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    Re: Guerlain classics in spring

    Very nice spring lineup, would only add most of the Aqua Allegoria line and l'Homme Ideal Cologne to a versatile spring selection by this house
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 17th February, 2020

    Mugler Cologne
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    Re: The Power Of A Bottle

    Thank you for sharing and posting, fully seconded. In fact, must fully admit far beyond to a few romances on the backdrop of these fragrances, but also as one of the first AND most durable, striking...
  4. Re: Is there a cheaper alternative to Balmain Ebene?

    Possibly also Ebano EDP by l'Erbolario, though a bit reluctant about recommending this one due to having to retest more, before finally speaking out a more definitive recommendation/opinion
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    Re: Nice but cheap office fragrance

    In addition to Montblanc Explorer and Guerlain Vetiver as already very good affordable options, also recommending Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche, Mugler Cologne and/or Best of Chevignon
  6. Re: Al haramain, swiss arabain, bayt qurayshi and abdulsamad al qurashi recomendatios

    Also adding Mystique Homme, Silver, Kasturi, Bloom, Black by Al Haramain, Al Hajjar Al Aswad by Qurashi to a possible (re) testing list
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    Re: Future of Amouage

    Honestly but also personally/subjectively speaking was quite surprised about Bracken, in fact this one left a much better impression than first expected and would most likely enjoy if they continued...
  8. Re: What citrus/orange fragrances have the best value?

    Also adding Eau de Caron Forte, Neroli and Accordo Arancio by l'Erbolario, Secret d'Essences Neroli by Yves Rocher, Agua de Loewe, Verveine by l'Occitane, Best of Chevignon, among the fragrances with...
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    Re: Looking for prominent apple notes

    Seconding Boss bottled and also adding another One Man Show flanker: Gold Edition
  10. Re: Fragrances with the highest ratings in China

    Thank you for posting.

    A quite diverse selection here, the top 5 of each market segment including some very good basics of each category.
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    Re: Propose flights of perfumes

    Perhaps as a layering/successive testing experiences, maybe also, in the following order:

    Rive Gauche or Mugler Cologne as the already quite distinctive and mildly persistent, but still fresh and...
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    Re: The Power Of A Bottle

    Possibly too many fragrances and situations to mention. Very vague memories-both scent related and about specific moments in life-could however be conjured up.

    For instance if revisiting Chevignon...
  13. Re: Best Fragrances Of All Time! (enjoy and never tire of).

    Have had numerous experiences along these lines, but especially the following ones did qualify-from a personal standpoint/viewpoint-as the iconic, almost life changing favorites will highly unlikely,...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 16th February, 2020

    Ginepro Nero
  15. Re: Have you ever came back around to a fragrance after long enough that you forgot just how good it

    Several fragrances, vintage Heritage EDT, Cerutti 1881, Paco Rabanne PH being some of the both more recent and more striking examples.

    Did already like or enjoy these fragrances, just needed some...
  16. Re: Telephone vs. Verbatim: A Theory of Notes/Accords

    Tending to agree, though also assuming that certain fragrances manage to be somewhere in between as well-if not on the same note, at least on a grouping of similar notes.

    Maybe the vanilla or...
  17. Poll: Re: Allure Edition Blanche Vs. Allure Homme Sports

    Though liking both very much and considering owning/using both at some point, slightly preferring Sport out of these two almost equally good options
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    Re: Neroli vs. Orange

    Seconding these two as very good neroli options.
    Having become familiar with this note in various fragrances over time, so far found it best rendered in fragrances of all price categories yet...
  19. Re: What are some fragrances which are sexy, but not obvious?

    Possibly also, to a certain extent Endymion by Penhaligon's in the EDC version, Bois d'Orage but also other Malle fragrances, perhaps a few Lutens fragrances as well, especially Ambre Sultan,...
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    Re: How many swipes out of an attar ml?

    While slightly off-topic since not having the exact data available for a precise 1 ml, 5-10 ml roll on vials of pretty strong fragrances in the same concentration already owned have lasted 1-2 years...
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    Re: What to look for next ?

    Possibly also:

    designer-Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Eau Sauvage Parfum

    niche-since the current collection does cover successfully most of the requirements for niche versatility, possibly...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 15th February, 2020

    Habit Rouge EDT
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    Re: 50th Bday Surprise

    Happy birthday, congratulations and enjoy!

    A truly outstanding and exquisite way to celebrate, with a fragrance present ideal both for festive occasions as well as an impressive everyday niche...
  24. Re: was anyone actually named Jacques Bogart or is it like Betty Crocker?

    Apparently based on some online sources the founder of the company is named Jacques Konickier, but he chose Bogart rather than his surname as the second part of the company name, partly as a tribute...
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    Re: Valentines Day choice

    Have chosen Capucci pour Homme, however with no relation to Valentine's Day, having not celebrated this and instead worn fragrance for different/unrelated reasons
  26. Re: Friend coming to Nicaragua, can bring me Fahrenheit EDT OR Caron Pour Un Homme

    Whichever you like best, ideally both-while likelier to personally recommend Caron pour un Homme, both of these offer good to great value for their price plus decent versatility as going out and also...
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    Re: Acqua di Parma Colonia Line?

    So far liked the most Colonia, Colonia Assoluta and most of the Blu Mediterraneo range tested-also considered neither of these redundant compared to another, since a lot of differences do remain, in...
  28. Re: Fragrances That Are Neither Under Or Overrated

    Possibly also some inexpensively priced, but otherwise decent brands like Bogart or Daniel Hechter-neither huge commercial nor critical successes, but still reasonably bestselling to endure on the...
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    Re: Fragrance that make you happy

    Pretty much the entire current BN wardrobe, including most of the scents in the tested section
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 14th February, 2020

    Roberto Capucci
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    Poll: Re: Guerlain's light citrus eau de cologne

    Having to choose and to recommend only one, would either go for Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria or one of the Eau de Guerlain/EDC in regular versions, but also their flankers
  32. Re: Cheap, generic or unlikely compliment getters

    One Man Show is indeed an underrated scent, with a complexity and performance almost unlikely within such affordable, inexpensive price range
  33. Re: Good male fragrance for social/swing dancing lessons from my array of samples?

    From this list, recommending, preferring and pointing out GIT
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    Re: Heat and Fragrance

    Most likely, even if the heat exposure was quite significant as temperature, its total duration was nevertheless too short and therefore largely, if not entirely harmless
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    Having watched this last evening, towards the second third, quite near to the end of the film Eve (2010), the character portrayed by Amy Beth Hays remarks about...
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    Re: Overrated fragrances FOR YOU.

    Eau de Campagne by Sisley (though likely not much outside of BN and other fragrance communities) might perhaps rank among the ones would consider overrated
  37. Re: Hard time deciding on citrus dominant scent

    Thank you for the info and re-quoting/re-posting this recommendation for increasing the likeliness to be read and found out by everyone within this thread
    liking this particular scent.
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    Re: What is your basenote lifetime number?

    Assuming a total of 250 or even 300 full bottles (rather than just the 190 individual scents shown, also including backups, assorted scented products etc. and while not good at calculating the...
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    Re: Uncommon fragrances in common places

    A few strictly day to day examples did notice both in my country, but also while studying and/or travelling abroad:

    several vintage budget classics like Marbert, wooden cap Jaguar Green in German...
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    Re: Best ethereal incense?

    Some of the Parfums Remarquables range by Le Couvent des Minimes, though more of these tend to choose the darker, powerhouse, opulent rather than ethereal direction.

    Though for the even more...
  41. Re: Cheap, generic or unlikely compliment getters

    Among the best value for money compliment front runners, had also unexpectedly good experiences with Versace Blue Jeans, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Boss Bottled
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    Re: Insightful youtuber? Your pick

    Personally speaking, so far significantly preferring the YT channels Gavo, Apaerfume, Robes, Ash, a few BN contributors either completely retired from YT (and BN as well) or so far on a hiatus on...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 11th February, 2020

    Feroce by Lamborghini
  44. Re: Caron Pour Un Homme vs Masculin Pluriel - your thoughts?

    Being a fan of the Caron scent, have yet to find another fragrance, including by MFK, to match its simple no nonsense, classic lavender excellence and versatility
  45. Re: Which brands can one find in Berlin that are difficult or impossible to find in the U.S?

    With apologies in advance if belated, also adding (no promotion/advertise intent in this reply and thus no personal relation but also no endorsement) the online store
  46. Re: Hard time deciding on citrus dominant scent

    From a personal viewpoint alone, albeit somehow subjective (and therefore disproportionately favorable) as a long term Guerlain fan, did not notice overly much almond in l'Homme Ideal Cologne.
  47. Re: Best moisturizer for increasing longevity/performance?

    Any unscented moisturizer did so far use.
    Having had especially good results at increasing fragrance performance with the unscented Dove one from the extra sensitive range of this brand.
  48. Re: What health problems can a frangrance cause? Do "healthy" fragrances exist?

    Not certain about both legal restrictions and ethical questions (not all and not necessarily legally regulated) imposed on most fragrances that may or may not have the beneficial effect to make them...
  49. Re: Can't Smell Your Own Fragrance? SPRAY LESS!!!

    Thank you for the advice, so far never or hardly considered this.
    Incidentally as someone BOTH quite affected by olfactory fatigue and almost chronically/quite frequently over-spraying.
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    Re: Lord molyneux - sensational !

    Having had some sporadic yet so far enjoyable with this one as a vintage, eager for an asap re-testing of such classic from a house with a fair share of personal favorites
  51. Re: Bought my first bottle of amber pour homme...

    Happy for you and this purchase, wishing you to enjoy this-a wonderful scent with many facets of sheer enjoyment, while good yet moderate projecting performance and undoubted versatility for...
  52. Re: Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette or Montblanc Legend Spirit?

    Another vote for Legend Spirit, though liking the Lacoste as well, just not as much as the Montblanc one
  53. Re: Have y'all be smelling Fahrenheit on other people lately?

    No, in fact, can remember having smelled this fragrance worn more or less frequently by others not later than 15 even more years ago
  54. Re: Wife in need of a fragrance to wear over night

    If she likes to wear something unisex on such occasion, would also consider and recommend something like the Aqua Allegoria line by Guerlain, Eau d'Orange Verte and several other Eau d'Hermes...
  55. Re: It's worth buying Ted Lapidus PH if I have Bogart PH and ONE man show?

    With fewer sprays, as Lapidus PH can be a powerhouse beast mode, why not?
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    Re: Which 3-4 fragrances should I remove?

    Would personally not eliminate from this very good list more than the two Narciso Rodriguez fragrances and perhaps the feminine Opium-even though all these are very good, also considered how...
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    Re: The bath oils of yesteryear

    So far experienced very good bath oils, along with vintage bar soaps, in the (at least back then) moderately priced market segment of Old Spice-if not Old Spice, also other traditional barbershop...
  58. Re: Versace L'Homme is stunningly good - does anyone else love it love it?

    Glad to own and use this one, even if not in its vintage version.

    Did not purchase any newer bottle of this later than 5-10 years ago and while its bottle and box design is newer than its iconic...
  59. Re: is the one edp an option if you dont like armani code profumo?

    Most likely yes, thanks to the similarity between the two not being so noticeable, so developed to automatically exclude The One EDp, plus this particular scent also benefits from a good performance...
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    Re: What makes a perfume “sexy”?

    From a personal viewpoint alone, usually spicy, sweet/gourmand, leathery (with or without the musky and/or amber type of leather), sometimes also boozy, oud, certain floral notes, ideally as many as...
  61. Re: It's worth buying Ted Lapidus PH if I have Bogart PH and ONE man show?

    Owning and liking all three, perceiving each as different enough from each other to justify owning Lapidus PH
  62. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    10 sprays of Mugler Cologne
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 10th February, 2020

    Mugler Cologne
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    Re: Oriental/Woody Fougeres Worth Trying?

    Great ideas and recommendations already, also adding Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme
  65. Re: Cartier Declaration is such an underrated classic

    Happening to always enjoy this fragrance, especially in the regular non-flanker version, ever since an initial testing close to its first release, the title of a classic might be meanwhile likely...
  66. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8 sprays of Sartorial
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 9th February, 2020

  68. Re: Bic Flex 5 Disposable Cartridge Razor.

    Based on very limited experiences with this particular cartridge razor so far, had to notice that (at least based on personal skin type but also personal shaving habits/routines/observations) the...
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    Re: Most overrated fragrances

    Among the more overrated would include certain Creeds-pretty much any/very Creed did test and/or own so far excepting REL, OV, BDP, Tabarome Millesime and yes, surprisingly (or not) the fairly hyped,...
  70. Re: 13 years after release, Diesel Fuel For Life (2007)

    Enjoyed quite a bit, at least upon initial testing (s), the versions quite close (temporally as well as formulations) to the initial release of this one.

    Quite unaware if the reaction towards the...
  71. Re: Eau de toilette, eau de parfum or parfum?

    Depends very much on the respective fragrance, its concentration, its market segment, house but also its specific notes.

    However if having to go further and to focus on while also recommend the...
  72. Re: Hard time deciding on citrus dominant scent

    Also adding ADP Colonia Assoluta, Boucheron pour Homme EDP and/or Hugh Parsons Yellow to a possible (re) citrus testing list
  73. Re: Alcohol free perfume spray recommendations

    While admitting that most are indeed only available among alcohol free sprays, their oil versions are also worth retesting until the alcohol free sprays do eventually and/or finally (re) surface
  74. Re: Montblanc Individuel, Montblanc Legend Spirit

    Personally and subjectively speaking alone, have at least so far experienced better performance and good value for money with Individuel (without wanting to invalidate nor dislike, criticize etc....
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    Re: The ghosts in vintage perfume

    "Ghosts" (meaning by this mainly but not exclusively any variables possibly influencing a fragrance or not) or not, spray/splash related risks, RL Polo Green, especially as vintage, would be easily...
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    Re: Lets Talk Watches

    Very beautiful Cartier, my (albeit rather belated) very enthusiastic congratulations for this outstanding timepiece, with sincerest wishes for you to enjoy this wonderful, iconic watch release
  77. Re: Starting out on real Musk fragrance, oil, or attar

    Also adding, especially if cost is no (or less of an) object, Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco and/or vintage (most likely discontinued a well) Extase Musk by 4711/Muehlens
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    Re: Summer flankers release

    Also adding Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, based on a certain current liking of the male Allure range by Chanel, but also taking into consideration the performance and/or projection substantially...
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    Re: Suggestions for teenage son

    Apart from so many great suggestions already mentioned, also adding Mugler Cologne
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Did spot lately, less than a week ago (with apologies in advance if even partly off topic) not just one specific fragrance or some/few of the, rather far more, after moderate and timid attempts from...
  81. Re: notes you love that most others seem to hate on

    Also seconding (if already mentioned, if not posted so far) and/or also adding rhubarb, coffee, additional animalic notes, cannabis, coca leaf, aloe, cumin, "resinous/balmy barbershop" and/or...
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    Re: Let’s Talk: Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    Easily one of the most versatile fresh scents and niche scents did ever test at once, with no frills yet still (or precisely for that reason) timeless, versatile, mainstream, uncluttered and/or...
  83. Re: La Yuqawam Pour Homme performance issues

    Never had, at least based on testing experiences alone, performance issues with this either, but it may be just sheer coincidence and thus differ, at least based on subjective/personal factors alone,...
  84. Re: Alcohol free perfume spray recommendations

    Among the alcohol free ones, recommending especially Amber River by Al Aneeq, Khaliji by Al Rehab, Bloom, Silver, Kasturi and/or Gold by Al Haramain
  85. Re: Bentley for Men Intense, Montblanc Legend Spirit, or Burberry London

    Although loving all three, would most likely go for and thus recommend either Burberry London or Bentley for Men Intense
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    Re: Gap filling...

    Possibly also more amber like Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.
    A dark, smoky fougere and/or tobacco in the style of Drakkar Noir but slightly more exclusive (though not much more expensive) like Duc de...
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    Re: Clean Secrets

    Even more so, noticing that you wear this fragrance today, this particular Bogart does quite successfully approach both lines without fully crossing either (or, at most, likelier the clean one) as...
  88. Re: Beating a Dead Horse, Late to the Party, 540

    Given its reputation and the quite frequent, diverse and informative discussions and interactions this particular fragrance does get here on BN, while shamefully admitting to not be familiar with...
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    Re: Clean Secrets

    Another possibility combining clean and (even if only slightly) dirtier notes are perhaps:

    - classic Guerlains (especially vintage Derby and Mouchoir de Monsieur achieving, in some of the best way...
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    Re: Expiration dates

    Would personally never take expiration dates very seriously and especially not this fragrances, even more so in the case of this particular fragrances.

    Having either owned or tested most of the...
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    Re: Today I Didn't Buy

    Although leading eventually to not just the intent but also the ultimate action of buying-shopping cart simulations, prospectively putting together a selection of soon to buy fragrances (mainly for...
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    Re: Real Oud & Rose Combo Fragrances

    As a further interpretation of this combo by some of the more famous fragrance houses, Songe d'un Bois d'Ete among the Guerlain exclusives did cover both notes quite nicely, richly and enjoyably
  93. Re: What are some uncommon fragrances, in your opinion?

    From a personal viewpoint alone, also considering that Memo Paris (in spite of its increasing popularity as a niche house) still has certain takes on gourmand-boozy notes (like Siwa) or their vision...
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    Re: What would make you to stop buying?

    In the likeliest, but neither mandatory nor the most mandatory scenario, considering to finally have enough (subjectively speaking thus at the risk of being wrong/inaccurate) enough backups of boxed...
  95. Re: My (past and) current collection and what do add next?

    Would also consider and recommend adding The One EDP and Intenso by D&G, Mugler Pure Malt and/or Pure Malt Creation, Chergui by Serge Lutens, Guerlain LIDGE, Mystique Homme by Al Haramain, Bogart...
  96. Re: Dior Homme Parfum or Creed Royal Mayfair for a formal event?

    Either can work very well, but if having to choose and recommend only one-likelier Creed Royal Mayfair
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    Re: Rank all the Dior scents

    While unable to rank all, a personal top rating from this house would likely not be complete without:

    - regular Eau Sauvage EDT, Parfum and Fraicheur Cuir from the Eau Sauvage range,

    - Dior...
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    Re: Question about Bogart Signature

    Happening to like both and to own Signature, they are somewhat similar in style and overall rendition of classic masculine elegance-however Signature is drier, more leathery and resinous, Paco...
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    Re: I hate geranium.

    Never either loved or hated geranium too particularly, specifically and/or strongly, was often rather neutral and apathetic about this note until finally becoming familiar with Geranium pour Monsieur...
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    A slightly off-topic post again, relating more to YT and new (er) media rather than just film and television, but more importantly, to actual fragrance commercials, with clear lucrative and...
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