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  1. Re: New Fragrance: Giorgio Armani - Eau de Nuit for Men

    opening reminds me of dior homme. then it becomes bvlgari black. then it disappears. im glad it did.
  2. Re: have you ever received a funny comment on a frag?

    trying ysl l'homme today, 2 sprays on the chest. came back home after work and while cuddling with my gf in the sofa, she suddenly starts sniffing my chest and tell me "you're not cheating on me are...
  3. Re: Own Dior Homme and Intense, should I get Dior Homme Sport?

    i was really looking forward to owning DHI before until i got myself a bottle of dior homme (blind buy). it gives me terrible headache everytime i use it. i guess its the strong lipstick like smell....
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