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  1. Noob question about Creed Silver Mountain Water

    I really like this scent and I think I'm going to purchase it from fragrancenet while they have a 20% off thing going on

    Problem is, they have 2 listings for EDT which is $145 and an EDP...
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    Re: Disappointing Creeds

    I just got a bunch of samples and silver mountain water is orgasmic while the rest were ok I guess

    Himalaya smelled like a knockoff SMW and Green Irish Tweed I liked but didnt last long at all
  3. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water - Longevity/Sillage

    please please please please dont wear cologne to the gym


    as a fellow gym goer I assure you everyone around you is completely overpowered by whatever scent it is. when your core temp...
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    Re: Scents that teenage girls like

    the girls went crazy for aqua de gio when I was in HS

    of course that was 10 years ago lol but I dont think much has changed in the way of young fragrance
  5. Re: Does Creed "water down" their scent for their sample vials?

    I got it from, which is where I would be purchasing the bottle. well either there or Walgreens. I can't afford to but it directly from Creed and people said fragrancenet is pretty...
  6. Does Creed "water down" their scent for their sample vials?

    I really really love the smell of the silver mountain water sample I got. I am considering dropping the money but the one thing that concerns me is that the stuff in the sample vial only lasts about...
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    Re: Fake?

    what do you guys mean when you say re-formulation?

    I'm considering buying a Creed cologne from and im a little concerned because it's so much cheaper than buying it from Creed....
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