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  1. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Around 10 average dabs from a splash bottle of Grey Flannel
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 27th February, 2020

    Grey Flannel
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    Re: It´s all good, man.

    Had to look up this character, having watched to few episodes of the series to be aware of this character.

    Anyway, perhaps vintage Kouros or (equally vintage) Fahrenheit, maybe also Jules.
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    Poll: Re: Parfums vintage vs Creed Aventus?

    Slightly preferring Aventus not just for its additional performance and smoothness, but all this even combined with a certain lightness and freshness, however not excluding suaveness in spite of its...
  5. Re: hello! i got a serious sweet tooth lately! :D Would you name your favourite foody vanilla perfum

    Adding to the not only very good but also more obviously vanillic/gourmand choices, two further less obviously vanillic recommendations: Vanille Noire from the Secrets d'Essences range by Yves Rocher...
  6. Re: What scents would these film and tv characters wear?

    Tony Montana/Scarface-not so much something distinctively Cuban like Czech & Speake Cuba or Aramis Havana, as much as powerhouse like One Man Show or Versace l'Homme (though this released one year...
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    Re: ADG Profumo strange smell

    Personally speaking, he strangest, but even in this case not unpleasant scent got from this one was a "spicy toothpaste" note, as if a very fresh, clean, almost sharp type of mint was combined with...
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    Re: Help me continue my fragrance journey

    Also taking the liberty to add to a possible (re) testing list, in no particular order:
    Mugler Cologne, Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche, Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco, Best of Chevignon, Jaipur EDP and...
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    Re: "Scent of terror" from BBC news

    Always imagined a scent like this combining the dark notes of Salvador Dali pour Homme with the equally dark and powerhouse but even more smoky and flinty notes of G-Man by Gainsboro-oddly both...
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    Poll: Re: Fragrance damaged or noseblind?

    Tending to rather agree with noseblind, especially as this fragrance tends to cause likelier olfactory fatigue than others if worn daily/regularly.
  11. Re: vintages many on here hate but you love - and why you like them

    Would go even further and add vintage Denim, Pitralon, Axe, Pino Silvestre, Agua Brava, as well as other individual fragrances as much as almost entire brands/houses on their one with a rather mixed...
  12. Re: Marketing history of Axe...... an article

    Thank you for sharing.

    Meanwhile realized to be old enough to remember a time when Axe did have more powerhouse, even borderline conservative notes mostly, if not exclusively niche, designer...
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    Re: Coronavirus and Shaving

    Nice to see that clean shaven remains a safe choice-any other beard style would be, personally speaking, too much of a hassle even without the current health risks.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 26th February, 2020

  15. Re: vintages many on here hate but you love - and why you like them

    Possibly also (though never perceived any downright hate towards it, at least not so far) vintage Drakkar Noir, a few vintage Marbert scents, vintage Tabac Original, vintage Roberto Capucci, vintage...
  16. Re: As of today, Creed is no longer a family owned brand

    Thank you for the info.

    Nevertheless hoping that at least the financial even if not also fragrance related expertise, success and importance of the new owner will not impact on the quality of...
  17. Re: I have £100 to buy a fragrance today - what should I get?

    SMV and/or Aventus by Creed (if both in a smaller/affordable bottle size), otherwise almost anything available by Rasasi and Al Haramain, from the options listed within the thread-starting post
  18. Re: For an inexperienced guy: Best cost/benefit choice of a clone

    Apart from all the good recommendations for affordable purchase and/or sampling sources already recommended, would also suggest, albeit in addition/completion to this, (re) testing if not clones at...
  19. Re: Tyson Fury's favorite frag (no text spoiler)

    Clive Christian VIII is, while a quite surprising choice, definitely plausible both regarding his status and among the mainstays of GQ fragrance recommendations
  20. Re: (book/magazine) paper + glue-adhesive smell

    Maybe at some point experimental (though not necessarily niche nor pricey as much as more daring and non-mainstream) houses like Demeter will ever try or might have already done this or anything...
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    Re: Today while out I smelled/resmelled...

    So of the recently re-smelled scents when results were as good up to the point of being almost indistinguishable (at least for a less trained nose) from the respective vintage versions were two...
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    Re: Best Zara fragrances?

    For some reason, happening to like owning and using two of the fragrances within their Tobacco Collection, including Rich Warm Addictive
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 25th February, 2020

  24. Re: controversial question about not wearing scents in order to appreciate them more

    Do sometimes occasionally break the recurrent and uninterrupted frequency of wearing a scent on a truly day to day, SOTD basis, but in most cases completely unplanned, random and very infrequent,...
  25. Re: Any recommendations based on my current likings - much appreciated!

    Dior Homme Sport and/or Dior Homme Parfum, Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, most of the Baldessarini scents, particularly EDC and Ambre, Joop Nightflight
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    Re: Luca Turin Cult

    Never noticed whether there is a certain (mis) use of his name, reviews and/or opinions, nor in the sense of a cult-like situation.

    Personally do value certain but not all opinions, reviews nor...
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    Re: Time to stop buying...

    With an impressive collection like this, would also first recommend being pleased with what is there and simply enjoy most of their often very good performance, as well as possible compliments...
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    In the season II premiere of a TV series from my country named "Vlad" (2018-present day), in fact a spinoff and adaptation of Turkish series "Ezel" (2009-2011), a few toiletries from the Verveine...
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    Re: Filling out my newbie collection.....

    Possibly also Aeamis Tuscany, Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche, Lalique Encre Noir Sport and Lalique White, Roadster and Roadster Sport by Cartier could be worth some (re) testing
  30. Re: Your pick for a warm and spicy niche fragrance

    Almost any Frapin in the thread starting post is already a good choice, but also adding Endymion EDC and Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's, Fate Man by Amouage, Siwa by Memo Paris (the vanilla being subtle...
  31. Re: Need Help: Pointing Future Directions for my Collection

    Would personally add very little to a collection already diverse, well stocked and versatile in multiple fascinating ways.

    However, if having to add and mention at least one scent recommendation,...
  32. Re: Frederic Malle Perfume by season, I need your recommendation

    From a personal viewpoint alone:

    - Portrait of a Lady, French Lover and Geranium pour monsieur for colder but also transitional weather during the entire year

    - again French Lover and Geranium...
  33. Re: Your SOTD chart rocket? The newer scents in your wardrobe that are rising fast.

    Among the (comparatively) recent fragrance purchases, few to none were SOTD chart rockets- mostly due to the fact that older scents were worn even more frequently back then.

    Partly, at least...
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    Re: Prada L'Homme

    Happy for this recent purchase of yours, with best wishes for enjoyment for this solid choice among the most classy versatile designer offerings.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 24th February, 2020

    Old Spice EDT
  36. Re: Frags that you: Bought, sold.. bought sold?

    So far only bought and then sold without much use and also no repurchasing of either: Hugo Dark Blue and Santo Domingo among even more affordable bargains
  37. Re: Good fragrance for a smart/nerdy young man ?

    Though not convinced that (only one) certain fragrance patterns are appropriate this, will rather try to narrow down the choice based on the additional requirements:
    Lalique White, Mugler Cologne,...
  38. Re: What are your most controversial fragrance opinions?

    Among others:

    - not liking certain niche scents (if Eau de Campagne by Sisley can be considered niche) very much and also a few designer classics like Kouros and ADG,

    - instead happening to...
  39. Re: New Fragrances That Are Worth Mentioning

    From a personal viewpoint alone, never expected to like Bracken Man that much, having wrongfully assumed that it may be just another overpriced niche offering.

    Among within the more affordable...
  40. Re: What letters do you not own any fragrance beginning with?

    No Y named fragrances owned and shown in the BN lineup so far-there are probably more letters missing, but Y stood out as a more striking example.

    Especially since a certain craving for Yatagan,...
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    Re: Which, for what do you do?

    Working from a home office which is the same as the only and main HQ of a small firm.
    Nothing fancy, but even if wanting to could not tell the activity of both the firm and myself within it, since...
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    Re: Serge lutens performance issues?

    So far, never had performance issue with all the Lutens fragrances either owned or tested at some point, included but not limited to: Chergui, Feminite du Bois, Ambre Sultan, Chypre Rouge.

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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 23rd February, 2020

    An express change in favor of a new SOTE, since the first scent is very mild, moderate projection type at most and also quite nice for layering with other classic style choices.

    The SOTE (without...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 23rd February, 2020

    Prince Classic EDT (not yet listed in the BN directory)
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    Re: Suggest me a fragrance...

    With an already great wardrobe and impressive diversity like this, would hardly buy anything new and prefer staying with choices already there like aforementioned Mugler Cologne or the Xerjoff...
  46. Re: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille vs Thierry Mugler Pure Malt

    Having smelled and liked both, even to the point of likely owning either or both at once in future-still preferring and likelier to recommend Pure Malt by a tiny margin.

    While unaware about...
  47. Re: Getting compliments from Teens, Young Adults, on the Classics

    Not working in the educational sector and, in fact, with a daily activity that requires little interaction already-the probability and frequency of getting compliments is already reduced.
  48. Re: Your favorite unique fragrances that stand out amongst the mainstream always smelled?

    Probably too many to mention, but even if the ingredients and formulation seem rather mainstream-always enjoying the boozy note in several of the Lubin EDPs like Akkad, the pepper one in Opus 1870 by...
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    Re: Looking for a new niche fresh fragrance.

    Possibly also by the house of Creed-Royal Water, Original Vetiver and/or Royal Mayfair,
    while from other houses: Hugh Parsons Blue (along with other Hugh Parsons fragrances), Tom Ford Neroli...
  50. Re: Any Thread(s) On Givenchy Gentleman Timeline?

    Apart from its initial 1974 release, not familiar why of its newer/either versions apart from the renewed EDP.

    And though not lacking complexity nor the performance even in the current EDP, would...
  51. Re: Buying a Professional Attire Leather Belt

    Apart form all suggestions already mentioned, perhaps also from the brand (a certain patriotism and/or local bias might also be involved admittedly) - being quite affordable, classically versatile...
  52. Re: Your Fall suggestion to complete my collection

    Possibly also, based on current likes but also not exceeding the budget limits:

    Best of Chevignon EDT, Mugler Pure Malt, Pure Havane and/or Cologne, Aramis Havana (two of these at least if not...
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    Re: Did I change, or did Eau de Cartier?

    Thank you for the reply, thank you if having even remotely helped.
    As always (or, if not always than at least in most recent fragrance testing cases) have had quite a difficulty to identify any...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 22nd February, 2020

    Ambre Noble
  55. Re: good fragrances that smell like lime..:)

    Since the house of Guerlain was mentioned, happened to enjoy enough to recommend Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde from this very house
  56. Re: What is the Best Male Fragrance for Carnival Festivities in the Tropics?

    Perhaps also Mugler Cologne, at least one of the fresher, lighter Creeds along the lines of (but not limited to) Royal Water, Kedu Sesame by Memo Paris-they may seem on the less prominent side, but...
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    Re: Mangled: names of your favorites

    At some point, have watched YT fragrance review videos where the house of Rochas was pronounced in a Spanish style like Rojas-though apart from this pronunciation mistake the review was otherwise ok...
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    Re: I officially have a problem!

    Considering this lineup as visually stunning to join the ones recognizing/seeing any problem- in fact, the stunning fragrance selections is matched by its impressive presentation
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    Re: I need serious recommendations!

    Since Xerjoff was mentioned, XJ 1861 Renaissance from the same house is a solid choice versatile at any age and totally pleasant for everyday/workplace/office but also more casual wear
  60. Re: Lttp but damn Blvgari Man Extreme is so good

    While not familiar with Office One, happening to enjoy Bvlgari Man Extreme-in the early 2000s happened to have liked this from the first sampling and all of the following testings were so far equally...
  61. Re: Pls identify age of my Paco Rabanne pour homme

    From a personal viewpoint alone, tending to agree that not later than the final 90s, can in fact remember this bottle style when growing up, thus quite safe to say from the mentioned release interval
  62. Re: Which classic fragrances are still worth buying the current version of?

    From the thread staring list, especially: Chanel pour Monsieur, Zino, Eau Sauvage, Miss Dior, YSL Opium

    other possible choices with largely if not entirely unchanged quality but also performance...
  63. Re: What fragrances do YOU find backup bottle worthy?

    From the personal lineup alone, happening to have liked either of these enough to consider backup worthy, in otherwise no particular order:

    vintage Heritage EDT, vintage Lancetti Uomo and/or Uomo...
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    Re: Turkish lemon cologne style frag?

    Being familiar with this brand, albeit as a bar soap one, also adding the Yves Rocher unisex ETDs from the Un Matin au Jardin line, especially Feuilles de Verveine, while in the pricier category,...
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    Re: I need serious recommendations!

    Also adding among possible (re) testing recommendations especially Voyage d'Hermes Parfum, Creed GIT and OV, Dior Homme Sport, Hugh Parsons Blue, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
  66. Re: Science shows evidence that Perfumes can make you work more productively!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Even if it may be just simple placebo effect, have indeed noticed to be not just happier personally but also more efficient, enthusiastic, ambitious and open minded...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 21st February, 2020

  68. Re: Kirks Castille, Yardley and Mitchell's Wool Fat

    While never having used/purchased neither Kirks Castille nor Mitchells Wool Fat products so far, must admit to have had good experiences with the value for money and also the cleansing factor Yardley...
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    Re: CHANEL Allure Homme Sport Question

    Did not sample/test this one later than last year or 1-2 years ago at most, yet back then it did not change in terms of both notes and fairly good performance.

    As fellow posters have suggested,...
  70. Re: I fried my Hermes! A cautionary tale to beginners.

    Sorry this happened, while thanking you for the info.

    So far, did not face comparable situations, but mostly if not entirely due to mere luck of living in an area (and lodgings/living...
  71. Re: Fragrance History: "Ancient School" perfumes, perfumes from Ancient Greece, Rome and Middle East

    Thank you for the links, bringing up not just memories but also inspiring further searches for additional knowledge and info.
  72. Re: Gourmand fragrances that work excellent all year even summer?

    Guerlain is a great house for all year gourmands indeed, most of the l'Homme Ideal range, including but not limited to Parfum and Sport, even disparate (slightly) gourmand notes in the Heritage, the...
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    Re: Sycomore, Encre Noir, and...

    Happen to personally consider all the fragrances mentioned in both the initial post and all reply posts so far as very good examples for vetiver-but might be also in part due to being a long term...
  74. Re: Fragrance History: "Ancient School" perfumes, perfumes from Ancient Greece, Rome and Middle East

    Have once read an article published out of all magazines in National Geographic rather than a more fashion/style/perfume/pharmacy etc. related one about a certain company that specializes in...
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    Re: Notes that you cannot tolerate

    Several fruit notes, too heavy/sweet floral ones, too smoky and heady incense, also while not particular spices like cinnamon and cumin on their own, rather their use/rendition in certain fragrances
  76. Re: Best mild, non irritating, sensitive Deodorant

    So far the unscented unisex deodorant by Hydro Fugal and Bekra Mineral did leave a good impression, particularly the scentless crystal/stick deodorant by latter brand, plus also further unscented...
  77. Re: FBW? Strong objections or recs? Molinard Cuir, Habanita, Eau Delle, YSL Sleek Suede

    Recommending if possible at least the two Molinard fragrances-especially if the price, the quality/value for money or both are good
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    Re: One Fragrance for One Month

    From your current lineup could best imagine wearing each day for an entire month one of the lighter, fresher Creeds like Royal Water and GIT, if not possible, Mugler Cologne as an alternative option
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    Re: Did I change, or did Eau de Cartier?

    Possibly both personal factors and reformulations brought on the change (s), although the last time did sample this fragrance, did not get any hints or at least no perceptible ones about being...
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    Re: What scent am I missing?

    Already an outstanding selection, yet still taking the liberty to add Knzie Ten Golden Edition, Chergui and/or Ambre Sultan by Lutens, Jaipur Homme EDP, Songe d'un Bois d'Ete by Guerlain, Yatagan by...
  81. Re: “Best-Buys”, Bargain fragrances, Fragrances on a budget

    Also adding the masculine fragrances by Lalique, especially the value for money of the ones in EDP strength
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 20th February, 2020

    Riviera Nights
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    Re: Storage vs. humidity

    Most likely, especially if stored in a fridge, your fragrances should be alright.

    Personally keeping all the fragrances owned not even in a refrigerator, rather in a cool but not refrigerated,...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 19th February, 2020

    Feuilles de Verveine
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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    Out of all scents, YSL Opium as EDP or even pure parfum concentration while in a taxi cab a few days ago.

    What makes this more untypical, strange and rather surprising news is either the...
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    Re: Prada L'homme and Intense

    Intense has a versatility fairly equal to l'Homme just with improved performance and can thus be quite successfully worn as both an everyday but also more evening/dating/romantic/going out, even...
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    Re: Help on Chanel N°5 L'Eau

    Belated congratulations for this choice, No. 5 l'Eau has many of the required features and qualities Chanel enthusiast as much as first time discoverers/users might quite likely enjoy-even as/after a...
  88. Re: Good date scent, that is not known by everyone.

    Also adding Chergui, AMen Pure Havane, Endymion EDC by Penhaligon's
  89. Re: Best drug store / grocery store brand soaps/body-washes? (available in the US)

    Old Spice spas/body washes should be at least as widely available in the US as in Europe and does provide some of the best values for money, plus good scent variants with decent performance and quite...
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    Re: Those Animals You Own

    Several samples by Middle Eastern houses like (but not limited to) Qurashi and niche houses like LM, at least one further sample of Songe d'un Bois d'Ete with a fairly strong animalic undertone in a...
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    Re: Chergui or Jazz club

    Even if predictable, yet another vote for Chergui
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    In "Young Sheldon", during a bedroom scene in episode 12 of the first season, it is quite obvious that Mary Cooper uses Vanderbilt (among other fragrance bottles also shown/seen on her dressing...
  93. Re: Land mine detection - Identify the worst fragrances in otherwise great lineups

    Did not manage to fully enjoy Aqua di Roma by Laura Biagiotti, even if liking the rest of the Roma range so far tested, including the feminine version and including nearly all of the remaining scents...
  94. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Approximately 8 sprays of Zino
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 18th February, 2020

    Zino Davidoff
  96. Re: Opinions on current batches of Versace Eros?

    If only talking about its performance, the current batches do have good results.

    If however wanting something with similar notes, good performance and additional complexity within a largely...
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    Re: Alternative to Santal Royal Guerlain

    Possibly also Chanel Egoiste, if liking a sandalwood variation with slightly more rose and/or additional floral-powdery hints
  98. Poll: Re: Would You Rather Buy a Better Car Than You Have Now....or....Have more Depth in Your Niche Frags

    Not having a driver's licence anyway and little to no practical automotive knowledge (neither professionally nor even as a hobby) and current dwelling somewhere with both small distances and reliable...
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    Re: Guerlain classics in spring

    Very nice spring lineup, would only add most of the Aqua Allegoria line and l'Homme Ideal Cologne to a versatile spring selection by this house
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 17th February, 2020

    Mugler Cologne
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