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  1. Re: Experienced DIYers - what would you do differently if starting out now?

    It would normally be my inclination to work that way. Sometimes I find that my digital files are harder to keep organised than hardcopy files, but should really try to take advantage of technology....
  2. Re: Experienced DIYers - what would you do differently if starting out now?

    That's a good idea. I have a MacBook so can probably get notes to synchronise.

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  3. Re: Experienced DIYers - what would you do differently if starting out now?

    I'm interested to know how people organise their notes and records. Notebooks, record cards, spreadsheets? At present, I just have a general notebook for recording ideas and nuggets of info I've...
  4. Re: Experienced DIYers - what would you do differently if starting out now?

    Thank you both, really great tips.

    I'm in the UK but Pell Well perfumery looks to be a great source for materials and I have some workshops coming up with Sarah McCartney and Perfumers World.
  5. Experienced DIYers - what would you do differently if starting out now?

    I hope you don't mind me asking this question, but I wondered whether the more experienced DIYers would be prepared to share the top thing that they would do differently with the benefit of hindsight...
  6. Re: Notes or combinations of notes that smell like fur

    Yes, so frustrating and I have lots of interesting things waiting to test. I've never experienced such a total loss of smell and taste before - an insight into how horrible anosmia must be. It's...
  7. Re: Notes or combinations of notes that smell like fur

    Still waiting to test Mumsy. I have had such a terrible cold. Normally I can still smell a little through a cold but I am almost completely unable to smell or taste anything at the moment.
  8. Re: Notes or combinations of notes that smell like fur

    I've PM-ed you. Interesting that you say Mitti. I have never sampled it but was reading about it recently and thought that it would be exactly the right ingredient for that after the rain smell.
  9. Re: Notes or combinations of notes that smell like fur

    Oh, what a wonderful idea! That sounds absolutely fascinating!

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  10. Re: Notes or combinations of notes that smell like fur

    Thanks. Does it smell furry in terms of texture or literally like the smell of fur?

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  11. Notes or combinations of notes that smell like fur

    What notes or combinations of notes help create a fur effect?

    I'm specifically interested in the scent of cat fur. It's been a while since I had a good sniff of a cat(!), but I recall my childhood...
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    Re: Art of Botanical Perfumes online course

    I think it is actually Perfumers World but looks like they are hosted in the UK by Karen Gilbert. They run workshops all over the world, by the looks of things - including the US. I will certainly...
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    Re: Art of Botanical Perfumes online course

    Thanks for this, that looks like a great resource.

    I don't think this is specifically natural perfumery but I have booked the 5 day UK workshop in the New Forest with Perfumers World:...
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    Re: Art of Botanical Perfumes online course

    This looks interesting but it's no cheaper than the Mandy Aftel course. I'd be very interested to hear other people's experiences with either.

    I'd love to do something like this if funds...
  15. A few first steps questions - training courses and materials (UK)

    Hello fragrance friends.

    I have a little idea that I want to explore creating solid perfumes and oils for sale.

    I've attended the odd perfume making workshop but think it would be sensible to...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome Perfume of Life members

    Thank you and likewise!
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    Re: Ladies, fragrance or shoes?

    Completely concur. I doubt that I would be likely to notice whether or not a man was wearing shoes of a particular brand/designer but wholeheartedly agree regarding inappropriate or poorly maintained...
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    Re: Nostalgia Purchases

    TBS White Musk, Coco Chanel, Anais Anais - all of which remind me of my teenage years. Not a period in my life that I am particularly keen to hark back to (ugly duckling) but they are all good in...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome Perfume of Life members

    Bumping to say hello to former fellow POL-ers. I miss POL, it was a gentle and very informative place to discuss perfume - so many members with such detailed knowledge. I haven't really found a...
  20. Re: Help here! Suggestions for a light floral chypre.

    Particularly the vintage formulation of Balmain Ivoire. I'm afraid to say that I didn't quite get Ivoire at first. I broke the sprayer on a bottle and poured the entire thing down the drain. I still...
  21. Re: Suggest me a classic-style chypre that is easy to wear

    Given the above, I'd recommend heading to the Lauder counter and sampling some of the above in their current formulations. Lauder has the benefit of being reasonably priced and widely available,...
  22. Re: Help here! Suggestions for a light floral chypre.

    I second Jasmine White Moss. Also in the not precisely a chypre but possibly along the lines of what you are describing - No. 19 Poudre or something with a light leather note such as Hermes Kelly...
  23. Re: Suggest me a classic-style chypre that is easy to wear

    I would add Knowing from the Estee Lauder line, which is a rosy/woody powdery chypre - on the feminine side of the spectrum but it's quite assertive and completely wearable for a man, I would...
  24. Re: Perfume of Life Website Has Permanently Closed

    I'm sorry to see that POL has closed. I rather liked that it was a slightly quieter thoughtful sort of place and very much enjoyed the discussions over there. Still, pleased to see many familiar...
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    Re: Perfume induced headaches ( Possibly)

    I recently went to a talk by a perfumer. When I said that the current formulation of L'Heure Bleue gives me a headache, she remarked that there is apparently no physiological reason why perfumes...
  26. Re: Left a bad taste! Literally! Has this ever happened to you?

    I sometimes find this with incense notes - frankincense based fragrances often seem to trigger a metallic taste. Not horrible but a little odd. Thankfully, it doesn't stop me from enjoying incense as...
  27. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

    Good to know that it's been re-released. I never saw Cuir available for purchase at Harrods when it was first released. I thought that they possibly have dumped the lot on the discounters as there...
  28. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

    The newly released Cuir de Lancome – straight to the discounters. Such a shame as it is really lovely stuff.

    I *adore* Mahora and am thankful that I appear to be alone in this as I have been...
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    Online retailer

    Has anyone shopped here?

    I cannot find any real world address or telephone number on their website, all of which puts me off placing an order. I can't...
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    Re: Chanel Les Exclusifs - What are your favorites?

    I absolutely love 31 Rue Cambon, No 22 and Cuir de Russie. I also own and enjoy Beige, Jersey and Bois des Iles. Bel Respiro has been on the wish list for a while. I also like 1932 (although find...
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    Re: balsam poplar perfume? help!

    Your description makes me think of Chanel 31 Rue Cambon or Bois des Iles - both of which fit the description of spicy, woody and sharp and are sufficiently common to have smelt out and about.
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    Re: The "back of the wardrobe" challenge

    I have been doing something similar in that I started a randomised perfume selection project back in January in order to ensure that some of the neglected corners of my wardrobe received greater...
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    Re: CdG Wonderwood on a or not?

    I think it's very nice - warm, woody, clean. It's on the more masculine side of unisex, in my view (certainly more masculine than Dior Homme, I would say). I contemplated purchasing it for a male...
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    Re: Feminine fragrance like L'Occitane

    Nothing wrong with wearing Eau des Baux, if you like it but I can understand that you might want to find something of your own if your brother wears it a lot.

    By less 'cologny', I'm assuming that...
  35. Re: Bois des Îles has very poor tenacity: tips to improve it ?

    Bois des Iles doesn't last a terribly long time on me either. I have a vintage bottle and a bottle of the Exclusif version and it's the same with both.

    My usual solution is to spray on under my...
  36. Re: In search of a breezy, green, tropical perfume?

    Donna Karen Gold fits the bill for me - I get lilly and banana leaf and also a marine note from salty ambergris. The EdP is the best concentration - it can be picked up for a song.
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    Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    +1 for Tom Ford's Noir de Noir, Avignon, Black Aoud and Passage d'Enfer - all have a pleasing dark, offbeat aspect to them.

    In my goth days I wore Paloma Picasso - terrifically potent, dark, green...
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    Re: Favorite Combos

    I've historically been a purist in that I have avoided layering, but I've recently been enjoying Goutal's Encens Flamboyant layered over Shalimar. Possibly not a million miles in effect from...
  39. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    I admire many of the above mentioned fragrances and, when applied with a light hand, Aromatics Elixir, Youth Dew etc smell splendid in my view - but I entirely understand why many do not care for...
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    Re: What Are Your Perfume Plans For 2013?

    My 2013 fragrance plans are to whittle my collection down to a core wardrobe of no more than 50 fragrances (I do appreciate that 50 fragrances sounds pretty excessive...). I plan to sell some and to...
  41. Re: The good, the bad and the ugly - Oriental rose scents

    I also own and adore Noir de Noir. I have a small 10ml bottle of Montale Black Aoud, which, like Whimsicaldiva, I have a difficult relationship with (it sometimes gives me headaches).

    I like Yves...
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    Re: Chanel Allure Sensuale

    I adore Allure Sensuelle in parfum. I am not so keen on the EdP - the patchouli is too prominent. I would imagine that the parfum would make a very fine masculine. The comparison with Black Orchid is...
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    Re: woody/gourmand but without the toothache

    Some fantastic suggestions - many thanks all round Basenoters!! You've very much hit exactly the sort of thing I'm after - a few of you have identified some other fragrances I already love (Cocoon,...
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    Re: woody/gourmand but without the toothache

    Ah, yes - good call. I love OI. Pity it's so difficult to get hold of these days. I have a secret stash that should last a little while.

    Whilst I think about it, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille probably...
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    woody/gourmand but without the toothache

    Hi folks,

    What are your recs for something in the balsamic/woody/gourmand line without being cloying or sacharrine sweet i.e. not Angel which I appreciate on others but can't wear myself.

  46. Re: If you had to pick only 4 perfumes to wear from now on, forever...

    Allure Sensuelle parfum - cozy and sexy
    Iris Poudre - uber elegant and appropriate for virtually every occassion
    Chanel Cuir de Russie - classic, lady like and yet a little naughty
    Amouage Gold...
  47. Re: most wearable leather fragrance, which ones must i try?

    Apologies if they've already been mentioned, however Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur and Etro Gomma are two further leathers that in my view perfectly fit the description of "modern, slightly unisex, and...
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    Re: Once you go niche, do you ever go back?

    Funnily I sort of started niche and have now started exploring the classics.

    I kind of like stuff that teeters on the brink between conventional and a bit weird - some departmental stuff can be a...
  49. Re: New Luca Turin book - your thoughts? Here are mine.

    This is exactly the same thought I had.

    I've enjoyed reading the book a great deal, and it's nice to see some of my favourites get some recognition. I also appreciate the foregrounding of the...
  50. Re: Any scent close to Voluspa Vintage Tobacco Vanille incense...I'M GOING CRAZY HERE

    Oh Boo - most disappointing! I've never seen this line in the UK and had been considering a blind purchase - it wouldn't break the bank so I may do so yet. I was hoping that it might be a budget...
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    Re: Ultimate Amber Thread

    Another vote for Ambre Precieux, Ambre Narguile and L'Air du Desert Marocain - all magnificent compositions.

    I also like Fiori d’Ambra by Profumum - dry and sheer, but the price is silly imho,...
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    Re: Your most gentlemanly scent...?

    I'd like to play, although I must confess to limited experience with gentlemanly scents and only moderate experience with gentlemen.

    I'd like my gentlemen to smell of Penhaligon's English Fern...
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    Re: Scent and personality

    I'm not sure that my fragrance choices reflect my inner being particularly, but I do give consideration to what my fragrance choice might project and how other people might perceive me. To that...
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    Re: Have you ever suffered sticker shock?

    Hmm I can relate to this too. I'd have to add Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum, Gaultier2, Helmut Lang EdP, CdG Cinnamon Sherbert, Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige, Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur, Etro Gomma. There...
  55. Re: Any scent close to Voluspa Vintage Tobacco Vanille incense...I'M GOING CRAZY HERE

    My pleasure. Let us know how you like it, I've been curious about it for a little while now.
  56. Re: Any scent close to Voluspa Vintage Tobacco Vanille incense...I'M GOING CRAZY HERE

    Hi Vegas,

    I believe that Voluspa actually do a room and body spray in the same fragrance:...
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    Re: APRIL!!! What did you buy?

    From LuckyScent:
    LesNez - The Unicorn Spell
    Parfumerie Generale - Harmatan Noir
    Andy Tauer - L'air du Desert Marocain

    Ebay bargains:
    Hermes - Eau de Merveilles
    Guerlain - Winter Delice and...
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    Re: Organza Indécence vs Un Bois Vanille

    That's interesting to hear. I was in their last week and asked one of the SAs on the Givenchy counter. They do have some of the others in the Mythiques range, but seemed to be under the impression...
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    Re: Organza Indécence vs Un Bois Vanille

    I also emailed them about OI, but didn't get any sensible response other than to look for points of sale on their website. I asked an SA in Harrods whether it had been re-released here, but...
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    Re: Your favourite all-rounder?

    I recently made a list of my fragrances and rated them in tems of suitability for different occasions and seasons and Clair de Musc came out top as the fragrance that could be worn any time, any...
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    Re: Serge Lutens Gingembre

    I tried it yesterday in Harrods and this was very much my feeling too. The ginger, citrus and tea elements seemed to dissipate very quickly leaving a sweet, warm, musky finish that was very nice, but...
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    Re: March Purchases?

    Looking ahead to summer - bottles of L'Occitane Green Tea with Mint and Feu d'Orange - blind buys which I hope I won't regret.

    Decants of Angelique Encens, Royal English Leather, Apres L'Ondee and...
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    Re: Pheromone ??? WHICH MARK ??

    Elegant manners, intellect and wit are the primary characteristics I can think of that can compell me to find a man attractive irrespective of physical appearance. I'm prepared to bet that for the...
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    Re: The (Almost) Identical Fragrances Thread

    Esteban Sensuelle Russie is a ringer for Ambre Narguile, albeit a slightly more sheer version with a (subtle) piney top note.

    Happy days - you could pick up 100mls of the Sensuelle Russie edt, a...
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    Re: Perfumed Court Issue

    This statement could not be further from my experience with TPC. I have just placed my third substantial order with them and could not be happier with the quality of the decants and their customer...
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    Re: interview fragrance?

    I read an article somewhere about wearing fragrance at interviews that cited research suggesting that women would be more likely to register approval of an applicant whose fragrance they liked,...
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    Re: First purchase of February 2008 ~

    Recently purchased partial bottle of Penhaligon's Lily Spice and some minis of English Fern.

    Full bottles of Heeley Fine Leather and Let me Play the Lion now received.

    Decants of Angelique...
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    Re: Can we talk about the House of Caron?

    Thanks for that. Good point about the FMs, still a bit pricey for Caron on the whole. The sample service is very efficient, but I really must make the point of a trip over there and a tour around...
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    Re: Can we talk about the House of Caron?

    Just out of interest how do you pronounce Yatagan if it's not as it's written?

    I use Les S's sample service, but am always reluctant to purchase full bottles from them as their prices are steep...
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    Re: First purchase of February 2008 ~

    My haul of samples from Lucky Scent yielded two full bottle purchases:

    Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur (notes from Lucky Scent: violet, mimosa, birch, soft leather notes and vetiver) - a soapy floral and...
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    Re: Today I bought... (January, 2008)

    I note that I've already posted in this thread that I've sworn to be good, however I have been absolutely dreadful this month. In fact this is probably the most money I've spent in any one month. Am...
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    Re: Incense, the New Wave!

    Oh I like Cardinal too. I think it's rather warmer and woodier than Avignon. Avignon is a little more smoky and austere, but Cardinal has a nice soapy quality (reminds me of Badedas bath products for...
  73. Re: Today's Wish List...Your Top Three Desired Scents

    Just two at present:

    Iris Poudre
    Tabac Blond (in any concentration)
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    Re: SotD Sunday 13 January

    Cocoon - Yves Rocher.

    A warm, woody cocoa-patchouli affair.
  75. Re: need advice - wanting a make a change to a "niche" gourmand/musk fragrance

    Musc Samarkand by Les Nereides is a lovely white musk with a little vanilla. It does draw comparisions with the Body Shop White musk, but is much rounder, softer and smoother than TBS.

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    Re: Perfumed Court - Very Expensive !

    Regarding controling the market - I don't see anything wrong with it morally, but it may not be in the interests of the consumer if the perfume houses have a stranglehold on the market. I believe...
  77. Re: Are you "retiring" any fragrances from your collection?

    Yes, I'm time-outing on anything sweeter, gourmand, heavy ambers and orientals - I've got that post-Christmas 'one too many mincepies' feeling about these sorts of frags at the moment. Currently...
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    Re: Perfumed Court - Very Expensive !

    You are absolutely correct and I would love to have the time to hunt things out. Unfortunately for me time is in far shorter supply than money and I therefore welcome the convenience of purchasing...
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    Re: Perfumed Court - Very Expensive !

    I am also very pleased to be able to purchase samples from TPC. There is nowhere else that I could find so many fabulous fragrances in one place. I don't buy what I can't afford and don't see it as...
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    Re: Amber and Vanilla

    For amber and vanilla together try Michele Bergman's Black Amber or Coudray's Ambre et Vanille.

    My top amber recommendation would be Ambre Precieux by MPG - warm, dry, woodsy and semi-sweet.
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    Re: SotD Monday 7 January

    Iris Poudre for me today.
  82. Re: How do your loved ones feel about your fragrances?

    Sadly my husband declares that all fragrances smell of 'chemicals', 'chalk' or 'cake' when I waive my wrist under his nose - I can't generally get anything more sensible out of him than that. I...
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    Re: SotD Thursday 3 December

    Eau de The Rouge today. Wrap up well.
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    Re: What elusive scent are you searching for?

    I'd like the perfect amber, not too sweet, but not too medicinal. Cozy without being cloying. Something that pleases my nose and will also please others. Have tried many, but can't quite commit to...
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    Re: Today I bought... (January, 2008)

    Well 2007 went out with a scent buying frenzy for me Musc Bleu (Il Profumo), Amouage Gold (men) a selection of decants, including Eau and Elixir des Merveilles (Hermes), Noir Epice (Frederic Malle),...
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    Re: SOTD Wednesday 2 January 2008

    Berkeley Square Fig & Cherry.

    One of my best bargin buys (£10 for 50ml) - a rather fleeting, but pleasing mix of fruits and woody notes.
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    Re: Happy New Year! SOTD January 1, 2008

    Long time lurker popping in.

    Cozy amber today - using up the last of my Michele Bergman Black Amber sample.

    Wishing all a happy and prosperous 2008.
  88. Re: How Many Different Fragrances Per Day Do You Wear?

    Hi folks,

    Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    On a work day I usually wear one daytime scent and one bedtime scent, however on an at home day I may change my scent several times if the...
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