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    Re: alternatives to Chanel No.5

    ITA with LiliB.

    Unfortunately, I think there is NOTHING like No 5. No. 22 to me is completely different. I dont like 22 at all, but No 5 was one of my all time favorites.

    The most similar...
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    Poll: Re: Brad Pitt on Chanel No. 5

    Well, I picked hilarious because it was closest to my real reaction - stupid and boring. I just dont get it. Honestly, I'd rather see the Taco Bell dog. This goes under WWTT for me.
  3. Re: Trying to pick a first scent. Here are some things about me.

    I suggest you try Ivy League - PC has samples. On me it smells very fresh and natural - very strong fresh pine in the opening and then woody floral.

    I liked it on me and I think I'd also like it...
  4. Re: What is your favorite Niche perfume house?

    Amouage is a long time favorite of mine. More recently I am also liking MFK and OJ a lot.
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    Re: Young fume head.

    I totally agree - if you're interested in it, pursue it.

    Thinking back to when I was 14, I think salespeople did not take me seriously or want to spend time with me [on anything, not just perfume]...
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    Poll: Re: Who is the greatest living perfumer?

    Thanks for the links! I spent a while browsing through them - I would say Bernard Ellena or Michel Almaira [hope I spelled it right] - but neither of them made the poll. Maybe there should be an...
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    Poll: Re: Who is the greatest living perfumer?

    Sorry to ask this, but I am someone who often doesnt know who composed my favorite perfumes. Could the OP please give us a few examples of what each nose composed? [Am I the only person here who...
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    Re: Talk to me about Shalimar

    I'm not sure, but it's possible something in your skin chemistry is changing the scent on your skin. Have you tried smelling it on someone else? Or sparying it on a fabric [like a handkerchief]? ...
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    Re: dark fragrances

    Hi, I'm still relatively new here and Im trying to understand the terminology better, so could someone explain what makes a fragrance "dark"? What does that mean?
  10. Re: Malle, Bond, or Artisan!!! Who is the best House.

    I dont know enough about any of these 3, but none of them are my favorites.

    IMO the 3 best niche houses currently are Amouage, Ormonde Jayne and Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
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    Re: Body Chemistry and fragrances

    Several times that I can remember, I've commented on friends' perfume that I really liked on them but that didnt smell at all the same on me. I thought this had to do with with skin chemistry/skin...
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    Re: different interpretations...

    I sometimes have the same reaction as the OP. Sometimes, I will try something on me and get something totally different from the reviews. I dont know if it's my skin actually changing the scent,...
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    Re: Fav fresh scents for summer

    I found my scents for summer thanks to BN recommendations - Aqua Universalis, AU Forte, Mazzolari Fleur dóranger and EL Jasmin White Moss [which I think I will wear into the Fall as well.]

  14. Re: To find a Signature, or to wear a multitude ????

    I do a little of both, I think. My preferences change with the seasons. In winter, spring and fall I probably have 4-6 scents that I wear. Summer used to be a down time for me, but thanks to this...
  15. Re: If I were to walk into chanel today....

    I love No.5, did not like Cuir de Russe [maybe I should try it again?], but love, love, LOVE Bois des Isles - but this was pre-2010 - Im not sure if they changed it.
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    Re: Modern Fragrance Masterpieces

    You have convinced me - I really must sample this! [LOL! - Ive got so many sample vials on my kitchen table now it looks like some mad scientist's lab!]
  17. Re: I think I got a fake bottle of cologne on EBAY

    One more piece of advice - everyone's skin is different. Longevity and silliage vary greatly from person to person. Other people in this thread have also said it's weak on them. Reading through...
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    Re: Fleur d'oranger

    Mazzolari Fleur d' Oranger - I just bought a bottle of it - light, floral - perfect for summer.

    I now have my 3 perfumes for summer - Aqua Universalis, AU Forte, and Fleur dÓranger - all thanks to...
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    Re: Modern Fragrance Masterpieces

    I was referring to most of the "classic" Chanels - No 5, No 22, Bois des Iles etc - they all have that 50's vibe to them for some reason for me - rightly or wrongly - I associate them with the 50's.
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    Modern Fragrance Masterpieces

    And by modern I mean something created this century - 2000 and up.

    Everyone will have a different definition of what makes a fragrance a masterpiece. For me - I think I like what Luca Turin calls...
  21. Re: No more buying grey market creed or bond.

    I hope this doesnt sound like a stupid question, but what exactly do you mean by "grey market"? Because when I heard the term before, it meant a legitimate product that had been earmarked for...
  22. Re: I think I got a fake bottle of cologne on EBAY

    As an alternative, you could try some LEGITIMATE discount retailers [not on Ebay]. Beauty Encounter I've used myself and never had a problem with them. Fragrancenet gets very high marks here on...
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    Re: Re-using atomizers?

    I'm glad someone started this thread because I have a question that's kind of on the same topic.

    Can you re-use an old perfume bottle for a different scent? Or is this a really bad idea. I ask...
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    Re: Iris: Have I Missed Anything?

    To me XJ Ibitira is mostly iris - maybe that should be on your list?
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    Re: Least talked about

    I agree with the Ormonde Jayne - Im working my way through her sample set and Ive been very impressed.

    I want to add Mazzolari - I havent seen any discussions about this house, but IMO they make...
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    Re: Stocking up on discontinued frags?

    If it was my "all time favorite" I definitely would! When one of my all time favorites was being reformulated, I went out and bought every bottle of the old formula I could find and I dont regret...
  27. Re: Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please

    I sometimes hesitate to recommend things because Im not sure they will smell the same way on you that it does on me - however I just got my sample of Amouage Beloved and I have to rave about it. I...
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    Re: Best Iris fragrance, please help

    i've seen these terms used to describe fragrances here many times. Im not really sure what they mean so I wouldnt want to give you a bum steer.

    On me Irisss was very strong and just smelled of...
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    Re: Best Iris fragrance, please help

    I very recently sampled two from Xerjoff - both of which I recommend to Iris fans.

    Irisss - is just iris, iris, IRIS. To me it's just a soliflore - very rich, very natural smelling. Someone was...
  30. Re: Millesime Imperiale from BeautyEncounter? Absolutely no watermelon.

    I've bought several perfumes from BE [through Amazon] and never got anything even remotely suspicious, so Im surprised. I would definitely email them and tell them the bottle went off and see what...
  31. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Thanks! But unfortunately, no, I'm not in the US. Im :sad: because that 24 had my name on it. :sad:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for reminding me! I've been slowly trying all those...
  32. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    I tried the AU and loved that too. I think the difference is kind of like the difference between EdT and EdP. On me the AU has less of the citrus top notes - more like a slightly floral, mostly...
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    Re: What do you consider

    Absolutely second this - if they are worried about allergies, I dont see why they dont sell the fragrance with a warning label. They sell cigarettes, dont they? How dangerous is that! These...
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    Re: Recommend a good purse atomizer?

    One more thing - I am trying to look around as well - has anyone used a Sen7 atomizer? It looks like a more "MOMA-ish" version of a travelo - there website says it locks and will not leak, but I...
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    Re: Similar Fragrances...

    From my experience, I think the people on these boards collectively are better than any computer could be. Just tell them your 4 or 5 favorites, and they'll come up with similar things for you to...
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    Re: Recommend a good purse atomizer?

    My God - I'd feel like slitting my wrists if that happened to me! That is truly tragic and you have my sympathies!

    This is exactly why Im trying to find a good one that wont leak. The Hermes...
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    Recommend a good purse atomizer?

    Something I could carry around with me if I wanted to re-spray. Metal - since sunlight degrades - and ideally stainless steel. Failing that, then with a glass lining in a metal canister, since I...
  38. Has anyone tried the post 2010 Bois des Iles?

    Either parfum or EdP. Has it been changed at all, or does it still smell basically the same?

    Thanks for your opinion.
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    Re: "The Genre You Love" Questionnaire!

    Genre: Florals

    Current Favorite: My new summer perfume - Aqua Universalis Forte - thanks to Basenotes for the recommendations

    Newest Discovery: The Ormonde Jayne line - I love Tiare - cant...
  40. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    YES!! We have a winner - I finally got my sample to try. This seems to work great in the heat, lasts fairly long, and I like the scent. I also like OJ Tiare, but for me AUF works better in the...
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    Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    Just to clarify - you're talking about pre-2010 [old] vs post-2010 [new] - right? [Not the really "vintage" Chanel].

    I've read posts here from people complaining about the longevity, but I...
  42. Re: What do you wear in this 100 degree heat

    I recommend you sample Aqua Universalis Forte - someone recommended this to me when I asked for a summer scent and it's great. On me, it's a little "feminine" but still unisex I think. Try to...
  43. Re: Guerlain Liu and Guerlain Vega: your advice, please

    Your post got me to try both Vega and Liu at the Guerlain boutique. Another vote for Liu - I thought it was fantastic. It is a bit similar in parts to Chanel No 5, although I would never confuse...
  44. Re: Amouage Gold Men -- Am I Missing Something?

    Im sure I remember reading somewhere that when they changed the bottle design from the Arabic style they had at first to the more western looking bottles they have now, they changed the formulas...
  45. Poll: Re: End Perfume Scentism! - Is it all about the juice, or... does the label matter?

    I go by what I like. If something smells great to me, I'd buy it. Conversely, if I dont like the way it smells, I wont wear it - I dont care who made it or what the label says. Ex - I love Gold...
  46. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Just received my set from Ormonde Jayne. Tiare got seconded so Im trying that first. The vial smells fantastic! I can only hope it smells like that on me.

    Unfortunately, I've got something...
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    Re: MDCI Un Coeur en Mai reformulation

    I ordered their sample pack and Im looking forward to trying it. I didnt like the original version - something too strident and some note in there I just didnt like. They seem to have put more...
  48. Re: The " best " niche house in your opinion...mention just one (1 )......"the very best "

    Based on what I wear and buy, I'd have to say AMOUAGE.

    However, I havent sampled that many niche houses - for instance, I dont think I've ever tried Frederic Malle. There are certain SL scents I...
  49. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Well, Perfumed Court just sent my samples off today - we'll see how long it takes to arrive. Einstein was right - time is not constant. It seems like it's taking forever for my samples to arrive!...
  50. Re: Does perfume naturally darken with age?

    Well, that's encouraging - thanks!
  51. Re: Does perfume naturally darken with age?

    Maybe I should go into more detail here and tell you the whole story. This is [supposed to be] vintage Caron Infini parfum, which I bought on ebay [probably against my better judgement] - but the...
  52. Does perfume naturally darken with age?

    Or does that mean it's gone bad?

    I have some perfume which is now a rich dark amber color, but I remember it as being more like a pale golden color. In general, is this a warning sign that a...
  53. Re: Is the L'Heure Bleue in the old gold box ok?

    I second that idea! I would love to have a place I could go to check on when things were reformulated and how you can tell what you're getting.
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    Re: Any Layering Technique Tips for Newbies?

    Thanks for this - it's very useful. I'll let you know how it goes.

    And glad to meet a fellow Guerlainista [and I guess Im a Chanelista too.]
  55. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    It seems to be taking forever for my samples to arrive - or maybe it just seems that way to me because I cant wait to try them.

    Anyway, just got an email today from PC that something shipped. Now...
  56. Re: Chanel Les Exclusif (Pick 1 From Sycamore/Coramandel/Bois Des Iles/Cuir de Russie)

    If it were up to me - definitely Bois des Iles - it is amazing!
  57. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Just an update - I have ordered samples of many of your suggestions -mostly from Perfumed Court - and cant wait for them to get here. Im sure at least one of them will be a winner with me.
  58. Re: Chanel no.5 parfum. Current BNers widsom?

    I did a layering experiment of my own just now - Im still trying to find a perfume for summer heat - [got loads of suggestions - waiting on samples] - so a friend of mine gave me her samples of some...
  59. Re: Chanel no.5 parfum. Current BNers widsom?

    If you want to see if some store near you still has some old stock look at the ingredients on the box. If it ends with evernia prunastri (oak moss) extract - that's the old one. Some small drug...
  60. Re: What are the Guerlain Habit de Fete scents?

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    Any Layering Technique Tips for Newbies?

    I'm thinking about experimenting with layering different perfumes and I wonder if there are any tips you can give me - either about what kind of perfumes go well together [or which to avoid...
  62. What are the Guerlain Habit de Fete scents?

    Anyone know anything about this line? Tried it?

    It seems like Guerlain has re-issued some new version of all their old perfumes, calling them X habit de Fete [like L'heure Bleu Habit de Fete for...
  63. Re: Chanel no.5 parfum. Current BNers widsom?

    Just one more thing for Cacio - to me No 5 was very floral, but more rose than jasmin. Jasmin was in there, but very subdued. What I mean is layering with A La Nuit or Joy or some other strong...
  64. Re: Chanel no.5 parfum. Current BNers widsom?

    Finally, I can contribute something here and help you all for your recommendations to me on hot weather perfumes.

    I LOVE Chanel No 5 - the REAL No. 5. I just smells like nothing else. The new...
  65. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Back from vacation - had a great time! - and to update you a little on the suggestions -

    I am intrigued by the Ormonde Jayne - Ive never tried any of them. I checked her website and ordered the...
  66. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Thank you again for all your suggestions - some of them I know and have tried - some of them are new to me.

    Ive tried and like No. 19 and what I use most is not the perfume - it's either the Edt...
  67. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Anytime is fine. And thanks!

    You have got it almost exactly right. Im not sure about the "much projection" - although I do want to be able to smell it myself - I mean, or what's the point of...
  68. Re: Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Thank you all for all your suggestions - I appreciate your help!

    I was inspired by all your comments to rush out to the dept store yesterday to do some testing. Since I like Chanel and Guerlain I...
  69. Recommendations for a Summer Perfume, Please!

    Hi everybody! I thought I was new here, but it seems I was already registered :laugh:.

    I'd like some help with a scent for summer. It's a very hot and humid climate and my winter perfumes dont...
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    Reformulations in Parfum MDCI

    This line is very expensive, and so far I've only bought samples - before I spend money on a bottle does anyone have any info on whether these too have been changed recently. I esp like Enlevement...
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    Re: Chanel No. 5 Parfum Reformulation

    So Fresh - Thank you for giving me the link to this page! ITA the formula is different. The one with oakmoss LAST smells like the real one - prominent floral notes. The other one to me has greatly...
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    Re: Reformulated Fragrance List

    I realized I didnt give you the info you asked for -

    Chanel No 5 - good bottle [prominent floral notes] - lot no.0901 - ingred: alcohol, parfum[fragrance], linalool, benzyl alcohol, benzyl...
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    Re: Reformulated Fragrance List

    Hi - I am so glad I found this board. I just had a very bad experience with Chanel No 5 perfume. Just last week I bought a new bottle, and was very disappointed when I put it on. Although it...
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