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    Re: Gym scents, whiff...

    Combination of sweat and increased projection make fragrance at a gym generally a no-go. Because so many people work out intensely, to the point of minor nausea, a scent that is otherwise pleasant...
  2. Re: Can women really distinguish expensive cologne?

    I won't repeat anything mentioned already, though I will echo that I agree with all of it. The best way I could describe fragrance in relation to women (in terms of attraction) is that of a force...
  3. Re: Commodity Goods just launched...what does everyone think?

    Sounds like another kickstarter/indy "cut out the middlemen and we can sell the same top shelf stuff for much less" company, only for fragrances this time. Makes a lot of sense given the incredible...
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    Re: Creed Aventus: An Acquired Taste?

    This happens in a lot of perfumes I'd imagine but seems more prevalent with this because people want to give it multiple tries. And it seems fairly common with Aventus. My guess is that with this...
  5. Re: Just recevied Dior Homme Intense and I don't think I like it.

    While I'd give anything a few shots, I agree that first impressions are a lot more important than some here give ti credit for. While many do not care and sometime worried about too much, remember...
  6. Re: It is King - The ultimate attention getter cologne

    This. I own and like Aventus but wish this **** would just stop now. Absolutely no way its the ultimate attention cologne.
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Eccentric Molecules as 1/2 of their fragrances are literally one ingredient and sold for Niche prices. Most of this topic, as mentioned, screams "OMG X HOUSE IS...
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    Re: The Aquatics and Mainstreaming

    I completely agree with this. I don't know if hate is the right word but people still do not discuss aquatics/recommend aquatics nearly in proportion to those of other categories/genres. With notes...
  9. Re: Maxim Magazine To Release Fragrance Line In Fall 2013

    Probably not going to be noteworthy but stranger things have happened.
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    Re: Reviews scare me...

    One more peice of directed advice would be to test different genres to get a baseline of what you may like. For example:

    Aquatic/citrus: Aqua Di Gio, L'eau D"issey
    Fresh/green: Platinum Egoiste,...
  11. Re: Barney stinson / "Fun Scent" for Outgoing Young Stylish Guy in late 20s/early 30s.

    Bleu de Chanel was the one that lept into mind.
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    Re: Guys...Manicures?

    Having never had neither, I don't think they are all that useful/great but I don't look down on them either. That said, to contradict an earlier post, I do think pedicures are much more useful than...
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Actually I don't think "URL" is a terrible name but digital villiage seems more likely a name. And its quite appropriate as a name if it indeed is their take on Aventus given its internet hype...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, Apr 4th, 2013


    Going to Vegas and this is going to be the scent I rock. Its the pineapply z01 batch and expected highs are 85 so hopefully it won't be to strong for the weather. Figure might as bring out...
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    Re: John Varvatos Platinum Edition - ?

    1. Note lists are useless. Eros sounded interesting note wise, ended up being a mediocre vanilla bomb.
    2. Varvatos makes some nice scents, poor performance though. Who knows if this bucks the trend...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Retail stores rotate stock rather frequently so outside of true top sellers, stuff works its way out on occasion. Anyways I splurged for a 50ml of Montblanc individuel for $27 a few days ago.
  17. Re: Modern Memories / What New " CURRENT" Fragrances Will Be Talked About In 10 Years From Now

    Depends are we talking about classics that will still be popular or ones that will fall out of favor outside of connoisseurs 10 years from now.
  18. Re: L'eau d'Issey pour Homme vs Bleu de Chanel

    Its much the same as when it launched. People hated it because it so safe but it is a solid (if not boring) scent when basenoters were hoping for Egoiste 2.0. The hate perplexed me as well. The name...
  19. Re: Fragrance recommendation (according to what i'm looking for)

    He owns Legend, which is about as close as you can get to Fierce without actually owning fierce. No point in having both really. I'd say either a gourmand like New Haarlem or Pure Malt/A*Men since...
  20. Re: Thoughts, what fragrance best fits this picture?- Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Add me to the Fahrenheit list. Heavy gas with some leather and greenery in the background. An old scent that manages to remain modern/young at the same time.
  21. Re: Help finding a new men's signature fragrance (mid 30s)

    You'd probably get better feedback if you listed what you own/what type of scents you like. Plenty of ways you could go while still being versatile (a lot of good recommendations are listed).
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    Re: The Forum Has Changed in the last 5 years

    Yessir. My favorite example is with sports. Many people bemoan the current era of basketball, saying the 90s were superior (Jordan era). But if you search old posts/early internet forums, people in...
  23. Re: Buying Bond No. 9 - from Nordstrom or directly from

    Yeah, you should be fine either way. I would go to Nordstroms myself because department stores rotate inventory fairly regularly and if the fragrance is the same price, I lean towards supporting...
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    Re: Fragrances with unique notes that "pop"

    Thanks for the input, I'll definitely have to try some (I was already looking into Sel Marin for example).
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    Fragrances with unique notes that "pop"

    I'm curious as to what fragrances out there have notes that are very distinct/unique that "pop" off a fragrance. Really I'm looking to test people pleasing/versatile fragrances with a distinctness...
  26. Re: Which scent is loved by Europe and hated in America or vice versa

    I think with Asian cultures people draw a lof of their experiences form the major cities (which makes sense as they would wear more fragrance on average) and population density is so high there that...
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    Re: The Independent talks to Olivier Creed

    Hilariously hypocritical since he boasts about Creed have annual sales of over a million later in the article (and I say that as someone completely neutral in regards to Creed as a company/house).
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    Re: Name your best incense cologne.

    Are their any fragrances with a prominent (though not necessarily dominate) frankincense note that are wearable everyday/in warmer weather? Most of the ones I could find seem to be super heavy/thick....
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    Re: Aventus way too overrated?

    That ignores the central point. Why aventus in the first place? Plenty of other Creeds/niches with cool names have come out and haven't received any fanfare. Its unfair to assume its popularity has...
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    Re: Molecule 01

    2 questions:

    1. @walkdog (or anyone else). Have you actually tried/compared molecule 01 to homemade ISO E Super diluted? I've heard mixed results but it sound like it should work the same.

  31. Re: Who is your favourite current youtube reviewer.

    Those are probably my three as well. Drac and Rob are pretty close as well. The videos are quite and entertaining but I respect that they seems to be the ones "Keeping it real" and not just going...
  32. Re: What will be your valentines day fragrance?

    Rochas Man
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    Re: Advice for sensual, seductive fragrance

    As far as seduction, I believe fragrance has a multiplier effect. If you have zero game, the best fragrance in the world won't do anything (0*X = 0). The more seductive you are, the more influence...
  34. Re: Suggestions: fragrance for T-shirt, skinny jeans, and cardigan

    Bleu De Chanel sounds perfect if you want incense + a little woodiness without it being a pure woody + incence fragrance like many of the recommendations (it is very versatile with enough citrus to...
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    Re: fresco by ilum deam (an aventus clone?)

    My guess is that it went from free "please try us out" to "ok this is expensive, we've got to start charging for this" to "OMG I need to rush this out faster to build on hype."
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    Re: fresco by ilum deam (an aventus clone?)

    I'm down for a company based on making high quality, cheap fragrance knockoffs. Assuming this is the "Aventus killer" that it is purported as, I'd be excited as heck to see if they could do faithful...
  37. Re: L'eau D'Issey Summer Edition EDT 2009 is going up in value

    Basically Robes08 loves it so there is an inordinate demand for it.
  38. Re: Can I make my own Molecule 01 and/or Molecule 02 ?

    Don't know where to ask but is anyone on basenotes outside of Chris selling a complete ISO Super E dilution/fragrance? I'd rather not have to purchase the accessory supplies and being in the states,...
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    Re: Creed Aventus Batch C42B12E01

    Dude the point is that that thread is still active and that you should post your question there. And the answer to your question is yes, its a good batch. There was only one "bad" batch at that was...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Basically there was only one really bad batch in 2010 (ending in K04) which was lacking in fruit and really smokey. Everything else is fine. There are variations but its only for those really seeking...
  41. Re: I don't care for the majority of fragrances I've tried

    The one thing I would note is that you seem to trying nothing but "basenotes approves" fragrances, which tend to be stronger, more complex/challenging, harder to wear etc... Try going with some more...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    True story. Wore Aventus tonight. No one commented on it but the family dog went crazy sniffing my forearm (where I had sprayed it). She wouldn't leave me alone. Guess the *****es really do love the...
  43. Re: Has anyone tried the Creed Aventus hair and body wash?

    Yup. Its hard enough justifying Aventus (For me) at $69 for 50ml (split) price wise. Those bath products feel like throwing money in the trash.
  44. Re: Why Do Manufacturers Discontinue Great Fragrances?

    This. The fact that so many people here are still able to obtain discontinued fragrances years after discontinue is a testament to how slow sales are of some of these fragrances. Why make something...
  45. Re: Nice, mild, casual, not too common fragrance for everyday wear suitable for a 15-year old boy? 7

    It maybe a bit summery but I think Allure Homme Sport by Chanel might be up your alley (based on US prices, not sure on international pricing).
  46. Re: New Fragrance: Giorgio Armani - Eau de Nuit for Men

    True although everything about this release screams LA NUIT KNOCKOFF (sweet and spicy, cardamom based, the name etc...).
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Agreed. Outside of a bottle of individuel I haven't come across much worth noting (there were some good cartier and prada ones but neither discounted enough to warrant buying in store rather than...
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    Re: L'eau D'issey questions

    I agree. My theory is that the composition turns off some people as their noses develop (the mix of chemicals comes off differently) but smells great to the average "untrained" nose. A definite try...
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    Re: So I held a fragrance showdown......

    Not surprised. The only caveat I would include is the difference between a card and skin exposure but that is not something that can be easily tested on this scale. 1 million isn't quite for me but I...
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    Re: Why I might leave Creed...

    Agreed. The concept of house loyalty is bizarre as every one releases a vast array of different fragrances. As for Creed, I mostly agree. Their bottles are cheap and not all that amazing looking,...
  51. Re: All Year Round Fragrance Similar to Paco Rabanne 1 Million

    Aventus, YSL L'homme, and Boss Bottled could be up your alley (though Bottled might be a bit trickier to pull off in really high heat). Aventus sounds pretty close to what you are looking for but can...
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    Re: 2013 fragrance releases

    Gosh I hope not. The notes look interesting but I'm not into powdery fragrances.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I live in socal and also haven't had stellar reaction to testing. For whatever reason La Nuit turns into a powder bomb on my skin (according to females).
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    Re: What budget scents do you actually wear?

    Rochas Man
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    Re: Favorite bottle design

    GPH 1&2. Great weight, elegant, looked like expensive cologne.
  56. Re: Something's nose or the fragrance...please help!

    Purely from anecdotal accounts, Aventus tends to get smokier over time rather than less smokey, so odds are its your nose. Aventus is notorious for play olfactory tricks on people. The batch you have...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Most people here know ADG is a top compliment getter. Its the best selling cologne in the world for a reason. Most people here tend to avoid it because there are more options and because ADG is too...
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    Re: The OFFICIAL Aventus thread (at last)

    The funny thing is as a new member that frags like LIDGE/DHI seems to have a lot more threads consistently than Aventus but the hype seems so bombastic on Aventus that it feels like Aventus is...
  59. Re: What cologne smells exactly like "cool water" for men and is cheap?

    Coolwater is also cheap in the US, can almost always be found at a Ross/Tj Maxx/Marshalls.
  60. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    I like the review format better on fragrantica and like to use that as a generic base of opinions (they tend to be more casual/general than bn). Better feel for what common people think IMO. From...
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    Re: Where do you apply your perfume?

    My usual order (depending on the number of sprays)

    1. Back of neck
    2. Chest
    3. Back of neck (in this case, one behind each ear)
    4. Wrist/Forearms
    5. Chest
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    Re: Recommendations for frags under $20 usd?

    Rochas Man is a good deal at 20 if you can find it but that maybe more a case of a one-time fire sale than regular, rotating stock. Michael Jordan legend is a good alternative at $13 found fairly...
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    Re: A&F Fierce -- Size will matter

    Probably meant for industrial application at various A&F stores. They certainly go through enough of the stuff everyday when they douse their stores in it.
  64. Re: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne (2008) VS Dior Homme Inense by Christian Dior (2007)?

    You got both, which is fine. I'd echo DHI if you like both just because of its (relative) uniqueness and versatility. 1 Million is one of the few scents I avoid due to sheer popularity (Aqua Di Gio...
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    Re: What do you do with "tweener" scents?

    In the long run you save more money buying a few fragrances that you truly enjoy and using every last drop (doesn't have to be niche) than you do with a cabinet full of "Great deals/value" that you...
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    Re: Aventus batch c42b11x02

    I echo whats been said. The x02 batch was note worthy because it was the first pineapple heavy batch after the the "bad" smokey batches of 2010/early 2011 (which many speculate were "bad" because...
  67. Re: How would you describe your personal style?

    I've just started building my "style" (necessitated by weight loss) and have found myself gravitating to a clean and modern look. I like well fitting clothing (not skinny/tight but slim. Prefer more...
  68. Re: Ralph Lauren Blue; Massively underrated / unknown? Or is it just me.

    As mentioned, Polo Blue (and most Polos) aren't mentioned much here because in general they are not that good/there are multiple other fragrances that do what each Polo does but much better (often at...
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    Sticky: Re: In need of something most girls will call "Sexy"

    That response was to a thread about someone wanting a "sexy" cologne. The mods just merged that into this thread.
  70. Re: Is buying small decants a good use of money for someone new?

    Decants are the best way to go. The short term loss on $$$/ml is more than offset by the long term savings of buying bottles you truly adore. Everyone's skin and nose are different. Even if you don't...
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    Re: favorite dry (non-sweet) fragrannce

    With the pineapple/apple/vanilla, there is a slight sweetness, if only imagined, when smelling it just due to the association of those items.
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    Sticky: Re: In need of something most girls will call "Sexy"

    Just as a head up, 99% of whether a scent is sexy depend on the vibe you put out, not the specific notes (or else you see nothing but those sold at cologne departments). If you don't put out sexual...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday 27th of October

    Aventus for a wedding this afternoon.
  74. Re: Supreme Court ruling may ban grey market sales

    I wouldn't worry about it. Things like this come up all the time and the court has always found a way to rule without blowing up established business practices such as grey market sales. Corporations...
  75. Re: I'm off to a wedding tomorrow - what shall I 'Wear'

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm probably going with Aventus though I may go Prada Amber. Its going to be hot here (90ish) so Aventus is probably the "heaviest" I could pull off anyways.
  76. Re: Is YSL's M7 a fragrance that every gentlemen's fragrance wardrobe should include?

    There's no such thing as a "Must own" fragrance. On top of that, M7 is not a safe blind buy, its plenty polarizing and gives many a cherry lozenge/cough syrup vibe. Plus it can be viewed as an older...
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    Re: I am going to be.....

    Slightly overapply Old Spice. Since you are in costume, you want to have the fragrance loud (to be part of the costume, not just a scent).
  78. Re: Regarding different spritizers (sample question)

    Thanks for the input. Makes it easier as I experiment.
  79. Regarding different spritizers (sample question)

    I was curious, how do the sample spritzers on sample vials compare to regular bottles? As I test out fragrances (poor sinuses cause to to lack smell most of the time) I wonder if I can generally...
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    Re: Bottle persuasion

    Good news if you want to try Le Male without the bottle, there seems to be a new limited edition release in a bottle resembling a flask. Still not an amazing bottle but much more normal than the...
  81. Poll: Re: How many fragrances should a man have in their collection to NOT get sick of any of them?

    I think one post was getting closer to the crux of the situation. Are you building a wardrobe (utility based, enough to cover the situations in which you wear fragrance) or a collection (hobby based,...
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    Re: Alternative to Creed Aventus?

    That is the general consensus. Among the reasons Aventus is so popular include 1. an unique scent (nothing really comes close) 2. its a fresh fragrance (which more than other genres tend to "smell"...
  83. Re: Whats a good year round fragrance for a 14 year old male?

    Not so sure about pure Malt. Thats more a winter fragrance and the boozy note is not a good one to have in highschool (at least in class). L'homme or Boss Bottled are good suggestions, they would...
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    Re: Best scent for sex?

    You have to realize by "wet" he is referring to her drool covered face when passed out on the bed. In that state, women tend to be up for anything.
  85. Re: Which one book on frags would you recommend for a person just learning frags?

    Just a warning, despite what the authors claim, their opinions on fragrances are very much biased (its clear they have a heavy preference to "classic" style scents based on memories, though they...
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    Re: Best way to nab a scent you can't afford

    If you really love GiT and wear it almost exclusively, the cost per use really isn't that high when it comes to sticker shock. Its when you use it as part of a wardrobe where the cost really...
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    Re: What makes Creed Aventus so exceptional

    I agree with this. I would also add (or more likely elaborate) that Aventus' smoky pineapple smell is fairly unique (nothing is particularly similar ala GIT/Cool Water or MI/L&L/Sean John) with both...
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    Re: Costs of Fragrances

    Were of the same mind then. I was just saying that in general response to that comment in case a newb read that as "fragarnces are grossly overpriced."
  89. Replies

    Re: Costs of Fragrances

    You are correct in the sense that people need to be discerning with their cost/benefit analysis when buying anything. Problem with fragrances is that, despite the low cost of the actual product,...
  90. Re: New Fragrance: Calvin Klein - CK One Shock Street Edition for Him

    Seems really bizarre to make a flanker for a scent that has bombed sales wise and essentially go the same route again. Maybe there is a trend towards urban youths getting into scents and the graffiti...
  91. Re: Having Perfumes on Hand for 'Lady Friends'

    Bingo. Just too awkward a situation. Assuming you have a moderate collection, odds are you have a few guys that are unisex to use should that (rather rare) situation come up. Sounds like you've just...
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    Re: Costs of Fragrances

    Ultimately the value proposition of items is up to the consumer but in general people tend to assume that raw materials are a much bigger portion of cost than they generally are (as mentioned above)....
  93. Re: Hanae Mori HM/Curve for Men/Legend Michael Jordan availability in the US

    Curve is literally everywhere (outside of higher end stores) that sell fragrances, included places like Walmart/Target (basic markets). Legend is basically only at Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls (discount...
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    Re: New To The Cologne World...need help!

    Fragrances smell different on cards than on skin (often drastically). Fragrances smell different after the first hour than they do from hour 2-on (often drastically). Card sniffing is fine for a...
  95. Re: What to add next to my collection (with a few caveats)

    Thanks for the update. The Channel line definitely seems to be a good way to go. I'll be testing the various ones (all 4 seem to fit the bill in different ways). Thanks for the suggestions (as well...
  96. Re: What to add next to my collection (with a few caveats)

    The Macy's I work at has Black luckily, just probably a few bottles that have yet to sell out. Definitely will give them a test run (I think they still have both 900 and Tuscany).

    As far as my...
  97. What to add next to my collection (with a few caveats)

    Long time lurker, first time poster (generally preexisting topics answered all of my questions). I was looking to add to my fledgling collection. The problem I have is that I have chronic sinusitis...
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