts and lasts ...and lasts! It's what I imagine Dracula...
  36. Re: Pure Iso E Super® from The Perfumer's Apprentice

    Interesting discussion! Some of the Ormonde Jayne fragrances ("Woman" and "Man" in particular) are full of Iso E Super.

    I have a small bottle of it from Perfumer's Apprentice, which I've always...
  37. Re: J***s C****t! A Tale of TERROR in the Perfume Biz

    ...or a skunk's head
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    Re: Female Fragrance for a hot summer

    I love Guerlain's Vetiver for cooling off. Or Lancome's O de Lancome. Or Miller Harris Figue Amere.
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    Re: Yet another from Duchaufour

    I'm thinking he's doing too much, overexposed, and here comes the inevitable backlash. However, I haven't smelled the fragrance in question (and probably won't, as we have no niche perfume stores...
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    Re: What makes a fragrance smell synthetic?

    I can only speak for myself, but it's the smelling and wearing of essential oils, botanical essences and the high-end niche perfumes made with at least some of them that simply point out the...
  41. Thread: Oud ???

    by Olfacta

    Re: Oud ???

    I recently purchased a "tiny sample" of real oud from a botanicals company. It came as a droplet of waxy stuff in the bottom of the vial. I added perfumer's alcohol to dilute it, and, after a couple...
  42. Re: IFRA restrictions - Conspiracy of Perfumery Producers?

    This is about money and has always been, imho. The synthetic molecules produced by the big labs are patentable. Natural ingredients are not, and besides, they're difficult to source -- who wants to...
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    Re: Blind buying Montale...

    Every Montale I've ever tried has been full of that synth-oud note, even ones like "Amber & Spice." If you don't really, really, really like oud...they do make an Orange Blossom, but that one's very...
  44. Re: Are GREEN CHYPRES really out of style these days?

    Has anyone bought Scherrer in the last couple of years? My bottle is about 2 1/2 years old and came from an online discounter. It smelled pretty much as ever. Now I'm thinking I should have a backup,...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Emanuel Ungaro Diva Rose

    Oh dear. Another Diva lover chiming in: "Modern" and "light" usually means "full of synthetic Frankenfroot" and "lasts 10 minutes."
  46. Thread: Rei Rien?

    by Olfacta

    Re: Rei Rien?

    Oh, that's a shame. I ordered from them last year. The got one item wrong but made up for it in spades. I do think this was a one-person show or very small company.
  47. Re: How do you display/store your fragrances? And what about those samples?

    Bottles and sets in a Heywood-Wakefield cabinet I found at an antique store and got a great deal on (and collection is rapidly outgrowing) -- samples in cigar boxes, a gourd, nightstand drawers,...
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    Re: What would/did you wear for your wedding?

    Vintage Bal a Versailles perfume, just the thing for an innocent bride
  49. Re: A question for you: when did anti-allergen movement begin?

    I believe Mitsouko was one of the earliest reformulations due to oakmoss content. That first came to light on the blogs around 2007.

    Not sure if you're looking for casual information, but I...
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    Re: Which celebrities should have fragrances?

    John Waters.
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    Re: Counterfeit Jean-Louis Scherrer?

    I think JLS was discontinued. (It's one of my favorites, too.) I don't think a counterfeiter would bother with something as obscure as JLS -- they go for Chanels, usually. It may be that the formula...
  52. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Olfacta

    Re: is the WORST

    Wow -- I'm sorry to hear of so much trouble with them. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've ordered from them at least 20 times and never had a problem.
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    Re: Tell tale signs....

    "So me, if you are in that're nowhere close to working for Amouage anytime soon."

    Oh damn! And I had a brand-new veil, all ready to go.
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    Re: Jojoba oil and fragrance.

    I've heard that jojoba is the most like human body oil. I've used it as a base, with fragrance aromachemicals, essences or essential oils, to mix my own hair stuff and also to experiment with mixing...
  55. Re: 2011 Meet-Up: Would you like to join us in New Orleans in autumn? Let's talk!

    Sounds like a definite maybe -- I'll keep checking in!
  56. Re: 2011 Meet-Up: Would you like to join us in New Orleans in autumn? Let's talk!

    [QUOTE=lilybelle;2097508]Yeah. That's true. I have a cousin in Laplace (she doesn't live there anymore) whose house backed onto a canal, and a gigantor alligator came into her backyard. She had to...
  57. Re: New Fragrance: Aromatics Elixir Perfumer's Reserve

    Could it be that a large perfume company has actually listened to the ranting on the perfume blogosphere about reformulations? So many have expressed wishes for "reserve" versions of classic...
  58. Thread: Luckyscent.

    by Olfacta

    Re: Luckyscent.

    I've had very good experiences with ordering samples from them. I've been to the store once and can only say that, if I still lived in L.A., I'd probably be broke!
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    Re: Cheapskate is curious

    I think that Rochas "Femme" is very similar to the Amouage. Not sure what vintage Femme is going for these days on fleabay, but even the newer one is ok, a little more cumin that the old, but the...
  60. Re: The Psychology of Smell - Interesting Articles On Scents and Stuff

    I think we all know this, and wish that more others did!
  61. Re: Lady Gaga's fragrance

    Luckily I was able to ignore this whole thing but now it's everywhere. IMHO, she's a "performance artist" for the masses. I've seen a lot of performance art aimed at the clued-in few, and it's not...
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    Re: By Kilian Rose Oud alternatives?

    Maybe it's just my skin but the Montale fragrances -- all of them -- are synth-oud monsters on me, while some of the more pricey ouds (and let's face it, real oud is astronomically expensive and...
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    Re: My dilemma with Carnal Flower

    I remember reading Octavian Coifan's post a couple of months ago about fakes. For some time now, we've only really been concerned about Chanel, but he was writing that niche perfumes can and will be...
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    Re: SotD Tuesday 22 February 2011

    Not sure yet, but I've got a mini of vintage Loulou (Carachel) that I've meant to try for awhile. I'm going to be doing some framing all day and will be by myself, so it's probably safe.
  65. Re: Please recommend a very nice aldehyde fragrance

    Madame Rochas -- a classic subtle floral with a soft musky drydown and beaucoup aldehydes! Or any of the classic Chanels.
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    Re: Looking for an incense perfume?

    I'd say that if she likes what you're wearing and compliments it, maybe one of those? Scents are pretty unisex now -- but, if you want a pure incense fragrance, Diptyque's Tam Dao is a good one.
  67. Re: What would a fragrance named after your locale smell like? (2 answers please: 1 snarky, 1 sincer

    1.) Barbecue.

    2.) Fresh air and spring florals.
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    Re: Worst/Best name for a fragrance?

    I think there are lots of good ones -- Allure, Opium come to mind. The worst one ev-ah, imho, is "Fat Electrician" from Etat Libre d'Orange.
  69. Re: Is there anywhere online that currently has Chanel in stock?

    Be careful if thinking about buying Chanel on ebay! It's the most counterfeited perfume line and fakes show up there.
  70. Re: How do you react when people tell you you're wearing too much fragrance?

    Good heavens. How could anyone be so rude?

    The other day I was on one of those buses you take from the Park 'N Ride to the airport. As I passed by, an older lady with a sour-looking expression...
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    Re: What scent will you wear for Christmas?

    I usually wear Amouge's Lyric for Women, but this year I think I'll try my sample of DSH's "Tabac Aurea."
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    Re: CDG Avignon -- Ladies' opinions wanted

    Diptyque Tam Dao is pure incense. Zagorsk is "Dr. Zhivago" in a bottle -- all forest; really great but not so much "incense." Avignon is a stony, medieval church smell.
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    Re: Bourbon French Parfums - a taste of Louisiana

    Hmmm...replied to this yesterday, my post ended up in the ether somewhere. I have been to NOLA many times, just got back from a trip last weekend. Hotels: I've stayed at the Provincial (Upper...
  74. Replies

    My blog: Olfactarama subtitled "Perfume and its ramifications -- the Genie in the bottle". I've been blogging for about 2 1/2 years. The link is below, in my signature line. Stop by when you get a chance!
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    Re: which perfume has the long lasting fragrance?

    Just about any Estee Lauder, especially if you don't like it.
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    Re: LVMH starting to take over Hermès

    Agree. I hope I don't offend anyone when I say I wouldn't carry an LV handbag if it was given to me free. That ugly brown! Those fleur-de-lis prints all over it! Those stitched handles! Yuck.

  77. Re: How about a "Inexpensive & Admired By Me" Thread?

    Oro, a fruity/spicy vanilla Maurice Roucel perfume that can be had for around $30 on the discount sites (and at Marshall's, i've heard); Agent Provocateur, a seductive woody rose, around $35 online;...
  78. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Olfacta

    Re: My Horrible Fragrancenet experience

    Hope I don't sound too "preachy" but: these discounters are able to offer the prices they do because they don't have to pay many people, among other things. I've ordered from them at least 20 times...
  79. Re: What is the best/strongest Rose scented fragrance?

    Tigerflag has some interesting things -- a rose attar, very strong. I like the Parfums de Rosine line, some are more true to the rose soliflore than others, though. Malle's Une Rose is a good one....
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    Re: Ma Griffe by Carvin, vintage. Really?

    I'll be very curious as to what they can do, considering the new regulations. Ma Griffe is full of oakmoss and other restricted ingredients.
  81. Re: Niche-ish Designer Scents (Current Reformulation)

    Oro (Roberto Cavalli). A Maurice Roucel creation now available for practically nothing.
    Donna Karan's Iris. Fresh and cool, not sweet, just great.
    Agent Provocateur. Dark woody rose just as good as...
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    Re: The Great Unwashed

    I read it in the Times. We flew back from NYC a week ago. I think some of those people were in the seats right in front of ours.
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    Re: Feminine Amouage Scents

    Amouge -- yeah, it's expensive, but a little goes a long way. One or two modest sprays does it. I've had a 50 ml bottle of Lyric for Women for 14 months now, wear it when I want (mostly special...
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    Re: Instead of Chanel N°19

    Jean-Louis Scherrer (the first). A spicy green chypre, available from the online discounters. Aromatics Elixir, which has been "softened" in recent years but is still pretty good.
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    Re: Help a newbie pick an orange scent

    Try Bourbon French's Orange Blossom scent ( It's a good intro to orange blossom and is MUCH less expensive than a Lutens or L'Artisan. Bigarade Concentree is good...
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    Re: Top Ten Old-Fashioned, Non-Modern Fragrances?

    I like Sublime once you get past the opening note, which I think is that synthetic pineapple-like aromachemical. However, my decant is a couple of years old and may well be an older version.
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    Re: Back up bottles

    Cuir de Lancome (so good I can't believe it's still on the market) and vintage Bal a Versailles EDT are the only ones I bought specifically as backup bottles. I do have Shalimar and Bal in several...
  88. Looks like something Klingons ("Star Trek") hurl...

    Looks like something Klingons ("Star Trek") hurl at each other.
  89. Re: The MOST dark...gothic scents...

    Avignon by CdG; Rossy de Palma from ELDO, Le Labo's Rose 31, L'Artisan's Voleur de Rose come to mind. Bulgari Black.
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    La Perla EDP = big civet note?

    I recently purchased a bottle of La Perla EDP, as the EDT didn't last long on me.

    When sprayed on clothing, it's nice and woody. On skin, however (at least my skin)...whoo-eee! Septic tanks and...
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    Re: What are your Favorite Soapy frags?

    Another Molinard fan! I have a small bottle of the perfume. It's a great green, a little soapy, but not as much as Ivorie. I tried wearing them together and they blended very well.
  92. Thread: Fake Creed

    by Olfacta

    Poll: Re: How can I be sure if the Creed fragrance I'm buying is real?

    What an interesting idea, testing with flame or some chemical! I wonder if all the perfumes the manufacturers swear aren't reformulated would react differently than older ones. I think I'll try this...
  93. Thread: Fake Creed

    by Olfacta

    Poll: Re: how to validate authentic Creed

    I'm hearing the the new, reformulated scents aren't as strong, and don't last as long. So you could have a bottle that isn't a fake, just a newer formula.
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    Re: Best Leather perfumes

    Cuir de Lancome -- soft like suede gloves
    vintage Tabac Blond -- what all other leathers aspire to be and almost impossible to find
    Miss Balmain -- a little overwhelming at first but dries down...
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    Re: Looked on Ebay for Green Irish Tweed...

    In my experience many of the ebay sellers know nothing about perfume. They may pick up a bottle of cologne at a tag sale and then offer it as "perfume." I always look at the photo, enlarge if...
  96. When did Guerlain change the "Shalimar" label?

    Specifically, the "batwing" bottle, extrait. The really old ones just use the word "Shalimar" on the front label. "Newer" bottles -- not sure what that means -- added the word "Guerlain." I haven't...
  97. Re: A celebrity you would really like to see come out with their own fragrance?

    John Waters
  98. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    FM Dans te Bras, a surprising miss from Malle. It smells like wet concrete and old mushrooms to me. I think it's a unisex scent but can't imagine either sex wanting to wear it. Some must, though.
  99. Re: Your favorite fragrance info sites and blogs?

    A site I don't think has been listed so far: which is team-written; a male and a female writer. It's wide-ranging, from scent reviews to essays about the...
  100. Replies

    Re: Fragrance smell changes?

    How old is your bottle? Perfume is light-sensitive and can become unstable when exposed to bright light. I've read that this can take as little as a month to happen. I used to keep bottles on my...
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