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    Blood, sweat & tears

    Well done Marloes!

    X A
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

    Pulp - by Byredo
  3. strange, weird, odd or just plain different notes..

    Hello folks,

    Here's the deal - Over the past three years lurking on Basenotes - I've managed to amass quite a collection of frags, and I've got to the point where I'm looking for something really...
  4. Re: Found a note that I dislike: galbanum. What's your scent peeve?

    My pet peeve are fragrances that smell delicious until … the cheap white musk base note hits .. and refuses to go away. It reminds me of my Paco Rabanne 1Million nightmare - sprayed on a jacket and...
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    Re: Need some apple recommendations, please.

    I agree - Byredo Pulp - starts off tropical fruit - ends up like a bowl of ripe red apples - but never too sickly or cloying. BUT - be warned - it is one of the most tenacious fragrances out there -...
  6. Re: If you had one piece of advice for a beginner it would be....

    Blind Buying can be fun - so take a few risks. Once you've got a sense of what you like in terms of fragrance families ( citrus , fougere etc) - then the risk of getting something completely...
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    Re: Off to London and Paris; where should I sniff?

    Just a quickie - LONDON

    Liberty - has all the Byredo stuff - which is fun, and the assistants aren't constantly hovering so you can spray yourself silly.

    Les Scenteurs - best for brilliant...
  8. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    Am ambivalent about Vetiver - maybe because I wore it all through my 20s and it's nowhere near as great as it used to be
    Am intrigued by Mitsouko - wear it on occasion
    Really Like Derby - but not...
  9. Re: Have you ever disliked a fragrance and then realised it's the one you're already wearing?

    Hedonist, you're right - patchouli isn't a note as far as I know, EN is just a dry vetiver - maybe I was channeling Bowie too much - that's why I've just dyed my hair ginger and bought a lurex...
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    Re: Your Favorite or Best Citrus

    the only one I buy again and again and again and again ( although I love all good citrus frags)

    is Eau de Guerlain
  11. Re: What is the ultimate most macho alpha male scent ever created?

    I'd say

    Hollywood Macho - Knize 10
    60's Blue Collar Macho - Brut
    70's Macho (Europe) Azzaro (US) Halston Z14
    70's Macho (Burt Reynolds) Aramis
    80's Macho - Kouros or Antaeus
    90's Macho - Cool...
  12. Have you ever disliked a fragrance and then realised it's the one you're already wearing?

    Yesterday I went to the Bowie retrospective at the V&A (verdict: great if you're a diehard fan, but otherwise disjointed and over-crowded, with a disorientating compulsory audio guide) and midway...
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    Re: Your top 10 classic feminines to wear!

    Mine are:

    Cuir de Russie
    Lancome Cuir
    Le Dix
    Bal a Versailles
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    Re: Frederic Malle x Dries Van Notten

    Tried it 3x now - as I work near Liberty, so can spritz both to and from work. I desperately wanted to like this , as I admire and respect both Dries and Frederic Malle - but sadly no dice. As the...
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    Re: What's your favorite/best citrus scent?

    It's easily Eau de Guerlain - everything else pales in comparison and that includes Acqua Di Parma, Monsieur Balmain, etc. To me it's really hugely underrated with great longevity which is unusual...
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    Re: Cabochard versus Bandit

    Bandit is Business Class

    Cabochard - Super-economy ( but still with enough leg room)
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    Re: So I held a fragrance showdown......


    I did something similar recently - to a big group of students where I teach (about 150) . Admittedly, it was a somewhat random group of fragrances and a mixture of men's and women's -...
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    Re: 150 ($260) to spend. What to buy?

    If you're flying from Gatwick or Heathrow ( or have an obliging friend) - the Chanel Boutiques at the airport do the 200ml Les Exclusives for about 158 (which works out at about 79 per 100 ml -...
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    Re: Your Most Worn Fragrances of 2012?

    Eau de Guerlain
    Knize Ten
    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Musc Ravageur
    Dirty by Lush

    Quite schizophrenic now I think about it.
  20. Re: In the realm of fantasy - Can perfume possess Supernatural powers?

    Yes absolutely.

    In supernatural fiction, and in some well documented cases, ghosts (or whatever you wish to call them) can make their presence known simply by imparting a fragrance to their...
  21. Thread: Am I Faking it?

    by Tucker

    Re: Am I Faking it?

    Dear all

    I've now finished my lecture - which went really well - although it was a lot to pack in to two hours. And I just wanted to write and thank everyone who gave me some invaluable pointers....
  22. Re: Ladies and Gentlemen: Do You Wear Perfume to Bed?


    I normally surf Basenotes in bed - and you simply can't do that if you smell of nothing.

    Also, I agree with a previous poster, perfume is a sensual drug - so surely your bed is the...
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    Re: 5 greatest male fragrances of all time

    From a personal no particular order

    1: Eau de Guerlain
    2: Knize 10
    3: Kouros
    4: Grey Flannel
    5: Musc Ravageur

    but in terms of industry impact
  24. Re: The most unique smelling frag in your collection?

    Kouros - love it or hate it - nobody's copied it

    Yatagan - pretty out there too

    Bandit - Piguet

    Geranium pour Monsieur by Malle - don't like it anywhere near as much as I used to but it's...
  25. Re: What are the top 10 men classic fragrances that a collector should have in his collection?

    Ok here are my 10..

    1) Eau de Guerlain
    2) Knize 10
    3) Frederic Malle - Geranium Pour Monsieur
    4) Kouros
    5) Insense - Givenchy
    6) Yatagan
    7) Azzaro
    8) Chanel Cuir de Russie
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    Rip Offs and Copyright

    I've a question. (well, a few really)

    Can you trademark a fragrance formula? especially given that there are so many similarities within genres of scent, and so many blatant copies on the market?...
  27. Thread: Am I Faking it?

    by Tucker

    Am I Faking it?

    Dear Basenoters- I could do with some advice. Plus as a first timer poster Im going for the record on the longest diatribe.

    Part of me feels a little like a student whos attempting to get...
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