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    Re: Creed Scents: Overrated (A Noob's Opinion)

    I have two thoughts here. First, Creed is consistently exorbitantly expensive regardless of whether the item is new or established. Most new fragrances from other houses have various promotions of...
  2. Mackie for Men! ...miss it. ..

    Mackie for Men! ...miss it. ..
  3. Re: What's your favourite By Kilian fragrance and why?

    Incense "in-your-face" incense and spice fragrance.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, June 2, 2012

    Aquolina's BLUE SUGAR layered with PATCHOULI by Molinard to cut the sweetness! A great combo... my standard daily wear.
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    Re: What is your most used fragrance?

    Most used is Patchouli by Molinard. Usually that's paired with Blue Sugar by Aquolina as the patchouli tones down the sweetness o Blue Sugar for me. My all time favorite and trusted standby is...
  6. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    I am really surprised at the many people who "don't layer"!
    Layering or pairing can so often alter fragrances for the better, ESPECIALLY those fragrances that get negatively reviewed here. I...
  7. Re: How do you categorize frags for day and evening?

    "daytime" frags are based on the typical mix of activities and people you come across, ie: on the job and mixed social environments. Therefore your "daytime" fragrance should be light and...
  8. Re: looking for a very strong scent for men , which lasts really long , plss help ,

    Patchouli by MOLINARD. Very strong...moderate longevity, but warm and masculine. Pi by GIVENCHY is easily the strongest and most pervasively long lasting and projecting "Mens" cologne I've ever...
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    Re: Looking for a 'fun' scent.

    Patchouli by Molinard. Definitely "smoldering"! Gianfranco Ferre for Him and GF Lui should also suit your taste/style.
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    Re: just started wearing cologne...need some help!

    I like Burberry London, but I really hate Pi! Smells like old lady perfume! It's seriously foul...sorry. I also recommend Gianfranco Ferre for Him. Nice masculine frag that's not real intense but...
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    Re: Favorite "smell good"/"safe"/"blind buy" scent?

    Gianfranco Ferre for Man is first choice. Also like GF Lui. Burberry... All are pleasant, mild, and inoffensive in mixed company.
  12. Sounds like funeral home deodorant to me!:tongue:

    Sounds like funeral home deodorant to me!:tongue:
  13. Thread: Creed

    by bFlay

    Re: Creed

    * Re: Creed
    Do all the Creeds have poor longevity?

    I find the following breakdown and dissipate in 3-5 hours: Vetiver, Aventus, Orange Spice, Silver Mountain. The various "Tweeds" i.e. Green...
  14. Thread: Creed

    by bFlay

    Re: Creed

    I've tested several Creed fragrances and was generally disappointed. Of what you mention, Aventus is nice enough, but heed the warnings here about Creed's poor longevity! That they dissipate quickly...
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    Re: Fragrance for a 13 year old boy, which one?

    I'd suggest far more neutral and light scents for an adolescent. CK One, British Sterling, Curve. Cheap and peppy products that are bland and inoffensive. these also dissipate quickly and are...
  16. Thread: Smell yourself?

    by bFlay

    Smell yourself?

    Since a recent question posed here asked about being able to smell your own cologne throughout the day, I wonder about an old standard piece of advice I've often heard...

    "If you can smell your...
  17. Re: Can you help me "round out" my Christmas wishlist?

    If you like Pi (Givenchy), then you would like Blue Sugar by Acquolina. It is a sweet spicy anise and caramel fragrance that manages to be masculine and very nice indeed! Also, I always recommend ...
  18. Thread: What you fav

    by bFlay

    Re: What you fav

    Blue Sugar by Aquolina! It's quickly becoming my new addiction and most reviews on BN trash it!
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    Re: 'Rugged' daily wear fragrance?

    For daily wear, you can't go wrong with Gianfranco Ferre Man. Yes, it's less expensive but it is suitable for winter, manages to be bold yet inoffensive in any situation, and has great longevity.
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    Re: Blue Sugar by Aquinos - Your Take?

    I just bought Blue Sugar after receiving a sample. I really love it and am surprised that some describe it as overly sweet or not a sufficiently masculine fragrance. It is sweeter than traditional...
  21. Re: Anise or almond or turkish delight fragrance. Your recs?

    I recently found Blue Sugar which is my new fragrance addiction and I absolutely recommend it as a light anise/licorice day time scent. There is a men and a women's version. I think the men's version...
  22. Re: Amazed by Company and warehouse/shipping knowledge!

    The site discussions really do present a lot of "curve balls" I never thought of when choosing and purchasing fragrance! It's intimidating.
  23. Amazed by Company and warehouse/shipping knowledge!

    I have bought most of my colognes on-line (after testing in store) and routinely shop on amazon and other sites for all sorts of things. I don't have the foggiest clue where these things ship from or...
  24. Re: What cologne with good projection and good longevity you think is good for daily wear?

    Gianfranco Ferre for men is bold, but not overwhelming and lasts at least 8 hours.
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    Re: what is good from my list?

    I have sampled the Dior ferenheit. It's strong, but good fragrance.
  26. Re: hello, i am new to fragrances and looking for some suggestions.

    My #1 recommendation would be Gianfranco Ferre for Men, but based on your cited list, i'd also suggest Burberry London or Givency Pi (be EXTREMELY conservative applying Pi). I think these might be in...
  27. Is there a way to search for cologne by scent components?

    I know at least some scent components, like sandalwood or vanilla that I like. Is there a site, or some way to search by these markers for colognes that contain them?
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