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    Re: BLACK tea fragrances?

    Le Message Oubile from L' Antichambre is black tea with some spice, orange bits, tobacco and other smokey resinous ingredients.
    CDG Leaves Series: Tea is a pure black tea fragrance dark, smoke...
  2. Re: Which kilian fragrance in your own experience gets the most compliments.

    Straight to Heaven
    Musk Oud
    Pure Oud
    Imperial Tea
  3. Re: Just tried Aperture by Ulrich Lang. What are your opinions on it?

    There is pepper but not a pepper fragrance. There are aldehydes for sparkle but doesn't smell too synthetic. There is tobacco, musk, vetiver for some heft and soft earthiness. Lilly of valley gives a...
  4. Thread: Incense Oud

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: Incense Oud

    How does Incense Oud compare to Armani Prive Bois d' Encens. Is it comparable? I have tested Killian Incense Oud a few times but I always end up not getting it because I have Bois d' Encens and I...
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    Re: Pumped Up for OXYMUSC by A Lab on Fire!

    I've worn this a few times so here are my thoughts. Do I think Oxymusc is a great fragrance? No. But if you are into these clean musk scents it is well worth some study. Its almost opposite of a...
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    Re: How did you get into the fragrance game?

    Like so many here, I discovered some some personal creativity while selecting my own unique fragrance, this during my high school years and I could show some individuality through my choice. I've...
  7. Re: I was so wrong about Bleu de Chanel, you too?

    I have flip flopped on Bleu as well. I bought a bottle, sold it, bought another with good intention, sold it too. Its' an easy fragrance to get bored with, but it is nicely done. The top notes...
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    Re: kouros: a sport version?

    You might give a try to Creed Orange Spice if yo can still locate a bottle. It is a little more orangey and spicy than Kouros but otherwise smells very similar.

    There are plenty of orange...
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    Re: Do ypu agree with this article?

    I like all those fragrances, some more than others. Fragrance choice is a personal taste issue so it is hard to comment on his suggested scenarios for these fragrances.
  10. Re: Don't stone me to death for asking but what do you guys think of Armani Mania?

    I have always liked Armani Mania going back to when it came out. After getting more into niche fragrances I stopped using it but I like for its clean simplicity - up with the best Armani has done,...
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    Re: Whats The Big deal With Guerlain...

    I agree that Guerlain has not kept pace with public demand and needs. I believe they are still the largest fragrance company in pure volume, and their products are very well made, but they are losing...
  12. Re: Tom Ford: Mandarino Di Amalfi and Costa Azzurra

    I like both but especially Mandarino. I can't say that I prefer these to others that are in similar category of style, but they are definitely above average.
  13. Re: Maison Francis Kurdjian Velvet mood Oud Review

    I do too ! I think what Mr. Kurkdjian did with his big ole batch of Laotian oud is fantastic. These are perfume artistic creations of excellence. Oud is just one small part and the names are...
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    Re: Patchouli Absolu

    I am hearing too many "average" or "not so fast" reviews on the drydown of Patchouli Absolu! Patchouli is my favorite note, but I am not thinking blind buy of this - Am I right?

    See Kafkaesque...
  15. Re: How do you determine if a fragrance is Full Bottle worthy?

    It is full bottle worthy IF:

    (1) I will want to wear it.
    (2) It is the best product on the market of the primary note or style of perfume or some other sub niche I might determine is needed -...
  16. Re: A smoother mellow patchouli ? Suggestions?

    Zegna Javanese Patchouli is a fine patchouli although it doesn't have doses of coffee or chocolate, but it is a tasty patchouli anyway.
    Oriza Legrand Horizon is one of the best gourmand patchouli...
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    Re: Missing review/s

    Thank you very much for helping me understand this discrepancy. It doesn't matter to me one way or another, but I knew the numbers didn't match. Now I know why. Thanks again!
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    Re: Best 'Eau de Cologne'?

    Creed Jardin d' Amalfi
    Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi
    Hermes Concentre d' Orange Verte
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    Re: What is your favorite Musk fragrance?

    +1 - Also my favorites.
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    Re: Missing review/s

    I also appear to have lost about 90 - 100 reviews from my reviews total. I remember when I passed the 340 mark a couple years ago, I have added another 20 - 30 this year and about 20 last year, but...
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    Re: molecule 01, a bestseller ?

    I've seen the owners of Luckyscent and Aedes both saying it was one of their best sellers. Also, the buyer for Liberty of London stated that Molecule 01 was their #1 selling beauty product in their...
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    Re: molecule 01, a bestseller ?

    When you put something else over Molecule 01 there is an expanding and amplifying effect on whatever you put onto it. They call iso e super a floralizer because the pure cedar odorless wood scent of...
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    Poll: Re: The Best in Byredo

    I don't think your poll has selected the best ones. My favorites from Byredo are: Mister Marvelous, M/Mink, Sunday Cologne, Bullion, Incense Chembur and Oud Immortel. The stand out is M/Mink in my...
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    Re: Aedes Copal Azur new release

    Sounds very nice. The only other Copal resin based fragrance I can recall is Alpha by Matriarch Perfumes and I thought it was one of their best fragrances. Copal resin is a bold aroma, I am...
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    Re: Recommended me some new Kilian scents

    I like Imperial Tea and recommend it. Smells exactly like very high quality jasmine green tea with emphasis on the smokey earthy side of jasmine tea. Also, I thought both Smoke for the Soul and...
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    Re: molecule 01, a bestseller ?

    I read on a blog that Jonah Hill, the actor, was told Molecule 01 was their best seller and sprayed some on at Scentbar(luckyscent). He came back an hour later claiming he had gotten several...
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    Re: Le Pluriel Masculin

    [QUOTE=remik;3252400]I got a sample of this one and my first impression was... (don't laugh)... "Hey, it's a grown up version of Montblanc Legend / A&F Fierce!"

    I will definitely have to try it...
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    Re: armani Prive testing, review

    I agree totally with the consensus here. Armani Prive has become a great series. Early on I was disappointed in the series because the only really great one was Bois d' Encens, but in the past few...
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    Re: Le Labo Vanille 44: Is it worth the price?

    It's good but not worth the price. Only if vanilla is your favorite note would you consider that kind of investment for a vanilla fragrance. I do think Le Labo Benjoin (the Moscow "City Excl".) is...
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    Re: New Zegna Exclusive!! Peruvian Ambrette

    I look forward to trying it. Notes: ambrette seed, cashmere wood, guaiac wood and orris. the notes all have that mysterious quiet but intense quality to them. It will be interesting to see what it ...
  31. Re: Oldskool Aftershaves: Aqua Velva vs. Old Spice vs. Brut

    Brut was my favorite many years ago. I can't do the Brut that is out there today, they lost it imo. Nothing else like it.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Clive Christian L

    I sampled this one in passing the other day and didn't like it. A little too powerful and ornate for my taste. I do like a few of the CC's but I'll pass on "L".
  33. Thread: Aqua Velva

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: Aqua Velva

    I also remember Aqua Velva from the 1960's when I first got interested in fragrances. It was introduced in 1929 by J.B. Williams & Co. It has changed hands a few times and undergone some...
  34. Re: Eau de Cartier Homme, Varvatos Artisan, Prada Infusion d' Iris

    Added Pluriel masculin, Serpentine, Blue Encens to fragrance sale today.
  35. Re: What was your first niche fragrance and what would you have bought first if you could go back?

    First truly niche purchase was Czech and Speake Neroli and C & S No. 88. in the mid 1990's. No regrets.
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    Re: History of Incense fragrances

    The short answer in my opinion is that incense as a type of fragrance really didn't evolve until Comme des Garcons called it that with their Incense Series in the late 1990's. Until somebody started...
  37. Re: I will stop buying bottles when I reach 50, no... 100!!! Please help me out.

    I will stop buying bottles when I reach 100 too. 100 years old!:grin:
  38. Thread: Real or No

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: Real or No

    That call was a perfectly natural PR response to a customers question. The perfumers don't approve of grey market discounting of their fragrances because it competes with their primary customers...
  39. Re: Looking for sweet (not cloying), yet fresh/woody, skin scent.

    L' Air du Desert Moroccain by Andy Tauer - mesmerizing scent
    Joseph Statkus - slightly sweet incense
    Maestrale by Profumi di Pantalleria - herbally refreshing and woody fresh
    CDG Wonderoud - lots...
  40. Re: 3 New By Kilian Men's Specifc Fragrances- October 2014!

    Some first impressions of By Killian Addictive State of Mind fragrances. I have samples of all three and I have been able to easily talk myself out of a purchase on all of them. Too bad as I had...
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    Re: First Experience with Real Oud (Oud Yusuf)

    I rub them into the skin to get broader coverage and more exposure to air especially if its a small dot you use. But, experiment and see what works for you. Different oud strengths have differing...
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    Re: First Experience with Real Oud (Oud Yusuf)

    Great observations. I enjoyed reading such a directly reported, first hand account of your experience. Thank you.

    Having been an oud fan now for many years, it occurs to me that you may have...
  43. Re: Recommend a Patchouli similar to Borneo 1834 !!

    Horizon by Oriza Legrand is a nice patchouli with chocolate. It's not as intense in the patchouli as B1834 and the chocolate is not as dark. It's good!
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    Re: Top Ten Designer Picks - with a few rules

    • Cartier Declaration L' Essence
    • Gucci Pour Homme
    • Bulgari Man in Black
    • Dior Homme Eau for Men
    • Dior Homme Cologne
    • Tom Ford PH Extreme
    • Mugler Cologne
    • Guerlain Homme L' Eau Boisee...
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    Re: Heeley - Vetiver Veritas

    Yes it smells just like a fine vetiver essential oil expanding on the cold and dry biting aspects. There are no warm ingredients in it - hallelujah - notes are: Haitian Vetiver, Lavender,...
  46. Re: Looking for a cheap refreshing and ice cold citrus scent

    Almost Transparent Blue from A Lab On Fire is cold, refreshing but not very cheap.
    Also recommend YSL Live Jazz - it's cheap and refreshing, cold too.
  47. Re: Obscure (odd) Niche scent that got you a surprising compliment -

    Got a compliment wearing Jovoy L' Art de la Guerre. A fantastic fragrance and my new favorite from Jovoy. It is an easy compliment getter.
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    Re: Pluriel - My new fave from MFK

    I have been trying to get into Pluriel lately. I can not see any connection to IB or Rive Gauche Pour Homme or any other recent fragrances out there. There is lavender but it is a floral lavender...
  49. Re: Are there any great scents that smell like fresh linens?

    Armani Mania smells like freshly pressed linen to me. I think its the aldehyde that gives it that steam pressed feeling.
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    Re: Suggestions Needed

    For something more masculine than pre 1970's fragrances and less sweet than Gucci Guilty etc. you should probably try something that is built around woods, incense or even vetiver or some blend of...
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    Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia

    Lorenzo Villoresi's Acqua di Colonia is the finest of the neroli prominent eau de colognes on the market, but it is personal judgement on this. Others in the group that smell very similar to each...
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    Re: Fragrance for a long flight.

    On a flight that long and confined its hard to find a cologne that will keep you smelling and feeling fresh. If you want to arrive close to how you left I suggest taking some toiletries to wash...
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    Re: Le Labo exclusives at Luckyscent

    I like Le Labo fragrances and will admit up front I think they are overpriced, but it is their choice to make their line very exclusive by price.

    These are pleasant and easy to wear:
    Rose ...
  54. Re: How much do you think Creed actually makes?

    Creed being a high margin luxury goods company that chooses to market exclusivity and uniqueness in merchandise has opportunity to make between 10% - 35% pretax net profit depending upon the volume...
  55. Re: Worst retailer that you've done business with

    This is an old thread and is really all about a Nieman Marcus experience gone bad.

    Nieman Marcus has been the worst retailer, and also the BEST retailer I have dealt with. More often they are in...
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    Poll: Re: Why do you buy Niche fragrances?

    "niche" and "designer" are just words and have no relevance to my decision on what to wear. I think about the smell and not these aftermarket arbitrary categories that have been applied to the...
  57. Re: 3 New By Kilian Men's Specifc Fragrances- October 2014!

    Killian is good. My favorites from Killian are: Pure Oud, Straight to Heaven and Imperial Tea. These are exceptional. All three sound fantastic and I am a big fan of these perfumers as well. ...
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    Poll: Re: Better Le Labo, Santal 33 vs. Rose 31?

    Rose 31. But if you like rich woods Santal 33 will be the pick.
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    Re: Top 5 pepper scents

    L'Artisan Navegar and Louis Ferraud Nuit D' Sens both make my list!
  60. Thread: CDG Woods

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: CDG Woods

    I wear CDG 2 Man more often, but Wonderoud is new and fast becoming my favorite of this group.
  61. Re: Okay, so Kilian charges $100 JUST for the bottle/box/packaging ?!

    I ordered one of the refills and I did not receive an atomizer with it. They did send a small funnel with the refill bottle though. I had to decant the perfume into a spray atomizer bottle but I...
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    Re: Switching to decants ?

    I like this idea from a practicality perspective. Makes financial sense for many of us who are not true collectors of full bottles. I like to look at the bottles though and identify with the image...
  63. Re: $4000 to spare on colognes! What would you buy?

    Purchase the two best or your 2 favorites from these 10 houses. That will do it.

    Armani Prive Collection
    Tom Ford Private Blend
    Le Labo
    Oriza Legrand
    Comme des Garcons
    Andy Tauer...
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    Re: Heeley - Vetiver Veritas

    This stuff is great! No surprise I like it. There are so many good to great vetiver fragrances out lately that it is hard to chose one from the likes of Oriza Legrand Vetiver Bourbon, O'Driu...
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    Re: First Cologne

    When I was about 15, Jade East was really BIG! I remember that stuff - it was the era of exotic fougere fragrances like Jade East, Canoe, Brut , etc.

    My first bottle was a self purchase of...
  66. Re: How often do you wear fresher scents in the colder months?

    Less than warmer months, but I still wear them when I feel like it. I don't like to put too many rules onto fragrant self expression and I doubt if many on this forum do either. It's a decision of...
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    Re: What fragrance for a man who turned 40?

    By the time you turn 40 its time to make your own statement in the world. I recommend finding something uniquely yours and for that you have to test many. The old saying" you've got to kiss a lot...
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    Re: Fragrant religion

    I like this! My only issue would be whether to allow chemical based aromas or limited only to from nature, plant derived essences for the observance of "scented mindfulness".
  69. Re: Comme des Garçons parfums*PARFUMS Series 1: Leaves

    I had bottles of Shiso and Calamus and while I appreciated their natural connections I just didn't enjoy smelling like that so those are gone now. When this LEAVES series was launched it was very...
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    Re: Colonia Intensa Oud is Grossly Underrated

    I just now ran across this barb from Suppressor. First time anyone has pointed out to me that I am "the exact reason why some people hate Basenotes. Get off your high horse." Do people hate...
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    Re: Rank your LE LABO

    My fav's from LeLabo in order of preference -

    1) Rose 31
    2) Santal 33
    3) Benjoin 19
    4) Gaiac 10
    5) Cuir 28
    6) Vetiver 46

    Iris, Neroli, Bergamote, Patchouli and Limette are very good...
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    Re: Best branded male fragrance

    I've have always appreciated the cleverness of the Histories de Parfums product line. I like the packaging design and how effective and functional it is for how little it probably costs to produce. ...
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    Re: Like Creed Spice & Wood

    I decided not to get Spice and Wood because it was too much of a duplicate of a fragrance called Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake by D.S.&Durga which I had recently gotten. Problem with buying...
  74. Re: Does Byredo Pulp smell like Diptyques Philosykos to anyone ? If so, is having both two redundan

    Phylosykos is leaf and wood of fig tree. Pulp is everything else, less fig than other plants, the citrus juice, green sap explosion of watery tartness. Phylosykos is dry wood, leaves, yet still green...
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    Re: TF Oud Fleur

    Oud Fleur as a fragrance is likable and It is pleasant to smell but it is just too pleasant so that it becomes forgettable. Its notes are listed (per Fragrantica) as rose, patchouli, agarwood (oud),...
  76. Re: Does anyone else get "new car seat, complete with air freshener" from AdP Leather? Better optio

    Possibly the best leather with tobacco nuances I've tried is M by Puredistance. It is costly, but very concentrated and has a resplendent fragrance.
  77. Re: I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow! What should I try?

    Jacqueline Perfumery for Kolnicsh Juchten - maybe the only place to get it in the U.S. that I know of. After all these years it is still an exceptional dark warm leather fragrance and it is NOT...
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    Re: KINSKI: how many fans???

    I like it but only as the odd bit of naturalism to wear once in a while to mix things up a bit. Smells similar to Yatagan, but fresher.
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    Re: Traveling for six weeks: what to take?

    Recommend you take one from each group of 5 types that work in warm weather. Some ideas without knowing what is in your wardrobe-

    (1) GREEN - Creed Aventus, Villoresi Uomo, Frapin Paradis Pardu,...
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    Re: Next fragrances you plan on purchasing?

    I am considering these fragrances. Would I be making a mistake with any of these? Have not tried any of them yet. Which ones stand out from the crowd?

    Oriza Legrand Vetiver Royal Bourbon
  81. Re: What Types Of Fragrances Do You Guys Think We Need More Of?

    I think we need more fragrances built around specific Tea notes. Tea can go many ways: green , smokey black, mate, green macha. Tea combines with so many healing herbs, citrus, florals, and of...
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    Re: Similar to Burberry London?

    These are a few that might substitute although not an exact match they have some of the same elements.

    Parfums d' Marly Herod - much bolder tobacco but a nice alternative.

    Cuir et Bois by Agar...
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    Re: Best Men's Release This Summer?

    I'm appreciating Corsica Furiosa by Parfums d' Empire. The best new release this summer so far me.
  84. Re: Gorilla Perfumes - Cutting Edge Masterpieces !

    Of the original series I like Karma and Breath of God; but the newer series has been hard to find. My local Lush store doesn't,t carry the full range and they tell me you can only test them in...
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    Re: best summer vanillas

    CBIHP 7 Billion Hearts - is good all year round as a vanilla. Very woody and dry for a vanilla so a little works great in hot weather too.
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    Re: Oud Ispahan or Rose d'Arabie?

    Rose d' Arabie is more wearable and this would be my suggestion. Oud Ispahan is more of an adventure - a wilder a ride. If you've already got Leather Oud then I suggest Rose d' Arabie because Oud...
  87. Re: Has anyone found a definite way to wear Molecule 01?

    How else would you wear it but just spray away. It might be more lasting on fabric. What you are going for with Molecule 01 is Iso E Super which doesn't have much top note so you can't smell it...
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    Re: Are the Cheapies Really Worth It?

    Exactly how I am on this subject! Unfortunately we don't usually find this out until lot's of cheapies have purchased.
  89. Re: Day time cologne for summer / fall / spring

    Well I just now saw that he said "I guess around $50 . . ." Most of those I suggested are around twice that price, but I thought I would give suggestions of things I think are worth paying extra...
  90. Re: Escentric 01 - any fans? Any experience with it?

    Escentric 01 offsets the potential irritability of iso e super by adding a citric lime top note, pink pepper for flutter, and orris to tie the iso e to the earth, to ground it without losing the...
  91. Re: Up to 40 colognes, and I am promising I will not buy one until I actually finish 1 bottle!

    You are at a point in this hobby that many of us have experienced. The urge to become a collector vs. practical common sense consumption conundrum. For a true collector of fragrance, consumption...
  92. Re: Best high quality citrus/summer fragrance for me?

    It's really hard to find a pure citrus fragrance. Most of the citrus that lasts for a while have some sort of woods (cedar or patchouli) that blends with the citrus to give it longevity. Also many...
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    Re: What is the first oud that I should try?

    First one? Oud as a perfume, probably Pure Oud By Killian. I also like Musk Oud By Killian too which you might as well try if you find the Killian samples somewhere.
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    Re: NEW Parfum d'Empire Corsica Furiosa

    A great fragrance! Very green I enjoy it every time I wear it. I got a bottle after reading Colin's review and it lives up to the hype!
  95. Re: just ordered a sample of the new Hindi Brut from agar aura

    I would very much like to test this one out, but the description scared me off purchasing a sample. I hope a sample may have sen included with my recent order of ZBH which is now in transit from...
  96. Re: Day time cologne for summer / fall / spring

    These are some colognes that I like for daytime:

    Hermes Concentree d' Orange Verte - lasts pretty good for this kind of fragrance - my favorite orange cologne.
    Andy Tauer Cologne du Maghreb - go...
  97. Re: What's your favorite Penhaligon Scent for Summer ?

    Iris Prima is cool dry light iris suede base. One of the good iris fragrances - if you like a subtle iris for summer?! So many of Penhaligon's fragrs have lost their edge, but this one is new and...
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    Re: Infusion DHomme

    these might do and you won't see these on many other people..

    Aedes Venustas Iris Nazarena - smokey dry clean and slightly green tinted iris - a sublime beauty.
    Annat Fritz Classical - an...
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    Re: Summer Patchouli

    So many patchouli fragrances have bold amber, tonka or vanilla notes to sweeten up the cold piercing patchouli. Those are the ones that don't do especially well in summer unless you are inside with...
  100. Re: Blackbird by Matriarch and Pandora by DSH perfume

    I really like Blackbird and many others from Matriarch are worth exploring as well. For an artisan perfumer, Matriarch has an extremely varied and accomplished lineup of fragrances. As does Dawn...
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