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    Re: Mysore Sandalwood essential oil query

    I know this thread is five years old, but I just wanted to make a point about Santalum Album, aka "Mysore Sandalwood" for the benefit of anyone who might look to this thread as a reference.
    The term...
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    Re: Most aristocratic fragrance

    Many years ago, when I was a student living in Paris, I stayed with a very ancient aristocratic French family - the parents were a count and countess who still had landholdings in the Var - at a...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*MEN Pure Wood

    Wow I am really looking forward to this one.

    Some of the other A-men flankers or varieties have been a bit and miss, but Pure Malt was delightful.

    I adore woody, woodsy fragrances and cannot...
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    Re: Fantastic service from Serge Lutens

    Excellent to hear.
    Santal de Mysore is my all-time favourite, so in case you need a loving home for the 50ml bottle, I promise to take good care of it.
    I have nothing but the highest praise for...
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    Re: Best Australian e-store

    Great thread.
    I just wanted to cast my vote for

    As a huge fan of both Serge Lutens and the House of Creed, I was extremely impressed by both the range and the prices on...
  6. Re: Musk 'Types' - definitions / defining notes or character. Help please.

    It is my understanding that there is a sharp difference to the concept of Musk between "Western" and "Eastern" perfumery and culture.
    Musk plays a fundamental role in traditional Arabian style...
  7. Re: Interested in trying Mysore Sandalwood oil as a fragrance, what to expect?

    Oh - I notice someone mentioned Karnataka Soaps and Detergents, so I just wanted to share my experience.
    Firstly, although they are the "official" manufacturer of white sandalwood oil, they do not...
  8. Re: Interested in trying Mysore Sandalwood oil as a fragrance, what to expect?

    As a lifelong devotee of sandalwood, I find this thread fascinating!

    Curiously, Mysore Sandalwood has always had a profound calming effect on me.
    According to my sister, this is most I likely...
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    Re: List of 100 Aromachemicals

    Thank you for this fantastic list!

    I am finally embarking on a journey into aroma chemicals after a few preliminary experiments and I am eternally grateful for the wisdom and expertise of the...
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