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  1. Re: Have you ever worn a scent you thought was great...

    LOL @ all the great stories - thanks to all for sharing! I noticed a trend in "bug spray" comments - that's interesting! I personally don't recall ever encountering any fragrances that smelled like...
  2. Re: Have you ever worn a scent you thought was great...

    Wow, it's been a long time since I last smelled Drakkar Noir on anyone. Seems like no one wears it anymore. It used to be so big in the 80s, and it really wasn't that bad. Just a victim of its own...
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    Re: Name your best incense cologne.

    Me three for C&S's Frankincense & Myrrh! Not really an incense fan and this frag is light and pleasant enough that I can enjoy it all day without feeling overpowered.
  4. Re: What is your top 3 longest lasting colognes?

    I had a traumatic experience with Black Tourmaline (this is one of those "not in a good way" responses :)) - only two little spritzes from a sample vial, and it Would Not Go Away. Took almost 3 days,...
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    Re: favorite scent in candles?

    apples! green apple in particular :) or vanilla. or something sandalwoody.
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    Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Gap Om - like a warm shower and cookies all wrapped into one! :) How I wish they hadn't discontinued it...
  7. Re: Have you ever worn a scent you thought was great...

    LOL! Great stories, thanks for sharing guys!

    I've never had any obvious positive or negative reactions from other people myself, but then again I guess most people would not feel comfortable...
  8. Re: Have you ever worn a scent you thought was great...

    I'm guessing no responses means this has never happened to anyone before! :)

    In that case let me reverse the question:

    Have you ever worn a scent you didn't think was that great, and then found...
  9. Have you ever worn a scent you thought was great...

    and then realized from reactions or comments that other people really didn't like it?

    If so, what was the scent, and what were the responses like?

    And did you ever try it again after that? :)
  10. Re: have you ever been identified by a fragrance?

    haha, yes. for a long period when i was using the same scent all the time, i would get comments like "oh, i knew it was you, that's your smell!" not anymore, i switch around too much nowadays! :)
  11. Re: How many sprays of the these particular fragrances?


    That's a line I'd love to be able to print out and post in some offices... :D
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    Re: Coco Chanel movie on Lifetime

    LOL! My friend and I have a running joke about that - Lifetime, the channel that makes men wish they'd never been born :D

    I recorded the movie thinking it would be interesting, but the few bits...
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    Re: Your favorite character's scent

    Still on the Sherlock Holmes track... I somehow imagine Agent Aloysius Pendergast from the Relic series by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston as wearing Czech & Speake's Frankincense & Myrrh. It...
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    Re: SotD - Wednesday September 17th - 2008

    Czech & Speake's Frankincense & Myrrh, layered with Woody Sandalwood from the Body Shop. They work remarkably well together on my skin :)
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    Re: Is my memory playing tricks on me?

    Thanks TwoRoads! I agree! I hardly know anyone else in rl who likes Giorgio or uses it - just one other girl. I've never met any men who use it!

    I am pleased to report that I seem to coming around...
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    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    Am pleased to report that my bottle of F&M arrived yesterday! :)

    I did call CC on the phone and they were in fact very good. Said they would check their shipping log and asked me to call back...
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    Is my memory playing tricks on me?

    I received my new re-launch bottle day before yesterday and have been soaking in it ever since :D

    But I was a little bit dismayed - well, okay, I was quite upset, to tell you the truth - because...
  18. Re: Don't even know what scens I'm smelling in perfumes

    I find that obscurely comforting, in a way... :D At least I know I'm not alone! :rolleyes: :p
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    Re: My fragrance journey

    Haha, very true! Especially in these areas. Personal taste is so arbitrary. The great thing about the reviews on basenotes is seeing how everyone can smell the same thing differently. It's a bit...
  20. Re: Don't even know what scens I'm smelling in perfumes

    Haha, I'm in the same boat with you, Hyacinthine! It's annoying sometimes when I want to describe a fragrance but I don't know what label to use for what I'm smelling. I can smell various things...
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    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    LOL! evogel's post was very reassuring but giannis' was not! Not sure what to think now... I guess there must have been a catch, for their prices to be so much lower than the other places selling F&M...
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    Re: Today I Bought - September '08 Edition

    I've been very bad this week ^^;; Czech & Speake's Frankincense & Myrrh, Cereus No. 7, Giorgio VIP, Giorgio for Men, and Gap Om. Om was ordered just a couple of hours ago :)
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    Re: The One and Only fragrance out there

    I just tested Olivier Durbano's Black Tourmaline and it quite shocked me. Not in a good way, I'm afraid - I thought it made me smell like a burned-down house :} :)

    On the good side, I don't think...
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    Re: Scent Synchronization Day - Fall '08!

    *puts in a vote for Burberry Brit*, because that's the only one mentioned so far that I actually have! ^^;; :)
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    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    Thanks Scentsual and Handy! (And sorry to detour this thread, though maybe it'll be useful info for the OP if he orders from CC too) I tried to call them today but they were already closed. I'll...
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    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    Slightly OT maybe, but I am a little nervous about Cambridge Chemists at the moment. I ordered a bottle of Frankincense and Myrrh on the 8th, my card was charged, and.. nothing. I haven't received...
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    Re: Do you put fragance before to sleep?

    Only if I'm testing something new and like it, or if I've just found something new I'm enamored with. Most of my favorite scents are discontinued and/or hard to get, so I have to ration them very...
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    Re: Dune: A Rather Complex and Unisex Oriental

    I didn't know it was unisex, I always thought of it as a women's scent. It's one of the few women's fragrances I'll wear that actually works with my skin; they usually don't. Very pleasant and...
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    Re: Most Versatile Layering Fragrance?

    I tend to use the Body Shop's Woody Sandalwood with some of my scents that I think need a little extra depth or richness. It seems to go very well with Burberry Brit and Czech & Speake's...
  30. Re: If someone woke you up at 3 in the morning .....

    Giorgio VIP! And then a lot of grumbling at being woken up! :)
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    Re: I need an absolute sillage MONSTER!

    Burberry Brit - the biggest monster in my book. One spray is enough to kill me for the entire day ^^;;
    Cereus No. 7 - I just put some on this morning around 10am. It's now 2.40am and I can still...
  32. Re: How many sprays of the these particular fragrances?

    I actually only use one spray for Brit, and that's usually enough to make me not dare to leave the house for at least 15 minutes until it calms down ^^;; :)
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    Re: Your favourite 1980's fragrance?

    Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP Special Reserve for Men.

    Nothing else comes close, except maybe Giorgio for Men :)
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