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    Re: Lucky Scent vs First in Fragrance

    I have never had a problem like you had with either company. I think FIF has a better customer oriented approach especially when it comes to samples and communications. Their shipments take a week...
  2. Re: How important is it to keep the original boxes of your fragrances?

    I always keep my boxes. It is important to have the box if you are wanting to sell the fragrance to someone else - they always want the original box. Also, if you are interested in keeping your...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    top five for "as of right now".

    Black Tourmalene Extrait
    Oud Imperial Black
    MFK Oud
    Declaration Essence
  4. Re: Which fragrances in the last 15 years "changed the game"?

    There have been plenty of "game changers" in fragrance and most of them have to do with the use of new materials that changes the idea of what is possible. In the past 15 yrs. it is probably:

  5. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    Bois d' Encens is my favorite.
    Encens Satin, Oud Royal, Myrrhe Imperiale, Rose Arabie - these are all right there at the top too.
  6. Re: YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme tin can for cheap!

    I have an older tin can model in the larger size its about 10 years old. Compared this new batch which I just received yesterday to the older one and it smells very similar up until the base which...
  7. Re: Bone-dry niche fragrance to add to my collection?

    Regular Black Tourmalene from Durbano may do it - its almost the equal of the parfum, imo. Also there are some bold but dry woods and tea scents from L'Antichambre that are half price now! at...
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    Re: RK sons and company - quality of oils?

    I have bought two oud oils from RK Sons and they were both excellent value. I don't know what they have for sale at this time, but these products I acquired - 5 yrs ago and 2 yrs ago were as...
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    Re: Just got my Interlude Man

    I had an older bottle of Interlude Man and the only way I could wear it was to spray onto a cotton ball then carefully dab it on skin in a couple places. A full spray directly onto skin would be...
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    Re: Best musk fragrance?

    Favorite Musk fragrances are:

    Muscs Khoublai Khan - "big dog daddy" musk
    Killian Musk Oud - mystic musk
    Zegna Peruvian Ambrette - strong silent musk
    Bruno Acampora Musk - almost Killian Musk
  11. Re: Haitian Vetiver (Zegna) What do we think so far?

    It was a good year for new vetiver! Haitian Vetiver is one of the best vetiver fragrances to come out last year, or any year for that matter. Along with Heely Vetiver Veritas, Oriza Legrand...
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    Re: Current top 10 favorites

    Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu
    Onda Voile d' Extrait
    Eau de Guerlain
    Songe d'un Bois d'Ete
    MFK Oud
    Perris Oud Imperiale Black
    Creed Aventus
    Armani Bois d' Encens
    Black Tourmalene Extrait
  13. Re: Best burning incense type of frag besides M7 and the CDG Incense series.

    Piotr Czarnecki Sensi is perhaps the best incense fragrance I've smelled. It comes in a 3 in 1 bottle arrangement for three different intensities of the same basic aroma. A very nice fragrance -...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    More recent (fall of '14) wow fragrances for me are a couple of Myrrh fragrances from Armani Prive Myrrhe Imperiale and from Mona di Orio Myrrh Casati. The Mona di Orio is softer, more civilized...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Oud Imperial by Perris Monte Carlo in the black bottle so some dealers call it "Oud Black" because there is a gold bottled one also. Anyway, Oud Imperial is a fantastic fragrance that might not have...
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    Re: Neroli Portofino OR Mandarino Di Amalfi

    These two are pretty different from each other. I wouldn't pick one over the other and I like both.
  17. Re: How was your hobby in the pre-Internet era?

    The internet changed everything! It really allowed this entire area of investigation and collecting to take flight.
  18. Re: What was your First Fragrance that triggered collecting?

    It was a bottle of Creed Orange Spice that I got around 1993 or '94 thereabouts. That led to collecting a dozen or so Creeds during the late 1990's. I could only find them in London at Harrod's, I...
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    Re: Andy Tauer Parfumes

    I've noticed that these "natural" perfumers who have small output, are independent and are Artisanal, frequently have distinctively similar notes from one perfume to another. It could be the...
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    Re: Kilian Musk Oud vs Eternal Oud

    Musk Oud. Smells fantastic and has tons of subtlety from the musks with just tiny hint of rose and oud. But it works great.

    Eternal Oud is Musk Oud (same fragrance) with an addition of more oud,...
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    Re: What is your favorite Amouge?! and WHY?

    Jubilation XXV is the only one I've been able to stay attached to over a period of time of use. It wears well, I guess.
  22. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - cheaper / better alternatives

    Ferre Bergamotto Marino is the best cheaper alternative. Varvatos Artisan is nice green, neroli, moss scent - not similar to Neroli Portofino, but it is cheap and good. In my opinion there are...
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    Re: Kilian Straight to Heaven??

    I like it. Think I'll wear it today!
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    Re: Help me with some by Kilians

    My favorites from Killian are: Musk Oud, Pure Oud, Straight to Heaven, Imperial Tea. But tastes differ so test them for yourself. Also, these are good too: Back to Black, Rose Oud, Dangerous...
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    Re: Eau de Cartier Concentree, Prada Infusion d' Iris, Violet Tendencies Smell Bent

    Lots of new things on the sale today for pre Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! Many Armani's, some killer By Killians, perky Penhaligon's, Masterful MFKurkdjian's. Ouds, Olds and Oddballs alike. Check it out.
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    Re: please delete this thread

    "Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible." Albert Einstein
  27. Re: the most creamy of the houses: amouage, creed, chanel and tom ford.

    None of the above!? When I think creamy I'm thinking: Serge Lutens with all the amber woods, or Dior with all the velvety irises etc.
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    Re: An obscur question regarding CdG

    With incense sticks you have to account for the smell of the wood sawdust used to make the incense. Sometimes it is cedar but sometimes I don't know what is used. The incense wood, mixed with the...
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    Re: USPS and mailing fragrances

    Shipping with USPS goes without a hitch if I use Priority Mail and if the piece can fit in their small fixed rate box. Either their box or my own, I print the postage at home on my computer, package...
  30. Poll: Re: Profumo's incense scents: "Mecca Balsam" or "Hindu Kush". Which one do you like more?

    Hindu Kush is the name of a mountain range in central Asia, mostly in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Named for this mountain region is a strain of weed that is pure indica strain called Hindu...
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    Re: Which Lush did I try?

    Breath of God
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    Re: Patchouli Absolu

    After the Kafkaesque review I was slow to try it but I did, I liked it, bought a bottle, and now is one of my favorite fragrances of the year.
  33. Re: Tauer Phi. For men or is it to feminine?

    I don't think rose as a note or ingredient is especially feminine or masculine, but this particular fragrance as it is created feels more feminine to me. Tauer PHI is a big, sweet rose fragrance. I...
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    Re: Penhaligon's Bayolea. Someone tried it?

    Bayolea is a very positive and refreshing aromatic blend that has a strong lime and lemon citrus opening over a very traditional: lavender / cedar / patchouli / sandalwood aromatic blend. There is...
  35. Re: Tauer Phi. For men or is it to feminine?

    To me the three rose scents from Tauer - PHI UR d'Kandahar, Une Rose Chypre, Rose Vermeil all smell slightly feminine but since they are compelling rose fragrances no matter, either sex can wear...
  36. Re: 3 New By Kilian Men's Specifc Fragrances- October 2014!

    Wore Smoke for the Soul today and have to admit that I underestimated it during my testing. After it wears for a couple of hours it gets better and better and I ended up really liking it. The pot...
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    Re: You're Greatest Citrus Fragrance

    This thread has covered all the best for citrus. My favorites are:

    +1 Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine
    +2 Eau de Guerlain Cologne
  38. Re: 3 New By Kilian Men's Specifc Fragrances- October 2014!

    Of the Addictive State of Mind series Apple Brandy is a decent scent that smells like I spilled Apple Brandy on self at Thanksgiving dinner with the older relatives and this after being doused in...
  39. Re: Most potent in-production designer fragrance?

    Aramis, vintage - stiuff is so potent, I can't wear it.
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    Re: Tom Ford: Italian Cypress or Oud Wood

    Oud Wood because I don't own Italian Cypress. I wasn't that impressed with it . . . although it smells traditionally strong, manly, etc and is probably great in the fall weather. Still - Oud...
  41. Re: Warm/Creamy/Milky/'Blonde' winter fragrance

    These are all soft scents that would go well with light blond features, imo:

    Tom Ford White Suede
    Dries Van Noten, Frederic Malle
    Nuit de Sens, Feraud
    Benjoin 19, Le Labo
    Bois Blond, Atelier...
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    Re: Sandalwood Suggestions

    I like Santal 33 from Le Labo. Didn't think I would like it at first but it smells fantastic in the right situation and weather. It is kind of heavy so it doesn't work well in high heat but the rest...
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    Re: Must smell like Blackberries!

    These have blackberry notes:

    Mure et Musc - blackberry more noticeable in mure et musc than extreme, I think.
    Silver Mountain Water - the blackberry musk note was stronger in the vintage scent...
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    Re: Are MFK ouds any good?

    All the MFK oud perfumes are quality products and they are each well blended but simple takes on 4 ingredient blends to show different looks at oud moods in perfume. I can't recommend them because...
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    Re: Is Straight to Heaven worth a blind buy?

    No, do not blind buy it. I like STH but I've had my ups and downs with it. Plenty of people don't like it at all and it has been poorly reviewed by many experienced noses, but some people love it as...
  46. Re: If you can only get one kilian which one would you get and why?

    I would get either Straight to Heaven or Musk Oud. Why? Both are very unique with nothing else like them and they also do very well in cold weather. Pure Oud also is great in winter, but there are...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    best 5 right now:

    Christopher Street
    Benjoin 19
    Mouchoir de Monsieur
    Patchouli Absolu
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    Re: Onda - edp, voile extrait, parfum extrait

    I enjoyed it more than you did. What to one person is screeching might be the root character of Haitian Vetiver to another. But, there had to be a reason why Vero Kern decided to create the new...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, November 21, 2014

    Les Nez Turtle Vetiver Front

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    Re: Onda - edp, voile extrait, parfum extrait

    Onda EDP is the oddball of the three because it is a different perfume although has many of the same notes. At the end of the day the EDP is a very animalic vetiver scent whereas both the Voile d'...
  51. Re: New bottle smells different compared to the sample? Le Labo : Santal 33

    I bought a bottle a while back that was vastly different from the sample. After lots of discussion back and forth with Le Labo about maceration etc. I came to the conclusion that variations can...
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    Re: Estee Lauder acquires Frederic Malle

    Frederic Malle has not come out with a good new fragrance for a few years now and they have crap for sales and distribution. How could things go wrong? Well let's see, Estee Lauder bought Frederic...
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    Re: Essence of Galliano comparisons

    There is also some leather in this very earthy fragrance. I like it as a perfume. It smells a bit like Morabito Or Black - quite similar.
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    Re: Well hello, Yatagan!

    Got it and like it. A great value for the money.
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    Re: Best finds of 2014

    These are all decent finds this year - 2014. A few are great* in my book and the rest are just very good.

    *Heely Vetiver Veritas
    *Zegna Javanese Patchouli
    *Zegna Haitian Vetiver
    *Comme des...
  56. Re: Writing About Fragrance is Like Dancing About Architecture

    I agree with your quote "writing about fragrance is like dancing about architecture" because the ability to write well is is an art all to itself. Writing well doesn't necessarily translate to...
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    Re: The James Heeley House.

    I like this house a lot too. What I like about it is they try hard for something meaningful without overdoing anything and in being careful they keep the scents minimal in a way. For example I like...
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    Re: US based independent perfumers

    Is it Smell Bent? I've had several of their fragrances and they are not bad. I personally think they over do it with the "funny" names which detract from and cheapen their fragrances. The owner,...
  59. Re: Most unique greens. I'm talking greens that leave you speechless!

    Some good ones mentioned already, but also these:

    Angelique Sous La Pluie, Frederic Malle
    Sugi, Comme des Garcons x Monocle
    Deja le Printeps, Oriza Legrand
    Anat Fritz Classical
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    Re: NEWS FLASH this just happened! true story.


    I have found that a combination of alcohol and a non fragranced skin lotion will get most of it. First I wash with soap and water to...
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    Re: Thoughts on Miller et Bertaux?

    I like their fragrances. They are all kind of subtle and a little pricey, but so many other brands have come up to their prices now that I guess they are more reasonable in price now. They have...
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    Re: What are the best Mancera colognes?

    I have really liked Black Line and have considered purchasing it. It reminds me a little of Montale Musk to Musk only better. Anyone else like this one?
  63. Re: Christmas in a bottle! Which fragrance and why?

    For one reason or another I associate these with the Holiday Season-

    Rudis Nobile 1820 -- spiced wine and dark leather
    CDG edp --- the spice
    ARSO --- burning logs incense
    Bois Farine ---...
  64. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    To revise my earlier post, I think the best men's Guerlain is:

    Mouchoir de Monsieur, followed closely by: Jicky edp, Eau de Guerlain, Songe d' un bois d' Été, Tonka Imperiale.

    For everyday - ...
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    Re: Bois d'Iris - Beautiful

    Bois d' Iris is indeed a fantastic iris scent. It is subtle, sublime and either masculine or feminine at the same time - kind of neutral and cool - It's like Switzerland for fragrances - totally...
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    Re: do you like the smell of patchouli?

    I like the cold and cooling effects of patchouli but I don't normally like it as a pure essential oil. But various patchouli oils do smell very different. I have a bottle of aged 25 year old...
  67. Re: Going to a big board meeting, what should I wear?

    My thoughts exactly. Don't let your fragrance do your talking and get in the way. Now if this meeting is a hostile takeover and you are arriving to fire the board members and replace them with your...
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    Re: Declaration - Which flanker?

    Lucky day for Cartier Declaration fans because their is no cumin in it at all! Original Cartier Declaration (1998) has very bold astringent, medicinal smell that comes from the ingredient artemsia...
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    Re: Good everyday fragrances?

    Light and Natural, pleasant, versatile . .

    Monsieur Givenchy
    Hermes Concentree d'Orange Verte
    Cartier Declaration L' Essence
    Dior Homme Cologne
    LeLabo Vetiver 46
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    Re: Rudis by Nobile 1942

    I really like this one. Have tested it a few times and I think it is superior to almost anything else I've tried this year. I got this sample with the latest 3, Amouages the last 6 By Killian, ...
  71. Re: Name a scent you bought, sold and bought again cause you realized what you had lost....

    I did that with Maestrale Profumi di Pantelleria. Good stuff that just kept pulling me back in.
  72. Re: Undecided. Can someone talk me in or out of getting LIDGE?

    It is sweet - can be cloying. With one spray it smells fantastic, but if you cover yourself in it you and those around you will regret it. I had a hard time wearing it myself and would not recommend...
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    Re: Which Private blend to get next?

    It looks to me that you have a good supply of those you know you like but I don't know how fast you use your juice up. At a couple sprays a day you have a couple lifetimes supply. I recommend first...
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    Re: Best Irises Out There?

    Iris is also a favorite note of mine. These are good ones:

    Iris Nazarena, Aedes de Venustas - very soft velvety green grey iris
    Papillon Artisan Perfumery Angelique - pure and clean...
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    Re: Powder: Masculine or Feminine ?

    I think feminine or masculine aroma results from what is blended with the powder notes not the powder itself. Things that add a powder smell are ingredients such as benzoin, tonka, coumarin,...
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    Re: Fragrances that exude a "calming" effect.

    Sel d' Vetiver - grapefruit, sea air + vetiver
    Voyage d' Hermes - vetiver + sea spray + dry woods
    Oxford & Cambridge - lavender + mint
    Angelique Sous le Pluie - the grass is so green
    Oud Silk...
  77. Re: Tiffany for Men (Vintage) - Questions and feedback

    I own both Tiffany and Tiffany Sport and my opinion of these two agrees with Bark's description here of both of them. Both of the Tiffany's smell old world and old fashioned to me, which means a...
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    Re: L'Homme Sage - Absolutely Amazing

    L' Homme Sage reminds me of Rive Gauche Pour Homme but with saffron in the mix too. The opening is a little too spicy, but that wears down soon to reveal a deep hearted resinous side - this part...
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    Re: Patchouli with green flavor?

    You might be looking for something like Villoresi Uomo. One of the best all purpose masculine scents around and it is noticeably green. Notes are:bay leaf, petitgrain, bergamot, amalfi lemon,...
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    Re: Shipping perfumes to Iceland

    Yes. I have had a problem but I don't know if it was a one of a kind problem or if it happens regularly to others. I have heard other people complain about Iceland, but I am curious if others have...
  81. Re: I want to start from scratch. What would you choose?

    You should go with which one you like most. There are no right or wrong answers with your questions and our opinions - well everybody has one.

    Between Neroli Portofino, Mugler Cologne and AdP...
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    Re: Best Eau De Cologne

    These are all so good in their own unique way:

    Eau d' Italie
    Eau d' Cologne Imperiale
    Orange Sanguine
    Mister Marvelous
    Eau de Guerlain
    Cologne du Parfumeur
    Cologne du Mahgreb
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    Re: Eau de Cartier Concentree, Prada Infusion d' Iris, Violet Tendencies Smell Bent

    New fragrances added include: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud, Bulgari Man in Black, Anubis, Horizon, Sartorial, L'Art de la Guerre, Kolnisch Juchten, Corsica Furiosa.
  84. Re: Masque Milano - Russian Tea - NEW FRAGRANCE

    Quite the opposite for me. I found it to grow in projection and unfortunately I didn't enjoy what I was smelling. Also those around me didn't like it either. I like tea fragrances and have three...
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    Re: New Zegna Exclusive!! Peruvian Ambrette

    Got to sample this finally at Nieman's last week. This is probably the finest light musk scent for men I have smelled. Vegetal musk is not especially my favorite note and I already have a couple I...
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    Re: New Armani privee Encens Satin

    I like this Armani Encens Satin very much. The closest comparable scent is Tauer L' Air du Desert Moroccain - very close in scent but the Armani is a stronger frankincense note and not so much an...
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    Re: Help me to identify this fragrance please!

    Could it be Paco Robanne Pour Homme or Puig Quorum ?!?
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    Re: Erolfa is wonderful

    Erolfa !
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    Re: Buying an entire line.

    Lots of people do this and it can be a problem if the collecting mentality is in control of your spending rather than you controlling it. I am not quite that compulsive, but I do admire true...
  90. Re: Bleu de Chanel is starting to become the Aqua di Gio of this error

    the "error" of Bleu. :grin: A voice recog freudian slip - Tie Bow?
  91. Re: On my way to London. Any tips from the Englishers here?

    Selfridges and Harrods should about cover the subject of niche fragrances. Selfridges is a place where the closer you look you more you are likely to find. Check out some of the new stuff at London...
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    Re: BLACK tea fragrances?

    Le Message Oubile from L' Antichambre is black tea with some spice, orange bits, tobacco and other smokey resinous ingredients.
    CDG Leaves Series: Tea is a pure black tea fragrance dark, smoke...
  93. Re: Which kilian fragrance in your own experience gets the most compliments.

    Straight to Heaven
    Musk Oud
    Pure Oud
    Imperial Tea
  94. Re: Just tried Aperture by Ulrich Lang. What are your opinions on it?

    There is pepper but not a pepper fragrance. There are aldehydes for sparkle but doesn't smell too synthetic. There is tobacco, musk, vetiver for some heft and soft earthiness. Lilly of valley gives a...
  95. Thread: Incense Oud

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: Incense Oud

    How does Incense Oud compare to Armani Prive Bois d' Encens. Is it comparable? I have tested Killian Incense Oud a few times but I always end up not getting it because I have Bois d' Encens and I...
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    Re: Pumped Up for OXYMUSC by A Lab on Fire!

    I've worn this a few times so here are my thoughts. Do I think Oxymusc is a great fragrance? No. But if you are into these clean musk scents it is well worth some study. Its almost opposite of a...
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    Re: How did you get into the fragrance game?

    Like so many here, I discovered some some personal creativity while selecting my own unique fragrance, this during my high school years and I could show some individuality through my choice. I've...
  98. Re: I was so wrong about Bleu de Chanel, you too?

    I have flip flopped on Bleu as well. I bought a bottle, sold it, bought another with good intention, sold it too. Its' an easy fragrance to get bored with, but it is nicely done. The top notes...
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    Re: kouros: a sport version?

    You might give a try to Creed Orange Spice if yo can still locate a bottle. It is a little more orangey and spicy than Kouros but otherwise smells very similar.

    There are plenty of orange...
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    Re: Do ypu agree with this article?

    I like all those fragrances, some more than others. Fragrance choice is a personal taste issue so it is hard to comment on his suggested scenarios for these fragrances.
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