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  1. Re: Hi men and ladies! It's been a LONG time since I last posted, but wanted to know...

    Thank you to all who contributed their honest and well thought out examples. I will no doubt be ordering a lot of samples in the near future, but that's what makes being a perfume aficionado so much...
  2. Hi men and ladies! It's been a LONG time since I last posted, but wanted to know...

    wanted to know if there are any newer fragrances that are going to be considered classics in due time. I poke around on the usual web sites, but I want opinions from the experts here about what's...
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    Paolo Gigli fragrances--yay or nay?

    If I'm going to plunk down some some major change, I'd love someone's take on any of his scents. I guess I've been burnt too many times to buy blindly, but will do so if someone says it's worth it. ...
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    Rare but not discontinued niche fragrances?

    Many of you ladies and gentlemen know far more about the extremely rare and hard to find scents than I do. What are some of the rare gems that few know about?
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    Re: Wedding Day Scent

    Since the wedding is to be held in Florida, maybe some good old 'Florida Water,' that light and refreshing scent of orange blossoms. It's been around forever, but you can find it at...
  6. Re: New Fragrance: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - Cuir et Champignon

    Liz Zorn also makes a fantastic natural perfume - Oud Lacquer - which has been reviewed well. One of the main notes is the Cepes mushroom. You talk about a fragrance that goes from funky to...
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    Re: SotD: Tuesday, 9th November, 2010

    Van Cleef and Arpel's Midnight in Paris. An extremely comfortable scent to wear and beautifully made.
  8. Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV and SSS Sienna Musk; separated at birth?

    Thank you for pointing out the similarities...if only I can find Watson and that darn cap, the investigations shall begin.
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    Re: Today I want to smell like ...

    Great question, and one which could give us all a little psychological insight into each other. It's quite chilly here now, and I have my thermostat waaay down to save $$ on electricity. If I'm at...
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    Re: Frederic Malle Noir Epice

    I have Eau Lente somewhere in my cluttered and hopelessly disorganized collection. I had Noir Epice several years ago and loved it. One day at work I was talking with a few others and a lady walks...
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    Re: Ineke's 'Gilded Lily'...unisex?

    One thing I've noticed about her scents is that there seems to be no signature combination of notes that identify it as coming from her workshop. Really, everything about her fragrances is top...
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    Ineke's 'Gilded Lily'...unisex?

    I received a complimentary sample of Gilded Lily yesterday and decided to spray a bit on and smell the results. It is a beautiful fragrance.
    Top: Pineapple, Rhubarb, Grapefruit
    Middle: Goldband...
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    Re: Fragrances & Places

    Wish I had some pics to share (especially one with a pigeon on my head) when my then wife and I went to Italy to visit our son. Mazzolari's signature fragrance ALWAYS reminds me of those happier...
  14. Re: looking for something that will stick close to my skin

    If you don't mind going the traditional route, I would suggest a high quality attar, or perfumed oil from one of any number of online vendors. I love to wear them occasionally, and, occasionally...
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    Re: Most worn in October

    Being a serious patchouli/incense/dark fragrance scent fan, my October and November - March lineup will be short and (sort of) sweet.
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    Re: Design your own fragrance

    Yes I just chose some notes off the top of my head (the bald one) and it smells nice and not cheap. Since I found a vial of civet and castoreum, I *might* add a tiny, tiny amount to it, since it was...
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    Re: Design your own fragrance

    I tried to make a feminine one a while back:
    Top: Green notes, citrus
    Mid: Passion fruit
    Base: Vanilla, tuberose.
    I intended to give this to a lady in the ap't office, but she quit before I could...
  18. Thread: Civet fragrances

    by MikeD

    Re: Civet fragrances

    Interesting thread. As it happens, I was digging through some of my boxes of scents and found a long-ish sample vial of pure civet tincture from AbdesSalaam in Italy. It was still good, so I...
  19. Re: The scent I was wearing while being interviewed...

    Teardrop, it is another food-based job, but much higher up chain, lol. Whatever scent I wear, I'll definitely be careful applying it. And while Burger King is a popular place for a...
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    Re: What scent are you going to wear on Halloween?

    "Scream" by Edvard Munch. Makes your mouth do funny things.
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    Re: San Francisco with JaimeB

    Such a wonderful thread describing an awesome experience! I live in the southern US, where the word "Creed" means a rock group. The clerks behind the counters have never even heard of that scent...
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    Re: Puro by Nejma (& Intense)

    Aedes' advertising makes my mouth water (or my nose drip, lol). I received the same email and am, as always, wanting to buy the entire store. Gotta get a grip...!
  23. Thread: Best Patchouli?

    by MikeD

    Re: Best Patchouli?

    +2 for this one as well. Also a giant plug for Liz Zorn's "Massive Patchouli" As golden and beautiful as it gets.
  24. Re: The scent I was wearing while being interviewed...

    Someone from the UK sent me a sample of Himalaya right after it was introduced, and I thought it was fine. It was definitely easy to over apply, as my then wife told me as she coughed and wheezed...
  25. The scent I was wearing while being interviewed...

    I am happy to announce that I have yet another job (after the veggie wrap fiasco), and while being interviewed, I had on a light spritz of Eau de Guerlain and a couple of drops of Acqua Viva by...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Parfums DelRae Panache

    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this yet? Her other scents are classically beautiful, and a masculine/unisex fragrance from DelRae will make want to keep my new job. (job = money)
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    Re: S o t D, Sunday, 24 October 2010

    India Musk + Nour + China Musk
  28. Re: Michael Edwards Fragrance Directory link for Basenotes !!!

    I second the motion, definitely.
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    Re: what fragrance would death wear?

    Something like what I'm wearing today. Oriental Kush from, with a good bit of MKK for that odor of frustration, funk, desperate circumstances, and suicidal thoughts. The end of the...
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    Re: ● Serge Noire already reformulated? ●

    I totally agree about the Chergui. It was one of my first niche scents I tried several years ago, and it quite literally blew me away with it's intensity and greatness. If it has been...
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    Re: Sel De Vetiver vs. Fat Electrician

    I guess someone must say it--*sigh* Sounds like a wrestling match to me. Sorry guys!!
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    Re: ❖ Black Amber Balm ❖

    Have only seen pics and heard of it. The website is fascinating, but the prices are mind boggling.
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    Re: Amouage oud AL KHALOUD .

    Sounds great. I know oud has been the 'ingredient du jour' lately in many scents, but at least we've seen some outstanding efforts from great perfumers to blend it skillfully into a fine perfume.
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    Re: ● Serge Noire already reformulated? ●

    Wow, am I ever glad I still have about a quarter bell bottle left of MKK! It's the best animal scent I've ever encountered outside of a barnyard.

    EDIT: This made me go grab my bottle of MKK and...
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    Re: Most "wishlisted" or coveted fragrance?

    For me, I am lusting after Vero Kern's 'Onda,' which is supposed to be only a few steps away from my beloved Muscs Koublai Khan. I absolutely could bathe in it (or the soap equivalent which they...
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    Re: Amouage oud AL KHALOUD .

    Oud is most definitely one of the most unique fragrances to decipher on this planet. Congratulations on finding a great variety! There is a website here is the US that has top quality oud oils:...
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    Re: Roger & Gallet Extra Vieille

    A few years back there was a group of unnamed perfumers who were given full rein to create what they wanted. This was NOT the Malle group of expert noses. It was called Art of Perfumery, and their...
  38. Thread: Mazzolari Lui

    by MikeD

    Re: Mazzolari Lui

    Lui is one of those special fragrances that I've received more compliments on than any other. Having said that, I realized quickly not to over apply because it will be with you for DAYS if you don't...
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    Re: Odin New York....

    I can hardly wait to get my hands of a full bottle of 04 Petrana from this series. I got an official sample from, and was mightily impressed with the incredibly dark, beautiful, and...
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    Re: What is sad and indescribably beautiful?

    I used to wear this underrated masterpiece a lot a few years back, and lost the bottle somewhere along the way. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's an aching heart screaming silently at...
  41. Re: Borneo and Kublai Khan by Lutens - First and Second impressions

    Someone once said - on here, I think - that MKK would be the scent worn to big fancy gatherings in the Middle Ages/Renaissance times. They rarely bathed, except for the occasional skinny dip, so...
  42. Thread: Profvmvm roma

    by MikeD

    Re: Profvmvm roma

    If you like almond type scents with a clean musk, I highly recommend Antico Caruso (also discussed on another thread today). Citrus? Acqua Viva will bathe you in the most tart/sweet aroma, with a...
  43. Re: Have you ever had someone get close to you in public to smell you?

    Yes, especially when I wear Mazzolari's 'Lui.' In fact, I've gotten several compliments about it thanks to my skin chemistry I suppose. Also received compliments on a pheromone cologne and Noir...
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    Re: I'm feeling nutty

    This scent is amazing, not an icky gourmand, but a wonderfully sweet fragrance with sillage and longevity. While I may personally like darker, edgier fragrances, I have worn this - especially in...
  45. Re: NOT a joke...what to wear while making veggie wraps for customers?

    One of the managers is a perfectionist, and I missed a tiny spot cleaning up under the tables with a broom. I'm not surprised, since within 20 minutes I was supposed to wipe all the tables, sweep...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, October 15, 2010.

    Back to Black byKilian
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    Re: 10-15-10 What fragrance did you wear today?

    Back to Black, appropriate for picking up severance paychecks, lol.
  48. Re: NOT a joke...what to wear while making veggie wraps for customers?

    Eureka! I have found my holy grail of work fragrances! Eau du Fier by Goutal. I got fired today, and I must wear the appropriate scent to get my severance pay. And I love veggie wraps too! ...
  49. Re: Meerchaum - a new Liz Zorn fragrance at Soivohle - fantastic!

    I love this as well. A couple of weeks ago I asked here if anyone had ever heard of it, but got no replies. Isn't it just about the most complex absolute you've smelled? It would lend a fantastic...
  50. Re: NOT a joke...what to wear while making veggie wraps for customers?

    I like the association with food there. I should have a special shirt on that says I heart carrottes. I have detected various fragrances on customers already, so it might not be out of the question...
  51. NOT a joke...what to wear while making veggie wraps for customers?

    I recently started working again, and am wondering if there is a tasteful fragrance that will not drive customers away or cover the delicious smells of food? Today I am wearing an extremely light...
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    Re: Tabac or Mecca Balsam?

    I have a small bottle of Tabac and love it. Even though it is a natural scent, there are many different notes in it that give a roundness and depth that few artisanal perfumes have. I recommend it,...
  53. Re: Is there Anyone out there that likes L'Antimatiere?

    Wow! Most definitely an honor to hear from the maker of an unusual scent. I know I hardly give it a thought when I flippantly talk about this or that fragrance. Like me, most of us tend to think...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday October 11, 2010

    I believe my fragrance will be Massive Patchouli, which is surprisingly light and golden, given the name. I received a compliment on it the other day and yet another interview looms Monday, so I...
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    Re: The Motherload of Long Lost Fragrances

    The web site is almost like reading an old history book of perfumes. For the true connoisseur, it's an explorer's dream. Glad you shared this!
  56. Re: Is there Anyone out there that likes L'Antimatiere?

    L'Antimatiere is definitely a unique fragrance. I thought of bed sheets that had been slept in for at least 3 weeks straight when I first took a sniff. I thought...OK, odd, but it takes one to know...
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    Re: First impressions of Geo F Trumper

    Out of all the Trumper scents I've sampled, I liked GFT the best, but I can see why you might think it's too tart. They seem very classically British fragrances, IMO.
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    Re: HEY bros...Help me :)

    [QUOTE=NASforever;1955422]hey :)
    well im a newbie here.....
    i have posted this thread so that u can help me in finding a cologne...
    " Cigarillo Cologne by Remy Latour for Men "
    it was...
  59. Re: I need recomendations of good long-lasting and silage fragrances

    Received a generous sample of Winter Star by Michael Storer yesterday. At night after a shower, I put enough on to really see how the fragrance would develop. I could still smell it this morning! ...
  60. Re: Fragrances you hope the world will never see (or smell)

    Juliet Has A Hydrogen Bomb....HELP, I can't stop laughing! Area 51 is priceless as well, and surely the essence of potato flowers in Fuji is a new trend which will take over the industry. These are...
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    Re: SotD: Sunday, 10th October, 2010

    Winter Star by Michael Storer
  62. Re: Fragrances you hope the world will never see (or smell)

    Post Office-Juliette has a gun[/QUOTE]

    I'm an ex Postal employee, and this almost enough to make me incontinent, LOL!
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    Poll: Re: Rate the BEST scent of the fall far

    I love patchouli, so when I received a small sample of "Massive Patchouli" by Liz Zorn, I was expecting to be hit over the head with the smell. Oh, how wrong I was! This stuff is pure gold, and...
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    Re: Al-Rehab Khaliji - er... wow.

    Thank you, thank you! I googled the fragrance and found a place that sells it!! Needless to say I ordered Al-Rehab Khaliji and one other. TWO fine eastern fragrances for $16.15, which is the price...
  65. Re: (Noir de )Reminiscence, anyone familiar with it?

    I have samples of all their masculine scents. One day I wore Noir and my little granddaughter said "grandpa you smell good." I knew it was a hit then, because small children usually don't lie.
  66. Re: how should you apply fragrance when wearing a leather jacket?

    Sometimes spraying a scent INSIDE the coat/jacket does the trick. Unless it's a particularly strong or unusual fragrance that would linger there forever, that's what I would do. Spray the lining...
  67. Re: Fragrances you hope the world will never see (or smell)

  68. Re: A scent for job interviews. I need expert advice!

    So true. What's the use of all the outside trappings of beauty (which I don't have) if my head is filled with no more than hot air?
  69. Re: A scent for job interviews. I need expert advice!

    Thanks to one and all. It seems that as far as scent goes, being clean, shiny, and personable is best, rather than being a stink bomb. My fragrance is covered completely by my clothes, so it should...
  70. Re: A scent for job interviews. I need expert advice!

    To my nose, it seems I have applied just a touch of fragrance, since it was in a sample vial and I definitely didn't pour it on me. I can just imagine an interview where the person wears 10 spritzes...
  71. Re: A scent for job interviews. I need expert advice!

    I have some casual/dressy black shoes that would work just fine I think. I've worn them a lot and they are still in great shape. They are made in England.
  72. A scent for job interviews. I need expert advice!

    I am going to an interview today and will be wearing Amberene. I have applied at many places however, and would like to hear success (or failure) stories that have to do with what scent you were...
  73. Re: What fragrance best fits the description of tropical?

    Craig, this sounds wonderful. How did you find this brand and scent, if I may ask?
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday October 7th, 2010

    Amberene EdP by Liz Zorn. A classy, understated, and yet very casual scent. Long lasting too.
  75. Re: Fragrances you hope the world will never see (or smell)

    Eau d'Arse Parfum Solid Concentree, The Best of Chevrolet by Tom Ford, Swan Song 9371 by Elton John

    Invasion of the the Barbers by MDCI/Penhaligon's, High by Loewe, Jicky's Hicky by Guerlain. ...
  76. Re: Fragrances you hope the world will never see (or smell)

    Hillbilly Heaven by Dolly Parton and Bill Clinton.
    Top notes: Cornbread, collard greens extrait (CO2), corn silk
    Middle notes: Pinto Beans, smoked ham smoke, aged bed linens (macerated for 3 months...
  77. Re: Fragrances you hope the world will never see (or smell)

    Eau d'Arse by Etat Libre d'Orange, Love in the Closet by Creed, Methane Absolu by Goutal, Petrol by Diesel, Guillotine by Chop-ard, Where Am I by UNTITLED, Eine Kleine by Klein, La Plantureuse...
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    Re: What you just threw away!

    Kerosene, you are so right. I've become somewhat of a recluse since my divorce, and not really able to go anywhere because I must save money on gas, food, doctor's visits, etc. I have lost a...
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    Re: college daytime scent

    If your budget allows, try putting a little male pheromone (just a dab) on along with your fragrance of choice. I am not Mr. Universe, but I have had guys follow me around, ladies too. I am a fan...
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    Meerschaum absolute. Anyone ever tried this?

    I received a small sample packet today from Liz Zorn at and she included a small sample vial of Meerschaum absolute along with my other things. I am not a "nose," not by a long shot,...
  81. Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    Sounds like a fantastic trip with some of the great people here. I have a question: I know I could get a description anywhere for Narcisse Noir, but I would love to hear a first hand opinion of this...
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    Re: Seeking Scent Closest To Musky Male Armpits

    OMG....LOL, if you only knew the ads I see on in the..uh...promiscuous section that some guys (koff) go to, it is more attractive than you might think to some of us who have a little...
  83. Re: Ambre Russe : A well put together amber or ruined by clutter ?

    Neal, you hit the nail on the head with your description. I think I wore it a few times, got scared of it and had to hide under the covers. It is quite mesmerizing though.
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    Re: Really Smokey Incense With A Touch Of Sweetness

    You could also try Serena Franco's "Incense Noir," a rather gothic and deep incense with 'just a touch of sweetness.' I love it and layer it with Wazamba (sweeter) or Encens Flamboyant. She is the...
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    Re: favorite lemon edc?

    I think Acqua Viva by Profumum is about as lemon-y as it gets. No furniture polish lemon, mind you, but a wonderful strong lemon with a bit of cypress and broom (I think).
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    Re: SOTD Monday October 04, 2010

    Oudh Lacquer by Liz Zorn.
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    Re: Layering with incense notes?

    I've tried layering Keiko Mecheri's "Oliban" with Goutal's "Encens Flamboyante" to great effect. Occasionally I'll throw on a bit of Wazamba for a slightly more fruity, accessible smell.
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    Re: Something like SPA fragance?

    If you can find it - which is doubtful - Salalah Green by Amouage (limited edition sold only at Harrod's) is gorgeous. No ozone crap, fake water lilies or mall bathroom cleanser. A very nice,...
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    Re: Most Underrated/ Overrated Creed Fragrances

    Overrated: 99% of Creed stuff
    Underrated: Cypres Musc and Selection Verte
  90. Re: Chanel No.5 and Chanel No. 19 I could pull off wearing either one these!

    I can remember buying the original Chanel No 5 for my sisters at Christmas. The day I smelled it on one of them AFTER they changed the formulation made me wonder, "what kind of company does THIS to...
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    Re: Insider tips : Obscure fragrances

    I just HAD to go their website, but fortunately I no money to buy a thing! YAY! Now I can't blame my misfortunes on perfume buying anymore. Their site is gorgeous, and of course, they make their...
  92. Re: Funniest review ever / Katie Puckrik and Secretions Magnifiques!

    The elegance with which she said, "oh, this is SO disgusting" is hilarious. I think I woke my neighbors laughing my guts (secretions?) out. Absolutely the best review I've seen or heard.
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    Re: What you just threw away!

    I shall begin my archaeological diggings this day. Perhaps I will find the Furyo, or at least a perfectly preserved mummy. Now that I think about it, the possibility exists that one of my sons has...
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    Re: Guys, help me make an impression

    Have you ever smelled byKilian's Back to Black? It will make her want to eat your neck. Lovely pipe tobacco smell, sweet and dark. Distinctive as anything out there.
  95. Re: Wow, Erwin Creed looks just like Robert Fischer from Inception

    Handsome dude, but I'm not supposed to say that on this site, hehe.
  96. Replies

    Re: What you just threw away!

    I found the name under Jacques Bogart, discontinued fragrances! It was Furyo, an entirely full bottle, minus a few sprays.
  97. Replies

    Re: What you just threw away!

    I remember the Bogart getting high marks here on BN, but I have lost the name...along with a sizable number of brain cells. I do remember it as being dated and collegiate, neither of which is bad,...
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    Re: Scent that works well with marijuana smoke?

    I was a genuine hippie - beads, hair, outdoor concerts, acid, and all the rest - and patchouli was my fragrance of choice. Incense, soap, oil, it was used quite extensively. *ahem*
  99. Replies

    Re: Is Salalah Green still available?

    I purchased a decant of this from and if my finances would allow, I'd buy all they had. It was (is) a limited edition and yes, it was sold at Harrod's, according to it's...
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    Re: What you just threw away!

    Something from the eighties by Jacque Bogart. Discontinued and hard to find, but I cannot remember the name.
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