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  1. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    4 sprays of Sublime Vanille on top of 4 sprays Royal Oud this morning around 0700. The Royal Oud is still coming in strong.
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    Re: Next Creed Fragrance: Help Me Decide!

    On your list - Original Santal

    Off your list - 1849
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    Re: Favorite By Kilian Fragrance? and Why

    Amber Oud for me. Not much oud, but rather a well done vanilla that lasts forever on me.
  4. Re: Creed's best compliment getters/crowdpleaser ? (Besides Aventus)

    I layer Royal Oud with Original Santal on occasion, and I everytime I wear this combination I have received a compliment.
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    Re: Favortie Bond no.9?

    Harrod's Oud is my favortie from the house although I just recently sold my bottle on ebay in a recent downsizing.
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    Re: Creed fragrances

    FYI they have a few bottles of Millesime 1849 left. I also reserved one. It will be ~ $50 off. I was a little late pulling the trigger on the all gold bottle of Millesime Imperial :(
  7. Re: Deal-breaker notes, What are your least favorite perfume notes?

    Saffron for me.
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    Re: Male Domination of Basenotes

    I was thinking MKK
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    Re: Male Domination of Basenotes

    I wonder what fragrance he is wearing?
  10. Re: PUREDISTANCE BLACK... anyone else tried it?

    Just got samples of this and just applied. I am pretty sure there is a healthy dose of saffron in this. This is the only note that I am definitely pulling out at the moment. I normally don't like...
  11. Re: Think of the most over-powering cologne to ever overwhelm you negatively...

    Black Afgano makes me nauseated
  12. Re: Typical annoying moments for perfume addicts..

    Eagerly awaiting a bottle of fragrance that you have ordered, but when it finally arrives, the atomizer is suboptimal (happened to me with Creed VIW) or doesn't work at all (happened to me with...
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    Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    I spoke to a Creed rep at NM in Tampa as well, and they said Royal Oud is NOT being discontinued.
  14. Re: Discuss Creed Fragrances (DRY DOWN ONLY) #Aventus

    Any chance you can add Windsor and Sublime Vanille to your list?
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    Re: Inexpensive Vetiver to buy?

    loccitane vetiver
  16. Re: Should we expect another Thierry Mugler Pure this year?

    I would be happy with just a re-release of Pure Coffee.
  17. Re: My wife: "What is smells kind of girlie"

    Got this from the Vegas Guerlain boutique a couple of months ago. They mailed it right to me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I tend to go heavy on the trigger on almost all of my fragrances when I am...
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    Re: Job Interview

    Is the Terre d'Hermes edt or edp? If edp, I would go with 1-2 sprays max. Otherwise, GIT.
  19. Poll: Re: I hate to ask but...which of these from Amouage would you choose for warm weather?

    Of the choices, I would pick Ciel. To me it is not an in your face aggressive lavender. But, Beloved Man is really quite stunning, and truly suited for warm weather or just year round for that...
  20. My wife: "What is smells kind of girlie"

    Me: "OK, So what."

    She was speaking of Rose Nacree du Desert by Guerlain. It is obviously a big rose, but to me it comes off as genderless, not that it matters. I sprayed it heavy, about six...
  21. Re: Perfume that gives you a sense of well being

    Green Irish Tweed always makes me happy
  22. Re: Summer cologne for 21 year old college student

    Try Virgin Island Water. I cant wait to wear it a bunch this summer.
  23. Re: I want to make two blind buys: A good floral or aquatic Spring, and a good citrus Summer.

    Try Neroli Sauvage or Jardin d'Amalfi for your citrus.
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    Re: Best fragrance to invest in?

  25. Re: Which of these should I layer with Tobacco Vanille tonight?

    I would not layer anything that is already sweet with TV as it may get cloying. The only fragrance that I will sometimes layer with TV is Tuscan Leather, but only if the mood suits me.
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    Re: Best scent for a public hanging?

    Montale Dark Aoud no doubt. The hangee will will know death is imminent when he catches a waft.
  27. Re: Best Creed for an October wedding in UK for a male...

    Spice and wood
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    Re: Givenchy Pi Leather Edition

    Not being able to obtain this one was driving me nuts at one point. Last time I was down at Epcot I purchased the Givenchy Play Leather Edition, which I really liked the twist on the original Play...
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    Re: Plum Crazy! (the search for plum notes)

    Amouage Silver Man has a hint of plum
  30. Re: A Fall, hayride type of smell that's "American" to its feel?

    The first thing that came to mind for me was Spice and Wood from Creed.
  31. Re: How many do you have? Have you set a limit? Have you surpassed it?

    I have well over 100, but I just gave my wife the go ahead to list at least half of my Bonds on ebay. I will never sell any of the Amouage, Creed, or Guerlains that I have acquired.
  32. Re: Xerjoff Richwood... is it worth the 670$ ?

    I have sampled twice, but it has been awhile. I did like it and remember it being a bit on the sweet side. You could tell it was high quality, but just not something I would personally wear. Just...
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    Re: Today i bought: April 2013

    Amouage Beloved Man
  34. Re: Think Miami Vice, the 80ies series.. Wich scents comes in mind ?

    I wore a whole lot of Drakkar Noir and Chaps in the 1980's
  35. Re: Less people wearing fragrances these days?

    Maybe a lot of folks don't have the disposable income to invest in fragrances these days.
  36. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    Graphite, I will have to swipe your Cruel Gardenia to complete my collection. If you miss it I'll send you a sample :)
  37. Re: If I like A*Men, will the flankers be safe buys?

    Havane, Malt, and Leather...yes. Chili...maybe. Pure
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    Re: Question about Aedes de Venutas

    Even non-Aventus threads turn into Aventus threads around here. Further evidence that Aventus is the best perfume ever. But yeah, +1 on luckyscent.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Chanel Les Exclusifs 1932

    "I tested 1932 a few weeks ago and was disappointed. On the paper it was tempting but on my skin it just became a floral Chanel."

    My wife and daughters enjoy it so I bought it for them, but you...
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    Re: Creed EdTs (grey tops) to me!

    I would use my Royal Scottish Lavender much much more if I weren't so worried that I will not be able to get another bottle when mine runs out. It is my favorite lavender.
  41. Re: Bond No. 9 New York Oud - A more masculine Noir de Noir?

    They don't smell similar to me either. I prefer New York Oud to Noir de Noir, but I always wear New York Oud in combination with Chez Bond because I get self-conscious when I wear New York Oud by...
  42. Re: if you went with 2 houses for life, what 2 would you pick ?

    Creed and Guerlain
  43. Re: Would I get drunk if I drink a shot of Aventus?

    Forget getting drunk on the stuff, I hear Aventus enemas are all the rage lately.
  44. Re: Where can you find the best/legitamate deal on Dior Homme Intense?

    Just ordered one on the site earlier today. Payed $98, but that was with expedited shipping.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Sweet pics Starship - which Xerjoff is that in the pic of your current favorites? Also, what is that white bottle in the back with the four gold dots?
  46. Re: The long awaited Beloved for Man by Amouage is now available!!!!

    I'm a gambler. I'm risking a blind buy on this one once Bergdorf's gets it in stock. Can't wait.
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    Re: New Hamshire Perfume Ban

    I could care less, don't live in New Hampshire. Seems a bit silly to me given the current condition most of the nation is facing. Great thing about America, though, is that if you don't agree with...
  48. Re: Recommend only two niche fragrances (one versatile all year around+ one for the special occasio)

    This is exactly what I had in mind before I opened the thread, so +1.

    I need to read all the way down. +2
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    Re: Millesime Imperial Mystery

    Like the others have said, you probably just don't like it. Some other really good Creed summer fragrances are Neroli Sauvage, Royal Water, and Pure White Cologne.
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    Re: Selection Verte vs Menthe Fraiche

    I also own both. I recently purchased the Selection Verte Flacon as it may run out soon. I love this stuff, but due to poor longevity and projection that you have mentioned, I apply it very heavily....
  51. Re: Le Labo sample haul - are any of these bottle worthy?

    I never really know what I am looking for until I sample something I like. I tend to lean strongly towards the following notes: woods, incense, and vanilla in in moderate doses with supporting...
  52. Le Labo sample haul - are any of these bottle worthy?

    Which one of these are your...
  53. Re: Most similar/clone of abercrombie and fitch fierce?

    If I remember right, Fierce reminded me a bit of Riverside Drive.
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    Re: Jumping into Bond

    If you are looking for something similar to SMW, then Hamptons would be the closest thing from BN9 IMO.
  55. Re: What are your most regrettable fragrance purchases thus far ???

    Atelier - Vanille Insensee. This stuff is cloyingly nasty. Creed Sublime Vanille is a delicious vanilla citrus fragrance, but Vanille Insensee is a diet version with full blown aspartame in your...
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    Re: Top 5 Oud based fragrances

    I like in no specific order:

    1) Bond # 9 Harrod's Oud
    2) Amouage Epic Man
    3) Guerlain Song d'un bois d'ete
    4) Creed Royal Oud
    5) Mona di Orio Oud
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    IMO - When you check out of this life, you can't take your money with you, but the government sure as hell will try to get a piece of it. It is much harder for Uncle Sam to get a piece when it is...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

    1 spray Royal Oud, 3 sprays Aventus
  59. Re: I have a gift card for Aedes, what should I get?

    Does Aedes carry Invasion Barbare? I'd go with an Amouage - Jubliation XXV
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, February 17, 2013

    Tonka Imperiale
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    That cabinet came from pottery barn. IMO, it is very difficult to find a good quality cabinet to suit the storage needs I was looking for. Most of these cabinets are display type with glass doors,...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Not horribly tech savvy, but I'll give this a shot:

    In walk-in closet-
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, February 16, 2013

    Creed Vetiver 48
  64. Re: How old were you when you started to get interest in fragrances?

    Interested - 18 years or so.

    Obsessed - mid 30's.
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, February 10, 2013

    Creed Feuille Verte
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    Re: Creed Royal Water Fake check please

    Agree, that juice is really yellow. It is supposed to be colorless.
  68. Re: Rose Nacree du Desert / New York Oud: How similar do these smell to you?

    I agree, I didn't particularly care for it when I sniffed it from the sample vial, but I poured it in a small glass atomizer last night and wore it ~ 5 sprays, and I actually really like it. After...
  69. Re: Rose Nacree du Desert / New York Oud: How similar do these smell to you?

    Do you get more/less rose with one or the other, saffron, "our", etc. Does one smell more natural to you?
  70. Rose Nacree du Desert / New York Oud: How similar do these smell to you?

    This is more of a collection question for me. I own the other two Les Deserts d'Orient Fragrances, and although I have sampled and have grown to enjoy Rose Nacree du Desert, it smells really close to...
  71. Re: The top 3 best fragrance houses in your opinion

    1) Creed
    2) Guerlain
    3) Amouage
  72. Re: Amouage Dia came without hand written note - worry-alert?

    My Memoir Man from Lucky Scent came without a written note. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, February 2, 2013

    Aventus to work this morning. Probably pull something from my samples later...maybe Montale Red Vetiver.
  74. Re: I really think Creed will re-release vintage Tabarome in 2013...

    God I hope not.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Probably so, but I can still hope.

    - - - Updated - - -
  75. I really think Creed will re-release vintage Tabarome in 2013...

    ...maybe just a sneaking suspicion or a long shot hope. With no masculines released in 2012 and already a new floral feminine released in 2013. Hopefully Creed has a big surprise in 2013. All the...
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    Re: Introduce me to Guerlain

    Are you talking about blind buying or will you be able to sample? If blind, then I also believe that Homme is the safest (minty fresh lime), although I prefer the Homme Intense myself. If you are...
  77. Re: Anyone have an old Green Valley cap that they are no longer using?

    Yeah, I couldn't believe it. I had purchased two Creeds that day and some deodorant. I asked her if she had any remaining bottles of Green Valley, she said hold on, and came back with a nearly full...
  78. Re: Anyone have an old Green Valley cap that they are no longer using?

    Yeah, it would need to be the cap from the the Green Valley bottle. Clear cap with green Creed emblem on top I believe. For me it is more about a complete piece in my collection than just having a...
  79. Poll: Re: Serge Lutens Borneo or Tom Ford Black Orchid?

    Apples and oranges IMO. If i had to pick though, it would definitely be Borneo.
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

    Wore LIDG (EDT) to work, Selection Verte to dinner (was unseasonably warm in the low 80s today), then Acier Aluminum.
  81. Re: Which is your favourite Frederic Malle & why?

    Musc Ravageur for me, I also enjoy the intense clove opening. My wife likes Carnal Flower, but go easy on this one.
  82. Anyone have an old Green Valley cap that they are no longer using?

    Received a free tester bottle (2.5 oz) from a Creed rep that was ~ 90% full, but it had no cap. Willing to trade a reasonable size decant of something from my wardrobe for said cap. Sorry if this is...
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    Re: Today I didn't buy - 2013

    Almost pulled the trigger on a bottle of Windsor, but the SA was unable to track oned down. Unfortunately I wasnt so lucky this past weekend
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    Re: Broken Guerlain SDV atomizer

    Called Saks and they said I could return it, but I couldn't find the return label. Did I throw it away? So I look through two full garbage bags to no avail. I'm getting pissed at this point. I go...
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    Re: Broken Guerlain SDV atomizer

    Purchased from Sak's online. How long are we talking before the fragrance would be affected by the bulb? I guess I will just decant this bottle as I go and seal it with the cap that came with it....
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    Broken Guerlain SDV atomizer

    Just got a bottle of SDV in the mail today, and the atomizer worked for about 8 sprays, then it crapped out. I put the bulb atomizer on for now, but does anyone know how get these atomizers working...
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    Re: Tom Ford Private Blend Layering

    Black Violet + Oud Wood is pretty nice too.
  88. Re: Spending the day at Epcot...anything worthwhile

    $94 and there are five of us. Florida residents too. Eating lunch in world showcase morocco at the moment then off to Guerlain. Thanks fir the heads up on givenchy and geir ness

    - - - Updated - -...
  89. Spending the day at Epcot...anything worthwhile

    Aside from Guerlain boutique?
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    Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    At first sniff I was reminded of silver mountain water as well. My wife opened the sample I got today and she says it reminds her a bit of Christmas just like another poster mentioned which I get as...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    1. TM Pure Havane
    2. TM Pure Leather
    3. Creed GIT
    4. Creed Original Santal
    5. BN9 New Haarlem
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    Re: Amouage Interlude Man is a beast

    I do get that herbal vibe in the top, but I'm not good enough to call it oregano although I know that is what is listed. I do not relate it to dried oregano that one may sprinkle on pizza...either...
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    Amouage Interlude Man is a beast

    Just got a sample of this stuff with a recent purchase. Used about 1/3 of the Lucky Scent sample (I'd guess 2-3 sprays from an Amouage bottle) and not only is this stuff a beautiful smoky incense...
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    Re: Please help me choose a new Vetiver

    I've been wearing Vetiver Tonka quite a bit lately. A bit more than $200 for a full bottle, but for ~ $150 you could sample four from the Hermessence line including Vetiver Tonka. Definitely not as...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, Sept. 22th, 2012

    Virgin Island Water
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, September 20, 2012


    - - - Updated - - -

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    Re: An orange/grapefruit fragrance?

    +2 on Eau du Pamplemousse Rose. Have not tried Concentree d'Orange Verte.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, September 17, 2012

    BN9 New Haarlem
  99. Re: Creed Royal Exclusive collection question

    I think this is right. The Sublime Vanille tester at the NM I go to had an atomizer last time I was there.
  100. Re: Creed Royal Exclusive collection question

    For whatever reason, coincidence perhaps, it seems as though the ones more likely to be worm by men (Spice and Wood, Pure White Cologne) have atomizers.
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