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  1. Re: Fascinating facts about fragrance/the perfume industry?

    Also true! Smoke and mirrors
  2. Re: Fascinating facts about fragrance/the perfume industry?

    Yes a lot of people seem to think that IFRA is some kind of set in stone law, but actually its not. good point!
    But if you do want to sell your fragrances in the EU and have all the documentations,...
  3. Re: What are some fragrances that you just can't understand why they are loved?

    I also cannot stand Chanel N5
    La Vie est Belle (which is EVERYWHERE) - makes me want to vomit violently every time I smell it

    Montale - i find all of it monstrous
  4. Re: Diptyque Tam Dao Shower Body Balm + Soap re-released

    Hahaha I was OBSESSED with Tam Dao when I first discovered niche.
    Ah good times... might buy the reissue, for old times sake..
  5. Re: Tell us what fragrance phases you have gone through recently

    I'm going through a big violet and iris phase :)
  6. Re: Apparently it's now official: Barneys to close Chicago store

    This is heartbreaking. I travelled to Chicago often for work in the past and visiting that Barney's was one of my highlights of my otherwise boring work-trips.
    The more I look at whats currently...
  7. Fascinating facts about fragrance/the perfume industry?

    Would be curious to hear what sort of thing do you find fascinating about the fragrance industry. Is there a particular fact that you found out about perfume/the industry in general that blew your...
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    Re: Alternative To Tobacco Oil

    I would suggest you check out Tabannone - its a very powerful high impact molecule but if used correctly in a composition, can give a really beautiful effect.
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    Hahahaha I forgot that this one exists! All of their names are just odd. (and so are the fragrances)
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    Re: Fragrance SMOTHERED by over spraying?

    Yes, over-spraying is definitely a thing. Experienced that with a lot of Eau De Parfums. It's like eating hot food you know? If you are eating something super hot (temperature-wise), you probably...
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    Re: Are any niche companies basically a scam?

    When it comes to scammy companies I would name just about any company claiming to be all natural. An example being Heretic perfumes. Any person with at least some basic knowledge of fragrance...
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    Re: Synthetics, naturals, and allergies

    Sorry that you are having to deal with all of this! Have you always had perfume sensitivity? And yes most wood notes are synthetic, so a pollen allergy probably wouldn't correlate with it I'm pretty...
  13. Re: On the way to Aftel Archive of Curious Scents

    Enjoy! I visited last year and got to meet Mandy herself. She was so lovely, a true joy to talk to. Also yes, you will get to smell some very rare materials that you most likely won't find in any...
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    Re: Most Pretentious Fragrance Names

    Playing with the Devil by Killian (and many other names by them too) and Dangerous Complicity by Etat Libre D'orange
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