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    Re: Lovin' Old Spice Classic

    1988-vintage?? Yikes, what does that say about some variations of Jicky?? LOL!!! From a female (mine) perspective Old Spice is wonderful. Classic and classy, smells good and is very reasonably...
  2. Re: Demeter's Whiskey Tobacco.............anyone? Good or Bad.......short lived?

    Whiskey tobacco?? I love booze notes. ADORE tobacco. I'll have to try this...but my experience with Demeter fragrances is that they don't last. As within the hour or two they are gone.
  3. Re: Proposed ban on Personal fragrances in Portland city offices

    Live in Portland for 10 years. Have lived in Seattle for 20. Yes, the US Pacific NW is different. But they have also banned fragrance in some other cities in the US. Here in Seattle the outfit I...
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    Re: Costamor Tabacca.

    This is a wonderful scent. This is NOT the aroma of ciggie or cigar smoke. It is fairly sweet, but if you have ever been around tobacco drying sheds in the southern US this is what the aroma is. ...
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