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    Re: What is Dua trying to pull?

    I don’t think so. What I do, what others like me do, Dua included, is totally legal in USA. Is it illegal in Canada? It’s called comparative marketing. It’s the same idea that allows companies to...
  2. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    The study pointed the notes of bestselling perfumes. It was observed that bestselling perfumes, be they expensive or on the cheaper side, had many notes in common.
    The article did a logical...
  3. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    The authors were scientists, and peer reviewed by other scientists as well. I read the paper, tried to read the data, but itís not available. There were quite a few assumptions there and some useless...
  4. Re: "Arabian Sandalwood" - what is it?

    Very probably atttar. Is it in cheap bottle? I have this type of oil in my collection and it fits your description, name, notes, longtivity ... I found a long lost bottle of egyptian musk , around 15...
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    Re: What is Dua trying to pull?

    Disclaimer- I sell products like Dua does and I am their lower priced & smaller size competitor.

    Have you seen the real perfume prices lately? They are in the hundreds of dollars. How do you...
  6. Re: Are any niche companies basically a scam?

    No matter how expensive the bottles can be, they shouldnt cost mor ethan $10 , exluded here those with diamonds or handblown galss (labor expensive) . The juice ... some use real essential oils, I...
  7. Re: Counterfeit Byredo - is it true? - counterfeit or authentic? different manufacturer or scent mat

    if counterfits are so perfect, why bother with the original?
    I have wanted to buy a few samples on ebay, but after calculating ebay fees, shipping costs, price of the juice, it ends being that the...
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    Re: Solstice Scents Discussion

    Lol, yes, that I know, but I had never heard of them before. What I meant was how did you hear their name?
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    Re: Rook Perfumes USA and Canada

    Congrats and good luck.
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    Re: Whats a niche house?

    Thanks, good link with interesting info. I do agree with that definition, but many people's understanding varies hugely .. thus many usages. I dont have a problem with all these various usages, but I...
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    Re: Cheap atomizers from Ali?

    From my experience, buying online Chinese products has left me with a bitter taste. Other than usb cables, or stickers for kids, I dont think anything else is worth trying. I would recommend you buy...
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    Whats a niche house?

    I have been reading it many times, and I thought I understood it, but I am not getting it. Whats the definition a Niche perfume house? The way I knew the word, was some type of product aimed to a...
  13. Re: Fragrances that your significant other surprisingly...likes/dislikes

    Carnal flower. Wife loved it, to me it smelled like rotten dead corpse. I would be surprised why people would buy that stuff. Now to my nose it smells like decent floral. Not a favorite but I am OK...
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    Re: Solstice Scents Discussion

    How did you find them? Or they found you? Do they have a physical location somewhere? I couldn't see it in the website. Reasonable prices for the quantity of juice they give.
  15. Re: Which brands are Hardcore Players of this niche perfume game?

    Bond/Jo Malone , maybe not that niche, but their bottles don't change much from release to release and from my experience, they do have some unique scents.
  16. Re: Fragrances that you canít smell on yourself but others can?

    Any perfume if not used in moderation may produce such an affect. Read about nose blindness or nose fatigue. Its a blessing in disguise. I have ahd this happen from many perfumes, Dior Sauvage,...
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    Re: Amber Balls

    Luxury perhaps? A Rolex does the same thing that a wall clock does .. just more expensively .

    Its cute but as mentioned above, expensive. I have been trying to do something crafty and finally got...
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    Re: Very dry herbal fragrances

    Lots of recommendations in here. Have you considered trying essential oils? All these herbs have some reasonably priced oils.

    If you want perfume to wear, instead of wearing say thyme essential...
  19. Poll: Re: Cigar cigarettes chainsmokers all tips they need fragrance

    Tobacco Vanille smells just like what the name says, tobacco smell with vanilla scent. When I first smelled it, i couldnt stand it ( non smoker here) but then,I got more comfortable with it. I guess...
  20. Re: Single note or fragrances with very few notes? Or, How to learn what individual notes smell like

    I think there are several different subjects when scent recognition is being talked about.
    1st is the ability to recognize the scent as unique and recall its name.
    2nd is the ability to recognize...
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    Re: Perfume Thieves

    Tom Ford perfumes at Nordstrom comes in those neat displays. Many of them have some stick, look like porcelain, but it aint that, anyway, the stick smells like the bottles next to then. They are not...
  22. Re: Can someone name a women's perfume with a noticeable cherry or sweet almond note? Please?

    Lost Cherry by Tom Ford?
    I know thats not your mom saw in the mall, but your subject was asking about perfumes that smell like cherry.
  23. Re: The decline of the classic fragrance houses / the rise of niche

    It takes only a few years for grape vines to grow and produce. They have the resources, land, manpower, consumer needs ... why not do it.

    Arent the niche way too expensive? How can they stay in...
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford | Lost Cherry

    I tried to test it, there was nothing on stock and the testers were empty at both Nordstrom and Sacs 5th. They are back ordered until end of Feb I was told. Good luck. At the beginning of the thread...
  25. Re: Collection Sizes. How big or small to go?

    I am in the same boat as you my friend. I am doing some research , but it has been slow. Is there any chance you can share your findings? :2vrolijk_08:

    I am curios about those having 30+, and that...
  26. Re: Montreal perfumer creates 5 scents for city's 375th anniversary

    I hope this guys business goes well. Half off sales & website not working are certainly not good signs.

    Being said that, I fail to understand connection to fragrances. How can a certain part of...
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    Re: Need recommendations for a gift

    Versace Bright Crystal?

    Or be smart and thrifty perhaps and buy some dupes or body oils. For $7 you get 10ml of concentrated perfume oils that for the most part, few people can tell the...
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    Re: Amber Balls

    Are you asking for the scent or for the display style? I never scented them, but I like the ball display. Kind of cute, but pricey for a glorified display. You can buy ambergis online yourself and...
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    Re: What Fragrances Got You Compliments?

    Creed Aventus
    Royal Mayfair
    Egyptian Musk
    Golden Sand
    Paradise Love (Private blend non designer)
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    Re: Beast mode masculine wanted

    Tsar Van Cleef & Kouros YSL get my votes.
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    Re: Fake fragrance in legit bottle?

    Its not hard at all.
    I have seen exact bottles with duplicate scents sold at CVS/Wallgreens and local retail shops. They are being honest though, they do write that the scent is in impression, not...
  32. Re: Vanilla pudding/ vanilla custard fragrance?

    There is Vanilla Fantasy , it smells like creamy vanilla ice cream to me though (not exactly pudding) , and Vanilla Sugar (mix of vanilla and brown sugar) .
    Poison Girl, Viva la Juicy Noir to a...
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