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    Re: Recommend Me A Blind Buy!

    Pour Monsieur - Chanel
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    Re: Your top 5 guerlain female perfumes?

    My personal favorites are most often the underdogs:

    - Jardins de Bagatelle
    - Mouchoir de Monsieur (yes, even for a woman)
    - Aqua Allegorica Rosa Pop
    - Champs Elysees
    - Shalimar Ode a la...
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    Hampton Roads area

    I just moved to the Hampton Roads area and so far I haven't had much luck in perfumes. I tried the local TJ Maxx and it was god awful in terms of perfume selection (just a small table). Ulta was...
  4. Re: As a child, which fragrances did your parents wear that you were most fond of?

    My dad wore Old Spice for a time, but that quickly gave route to Irish Spring soap in our household.

    My mom claimed all perfume gave her a headache and she never wore any. EDIT - I do recall...
  5. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    Chanel Les Exclusifs - Boy and Coromandel.
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    Re: Today I bought July 2018

    Ulta had a 50% off sale and there was one bottle of this left.

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    Re: What scent brings you nostalgia?

    Jardins de Bagatelle and Champs Elysses - reminds me of my first trip ever to Paris in my 20's.
  8. Re: How do you buy your fragrances, full bottles or decants?

    I'll admit for a while I was in a perfume desert in terms of what I could sample locally when I started really getting into perfume. Meaning I had a Boots, a small 'department' store, a Jo Malone...
  9. Re: Where to start with Hermès Merveilles series

    I started with the Bleue and then went for the original. I like both equally, but I find my husband reaches more for the Bleue version while I reach for the original.
  10. Re: Help me purchase a blind buy! ( edition)

    I won't be purchasing for another week or two. I've tried a sample of Tocade (and love it!). I was hoping to find one in person in the store over the last year, but no luck. Encre Noire is one I...
  11. Re: Help me purchase a blind buy! ( edition)

    Yes! I want the mens version.
  12. Help me purchase a blind buy! ( edition)

    I received a $75 gift card from amazon and exploring the world of possibilities for a blind buy perfume (or two). After scouring several threads on cheaper, but excellent perfumes out there, I have...
  13. Re: just for fun - what's your most hated fragrance

    Hai Karate.

    Long story short - someone in our office bought a bunch of these to pass out with promotions - as a joke, at least I believe so. Got a...
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    Re: Best kept secret in women's perfumery?

    I'm a huge fan of Un Jardin apres la Mousson EdT and Eau des Merveilles (and the Bleue flanker too). Hermes also started offering 'Compose your own' sets, so you could get a set of 4 that includes a...
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    Re: Tried after reading the Guide 2018

    I got another chance to read The Guide on the another long plane ride. I found myself more intrigued by many of the 3-4star reviews rather than focusing on the 5 star ones.

    I also found myself...
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    Re: Tried after reading the Guide 2018

    I will say I have a cart full of samples from Lucky Scent that I'd like to try based on The Guide. Sad part is I really want to try Biehl Parfumkunstwerke, but they don't ship to the States.
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    Re: Tried after reading the Guide 2018

    I went out in search of the recommended Jo Malone to find out it was a special limited edition. I bought the Hermes miniatures set because I wanted to try Twilly. I enjoy it, hubby doesn't. Narciso...
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    Re: What are your Top Ten Fragrances?

    These are my current top 10 (they shift throughout the year) - in no particular order:

    Guerlain - Shalimar Ode à la Vanille : Sur la Route du Mexique
    Ormonde Jayne - Ormonde Woman
    Rochas -...
  19. Re: (Well, let's chat about our 2018 summer rotation ..) / please help with summer EdC/perfume

    Cedre Sambac, Osmanthe Yunnan, Rose Ikebana, Myrrhe Eglantine

    I love the Osmanthe Yunnan but the longevity is fleeting.

    As for the new Les Eaux, unfortunately I don't recall much more about...
  20. Re: (Well, let's chat about our 2018 summer rotation ..) / please help with summer EdC/perfume

    I found it was best to sample the Les Exclusifs line in the Duty Free shop itself instead of the stand alone Chanel store in Heathrow Terminal 5. The ladies there let me test to my hearts content and...
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    Re: Today I bought July 2018

    At Heathrow Terminal 5:

    Chanel in Duty Free (not the stand-alone store): Boy, Coromandel
    Hermes (stand alone): Compose your own set of Hermessences: Cedre Sambac, Osmanthe Yunnan, Rose Ikebana,...
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    Re: Hi! :) Recommend a blind buy!

    Hermèssence Osmanthe Yunnan. I was shocked how much I enjoyed this in the store.
  23. Re: New Guerlain Meteorites - has anyone tried it yet?

    I recently ordered some Guerlain makeup (about 4 months ago...recent enough) and it was the pressed meteorites blush and one of their Kiss Kiss lipsticks and was sorely disappointed. I recall the...
  24. Re: Department Stores, Discount Outlets and Mail Restrictions

    I know that when using the APO we are technically not allowed to ship perfume. When I ordered samples (via Lucky Scent and Perfumed Court) I believed on the customs form they listed 'makeup' or...
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    Re: Is Chanel Discontinuing Staples?

    I'm so glad I had a chance to sample both Pour Monsieur and Antaeus here in the UK after reading this. Both are readily available on the shelves here in the UK. Now, if I could only get hubby to...
  26. Re: I'd rather smell appealing than fall for an "acquired taste"- Niche is NOT for everyone

    I've been enjoying perfumes for over 20 years but didn't get serious with making it my hobby until 3 years ago and I can echo what psebi101 states - my tastes have changed a LOT in such a short...
  27. New Guerlain Meteorites - has anyone tried it yet?

    A year ago I asked for suggestions on finding a perfume similar to Guerlain's Meteorites and received a massive amount of wonderful suggestions. I noted that Guerlain was releasing a new Meteorites...
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    Re: Hotels and fragrance Companies

    We don't often stay at the big name hotels, but rather smaller 'boutique' places. The Villa Orange group in Germany has Speick natural soap and shower gel, which we liked. Most of the smaller...
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    Re: fragrances for the woman in my life

    I wholeheartedly agree with this.
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    Re: Hi,help please

    Another recommendation for Sephora. They have a limited selection of perfumes, but they also have a number of sample and discovery kits available. If you want to try one of the better niche...
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    Re: What would this girl smell like?

    No worse than Downton Abbey. It's a load of fun codswallop and barely historically accurate, but that's not why I watch it. :p

    The Sun King's relationship with perfume is worth a read. LOUIS XIV:...
  32. Re: Heathrow Terminal 5 best perfumes duty free

    I'm hoping they have Floris in addition. My local shop had Penhaligons up until recently (didn't sell well). I'll add Miller Harris to the list.
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    Re: Best 3 fragrances from this list ?

    I'm a huge fan of Jicky. I found the dry down for me to soften as the day went on.

    Personally I cannot stand L'Heure Bleue as I find it way too powdery and it's my least favorite of the Guerlain...
  34. Re: Vogue Magazine's suggestions for summer scents

    I enjoy seeing them on any list. Samples of SMN seem hard, if not impossible to get. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places though.
  35. Re: Biggest surprises in Perfumes The Guide 2018?

    I admit I avoided trying Twilly for the longest time and just recently purchased a miniature set of Hermes fragrances with Twilly in it. The smell on the test strip in the store and how it performs...
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    Re: Lipstick of the Day - What ya wearing?

    Chanel's Coromandel. Never thought I could pull off an orange-red until now.
  37. Re: Niche that isn't what you think of as niche.

    I wouldn't exactly knock Sephora. I received a lot of perfume samples from them with the Play! monthly beauty box and I choose the perfumes as my 3 free samples when placing an order. But on the...
  38. Re: (Well, let's chat about our 2018 summer rotation ..) / please help with summer EdC/perfume

    What I meant to say is that I will be passing through Heathrow Duty Free and finally have the chance to sniff them all. Doesn't guarantee I'll buy any of them. The only ones I have sampled, before...
  39. Re: (Well, let's chat about our 2018 summer rotation ..) / please help with summer EdC/perfume

    I plan to try the range of Chanel Les Exclusifs next weekend.

    What I've worn in the past and will wear again this summer (in no particular order):

    Eau des Merveilles Bleue (Hermes) - This has...
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    Re: Pretentious - Expensive -- Rubbish

    I keep all the boxes to my frags. Since my job requires me to move every 2-3 years the best way to box up the perfumes for crate shipping is by putting them back in their original boxes. Liner note...
  41. Re: Biggest surprises in Perfumes The Guide 2018?

    I know in the next year I'm gonna have to tighten my perfume budget. I often sit on buying certain perfumes until I'm absolutely sure I want to spend the cash on a full size. Even buying samples...
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    Re: Today I bought June 2018

    Found at Debenhams at 10% off.

  43. Re: Biggest surprises in Perfumes The Guide 2018?

    Same here. I've started a list of perfumes to find while in duty free coming up. Several houses I've never heard of before (living in a rural area for 3 years will do that).
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    Re: Today I bought June 2018

    An oldie but a goodie - brings back good memories of my early 20's.

  45. Heathrow Terminal 5 best perfumes duty free

    We happen to be flying from the UK back to the US coming up - the day before my birthday in fact - and hubby agreed to let me splurge a bit in the duty free zone.

    I haven't flown through Heathrow...
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    Re: Favourite note/s on the opposite sex?

    My husband really likes these scents on me as well.
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    Re: CHANEL Misia

    I loved it too, but longevity was not a strong suit with this one.
  48. Re: How did you start collecting fragrances and which specific fragrances do you collect?

    Long story short, family vacation to Disney World in Florida. I wandered into Epcot's France and the Guerlain store inside. It was a bit slower of a day in terms of crowds and the ladies in there...
  49. Re: NEW: Guerlain - Météorites Le Parfum For Women!

    About time. I keep trying to find perfumes close to the Meteorites scent. :coolold:
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    Re: Your Favorite Cheapies

    I've been a fan of Yardley since moving to the UK. I find the body sprays are good to keep in my desk at work for a light touch up or just a bit of something if what I put on that morning has...
  51. Re: NEW: Proenza Schouler - Arizona For Women!

    This came in my May Glossybox in a decent sample size. It reminds me of another perfume, but I can't put my finger on which one.
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    Moving with perfumes

    We're getting ready to finally say farewell to the UK and will soon be moving back to the US. I'm trying to figure out the best way to ship/move my perfumes. I saved most of the boxes of my perfumes...
  53. Re: Millennials want barely there skin scents?

    Another article was written about this:
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    Customer service - judged by looks?

    For a recap - I just had a baby and I have that 'new mom' look to me. Yesterday I had a short few hours out in town while hubby watched the baby so I went to the salon, had about 8 inches cut off my...
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    Re: Today I bought April 2018

    Chloe - original 1975. I didn't check the box quite closely at TK Maxx and thought I was purchasing the new Chloe. Quite surprised and delighted with the scent!
  56. Re: NEW: Penhaligon's - Elisabethan Rose 2018 For Women!

    Has anyone tried this yet?
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    Lighter and gentler perfumes

    This could be in the wrong thread (if so please move it to the correct one - thanks!)

    I recently had baby #3 and due to return to the workplace soon. I've had to lay off my current inventory of...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    For the Americans - have you tried the British Lemon Sherbet - the hard candies? That is what is it trying to emulate, not the frozen lemon sherbet you get in the ice cream aisle or a sweet American...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Orianne and Swann were the two stand-outs the that I received.

    I read your review on Beta a while back, you can tell from the tester being almost empty that I sampled it quite a lot trying to...
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    Poll: Re: Angel or Black Orchid?

    According to my kids - Black Orchid.

    I don't like either. I actually gave Angel away.
  61. Re: QUEST: Turin/Sanchez top 100 (ish!) - Week 12 :Bois des Iles (Chanel) and Dune (Dior)

    I love Bois des Iles, however the pregnant me does not. :sad:

    My only disappointment is that Chanel has been cracking down on samples/decants of their products, especially the Les Exclusifs line,...
  62. Penhaligons sale today - some up to 50% off

    Just got the email from Penhaligons. For those who want to grab Sartorial or a few others...
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    Re: Ethics And Fragrance

    Are we talking in terms of animal testing or wiping out vast quantities of 'naturals', such as the vanilla plant? Most perfumes are made using synthetics or a combination of synthetics and naturals....
  64. Re: Recommend a fragrance for myself that will attract men?

    There really is no correct answer to this. What I've found overall - perfumes I personally like and love to smell on myself are not always what others enjoy. This is due to their own personal...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Last two and final thoughts

    Day 24 - Another Kiss by the Fireside

    Very winter appropriate perfume - woody with lavender, cloves, hay, a bit of smoke, rose and vetiver. This is a perfume I...
  66. Re: Perfume that reminds one of London - in a good way

    rum - hubby opened the bottle yesterday for Christmas and spritz it on himself before bed last night. He asked me for the notes and said he really enjoyed the, as he put it, 'classic men's scent'. ...
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    Re: Frederic Malle Discussion Thread

    I've enjoyed each and every one of these. I find more women prefer to wear Musc Ravageur than men, at least in the group I'm around. I find all three can be worn by both sexes equally. Is it the...
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    Re: Shalimar Descendents

    Out of the two, I preferred the Mexique over the Madagascar. In cooking I prefer to use Madagascar Vanilla over others. Nielsen-Massey has a great line up of different vanilla extracts and vanilla...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    I have sampled all of the Our Modern Lives line as of Day 23 in the Advent Calendar. My line up is below.

    Absolute standout - suggest you try:
    - OML β (one of the 'mystery' samples)
    - Green
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    I've been away myself - between a boatload of antenatal appointments and finally being able to see The Last Jedi.

    Day 20 - Silk, Lace, & Chocolate

    Chocolate, strawberry, orange, and...
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    Re: Your Biggest Repeaters

    I'm not there yet. I finish one bottle and buy another that has been on my 'must buy' list and rotate the finished bottle back onto my 'wishlist' for future purchases. I believe the only repeat...
  72. Re: QUEST: Turin/Sanchez top 100 (ish!) - Week 10 : Rush (Gucci) / Tocade (Rochas)

    Tocade is a perfect example of not judging a perfume based on the bottle design - which is what I did - and put off trying it for years. Wonderful vanilla-rose, easy to wear, get loads of...
  73. Re: QUEST: Turin/Sanchez top 100 (ish!) Week 7 -31 Rue Cambon (Chanel) / Iris Silver Mist (Serge Lut

    31 Rue Cambon completely surprised me. I'm not a huge fan of Iris, but I am a fan! I managed to get a decent sized sample of this from Scent Samples before Chanel put the quash on the decants. I...
  74. Re: Highschool and middleschoolers in this decade.

    This seems to be a reoccurring theme.
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    Re: The best unconventional feminine?

    I agree with Portrait of a Lady and Carnal Flower.

    ELd'O has an impressive range of 'unconventional' such as Fat Electrician. Rien wasn't my bag of chips, but even I can agree it's...
  76. Re: Highschool and middleschoolers in this decade.

    1. was it always like this? is it a new thing that fragrances are starting to emerge from an early age and i Just didnt notice it when i was younger because of my lack of interest? I wouldnt think so...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Day 18 - Our Modern Lives - Yellow
    Yellow – Sunrise – Hope: A sense of vitality, but because it’s early we’ve added in a dash of coffee for a touch of real life. Materials include: lemon petitgrain,...
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    Re: Recommendations for a newbie?


    I agree with these. I know haters are gonna hate Amarige, but I still have a fondness for it. I would also recommend trying the Shalimar sur la route de Mexique/Madagascar as well for a...
  79. Re: Just in case someone happens to be tempted....

    I just had a flashback to high school. Next to Drakkar Noir, Preferred Stock was the fragrance of choice for many of my male classmates.

    Not that us gals fared any better with Victoria's Secret...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Day 16 - Our Modern Lives - Indigo - Into the Night
    A sense of the infinite. A 3a.m. scent of total darkness, when night feels endless. Materials include: Cognac absolute, black tea CO2 extract,...
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    Re: Suit&tie office fragrance

    I agree with Chanel Pour Monsieur and Burberry London. I was also thinking of Legrand's Violettes du Czar and perhaps Guerlain's Mouchoir de Monsieur.
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    Re: Zoologist Camel is in

    The cost for a full set up samples is a far better deal then buying them off Lucky Scent - you get more for less cost. $53 for a complete set:...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Two limited editions this review:

    Day 14 - Proust Perfumes: Oriane

    A Belle Epoque era floral fragrance, a classic Parisien style floral per the 4160 Tuesdays website.

    Oriane had a very...
  84. Re: QUEST: Turin/Sanchez top 100 (ish!) - Week 9 : Azurée (Estée Lauder) and White Linen (Estée Lau

    Same in the UK!

    I have yet to find Azuree at an EL counter in Yorkshire.
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Day 12 - Black Velvet Café

    Tobacco, woods, leather....I did not get any coffee notes at all in this, even though many others noted they have. Very well done. Although this is not a perfume I...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Day 9 - Shazam

    It's fair to say I really adore the smell of Shazam. I feel the reviewers of Shazam here on basenotes have already done a steller job describing it on the review page. ...
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    Re: Christmas Help

    I concur with the Hermes Eau de Merveilles,, Chanel Bois de Iles, and Malle Musc Ravageur.

    If the cost of the Chanel and FM is a bit too steep for a perfume you're not sure she'd truly like, the...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Looks like I needed to make a correction - Day 3 was not Bhodi Language as I received it today. I took it out of my original posting and I'll correct my review. I'm still not sure what Day 3...
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    Re: Perfume Directory Inclusion Request

    Any chance to add the 'Our Modern Lives' range from 4160 Tuesdays? I've been receiving a few of these in my sample pack from 4160 Tuesday Advent calendar.
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    For the record - today's sample I had two ladies in my office fighting over who would get to wear it next when I'm done writing up my review. Same with the mystery sample from the day before.
  91. Re: Really need a suggestion choosing a fragrance

    I personally like Penhaligon's Sartorial and Chanel's Egoiste. Hubby reaches for Sartorial more than any other.
  92. Replies

    Re: What was your worst blind buy ever?

    La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain. After I opened it and tried it at home, the sillage was so prevalent that I could smell it across the room even though I placed the bottle in the back of the...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Day 5 - Mother Nature’s Naughty Daughters

    Wonderful opening. Mostly strawberry, raspberry and pear...although I could detect a bit of rose, it didn't stick around. Heavy jammy opening which...
  94. Re: Women CAN'T OVER SPRAY when applying fragrances...

    I can't stand Angel or La Vie est Belle so any sprays of that is an over spray for me! But we are all different in terms of what we like. Flowerbomb, for instance, is the only perfume my family has...
  95. Re: Chanel Month - January 2018

    How I wish Scent Samples still carried Chanel decants....sigh....
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    I really did like it, but I couldn't stop my eyes from welling up when smelling it! I did write to 4160 Tuesday asking which perfume it was, Sarah McCartney wrote back said she was going to check...
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    Re: 4160 Tuesdays sampling group

    Day 3 - ?????
    The sample for day 3 did not have a label on it. One spray of the sample was more than enough. Sadly this is the first perfume that actually caused me to tear up, much like onions...
  98. Re: Strange paranoia about finishing a cherished bottle...

    I admit I keep a lot of my sample vials that I've pretty much emptied except for a drop or two. I use these more a 'reference' to reflect back on. Thankfully sample vials don't take up as much space...
  99. Thread: roll on's

    by Kitty2Shoes

    Re: roll on's

    I like to carry a roll on for my handbag or work. When I have carried little atomizers in my bag, the cap often falls off and the top nozzle piece often breaks. With the screw-on rollerball cap,...
  100. Re: QUEST: Turin/Sanchez top 100 (ish!) Week 8 - No.5 (Chanel) / Chamade (Guerlain)

    I didn't enjoy Chanel No. 5 until about a year ago. Part of it was due to it being so iconic and I felt people wore it and bought it because, well, it's Chanel No. 5. Reading Luca Turin's review...
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