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  1. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Satuday, April 11 - Lalique Encre Noire

    What a great vetiver. I love it's minimalistic approach, just a touch of smoke and woods, no top notes to speak of. Lovely, discrete, and masculine.
  2. Re: Seeing a strange difference between Creed and Designers

    It's all relative.. haha.

    I find most Creeds to be a lot more subdued/understated in "sillage" compared to designer offerings. It also depends on what "designer" scents you're comparing to. If you...
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    Re: What is your strongest chastity belt scent?

    The only one I totally agree with is Grey Flannel. That stuff is androgenous. Reminds me of what the angels on Dogma would spray themselves with, haha. (Dis)honorable mention goes to Le 3eme Homme;...
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    Re: Warm/Dark Scents in Spring/Summer

    I second Tauer - L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Also Timbuktu and Dzonghka

    It seems incense and vetiver are good notes for warm and cold seasons.
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    Re: Room Scent Of The Day - April 2015

    I've joined the hednic fan club with my new-found obsession for Astier de Villatte. This spring will most likely be Commune de Paris until I buy another one! Curious of what you all think of this one?
  6. Re: If money was not object - how to get perfect skin?

    I have a weakness for high end skincare.

    Favorite lines: Sisley Paris, ReVive, Skinceuticals

    Sisley - Global anti-age, restorative facial cream, express flower gel, eye contour mask, tropical...
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    Re: Need hair product recommendations for son.

    Try Bumble and Bumble and Oribe stuff.

    Bumble and Bumble - Styling Creme (as a base, the more you use the more it holds).
    Bumble and Bumble - Sumotech; a great paste that is gonna do just about...
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    Re: Mystery Creed bottle - what have I bought?

    Do you have access to a (well stocked) Creed counter? Take it with you and figure it out, they might have testers of the old stuff laying around. Either way you could at least eliminate a few from...
  9. Re: Serge Noire, La Fille de Berlin and other Interesting SLs

    I have a bottle of Serge Noire I'm willing to part with, either sale or swap. Let me know what you can offer. I'd say its 90% full with box and both caps (spray, splash).
  10. Re: What scent or cologne would you like to be remembered by?

    At work - Rive Gauche

    Leisure time - Eau de Campagne/Ambre Sultan (SS/FW)
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    Re: A Springtime Sillage Monster?

    You can probably find some of the Bvlgari Tea line (au The Vert and Blanc) online for around that price, the smaller bottles anyway.

    +1 Mugler Cologne
  12. Re: Scent choice when you can't smell while having a cold....

    Afrin Nasal Spray!

    Seriously, this stuff will open up your nostrils temporarily. You aren't supposed to use it for more than 7 consecutive days though; but it will allow you to smell and taste...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, October 7, 2014

    Five O'Clock au Gingembre - Serge Lutens

    This one is sweeter than I remember... Hello fall weather!
  14. Re: According to Roja Dove: Five scents to drive women wild

    So funny, I was thinking the exact same thing about Rive Gauche PH!
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    Re: A smoother mellow patchouli ? Suggestions?

    Have you tried Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan? It doesn't have any of the gourmand notes you listed, but it does have a pillow soft white musk accord that is super smooth. I find it to be a delicate,...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Habit Rouge EdC
  17. Re: Looking for something smokey for the cooler weather

    Le Labo sells samples... don't pass up the Patchouli 24!
  18. Re: From these niche brands: Best suited for office/work?

    It is in the same vain as Cool Water, but much more smooth and natural. It could indeed be called the "niche" Cool Water by some. I love LDDM, but it sort of requires you to love and appreciate...
  19. Re: What's the most uncommon large fragrance bottle you've ever owned or heard of?

    A good friend of mine has a ~liter (same size) of Eau D'Orange Vert. It looks badass on his bathroom shelf.
  20. Re: From these niche brands: Best suited for office/work?

    +1 on GIT. My favorite Swiss Army Knife from your list of houses.

    Carner Barcelona - never tried any
    Heeley - only tried Sel Marin and Menthe Fraiche, like both, but these are warm weather ones...
  21. Re: Who else keeps a spreadsheet of their fragrance collection?

    Hednic, I would love to add in some usage statistics and run a bunch of pivot tables off of your data! It would have lots of pretty colors.
  22. Re: Style Arabia - Beauty Guide - Luca turin reviews Tom Ford Velvet Orchid & Givenchy Dahlia Divin

    Darn! I really enjoyed seeing you there. We are patiently awaiting the new book...
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    Re: Anyone Tried Qualitas Candles?

    I'm also curious if anyone has tried them... I almost blind bought but they are still sitting in my cart. Haha. Apparently they make candles exclusively for Gilt Group?
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    Re: Designer candles

    I really enjoy Astier de Villate, their candles have this sheer throw throughout the house, a really wonderful line (My faves are Aoyama? and Rue St Honore).

    Diptyque is my gold standard. Never...
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    Re: Room Scent Of The Day - September 2014

    Enjoying my candle of "Tuscan Leather" by Tom Ford. A great find while shopping at outlets!
  26. Re: Are there any great scents that smell like fresh linens?

    Surprised that no one is mentioning Mugler Cologne or Original Vetiver! I always get a clean laundry vibe from them.
  27. Re: Good resources on the web for cosmetic reviews has reviews. It's obviously designed for female users, but their reviews section is really good and pretty easy to search.
  28. Re: what is the best product for matte look, no shine& soft to touch?

    Oribe Rough Luxury

    I prefer the original black canister, but the "soft" version is nice too
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    Re: Yor most worn scent, ever....

    I've went through 4 bottles of Eau de Campagne so, that one I guess.

    Honorable mention/second place goes to Rive Gauche
  30. Re: Help identifying Chanel Antaeus batch/production date

    It's definitely real. I'm familiar with the scent. I think it is just an old bottle.
  31. Help identifying Chanel Antaeus batch/production date

    I have a supposedly vintage bottle of Antaeus but I have no clue when it was made. My partner said it was his father's from the 80's, but I don't know how accurate that is. I will try and attach some...
  32. Re: Are Colognes Really Weaker or Is Olfactory Fatigue Worse than We Realize?

    This is a valuable post on the subject. The fragrance palate is a crucial component in the opinions regarding preference, longevity, etc. I used to think Prada Amber pH was smooth as butter, but...
  33. Re: Fragrance for the fall and winter that makes you want to cuddle?

    If you do some eBay, google shopping, or Amazon searches, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

    I'd also recommend:

    Dior Homme
    Ambre Sultan, Chergui, Daim Blond, etc (the entire...
  34. Re: Amber Narguile, but more masculine? Cannot find this holy grail scent...

    It really isn't a parallel, but the dried fruit accord in Ambre Narguille brings up the candied ones in...

    Chanel Egoiste

    Obviously it's got much more wood prominent notes, but it does also...
  35. Re: Frags you enjoy/respect, but would NOT want to wear in public?

    It's hard for me to pull off some of the 80's era and vintage feminines in my wardrobe. I'll either wear in privacy or in the dead of winter to minimize projection.

    Caron 3rd Man
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    Re: Orange Blossom Fragrances

    Thank you, I will have to look into those! I'm probably going to get some decants of a few on my list.

    I was doing a search on eBay yesterday and this came up, I've never seen this label on any SL...
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    Re: Orange Blossom Fragrances

    So, I'm reviving an older thread in search of my hunt for orange blossom and neroli. I recently bought Fleur de Male, but I am not fully satisfied with the base and it's powder overload. I think what...
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    Poll: Re: L'air du Desert Marocain vs Ambre Sultan

    How dare you?! Two of my favorites.

    Ambre Sultan for the win, though.
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    Re: Best Serge Lutens on a man

    Ambre Sultan
    Bois ..... any of the series, Violette is my favorite
    Borneo 1834
    Daim Blond
    Five O'Clock au Gingembre
    Iris Silver Mist
    L'eau series
    Santal de Mysore and Majuscle
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    Re: The Best Patchouly ever...

    Minimalist - Patchouli Patch
    Aabstract - Patchouli 24
    Main theme - Borneo 1834
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    Re: Smoothen Forehead Wrinkles?

    Start a good skincare regimen.

    Skinceuticals Antioxidant serum (Phloretin CF or CE Ferulic)


    Night cream that exfoliates with AHA/Glycolic
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    Re: What's the best smelling shampoo?

    Harmful ingredients? Please clarify, a lot of people view this differently (sulfates, parabens, etc). Most all shampoos contain sulfates and they aren't "harmful", but they are detergents and might...
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    Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur question - with pics

    I was totally thinking the same thing! Where can I get in line to buy some vintage Chanel PM?

    Let me go clean up my drool.
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    Re: Creamy Sandalwood Fragrance ?

    Santal Blush - Tom Ford
    Santal Blanc
    I think it's quite creamy and right on the unisex border... but then again I wear some florals.

    Like JiveHippo said, decants allow you to purchase smaller...
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    Re: Today I Bought: July 2014

    Went to the outlets yesterday after work to browse, and was pleasantly surprised.

    Went to a gray market vendor (the fragrance outlet?) and they were, of course, running a deal. 50% off marked...
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    Re: Tanning Quetions?

    Anything safe for the face is fine for the body, it just doesn't work in reverse sometimes because facial skin is more sensitive. It would be rather expensive to use as a body self tanner based on...
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    Re: Tanning Quetions?

    Thanks Danny. I hear Clarins just introduced a product called Golden Glow Booster. I want to try it. Evidently there is no smell, and you add it to your existing skin care moisturizer.

    Also worth...
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    Re: Suggestions from wet shavers

    I'm not an everyday shaver, as my beard doesn't grow that quickly yet (I'm 28). I usually exfoliate with a scrub in the shower on shave days. This tends to loosen up the follicles a bit.

    I use...
  49. Re: My review after visiting various NYC perfumeries Part IV (Leather Oud/Bois D'Argent/Sycomore/etc

    I'm wondering (and I'm going to guess) how you are testing these? It must be on paper.

    You really need to spray on your skin in order to smell the full development over time. These niche frags...
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    Re: best summer vanillas

    I find vanilla can work in summer, just limit the dosage. I like:

    Ambre Sultan
    Vanille Absolument
    Dior Eau Noire
  51. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    I'd probably go with something from Mr. Dove's line as well. I fell in love with Neroli when I stayed at the Setai in South Beach in March. So much so that I smuggled tons of the toiletries back,...
  52. Re: Tanger Outlets Perfumania and Fragrance Outlet: any suggestions?

    I'd recommend going into the cosmetics stores in the Tanger outlets. I think the one I love is called "The Cosmetics Company Store" or something generic like that. It is all Estee Lauder owned...
  53. Re: Can someone refer me to a lightly scented antiperspirant?

    Kiehl's Antiperspirant and Deodorant Cream is basically unscented. You use like half a pea for each arm so the 50mL bottle lasts quite a while. The bottle's round tip doubles as the applicator....
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    Re: Tanning Quetions?

    Ok, this is a mixed bag here.

    Skin type - Are you pasty white or olive or dark? When concerned with tanning, your skin's melanin content (more makes you darker) is the main concern. People with...
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    Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    Use something with a guard. They make specific "body shavers" now. I bought the Philips "Bodygroom" and I find that a 3 in the groin faded up to a 1 works nicely. You can remove the guards and shave...
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    Re: Line on forehead!

    I'd recommend a nightly exfoliant, retinol based. Along with an antioxidant serum from Skinceuticals (Phloretin CF). Their serums actually get Vit C and other antioxidants to absorb into the skin...
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    Re: Soaps, fragrances you like?

    +1 On Aesop, their stuff is so potent smelling yet it doesn't linger or overbear afterwards. I love the Geranium Body Wash and the Vetiver you mentioned above. The lotions and scrubs are great too.
  58. Re: Summer suggestions for lover of original Polo?

    What about 1-2 squirts of Timbuktu? I find it woody enough yet lighter than Polo. Not really related in the notes, but it has a lighter feel to it.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

    Caron - Yatagan today. There's a storm coming, thought I could use some dry support!
  60. Re: Where have all the men's fragrance blogs gone ?

    I actually started writing a monthly fragrance column on a "men's interest" site. I tried to make topics relevant, recommend scents, explain and debunk trends (oud!); however I found most of my...
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    Re: Weird fragrance related habits?

    That's amazing; I'm going to copy you on that decision. Now what if it's 4 fragrances you're debating? Divide them into 15 second intervals!
  62. Re: Whats the quickest amount of time you returned/sold a fragrance after receiving it and what was

    Idole de Lubin EdP. Had it for a month, wore it a handful of times. It was too sweet and dense; I had smelled the original (which I loved) and received this one as a gift. It was good, just not good...
  63. Re: Thoughts On Jo Malone Fragrances? Too expensive for what they are?

    You're right about the potency of the creams and basically all of the other bath products. Their shower gels and lotions reek of quality, all the way from the scent to the packaging. I crave their...
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    Re: Insanely Underpriced Gems

    About Mr. Blass, I'm curious on this one too and I'm about to order a bottle.

    Fashion designer Michael Bastian actually helped this one come to fruition when he was working at Bill Blass before...
  65. Re: I'm Loving Luten's Chene...... It's Going Onto The Bottle Worthy List

    I used to own a bottle, and I loved the opening, but unfortunately the dry down was ruined after I made the "pencil shavings" association from LT's review.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    Eau de Campagne
  67. Re: Smth for very hot summer, maybe similar to Creed GIT?

    You could stay within that house and try Silver Mountain Water. It's not much "deeper" but it is sweeter I'd say.
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    Re: Note Sensitivity: Woody Ambers

    It's funny you mention Timbuktu, because it's one of my favorites and it definitely does not screech at all to me. A lot of generic designer masculines do though.
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    Note Sensitivity: Woody Ambers

    I have noticed certain fragrances smell too "harsh" or abrasive to my nose (like sniffing rubbing alcohol). Some of these I used to enjoy, but they seem dominated now by synthetic notes, particularly...
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2014

    I've bought from multiple sources; eBay (check seller feedback ratings), here in the BN Marketplace, and retail. You can find a much better deal when buying online... Do a quick eBay search and...
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    Re: The old book smell

    I agree with the Dzing! recommendations, but for some reason (maybe the papyrus note) I get a little old book vibe from Dzongkha
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2014

    My fourth bottle of Sisley - Eau de Campagne. This is my longest owned favorite and will most likely forever be a staple for me. Constantly used in the warmer months here in the south. It just fits.
  73. Thread: Hermes

    by runstile

    Re: Hermes


    Also, does anyone happen to have a sample of Eau d'Hermes laying around? I have yet to smell this one and can never find one at the boutiques. I guess I could always order from TPC but...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, May 16, 2014

    Eau de Campagne, first time this year actually.
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    Re: Aventus got me in trouble at work

    The only thing I have that I would ever to 8 sprays of is Eau de Cologne Imperiale, and even then I only did 3 this AM. Better to be subtle at the office!
  76. Re: "Dirty" Aromatic Spicy Masculines

    I agree with Al Oudh, also
    Serge Lutens - El Attarine - it's honeyed, but has that "dirty" cumin vibe going on
    Hermes - Poivre Samarcande - very sheer, but definitely dry, aromatic, and slightly...
  77. Re: Fragrances that do a 180: feminine to masculine (or vice versa)

    I find this happening with L'Artisan's Nuit de Tubereuse .The opening is light, sweet, and floral-feminine, but as the scent develops on skin it gets a "saltier" vibe and heads towards a more unisex...
  78. Replies

    Re: Ambre Sultan blind buy?

    Seriously man, you live in the perfume mecca of the US, trek over to Barney's and sniff to your heart's content! Also worth checking out is Aedes de Venustas in W. Village.
  79. Re: USA Moving Sale...Hermes, CdG, HdP, Tom Ford, and more!

    What's the % left and $ of Neroli Portofino?
  80. Replies

    Re: Fragrances available (Canada/USA only)

    PM Sent
  81. Replies

    Re: Bottles for sale!

    Rive Gauche, 2.5 or 4.2oz? Interested!
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    Re: Fleur Du Male for swap!

    Interested in?
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    Re: Your favorite vanilla fragrance?

    Is there no love for Dzing! anymore? This is my favorite vanilla based scent. It is more prominent in the base of course.

    I am in agreement with hedonist about Patchouli 24 as well. A fantastic...
  84. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    1. Derby
    2. Vetiver
    3. Habit Rouge EdC
    4. Jicky EdP
    5. Vetiver pour Elle

    These. I'm not familiar with L'Instant pH, I do need to smell it.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

    Today it's Ambre Sultan. It's been too long, old friend!
  86. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Thursday 11th of October

    Sampling Jeaux de Peau. I like this one; only if I'm hungry though.
  87. Thread: Chergui

    by runstile

    Re: Chergui

    I see what you're saying, I think this can be attributed to the rose in the amber accord. I happen to love it.

    So, OP, do you like rose in compositions?
  88. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Wednesday 10th of October

    Finally getting cooler here in Charleston.

    Daim Blond
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    Re: Bois 1920 Vetiver Ambrato

    I used to have a sample of this and gave it away in a swap. It reminds me more of a woody-chypre than a vetiver centered accord. Soft, a little mossy. The vetiver definitely plays backup singer.
  90. Re: The most unique smelling frag in your collection?

    Oud Cuir D'Arabie, Eau Noire (decant), and Timbuktu come to mind.
  91. Re: Serge lutens - your 5 best ever; your 5 worst too...( grandtotal 10 fragances )

    My Top 5:
    Ambre Sultan
    Iris Silver Mist
    Bois de Violette
    El Attarine

    Least fave 5:
  92. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Thursday, May 24th, 2012

    I would bask in your sillage!

    Today I'm wearing Cruel Intentions - By Kilian from a sample that the most generous rubegon gave me in our swap. Just masculine enough, although I'm awaiting...
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    Re: Best fragrance for the gym and just after

    Any of the Eau line (du Coq, Imperial, etc) from Guerlain.
  94. Re: Similarities btwn Eau Sauvage and Lime, Basil, & Mandarin

    For sure, they are different. But there was a distinct similarity... I'll have to do a side by side.
  95. Similarities btwn Eau Sauvage and Lime, Basil, & Mandarin

    My roommate came downstairs the other night and I smelled something totally familiar; the top/heart notes of Jo Malone's LBM. I asked if he swiped my bottle (which he is known to do) and he said "Oh...
  96. Re: Your hardcore summer fragrances that you actually wear !?

    He actually went there. :-)

    Kidding, I love it there, and also love the fragrance.
  97. Re: Any thoughts on Trish McEvoy's Black Rose Oud? I know, I know.........

    I have sampled it and it is very nice, a bit powdery on the rose for my taste (and masculinity), but would be a great feminine scent.
  98. Replies

    Re: Histoires de Parfums tasting time!

    I have heard of reformulations from LT I believe...
  99. Replies

    Re: Color differences with Ambre Sultan

    I've only had one bottle of Ambre Sultan, so I can't comment on the variation, but I do hope it hasn't been reformulated; it was my first true love in niche and a blind buy at that! Could we say...
  100. Replies

    Re: Fresh fragrance with insanely projection

    All of these. From Creed I've had great projection from GIT and SMW with good longevity.

    You might want to check out the fougere genre as a whole, it usually is perceived as "fresh". I really...
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