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  1. Luckyscent jacks up the CdG Red series by $10

    I don't know how long this has been in effect but they were $92 now are $102!

    I don't even want to look to see if all the other CdGs have gone up too...
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    Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    I'm surprised only one review in the directory mentions the powderiness. I find it a very powdery fragrance but that's part of it's "cutting edgeness" for me to wear as a man, part of why I find it a...
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    Re: Tom Ford Oud Wood?

    I had an ounce of Oud Wood and sold it cause the drydown is such a letdown I figured I needed the money back more. The opening is really irresistible though. I am happier with CdG Palisander for...
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    Re: Dark chocolate and green pepper

    A lot of supermarkets carry chocolate with chili lately in their fancy candy areas. I forget which brand it is I've seen all over the place. . . I've been wanting to try it now I'll have to take the...
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    Re: Lets Talk Watches

    I got one of these as a gift and it took me awhile to get acclimated to such a giant watch. I felt like I should be standing at a podium giving a speech about "excellence" or something. I don't like...
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    Re: When does a sample turn into a decant?

    How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
  7. Re: Profumum - Why is this line so expensive?

    Asha's comment is one I agree with, the people behind this line seem to be masters of taking other folks' ideas and making new and improved amped up and much stronger versions of them.

    Fumidus is...
  8. Re: Balmain Ambre Gris (lovely scent, boring review)

    A friend of mine received a bottle in a swap for just a decant of tann roka. Now I know why! She said, "It smells like a ladies' perfume from the kiosk at the mall" and I tend to agree, nowhere near...
  9. Re: Received my Santa Maria Novella samples today.

    AdC has a bit of a split personality: irresistible sweet honey is its Dr. Jeckyll face, a bitter bite of tobacco is, for me at least, the Mr. Hyde facet. If like me what really you enjoy the sweet...
  10. Re: When testing a new fragrance the first time...

    Beware of partial differentiation with respect to the note list, Calculus! Sometimes it leads to missing the forest for the trees!
  11. Re: Dia, Ciel or Jubilation XXV: The perfect Amouage?

    Gold? Guy Robert's "symphony" deserves a place in the competition as well!
  12. Re: Custo Barcelona up for award and is set for international launch

    Groovy bottle as one might expect from this funky line!
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