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  1. Re: What's a good everyday cologne for a college male for the winter?

    You should try the masculine Eaux by Hermès : eau d'Orange verte, eau de pamplemousse rose, eau de narcisse bleu...
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    Re: Xmas present for husband

    You should try "Habit Rouge" by Guerlain, elegant and serious. The first masculine fragrance by Guerlain.
  3. Re: College student looking for an everyday cologne

    You should try Guerlain's Vetiver : clean, fresh and woody
    I guess Terre d'Hermès is worth a try but I don't know if it's below 60$

    By the way, consider the fact that buying a 3 oz is often much...
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    Re: Thank you one and all!

    I'm just adding a word in my fellow newcomers as well...
    Welcome and I'm happy to be here :)
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    Re: New, and looking for my 1st bottle

    Why not trying a vetiver, like Guerlain's ? Or, event better, Givenchy's ?
  6. Re: How Safe is It to wear Mitsouko and Shalimar at work?

    Yeap, right, in France it is compulsory for old ladies to wear Shalimar & Mitsouko. :lolk:

    I'm gonna deceive you... Old french ladies, like my mother or my mother in law, consider that Shalimar is...
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    Re: frags you couldn't live without!

    Guerlain : Jicky & Mouchoir de Monsieur
    Geoffrey Beene : Grey Flannel
    Caron : Tabac Blond
  8. Re: Blind Buying from the house of Caron....?

    Caron has also some fragrances sold only at the fountain.
    Some are considered as suitable for men, like 'en avion'.

    Ok, you should consider traveling to Paris and spend 1 hour or two in a...
  9. Re: Blind Buying from the house of Caron....?

    Oh, by the way, if you manage to get samples, you should have a try at their "tabac blond"...

    To my mind, their best fragrance FOR MEN :)
  10. Re: Is Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Parfum too 'grown up' for my 26 yrold girlfriend?

    To my mind, Shalimar is about seduction & passion, a seductress, when Jicky is a free spirit, Mitsouko an enigmatic & unreachable girl, Heure Bleue a romantic loner

    To me, offering Shalimar is an...
  11. Re: hi, please help me choose the best fragrance :)

    maybe you should lend your nose to Guerlain's Habit Rouge, the EDT is great, not so frequently worn, and surely more mature.
  12. Re: Blind Buying from the house of Caron....?

    Hi, I do agree about what has been said above. Caron is a very old & famous brand but their fragrances are... specials... So, if you can, you should re-consider blind-buying.

    I do like Yatagan but...
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