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  1. Re: Givenchy Gentleman - differences in recent formulations

    Ok, the 30 ml bottle pictured above arrived yesterday. It was newer than I expected, manufactured in 1993 according to Check Cosmetics and with a barcode at the bottom of the box.

    My impression...
  2. Re: Givenchy Gentleman - differences in recent formulations

    Thanks NebelGeist. I will dig deeper into GG and will probably shell out for this version as well.
  3. Re: Givenchy Gentleman - differences in recent formulations

    Thanks for hijacking, Yarn!

    I own an identical 50 ml bottle in identical box and it is manufactured in 1998. I bought it NIB on eBay. The scent is sweeter and more saturated than the current one,...
  4. Givenchy Gentleman - differences in recent formulations

    I know that exploretoi posted this question a year ago, but the discussion went off topic.

    Has anyone tried both versions pictured below, and is there any difference between them worth...
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    Shopping and sniffing in Gdansk, Poland

    Searced the forum for this without a single hit.

    Any perfumeries, local epecialities and alike one should not miss?
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    "Because she likes it" - tv ad

    Dear basenoters,

    I'm looking for a vintage tv ad for a masculine fragrence, in which the guy explains that he wears the fragrance because "she likes it". Does this evoke any memories?

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    European online stores: Soap

    Just discovered that dozens of online stores carry the F. Rance soaps I am looking for.

    The frustrating thing is that these stores are all located in the us, with the typical of “domestic...
  8. Re: Top notes of Dunhill 1934 - have they turned or not?

    @DuNezDeBuzier - I don't actually find the top offputting either, I just wanted to know if it might be worth getting a second bottle, perhaps slightly better.
  9. Re: Top notes of Dunhill 1934 - have they turned or not?

    Sorry for late answer Perfaddict. Yes, the box is labelled Scannon GmbH. It is the brown striped box with the Dunhill For Men logo aligned at the top front. I have seen boxes with the logo aligned in...
  10. Top notes of Dunhill 1934 - have they turned or not?

    I have a bottle of Dunhill for Men (made in Germany, the brown striped box) of unknown but - I guess - relatively recent production year.

    The fragrance is absolutely lovely, but there’s something...
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    Re: Anosmic to Terre d'Hermes?

    Thanks, will dig deeper into this subject.

    Any other suggestions than Iso E Super?
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    Re: Anosmic to Terre d'Hermes?

    Maybe it's some "stage whisper" effect from the Iso E Super?

    But wearing it makes me feel oddly exposed to the observers, like having something written with a marker in your forehead.
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    Anosmic to Terre d'Hermes?

    Forgive me for posting yet another Terre d’Hermes thread, but I’m really curious about the projection of this fragrance.

    Many reviewers here on Basenotes describe it as powerful scent with strong...
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    Re: Recent versions of diorella

    Ok, thanks. By the way I think these three versions are all post millennium or at least 90's. My version definitely has some disturbing rotten melon in it (nothing like melonal or calone), and the...
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    Re: Looking for a signature scent for my wife

    Eau d'Hermes.
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    Re: Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    Wore this the other day and reached out my wrist to a friend. "Smells like soap", she said. Even this creature smells like soap on me.
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    Recent versions of diorella


    Does anyone know of the difference between these versions of Diorella?

    The only one I have tried and own is the one to the left (1), though my bottle has slightly darker juice than the...
  18. Re: Does new bottle design always mean new juice?

    It would be interesting to hear a typical conference room conversation about tweeking/modernising/cheapening a fragrance line, or to read a transcript here on basenotes.
  19. Does new bottle design always mean new juice?

    When reading about different vintages of perfume here on Basenotes and elsewhere, a certain version of a juice is often associated with a certain bottle design, box, cap or label.

    “Eau’d Hermes...
  20. Re: Guerlain , Hermès and old Chanel stuff could be considered niche?

    A friend of mine use to say: Indie is not an artist struggling to be independent, it’s someone independent struggling to be an artist.

    That goes for music.

    When it comes to fragrance, I don’t...
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    Re: Diesel / Jet fuel note

    I've never tried that one, so i can't tell. Heard about it though. A very realistic jet fuel is what I'm after. Not just fuel-like or gasoline-like.
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    Re: Diesel / Jet fuel note

    Ok, many thanks everyone!

    Just to clear out - it's not just any fuel note I'm after, but the diesel-like one you can feel when boarding a passenger plane. I have a feeling iy might be slightly...
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    Diesel / Jet fuel note

    Dear basenoters,

    I am making a very simple and linear musk built around velvione and a musk deer blend.

    To this a want to add a discreet hint of diesel/jet fuel, but i have absolutely no idea...
  24. Re: Help: Bespoke fragrance – recommendations?

    Yes I know. At least some of them they say so. Issues with natural animalics I can fully understand though.
  25. Re: Help: Bespoke fragrance – recommendations?

    And, by the way, strawbery and vanilla were nothing but examples. I am interested in doing something animalic.
  26. Re: Help: Bespoke fragrance – recommendations?

    Many thanks for your replies.

    CB would be lovely to work with I think, then I would be completely confident just giving him a short brief and would probably be very happy with whatever he came up...
  27. Help: Bespoke fragrance – recommendations?

    Dear basenoters,

    I am searching for a decent “make your own fragrance” service.

    I believe the most excellent and reliable one is, but their site sadly says they have stopped making...
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    Re: Favourite scented soap?

    The rather cheap Tabac soap from Mäurer & Wirtz is lovely, from the material in the bar to the fragrance, which is a bit like a masculine no 5 with a touch of barbershop. The bar looks excellent with...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Armani Code Sport

    Tried this the other week and expected nothing but a boring calone bomb. But – it turned out to be a decent modern fougere with geranium heart and minty top notes. Not totally unlike Geranium Pour...
  30. What’s the laundry musk in Wilkinson Sword shaving foam?

    I have smelled it on people in passing over the last eight or ten years. I always wondered what it was and thought of it as some detergent or fabric softener musk. It’s not Galaxolide, Tonalide or...
  31. What’s the olfactory equivalent of happiness?

    I often find fragrance and music very related and would like to find some cheerful joy to sniff, perhaps a Phil Spector tune with some sad elements, like Ronette's Be my baby.

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    Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Especially during early summer rains, Stockholm gives off such a moving blend of stone, asphalt, Bird cherry trees and jasmine that I usually don’t want to wear any fragrance. But when it happens and...
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    Re: Coniferous/ pine/ fir fragrances.


    CB I Hate Perfume has a lovely quiet one called The fir tree.

    Or CDG Dover street market, which smells like going through a juicy fir with a chain saw.
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    Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    I ordered a sample of CB’s Musk reinvention from The perfumed court and note that the colour of my oil is golden, while the oil in CB’s online shop looks opaque brown like espresso. I'm aiming to buy...
  35. “Essentially it takes the guesswork out of...

    “Essentially it takes the guesswork out of choosing a fragrance.” This suggests that fragrances within a family usually have something in common when it comes to style (rather than just content),...
  36. Have these banning people ever seen a person...

    Have these banning people ever seen a person shooting up? They should get themselves some experience…
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    Re: Whats the fragrance ad? (late 90's)

    Ah, those Bruce Weber landscapes of the 90's with sandy models om beaches in black and white... For some reason I feel sad when I look at it. If you don't mind the haircuts and turn off the sound, I...
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    Re: What cologne says "I have money"

    Inherited money: Something simple and nice like Pour un Homme de Caron.
    Earned money: A citrus cologne like Eau de coq (which has a little civet to "mark territory")
    Lottery money: A loud woody...
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    Whats the fragrance ad? (late 90's)

    I'm looking for an MTV late 90's fragrance advertisement: water, waves and a man coming up from the surface, probably a falling into water played backwards.

    Anyone familiar with this?
  40. Vintage Brut: when were these manufactured?


    I have started a little Brut study and ordered some vintage stuff from eBay. Aside from a mid 70’s Brut 33, I have bought these mini bottles that come in transparent boxes. They still...
  41. Re: Houbigant Fougère Royale: A first sniff from a tester

    Well, I don't exactly get any Cool Water or Blue Jeans in FR either – but the reformulation is closer to them than to my old sample of FR. Of course my sample might have changed over the years, but...
  42. Re: Houbigant Fougère Royale: A first sniff from a tester

    Sampled the new one today and yes, it is very different from the original. I wouldn’t call it a flowery scent, though. It’s more like a generic sporty fougere – a little today, a little 80’s. Someone...
  43. Re: anyone know what has happened to the basenotes magazine?

    I emailed six weeks ago since I then had been waiting a month for the magazine to arrive. I got this strange answer:

    “We're still waiting to ship the first issue - we didn't expect to be moving...
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