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  1. Re: May have gotten a bunch of fake fragrances w/ pics (Allure Homme, Le Male, London, GIT etc)

    Hi, I feel your pain. I bought a bottle from an Ebay New Perfume seller. The feedback was ok, so I thought I was safe. Not so, when I recieved my bottle, as soon as I sprayed it, I knew I had been...
  2. Well..the bottle is vintage looking and...

    Well..the bottle is vintage looking and beautiful. I would love to try this, I bet it is really interesting. It sounds like the aroma of this would take you to another place.....hmm
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    Re: Chanel # 5 revelation. Almost there!

    Recently I have thought that our fragrances have to fight to be smelled. I am trying to find my other bath products, laundry soap, etc. in fragrance free to boost my real smell, my perfume. :-)
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    Re: Are you Fragrance Obsessive-Compulsive?

    I thought I was alone. Its nice to know that others are out there. I too want to buy multiple bottles just in case they discontiue it. (If I can only make up my mind) The funny thing is, I know I can...
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